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Campus Journalism - Copyreading and Headline Writing


acadshare wp content uploads 2018 05 COPYREADING AND CAMPUS JOURNALISM WORKSHEET COPYREADING AND HEADLINE WRITING (ON HEADLINE WRITING) 11 Historical present tense is used if the verb is in ilhadocampeche copy reading headline writing

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acadshare wp content uploads 2018 05 COPYREADING AND CAMPUS JOURNALISM WORKSHEET COPYREADING AND HEADLINE WRITING (ON HEADLINE WRITING) 11 Historical present tense is used if the verb is in

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July 11,

Antonio Delgado

for a newspaper or magazine article  The text as written by the author

and selecting the quality and type of news  It is also called copyediting

 One who edits copies is called a copyreader or copyeditor

edits errors on grammar (spelling,

) edits errors of fact (accuracy check) edits verbose copy deletes opinion or slant and libelous statements writes the headline











numbers 1 – 9 are written in words while the numbers 10 and above are written in figures

Example: nine students 13 children

EXCEPTIONS:  dates,

 proper nouns: may be written in figures/words  beginning of sentence: always in words  events: 1st – 9th is allowed

American English is used,

Ex: color,

not colour  If a word has more than one accepted spelling,

Ex: judgment,

first letter of the sentence is always capitalized

 Proper nouns are capitalized,

Ex: singer Regine Velasquez

letters are usually used for title or position

Ex: Mrs

Cecilia Burayag,

 Capitalized titles: Governor Umali

Emmanuel Delgado

Engineer Delgado 12 Dimagiba St

Dimagiba Street

title or position of a person may be abbreviated if it appears before the name but not if simply used in the sentence: Ex: Sen

Recto filed another taxation bill yesterday

The senator filed another taxation bill yesterday

are usually written in capital letters

Example: BCIS  Check if the letters of the acronym are in the correct order

an acronym appears for the first time in a news story,

it is written after its meaning and it is enclosed in parentheses

Ex: University of the Philippines (UP)

first sentence of a paragraph is indented

should be no names of unknown persons in the lead

 The standard lead answers the 5 Ws and 1 H

Check for errors in:  Tenses of Verbs  Subject-Verb Agreement  Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement (agreement in gender and number)  Articles (a,

Aquino said and not said Aquino Remember: three-day training and not three-days training

Trained for three days and not trained for three-day

is used at the end of declarative and imperative sentences

 It is used in abbreviations such as p

organizations and offices do not need periods

Use commas:  to separate the month and day from the year

town and province in an address  to separate facts concerning victims and suspects

Ex: Jolas Burayag,

of Barangay San Fernando Norte

Do not use commas:  to separate the abbreviation Jr

Ex: Emmanuel Delgado Jr

Use hyphen:  in most compound nouns Ex: editor-in-chief,

officer-in-charge  in fractions Ex: two-thirds,

three-fourths  in numerals Ex: twenty-two,

marks are used in direct quotations

Indirect quotations do not need them

He said he forgot it

 Periods and commas are written first before closing quotation marks

“Let‟s go to SM,” the boy said

marks are used to set off titles of events,

We watched “The Titanic

”  Quotation marks are used to set off an alias or nickname

Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr

Juan Chua a

are used in the possessive form of the noun

the teacher’s table the teachers’ meeting  In contractions Ex

I’m (I am) you’re (you are)

 Check for joined/disjoined words

newteacher  Delete editorializing words/phrases

The very beautiful and intelligent principal… The cops were right in arresting…

for redundancies (recurring words/phrases/paragraphs,

synonymous or redundant terms)

the concert the concert ended  REMEMBER: After editing the news story,

write 30 at the end of the article

If the article is not yet finished,

write more at the bottom of the page

assemblage of words written in bigger,

bolder letters than the usual page text at the beginning of the news  it is not a title

to attract readers to tell the story (in a summary) to add variety of type (to break monotony in a sea of type) to identify personality of newspaper (use of font/style of letters) to index/grade the news (big type for important news

small type for less important)

read the story for general meaning

Clues to the headline are usually in the lead

Use the shortest words possible

Examples include: cop – policeman nab – arrest mishap – accident up – increase down – decrease thief

- robber 3

Have a subject and a verb

Avoid starting with a verb

the headline might sound as if it were giving orders

Wrong: Revise money mart guidelines Correct: Central Bank revises money mart guidelines 4

Use the historical present tense if the verb is in the active voice

Wrong: Delgado topped editorial tilt Correct: Delgado tops editorial tilt 5

Omit the helping verb if the verb is in the passive voice

Only the past participle is retained

Wrong: Drug pushers are nabbed Correct: Drug pushers nabbed 6

Use the infinitive for future events

Wrong: City Hall will punish antisquatting drive Correct: City Hall to punish antisquatting drive 7

Do not use a period at the end of the headline

Omit articles (a,

Wrong: A fire hits Tondo slum area Correct: Fire hits Tondo slum area 8

Use a comma instead of “and” in writing headlines


Trillanes no show at SONA 10

Use semicolon to separate sentences

Gina Lopez heads Pasig body

Noy swears in 35 other execs 12

Use the punctuation marks (especially the exclamation point) sparingly

Use single quotes („) in headlines instead of double quotes (“)

Always give the source of a quote

Quotation marks are not needed,

a dash or a colon will serve the purpose

Crackdown on errant bus firms – Enrile Enrile: Crackdown on errant bus firms 13

Use the down-style – only the first word and proper nouns are capitalized,

This is more readable because people are used to reading sentences this way

Faculty honors Nuñez 15

Use only widely known abbreviations

Wrong: JEE to play Santa this Christmas

Don‟t use names unless the person is well known,

Wrong: Santos electrocuted Correct: Carpenter electrocuted 17

Use specific terms instead of generalities Example: Trader killed Better: Trader stabbed to death 18

Just report the facts

Wrong: Noy gives inspiring talks (The word “inspiring” is just your opinion

Be positive

Don't use negatives in headlines

They weaken not only the headlines but also the stories

Crossline (one line) and two-part crossline (two lines)




Flush right 3




Block (flush left and right,


is the number of lines your headline will have Example: BCIS bags medals in NEPEESA quiz bee (1 deck) 10 more cops wanted for Maguindanao massacre (2 decks)

count system considers differences in the widths of letters

Capital letters: Small letters: M,

W – 2 units m,

w – 1 ½ units JLIFT – 1 unit jlift – ½ unit Others – 1 ½ units others – 1unit

Punctuation marks dash (–) – 1 ½ units question mark (

BCIS bags medals in NEPPESA quiz bee B C I S b a g s'1½+1½+1+1½+1+1+1+1+1+1

1½+1+1+1+1+1+1+½+1+1 (10 units)

BCIS bags medals in NEPPESA quiz bee N E P P E S A 1½+1½+1½+1½+1½+1½+1½+1 (11 ½ units)