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Camera shots,angles and movements.pdf

Camera Shot Types & Angles

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Camera Shot Types & Angles

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Camera Shots,

Angles and Movements QFL: How do camera angles and movement affect the viewer’s reading of the image

Starter: Complete the shots you already know on the worksheet

Camera Angles A director chooses from a variety of different camera angles (e

medium shot) and camera movements (e

zoom) when creating the storyboard for a film

The way each scene is shot gives meaning to the scene

It effects the viewer’s understanding and response

The main types of shot are:

Fill in the blanks As we go through the camera shots,

complete the sheet with the correct terminology and in your own words give reasons why a director might use that shot or angle

Establishing Shot Also called a master shot,

setting or landscape of a scene

It is often the first shot,

establishing the geography for the viewer

Long Shot This type of shot presents the action’s setting,

A mood,

situation or sense of drama may be presented with this shot

Medium Shot This shot is usually from the waist up and focuses more attention on characters and their emotions

This shot allows other characters or objects to be in view

Close Up A close up shot gives a character or object meaning

If the close up is of a face,

Only one character or object is usually in a close up

An Extreme Close Up (ECU) shows even more detail

Point of view shot This is a widely used shot which shows the action through the eyes of a character

Camera movements Pan – where the camera moves around a fixed spot

Track – where the camera moves as if on a track following an object or person

Zoom – where the camera moves into a close up,

often used to focus attention on a relevant detail or emphasise a character’s reaction

Low angle shots Used to show power or importance…

High angle shots Used to show fear,

intimidation and diminished status…

Can you identify these camera shots and angles

Storyboarding In this storyboard can you identify the shots and comment on why they are shown in this order

Create your own three shot storyboard to tell a story

What effect is achieved here

Why shoot from this angle

Why use an extreme close up

The Simpsons When you watch this clip identify the: types of camera angles used

l  effect of the camera angles on the viewer’s understanding of the story

Consider which shots the director has chosen and for what reason… http://www

Homework ¡  How

does the opening of xXx establish Zander as a rebellious hero

You will use the notes you make in this lesson to write an essay response to the above question

xXx ¡  Create

a grid on your page (with big boxes)

While we are watching the film,

Media language (including camera techniques and sound)

Narrative (such as character types or binary opposites)


Audience (how TA is established and appeal generated)