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Cambridge English Practice Tests Plus First 2 NE 2014 209p

for exams from 2016 - cambridgeenglishorg

prodengcom s3 amazonaws students documents riting le Student scripts Practice Tests Plus New ediTioN First 2 There are many things young people can do so to protect and improve their local environment Some of them are recycling, using cars less, and planting trees First of all,

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prodengcom s3 amazonaws students documents riting le Student scripts Practice Tests Plus New ediTioN First 2 There are many things young people can do so to protect and improve their local environment Some of them are recycling, using cars less, and planting trees First of all, they can make sure that things such as plastic containers, glass bottles and newspapers are recycled

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for exams from 2016 - cambridgeenglishorg

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for exams from 2016 - cambridgeenglishorg


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Cambridge First Certificate in English 1

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Cambridge First Certificate in English 1


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ge English Practice Tests Plus First 2 NE 2014 209p


Plus 2 with Key

N ick Kenny Lucrecia Luque-Mortimer


1111• d

A friend from which country has Grace ~111111 190

) I'd like you to compare the photographs,

and say what tho people are enjoying about spending time together

All right

Thank you

do you like spending time with friends

(Candidate 8),

They show people learning in different ways

[Turn to the pictures on page 191

) I'd like you to compare the photographs,

and say how much you think the people are learning in these situations

All right


Now I'd like you to talk about something1together for about two minutes

I'd like you to imagine that a group of students want to organise an event to raise money for their college library

Here are some ideas for events to include,

and a question for you to discuss

First you have some time to look at the task (15 seconds)

) Now talk to each other about how difficult it might be for the students to organise these events

(2 minutes) Now you have a minute to decide which event would be the most successful to raise money for the college library

(1 minute) Select any of the following prompts,


Use the following questions,

• What would you do if you wanted to raise money for a good cause

? • Do you think teenagers are responsible enough to organise events like these

? • Many young people do volunteer work in their free time

Do you think it is a good idea

? • How important do you think it is to raise money for good causes

? • When organising a big event,

how important is it to plan ahead

? • How can parents encourage their children to be generous and help other people

Thank you

That is the end of the test


You can also respond to what your partner says

Watch the full test online

Giving opinions

Giving examples and/or reasons

I can think of a few examples of this,

People often say that

For example,

People often complain that

I once had an experience which

I don't think that is the answer to

To clarify what I mean,

I can give you

I'd do something different

There are many reasons for this

I think it is unlikely that anybody would

People dislike

This is because

I think young people have much more freedom than

People often don't tell the truth

That's why I

that's not the way I see things

Just think of all the problems that causes

I'm not sure,

My friends/family/teachers think I am wrong,

Remember that these questions require more extended responses than those in Part 1

Don't be afraid to talk about your opinions and feelings

The examiner only wants you to produce some complex language to show off your level

There is no 'correct' answer to the questions and you will not be assessed on what you think,

but you should always give reasons and back up your opinions

You are encouraged to contribute ideas to what your partner says,

even if the question was not addressed to you

You have now warmed up and this is the last part of your test

Enjoy the interaction and the feeling that you can express your ideas with confidence


Essay (Part 1) Test 1,

Part 1,

Question 1 (see task on page 17) Introduction I t hink this topic is rea lly important

People often disagree about

Many people feel that

You often hear people say t hat

What can young people do to help protect and improve their local environment

Linking ideas It is true t hat

It is often said t hat


There are many things youngpeople can do to protect and improve their Local environment

Some ofthese are recycling,

· First ofall,

they can make sure that things such as plastic containers,

glass bottles and newspapers are recycled And they can pick up any fitter they find in the street and put it into a rubbish bin

~--········· ······ 1

Ueing worde euch a5 'firetly' or 'finally' may help you to organii

Giving opinions You can introduce the 5Ubject by rephrai:

W hile I agree t here are some advantages in

I can also see several disadvantages

It seems to me that

I am convinced that this is t he right way to do it

Uee one topic •

Conclusion To sum up,

Taking all of this into account,

I believe


nowadays the air is polluted because too many people use cars,

even to go very short distances

Young people can try to use public transport or walk 01· cycle to their destinatiom instead

By doing this,

they would make their environment fess polluted and they would be able to enjoy cleaner air

I've thought about t his and I have come to the conclusion that

Having presented all t he arguments for and against,


I feel very strongly that t here are clear advantages in


they can help to make their local environment greener by helping to look after public parks or gardens

They can also plant trees or help people who want to grow vegetables in their gardens

ALI these actions will make their areas Look cleaner and more pleasant and also help save the world's natural resources

we will ail have a betterfuture if young people do everything possible to help protect and improve their environment

~ ·········· ··· ··· ··· ·········--

• Read t he essay question carefully and plan what you want to include in four or five clear paragraphs

See a suggested essay plan on page 163

Your conclui

ion ehould be a eummar:y of the opinione you have expreeeed earlier

• Write down some interesting ideas for each paragraph,

together with some language you may want to use

You w ill need to use varied vocabulary relevant t o the topic and som e complex sentences using linking words

• Remember that you are presenting your point of view and you need to back it up with some reasons or evidence

• Make sure you use a formal or semi-formal style and avoid the use of informal language


Essay (Part 1)

Aim to write five paragraphs

Paragraph 3

Paragraph 1

Deal with the second note: cycll11q 111 w11I~ 111u 111 It of using cars

The introduction

Try to write two sentences to avoid a single-sentence paragraph

The first sentence can be a re-phrasing of the essay title

The second sentence can be a very brief outline of the three main ideas you are going to include

Paragraph 2 Deal with the first note: recycling

Each note will be just a few words long

The note on its own will not give you sufficient material

Before you start writing,

take a few minutes to expand them

Here's a way to do it:

Write down the notes (including your own) and draw three lines from each one

Now concentrate on each note in turn

Try to think of three ideas that can add content to that note

For example: ~

Recycling t hings


Cycle or walk


Paragraph 4 Deal with the third note (your own): plant111u ltou Paragraph 5 The conclusion

Summarise your main oplnlono by referring briefly to the points mentioned in paragrnplm 2,

3 and 4

Try to write at least two sentences to avoid a single-sentence paragraph

When you finish writing an essay,

Content I Have you covered the two notes given and one of your own

? Communicative achievement Is your style correct for an essay,

? Are your opinions easy to follow

? Organisation Have you divided your writing into paragraphs,

with an introduction and a conclusion

? Language Have you used: • some complex sentences using linking words

? • a variety of grammatical structures and tenses

? • some interesting vocabulary

Plant trees

Choose the best ideas from your notes and start writing


Part 2,

Question 2 (see task on page 18)

Informal openings

This is an example of a Part 2 informal email

Remember that the email or letter in Part 2 can be formal or informal

Dear Jack,

Hello Jack,

Hi Jack,

Welcoming a visitor You'll be very welcome

I'm so happy you're coming

It's great news t hat you are coming

I was so happy to hear t hat

Hi Jack,

Giving an opinion or advising That's great news

! You and your friend will be very welcome here

~· · · ····· · ··········· ·····················

Remember t o give your opinion on both point5: good place5 to explore and public tran5port

U5e linkin0

word5 to produce 50me complex aent encea

As you're only staying for a week,

I think you should see the national park and also the Lake District,

which is about ten kilometres ~away

In my opinion,

it would be a good idea / for you to hire bikes because public transport is not very good here,

and I haven't got a driving licence yeti There is a good museum full of great displays about the history of my city,

! There is also an old castle you can visit,

I'd love to join you,

but it would only be for the weekend because I have to attend classes ~from Monday to Friday and I get home / really late

Do email me or phone if you need me to do anything

Looking forward to seeing you again very soon

U5e an Informal opening and informal lan0uage

In my opinion,

I really think it would be a good idea to

I don't think it is advisable to

You may want to hire bikes because

Giving reasons why you can't do somethi ng I'm afraid I won't be able because


I can't

Divide your email into clear paragraph5

I'm really sorry t hat I won't be able to

What a pity

Informal closings See you soon

• Read t he instructions and t he email from you friend very carefully,

not ing down all the information you need to include

• Decide what to include in each paragraph and jot down some vocabulary you may want to use

• Try to write close to the maximum number of words


Letter (Part 2) Test 2,

Part 2,

Question 3 (see task on page 41)

Talking about your'>c

ilf I think I am the right 11t•1•

!I followed l1y the eurname if you are writing to a womlln

Organise your content points Into paragraphs: thl5 one deals with t he second bullet point In the task: your sctinq or e:lancinq experience

I think I have the knowledgC'

Dear Ms Roddick,

I am very reliable and I gel on wPll w ith people

I am writing to apply for your drama summer course"" which I saw advertised in the Local newspape1: f am

twenty-four years old and I am studying history of art at college

f would very much like to attend the drama course because f Love acting and I am very keen to improve my skills

I would love to work in the theatre in the future

I have always had an interest in

Always start Py stating what the purpo

I've always enjoyed working on projects to do with the environment

I have some experience of working as a group leader

Talking about your availability I I would be able to start immediately

I am available only at weekends

At the moment I am available Monday to Friday,

but I would be able to work weekend shifts in the summer

I would be available every afternoon and early evenings from Monday to Friday

At the moment f am doing some part-time work on Saturday mornings,

but I would be free the rest ofthe weekend

Yours sincerely,

Alecia Brown

I have no experience of working full-time but I have had summer jobs

I have helped to organise a number of school events

I have had a passion for acting and dancing since I was ten years old

f have some experience in acting in school p'4ys and dancing in a local ballet group

I have always enjoyed performing in front of an audience

I attended two short drama schools in ,

I Look forward to hearing

Talking about your experience

This is a good way to end a formal letter

• Read the question carefully to decide the level of formal ity of the letter

Remember the task does not tell you thal you have to write a forma l'letter: it is up to you to decide

• Underline the points in lhe question and decide how many paragraphs you w ant to wril e and which point or points you will include 1n each one

• Note down the ideas you want to use for each point

For example,

why do you want lo do lhe course

? Don't start writing until you have got some ideas

• W hen you write about your experience,

give clear details and examples

Be imaginative and remember you do not have to tell the t ruth


At tlclP (Part 2) Io

Port 2,

Question 4 {see task on page 18)

Rhetorical questions

Have fun and learn with 'WordsMix'

How would you react in a situation like this

? Give your article a catchy title to attract attention

You can use direct or Indirect quee

Are you tired of compttter games that are a waste of time

? This one is greatfun and it also helps you enrich your vocabulary

I know that you must be thinking this is another boring educational game

engage the readers by addressing

At the begi

ven some Letters and you have to come up with as many words as you can

It's got wonderful visual effects,

so the words you write flash and dance on the screen

You receive points for each word and when you collect a certain number of points,

I would highly recommend this game to other readers for two reasons

the game requires you to use your brain but it is not fuLL of complicated rules


I am sure you'll become a fan of this great game

Was I surprised

Are you keen on adventure

Have you ever heard anything like it

Addressing the reader directly Just think about it

You'll probably agree w ith me t hat

We are told t hat this is t he best way t o

But I don't agree,

and I am pretty sure you don't either

If you like to read good thrillers,

Recommending The tae

but it needs to be only a brief e

There are a number of reasons w hy I would recommend this to

I'm in no doubt t hat this is really l'good for

This is by fa r t he best

I have come across

This is t he ideal

I can't t hink of any other game that is as entertaining as this one

Notice how the

recommendations have been grouped together In a paragraph

• Read the question carefully and plan your article before you start to write

Pay attention to who you are writing t he article for

If it is for your school magazine,

If it is for a magazine with a wider readership,

you may need a semi-formal style

• Write down some interesting,

colourful language t hat you may want to use

Remember t hat t he purpose of your articl e is not only to inform but also to entertain the reader

• Think of an interesting title

examples or anecdotes t o ensure that your article has a personal touch


Report (Part 2) Test 2,

Part 2,

Question 2 (see task on page 41)

Introducing the ropor I The aim of this repo1 t In this report I will

Report on the School Magazine In this report I will summarise my classmates' opinions and our suggestions for improvements

~ ··························· The ut>eof heading5 allow5 you to organiee the eectione of your report clearly

I have been asked to wrtll' ,1 rt•prn I about

In the firet paragraph

eaywhatthe purpoee of your report le

The articks

Making recommendation s'I would suggest that

It seems to me that the best solution is

There are a few changes I would like to recommend

Taking all this into account,

I suggest that

Everybody loved the article by the student who is back from a school exchange in France

She has inspired several students to try next year

Finishing the report In conclusion,

I think that

To conclude,

I would say that

To sum up,

I think

The sports page

The main conclusion of my report is that

particularly as some ofthe school teams are doing very well

Students liked the very entertaining football and hockey reports,

which included some interesting interviews

!faking everything into account,

I conclude that

• Read the question carefully and plan your report before you start to write

Think of the format you are going to use and whether you are going to use headings

Decide how many headings or paragraphs you will need and make a quick calculation of the number of words you can use under each

The school news page

Try to u5e 5ome complex 5entencee by uelng linking worde

It is great to have forthcoming dates for school events ,

so to be told about future changes in the school,

such as the need to move the IT room and the plan to organise a summer concert

How it cottU be improved

• Remember you have to write approximately 180 words,

so don't get carried away and write too much under any one heading

To conclude,

I'll say that students agree that this is a great magazine and most of them would like to contribute to it in future

~ ·······-·········································· ,

Include a final eentence or two eummarieing your conclueione

• Remember you have to show a range of language,

so use interesting vocabulary and w rite full sentences,

linking some of your ideas to produce some complex sentences

• Check that you have used a semi-formal or forma l'style and correct any informal language you may have used


It vl w (Part 2) I 11 t I ,

Port 2,

Question 3 (see task on page 18)

Introducing the plot This

t ells the story of two friends

In this

we learn about the adventures of

takes the reader into a fantasy world

who are neighbours and spend a lot oftime together

Sam is outgoing and foll of enthusiasm while Ralph is very shy

unpredictable things that we would not do in real life and this is what makes the series so enjoyable

For example,

you can never guess who they will foll in love with

Back up your an$wer$ with examples

Don't be afraid of expressing your personal views


Don't write too much about the plot of the $tries remember you need to address the other requirements of the task

I love this series because it is foll of humour and drama

I enjoy following the changes in the characters' relationships and I can almost believe they are my own friends

Recommend ing only for a certain audience This is an excellent

but I don't think it would appeal to

As this

I would not recommend it to anyone who doesn't like science fiction

Teenagers would not understand some of the situations in this

so I t hink it's unsuitable for them

I'd recommend it to people up to the age of 40 because they'll definitely share the experiences of the main characters

Once they have watched it a few_

~I am sure they'LL find it very hard


as the humour is targeted at the younger generation,

older people might not find it so appealing

Giving positive and negative opinions I love the way the main character deals w ith

I don't think t he fema le character is t rue to life

The story is so exciting you don't wan t the series to end

I fou nd the plot rather confusing

If you enjoy t hri lling adventure,

U$e varied structures and try to avoid repea"t

• Read the question carefully and plan your review before you start to write

Think of the style you w ill use,

which will probably be semi-formal

• Think about how you w ill organise the content into paragraphs

You need to deal with several tasks within the question: to inform the reader about the book or programme,

to give your personal opinion and to say whether you would recommend it

• You w ill need to use varied language,

including interesting adjectives

Jot down some words you may want to use so that you can avoid the overuse of words such as 'good' or 'nice'

• Check your spelling and punctuation and correct any basic errors you may have made


• Why are the people enjoying these experiences


• Why have the people chosen to shop in these places


Why might it be important

to concentrate when doing these activities

understanding directions in another language

• How do the people feel about working together


• Why might the people have decided to learn this skill


-I m V>

-I N V>

How difficult might if be for the students to organise these events to raise money


Test 1: Reading and Use of English (page 6) Part 1 : M essa ges from the Stone Age

Part 5: A va ried ca reer

4 5 6 7 B

D: The other words do not make sense in this context

A: Only the key collocates w ith 'inside'

D: The other expressions do not introduce the idea of a list of examples

A: The other words need to be followed by a preposition in this context

B: Only the key gives the idea 'getting there for the first time'

C: The other words do not make sense in the context

B: Only B can be followed by 'as'

D: The other words are not followed by 'people to'

C: Chloe 1s known for her slightly quirky sense of fashion and,

she looks great A: the smell of frc''h b,1king greets us

Chloe's been busy D: it was too much to take in at nineteen

If I'd stayed longer,

I might havr wttlNl 111 better

B: singing with a h

irrhrush 111 front of the mirror,

dreaming of being a star one dily C: I fell as I cl1mb