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calculator techniques 2

Inductance Calculation Techniques --- Approximations and

engineervincentpardopilien weebly uploads 2 Set calculator to equation mode MODE>5>1 for two variable equation Input the coefficients of a,b and constant c of the first equation 2 = 3 = 6 = Input the coefficients of a,b and constant c of the second equation

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engineervincentpardopilien weebly uploads 2 Set calculator to equation mode MODE>5>1 for two variable equation Input the coefficients of a,b and constant c of the first equation 2 = 3 = 6 = Input the coefficients of a,b and constant c of the second equation 3 = 5 = 2 = Press the = to get the value of x and press again to get the value of y And you will get the answer 5


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Inductance Calculation Techniques --- Approximations and


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SESSION 3 PART 1 Differential Calculus

Code: I-type lang ang equation Press CALC

? Wag po natin i-substitute as x=0 dahil magmaMATH error po yan

Mag-isip po ng number na malapit sa 0

For example 0

Then press '='

And you will get the answer

infinity Code: Same method lang po sa #1

napaisip ka ngayon kung paano infinity

Ano po ba ang infinity

? Ito ay isang malaking number

So press CALC

? infinity = 1000 or kahit anong malaking number basta wag lang magMAMATH error

And you will get the answer

2 Code:

Same method as #1

Pero wag kalimutan na ilagay sa rad mode ang calcu

infinity Code: Same method lang din as #4

Palitan ang x ng malapit sa 1

Find the derivative of A

Code: This time I assume na marunong na ang lahat at pamilyar na kayo sa mga steps at function na ginagawa natin

Don't forget: Always use rad mode in trigonometric and inverse trigonometric equations

Gamitin ang d/dx function

SHIFT>INTEGRAL then i-type ang equation

At maglagay ng value ng x

Youre favorite number

I preferred 5

Set x=5 Makakakuha tayo ng answer

Say A1(answer #1)

Then mula sa choices,

isubstitute lang ang 5 sa x at makakauha tayo ng sagot

Say A2 (answer #2) Kung A1 = A2 then tama ang napili niyo sa choices

Find the derivative of y if A

Code: Same lang sa #7

I hope you get it

That's what you called reverse engineering

Find the derivative of y if A

Same method with #7

Find the derivative of y if tan y = x

Code: Ang technique lang lagi dito guys is that you must convert the equation into y into a function of x

That is,

Then yun,

Find the first derivative of y if A

Same lang ito sa mga nakaraang examples ko sa differential calculus

Kung hindi niyo alam ito,

basa muna kayo sa mga naunang example

NOTE: Pag parehas ang sagot,


USE 2 or 3

Find the second derivative of y if A

mano-mano ito since walang shortcut pag second derivative

Sa board exam may ganyan

So let's test kung marunong pa kayo sa mano-mano

Find the third derivative of y = x ln x

-1/(x^2) C

-1/(x^3) D

mano-mano ito since walang shortcut pag third derivative

Sa board exam may ganyan

So let's test kung marunong pa kayo sa mano-mano

Find the derivative of y if A

change to function of x then use d/dx function

Kayo na bahala kung anong value ng x gusto niyo

Then compare

Actually same lang ito sa #7

Find the first derivative of y if A

Find the partial derivatives with respect to x of the function A

For example,

Substitute 4 in the equation

The equation now becomes 16x-20+6 or 16x-14

Then use (d/dx)(16x-4)

Ang x natin dito ay always 1

So kung anong nakuha niyo answer diyan,

kailangan mag equal siya dun sa answer

For example ang answer ay 16

Letter B and tamang sagot kasi y = 4 and y^2 = 16

The function A

Isubstitute ang lahat ng choices at kung saan nagerror,

Find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the function at the point where x=3

Use d/dx function with x=3 Slope tangent is equal to the first derivative(y')

If y=4cos x + sin 2x,

what is the slope of the curve when x = 2 radians

Find C so that the line y = 4x + 3 is tangent to the curve y = x^2 + C

get the first derivative or slope of y=4x+3

Use d/dx with x=1,

equate y' = y' (y=4x+3) = (y=x^2+C) 4 = 2x and x = 2

Then get the value of y from y=4x+3 y = 11


our pt is (2,11) Substitute this to Y = x^2 + C to get the value of C