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Practice Tests

GlobaiELT English language Teaching Books

Andrew Betsis Lawrence Mamas

Succeed in Cambridge English: Advanced

Advanced 20 IS Revised Format Paper

Paper I • I hour 30 min Reading & Use of English • 34 questions

Tasl< Types

Test Focus

Part 2- open cloze (eight gaps)

followed by four cross-text multiple-matching questions Part 7

preceded by I 0 multiple-matching questions

Paper 2 Writing

Paper 4 Listening

• Approximately 40 minutes • 30 questions

Paper 5 Speaking

• IS minutes (for pairs) • 4 parts

grammar with some focus on vocabulary Part 3

- detail ,

text organisation features (exemplification ,

comparing and contrasting of opinions and attitudes across texts

- Detail ,

- feeling,

exchanges between interacting speakers

a monologue (could be introduced by a presenter) Part 3

a conversation between interacting speakers Part 4

Two linked tasks,

requiring selection from list of eight options

All texts will be heard twice

- gist,

interlocutor and each candidate (spoken questions) Part 2

each candidate is given three visual stimul i,

Succeed in Cambridge English: Advanced





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without the prior permission in writing of the Publisher

Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to th is publication may be liable to crimina l'prosecution and civi l'claims fo r da mages

• Succeed in Ca mbridge English: Advanced- 2015 Form at- 10 Practice Tests

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'What makes us different',

© T ime Inc

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Author Unknown

" Teens 'inherit' Weight Worries",

© Associated Newspapers Limited

CAE Practice Test I

Paper 5

- Speaking

Paper 5: SPEAKING Time: IS minutes per pair of candidates Candidates take the Speaking test in pairs (occasionally,

where there is an uneven number of cand idates ,

three students m ay be required to take the test together)

There are two examiners (an assessor and an interloc utor) and one of them (the assessor) does not take part in the interaction but assesses your performance according to fo ur analyt ical scales

The other examiner (the interlocutor) conducts the test and tells you what you have to do

The inte rlocutor also gives you a global mark for your performance in the test as a whole

In Part I of the Speaking test,

you may be asked to talk about your interests,

The examiner will first ask you for some general information about yourself,

and then widen the scope of the conversation to include subjects like leisure activities,

holiday experiences and daily life

Respond directly to the examiner 's questions,

and list en when your partner is speaking

You are not required to interact with your partner in this part,

Interlocutor: Good morning/afternoon/evening

My name is

And your names are

? Can I have your mark sheets,

First of all ,

we'd like to know something about you

Select one or two questions and ask candidates in turn,

? • How long have you been studying English

? • What do you enjoy most about learning English

? Select one or more questions from any of the following categories,

Family and Friends • How important do you think family is

?) • How much time do you spend with you r family and wh at do you enjoy doing with them

? • What qualities does a close friend need to possess

? e With whom would you discuss a difficult personal situation ,

a family member or a close friend

Art • What would you say your relationship with the arts is

? e Which kind of art are you most interested in

?) • When w as the last time you visited a museum ,

? What were your impressions on thi s'vi sit

? • Who is your favourite artist

Travel • Who do you prefer to travel with

?) • Are you more fond of long or short distance travel

? • What has been your most exciting t r avel experience thus far

? e Name some things that you would never leave behind you when you travel

Sports • Do you prefer team sports or individual sports

? • What qualities do you need to possess in order to do well in a team sport

? e What do you think about extreme sports

? e What are the most popular sports in your country

Celebrities • Wh at are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being famous

? • Who is your favourite celebrity

?) • What would you be willing to sacrifice in order to be famous

more young people nowadays long for fame and m one

CAE Practice Test I

Paper 5- Speal art 4 =:- questions 25-30,

complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,

Do not change the word given

You must use between three and six words,

Here is an example {0)

(ample: 0 George should have worked harder if he wanted to pass the exam

succeeded Had George worked harder,

Write the missing words IN CAPITAL LETIERS


I don't intend to stop trying for a career in the police force

up on trying for a career in the police force

David praised her exceptionally good choice of venue for the party

it seems that the thieves escaped in a stolen car

He said that he was sorry that he'd missed the meeting

She thought she might want to buy some souvenirs so she took some extra money with her

She took some extra money with her

I don't care if she doesn't write to me

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper I

Part 5 You are going to read a magazine article about someone who set up their own business

For questions 31-36,

Cor D) which you think f its best according to the text

Starting up your own business My earliest memory is one of incredible trauma

When I was five,

my older brother and I crept downstairs on Christmas morning to light candles on the tree,

As he ran around the room in flames,

I knew I had to fetch a bucket of water,

but shock rooted me to the spot and I could do nothing

He's still scarred,

and the incident had a lasting impact on me,

Ever since,

I've been driven by a need to help heal other people

When I was 18,

I started studying medicine,

but I never really got into it

The course wasn't what I'd expected and I took some time out to think about what I really wanted to do

But before I had a chance to start a new course,

I'd fallen in love and was married

I was sad to give up my studies but I put our marriage first

We had three children,

but by the time the third was born,

our relationship was falling apart

After nearly five years,

I realised nothing was going to change unless I made it happen myself,

so I persuaded my husband to leave

lt was the hardest thing I'd ever done

So there I was,

with three young children to bring up and very little money

Things were bleak

I knew I had to get on with bringing up the children,

but there were times I felt I couldn't cope and then I'd go outside,

My salvation was living in such a lovely place

But back then,

nature also supported us on a practical level

I realised that if I saved a few potatoes and planted them,

I could grow my own

I taught myself as I went along,

and learned how to use birch leaves and nettles from the garden to make soups

The children and I would go to the woods to pick blackberries and collect mushrooms and firewood

I also kept bees for honey

I'd always loved the outdoors,

but for the first time I found myself looking at plants and thinking about what I could use them for

The children still remember those times as idyllic,

but I knew I couldn't go on living like that forever

After a few years,

I decided I had to start using my brain again

I considered resurrecting my medical ambitions,

but in the end I turned down a place to study medicine in Dundee as it would have meant studying 70 hours a week,

which was unfair on the children

Then I heard about a homeopathy course,

which was held one weekend a month in Newcastle

when homeopathy wasn't so widely accepted,

I had faith in it because my parents had used it

Suddenly I had an energy I hadn't felt for years because I had regained control of my life

Healing people with homeopathy made perfect sense because it is based on the relationship between nature and ourselves,

rather than being about automatically prescribing drugs

For the first few years after I qualified,

my surgery was a room in my house

but it wasn't easy working from home

The children were very good but I felt guilty telling them they had to be quiet,

so I started working from treatment rooms at clinics alongside other complimentary therapists

But before long I found I was working six days a week

it was exhausting travelling between clinics and it dawned on me that with the money I was paying in rent I might as well have my own place

Eight years ago,

I opened my own clinic in the centre of Edinburgh

I was totally out of my depth in the beginning and simply looked around until I found premises and took on the lease

I had no savings

I just planned to pay the rent with the money as it came in

I had no idea how to run a business back then

I was so naive I didn't even know you had to pay rates,

! But I began to realise that running a business is a creative process,

I was determined that my lack of business skills wouldn't let me down,

so I taught myself the basics,

I learned from my mistakes

Running the clinic was my dream

I have three treatment rooms and I treat my patients in one of them,

while the other two are rented to other therapists

There's also a shop where I sell natural healthcare products and natural beauty products that I've made

These days I work six days a week

I've learned you have to accept the negative things in life and use them to move on

You can't hide from them

it's hard when things go wrong,

but it does help to clear out all the things that don't matter and lets you focus on what does

But more than anything,

I've realised that it's worth pushing for what you want,

because if you are lucky enough to find work you believe in,

CAE Practice Test 2

What effect did her brother's accident have on the writer

She blames herself for causing the accident

She felt somehow responsible for the extent of his injuries

She r ealises now that there was nothing that she could have done to help him

She felt that they were being pun ished for misbehaving

What initially stopped the writer from following a career in medicine

She decided she would prefer to get married and have a family

She found the course too demanding

She was uninspired by the course

Her husband wanted her to stay home and be a housewife

What happened after the writer split up with her husband

She didn't have enough money to feed her children

She avoided mixing with other people socially

She r everted to a childl ike state herself

She became as self-sufficient as she could in order to save money

What was the writer's attitude to studying homeopathy

She was unsur e what it involved but believed it might make a good career

She was positive about it because she'd had previous experience of it

She naturally accepted it because her parents had a homeopathy clinic

She was worried that people would be negative about it because it wasn't used much at that time

What does the writer say about her business skills in the beginning

There were more challenges to deal with than she realised at first

She found it fairly simple to deal with the business from day one

She was so well prepared that she managed to deal with problems as they came up

She couldn't afford to pay her first rates bill

Paper I

How could one describe the writer's approach to life

Sensible and carefully planned

Insecure and negative

Flexible and positive

Unreliable and without commitment

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper I

Part 6 You are going to read four reviews of a film

For questions 37-40,

The reviews may be chosen more than once

The King's Speech Four critics comment on the film A

History and fi lm buffs wi ll delight in Seidler's The King's Speech

Its strong historical context might deter those not falling within these two categories,

The film largely involves the actors Colin Firth,

Helena Bonham Carter,

this is the woman who became the much-loved Queen Mother of our lifetimes,

As the men have a struggle of wills,

she tries to smooth things and raise her girls Elizabeth and Margaret

In the wider sphere,

Hitler takes power,

and the dreaded day approaches when Bertie (Firth),

will have to speak to the world and declare war

The director's handling of that fraught scene is masterful

Firth internalises his tension and keeps the required stiff upper lip,

but his staff and household are terrified on his behalf as he marches towards a microphone as if it is a guillotine

At the end,

what we have here is a superior historical drama and a powerful personal one

Auden wrote his poem "September I,

" The King's Speech takes a rather different view of Britain and the 1930s,

though it's not entirely inconsistent with Auden's judgment and isn 't in any sense what is sneeringly called,

lt is the work of a highly talented group of artists who might be regarded as British realists

The film is the private story of a famous public man,

King George VI (known in his family circle as Bertie),

the woman who loved him and became his queen and the innovative Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue,

who helped him control and come to terms with the stammer that had tortured him since childhood

Although the film involves a man overcoming a serious disability,

it is neither triumphalist nor sentimental

Its themes,

which are of universal appeal,

and the necessity to place duty above personal pleasure or contentment

of such enduringly popular movies as Casablanca

B Some films turn out to be unexpectedly good

Not that you've written them off,

only they ply their craft on the hush

Tom Hooper's The King's Speech,

looked no more than a well-spoken costume drama,

optimistically promoted for Sunday tea-time: decent cast,

nice costumes and posh carpets

That was until the film finished a sneak-peak at a festival in deepest America and the standing ovations began


bloggers and Internet spokespeople of various levels of elocution,

announced it the Oscar favourite,

so it arrives in our cinemas with a fanfare of trumpets

But for all its pageantry,

it isn't a film of grandiose pretensions

Much better than that,

it is an honest-to-goodness crowd pleaser

Rocky with dysfunctional royalty

Good Will Hunting set amongst the staid pageantry and fussy social mores of the late 30s

A film that will play and play

A prequel to The Queen

Where lies its success

? Let's start with the script,

a model for transforming history into an approachable blend of drama and wit

For a film about being horrendously tongue-tied,

Seidler's words are exquisitely measured,

his insight as deep as it is softly spoken

D lt could have been a bunch of pip-pip,

stiff-upper-lip Brit blather about a stuttering king who learns to stop worrying and love the microphone


The King's Speech,

a crowning achievement powered by a dream cast,

digs vibrant human drama out of the dry dust of human history making it a real crowd-puller

King George VI (Col in Firth),

father of the present Queen Elizabeth,

Strangelove in Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush),

a wildly eccentric Australian speech therapist who made it possible for the stammering monarch to go on radio in 1939 and rally his subjects to support the declaration of war on Hitler's Germany

The King's Speech plays out on the battlefield of words,

Writer David Seidler breathes fresh,

urgent life into every frame of this powerhouse

The film's director Tom Hooper,

The emotion this film produces is staggering

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper I

Which reviewer does not make a comparison between The King 's Speech and another film

highlights the work of the film's writer like reviewer D

was forced to re-assess any preconceptions they had had about the film

disagrees with the other three reviewers,

in saying The King's Speech does not have popular appeal

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper I

Part 7 Yo u are go ing to read an extract from a newspaper art icl e

Six paragraphs have been removed from the extract

Ch oose from the paragraphs A-G the one w hich fits each gap (41-46)

Th ere is on e extra paragraph which you do not need to use

! So you think you're inconvenienced by having to put yo ur personal belongi ngs in a clear plast ic bag and arr ive at the airport three hours before depart ure

? Imagine how recent security changes are affecting aviati on per sonnel

Yo u don't need to be a regular viewer of 'Airport' to know th at commercial airport staff are acc ountabl e for all sort s'of situati ons both within and out side of their control

which has over 9,000 of Bri tain's airl ine pi lots in membership,

want s'safety recommendations from pilot s'to be taken much more seriously

Many pilots feel that the system is making their jobs more diff icult rather than improving sec urity

with the recent increase in the terror ist threat,

a career in aviati on might not be the fir st thing on the mind of the nation's graduates

Her job involves fl ying from Am sterdam to va ri ous European destinations,

checking fli ght pl anning and fuel measures

She has wanted to be a pil ot since she was very young

"I went on holiday with my famil y and was all owed a fli ght deck visit," she says

"When I saw all the screens and dials I thought,

I want to do that

She says one of the best things about being a pilot is "t he feeling you get when it's pouring with rain and freezing co ld on the ground,

then when you go flying and pop up thro ugh the clouds and it's wa rm and sunny

to get to work and if yo u are rea lly unlucky yo u'll get t ha t scheduled six days in a row

There are rul es about how long yo u ca n wor k,


competition for tra ining positions at flight schools is normal ly fierce

The RAF offers university and sixth form sponsorshi p for certain RAF careers,

and you ca n rece ive up to £4,000 a year as an undergraduate

Thir ty-two-yea r-old Zoe Goldspink is a senior flight attendant for Virgin Airways

She trained for 6 weeks at the Horl ey Fli ght Centre near Gatwick Airport,

customer service and medical tra ining

it's a comprehensive tra ining programme and entry requirements vary from airline to airli ne

None require a degree but some prefer a European language,

most have minimum GCSE requirements and some like experience in a customer service role

She believes that since 9/11 there are more sec urity measures in place and she doesn't fee l'personall y threatened

baggage screeni ng at the airports,

and preventative measures onboard like cockpit CCTV and strengthened cockp it doors

The safety and security of the crew and passengers is the number one priority of all airl ines today

CAE Practice Test 2

A Training as a pilot can be a pretty pricey

Paper I

Goldspink says the benefits are obvious

"One minute you can be in New York and then the following week in Hong Kong or on a beach in Barbados

lt does disrupt your social life and sometimes it can be a bit tiring,

but there are far more pluses to the job

I love being cabin crew

it's the endless variety that appeals so much to me

But it's not all terrifying,


confidence in the industry remains strong and it seems more people are flying than ever before


there is increased security at UK airports but that is necessary for the safety and wellbeing of all passengers

I think most passengers appreciate that

Other than doctors and nurses,

there are few people whose hands we put our lives in so readily

We are not in control of our fate when we are pa ssengers on a plane

Travelling 30,000 feet in the air with nothing for company except an in-flight magazine,

Costs vary but potential flyers need to have around £60,000 in sponsorship or private wealth

Some airlines offer sponsorship,

and some offer methods for borrowing and repaying thi s'money that may be linked to a starting salary

B One of the most annoying things is delays at check-in

In high season these can be unacceptably long and many people get irate at having to hang around

Terrori st threat s'have added to this problem of course and I appreciate that,

but I still don't see why it takes quite so long

lt drives me mad and so I never fly anywhere unless I really have to

I'm also slightly nervous of flying,

so for me it's just a necessa ry evil

Brunei University is offering a BA and MA in aviation engineering and pilot studies

There are also several aviation school s,

such as Oxford Avi ation Training,

which offer full flight training as well as po st-qualification selection preparation

All of these courses offer qualifications which are recognised worldwide

D North won a flying scholarship with the Air Training Corps (Air Cadets) when she was seventeen and used it to get her private pilot's licence

She left the RAF when she won a sponsorship with civilian commercial flying school,


before joining KLM as a first officer on the Fokker 50

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper I

Part 8 You are going to read some extracts of people talking about their jobs

For questions 47-56,

choose from the extracts (A-F)

The extracts may be chosen more than once

In which extract is the following mentioned

? A situation that makes you realise you are ageing

Initial hostile behaviour that can be changed

Treating people as you wish to be treated yourself

People anxious for news

A family member taking credit for someone's success

Longing for a more conventional life

The risk of being physically attacked

Needing a certain amount of courage

Not intending to follow the career they have ended up doing

Putting other people at risk

CAE Practice Test 2

JOBS The writer '-,

often accused of living in a parallel universe

The nature ::

! my job demands a natural inclination to all things weird and wonderful

After all,

I'm creating an unreal world based on what I see,

I don't remember a time when I didn't write but I never had aspirations to earn a livmg from it until a cousin of mine entered a short story I'd Nritten into a national competition and I won

! lt was a bolt out of the blue seeing as I knew nothing about the competi~lo n

The cash prize was substantial so I shared it with my enterprising cousin

Now she tries to claim commission on royalties of every book I have published,

The postal worker

You are out on the streets ::lelivering and there is no one to bother you

with the ~xc e ption of the local wildlife of course

I've had a few :lose encounters with a canine jaw or two but no actual es

I'm a fast runner when need be

I'm not so sure that some of the letters I deliver survive some of the cuddly :Dgs that rip them out of my hand as they go through the e ter box

In some houses I can hear great snarling and rip:llng noises as I walk away from the door

once they ::re through that box,

they're no longer my responsibility

Seriously though,

it can give you a warm feeling inside 50metimes when someone is waiting for something special ::nd they look so happy when you deliver it

Exam results e,

Poor kids,

you see them ooking out of a window or even hanging around outside :heir house,

just waiting for me to come along with that ::readed envelope that will affect their whole future

The teacher

's not a job for the fainthearted that's for sure

But on the Jther hand,

I think people make it out to be worse than it s

The majority of the time,

well as smoothly as they can with a building containing over a :housand kids

it's a fascinating job when you think about it,

all those little personalities developing in front of your eyes

The wonderful thing is when they stay in touch and come back on regular visits to keep you up to date on how their life is panning out

And then you feel really old as their children come along and you end up teaching the next generation

The actor

My brothers always say that I've never had a proper job in my life

That's just because they are jealous since they are stuck in nine-to-five jobs

We were always competitive with each other as kids and I guess we still are in some ways

They crave my freedom but I admire their skills as fathers

I love acting but I sometimes wonder if I've missed out on the traditional way of life

Maybe the stability of a 'proper' job would be more rewarding in the long run

lt must be great to have workmates that you've known for years and joked with day in,

And office Christmas parties,

The au pair

My job is quite strange if you think about it

I move into the home of complete strangers and overnight I become an integral part of the family

lt can often be hard for the children to adjust to a new au pair

Sometimes they are a bit resentful because they want more of their parents' attention and the au pair is considered,

a poor substitute and at worst,

We are trained to deal with such issues though and have techniques to help us win the trust of the children and to make them see that having an au pair is a positive thing in their life

Usually things turn out well in the end and it can be a real wrench when you leave a family

I've stayed in touch with all the families that I've worked for

The bus driver

I wouldn't say my job is particularly stressful

Some of the other drivers grumble about traffic and rude passengers but I think that you get what you give and if I give people a cheery good morning they are going to respond in a positive way towards me

That's not to say there aren't a fair few idiots on the road

Some drivers think they have a divine right to go wherever they want without paying any attention to fellow road users and others have a thing about buses and feel obliged to overtake them at all costs and in any situation,

There's a real sense of camaraderie among the drivers and we have a good laugh together in the depot canteen

With this job you've got to keep a smile on your face

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper 2

- Writing


Write your answer in 220-260 words in an app ropriate style

You have watched a TV debate about w hich char ity organisations should receive funding from the government

You have made the notes below: Which charities should receive funding from the government

? • Sports & Recreation Ch ar it ies • Hea lth Charitie s'• Hum an Ri ghts Chariti es

Some opinions exp•·essed in the discussion: "We should no / SIlend lll onn· on

"Co ncer clwrilies ho\'e helped lo1s o/' tWO flle Wil l'need

Hull lil/1 rig Ills issues should he (

Write an essay discussing two of the charities in your notes

You should explain which charity is more important for the government to give money to,

giving reasons in support of your answer

You may,

make use of the opinions expressed in the discussion,

but you should use your own words as far as possible

WRITING- Part 2 Write an answer to one of the questions 2-4 in thi s'part

Write your answer in 220-260 words in an appropriate style

You are interested in becoming a food critic and have been given an assignment by your school newspaper to review a newly-opened Chinese restaurant

The editor of the publication instructs you to consider the following when developing your review : • • • •

W hat did you ea t and how was the qu alit y of th e food

? W hat was the deco r li ke and did it enh ance or lesse n th e overall dinin g ex peri ence

? H ow attenti ve and helpf ul we re th e staff in servin g yo u·) Wo uld yo u reco m mend thi s'place to peop le yo u know '1 Wh y or w hy not' 1

Write your review

You have decided to go backpacking around Europe

One of your best friends did exactly that last year

Write to your friend asking for advice

Look at the notes you have made below of all the things that you need to ask your friend

Notes • pl an route or just go for iP • acco mm odat ion

• best way to trave l' • in surance

Write your letter

You do not need to include postal addresses

The city council that you work for has received funding to start a new careers service for young people

Read the notes below and write a proposal giving your suggestions as to what the service could offer and how it could be run

Notes • opening hours : 11

30am to 8

Write your proposal

You should use your own words as far as possible

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper 3


For questions 1-6,

B or C) which fits :- est according to what you hear

There are two questions for each extract

ract One w ill hear two people talking about a problem at work

W hat is the man's problem

Nobody will listen to his complaints at work

B There is friction between him and a colleague

He's fallen out with his boss

W hat does the woman think

A He needs to approach the problem in a different way

B He has to accept that there will be problems in any office

He is the main cause of all the office problems

w ill hear two people talking about how the woman got her job

W hat were Janet's expectations of the recruitment fair

A She was hoping to get some ideas for a career

B She was sure that someone would offer her a job in Public Relations

C She had incorrect preconceptions as to what she would gain from it

How did Paul gain from the recruitment fair

A He passed an interview there and got a job

B He impressed someone who then recommended him for a job

He applied for several jobs there and was successful

ract Three will hear two people talking about the man's job as a prison officer

What does the man say about his job

A You need to have a degree to get a promotion

B If you want a promotion you will have to go into management

C it's a career that offers incentives for industrious people

What is the woman's opinion of the man

A He is both courageous and mad

B He must have a cruel side to him

C His desire to get a promotion is more important than anything else

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper 3


For questions 7-14,

The Probation worker Georgia grew up on a

Georgia didn't thi nk she had enough

for a caree r in probation work

While studying for her degree,

Georgia worked as a Being able to work out which

I in three different places

While working face to fac e with an offender,

Georgia works in the prison,


The wo rst part of Georgia's job is deali ng with

Georgia has to wor k with the courts to decide on a fair LI_I4_

LI_________~I fo r each offender


For questions 15-20,

C or D),

which fits best according to what you hear

According to the Fawcett Society,

A women would need to work into their

eighties to earn as much money as men

B good qualifications aren't necessarily

A London School of Economics report showed that A women who worked part-time found it difficult to get a full-time job later on

B after having children ,

C women will never earn as much as men

D'more women have degrees than men

C women find it hard to find a job after having children

What is said about careers advice in schools

? A it has been improved but it is still inadequate

B lt is now quite good for girls but boys are

D most women want a full-time job after having a child

C There is no advice for girls that are ambitious

D'Girls are always encouraged not to be

What does the 'stuffed shirt' policy mean

? A Women are being forced to choose betwee r family commitments and work

B Only men can have part-time senior position s'C Women don't get the opportunity to train

According to Jim,

A women are to blame for not insisting on higher wages

B new government policies have solved most of the problems

C there is nothing more the government can do

D women shouldn't necessari ly be encouraged to change their choice of career

D No woman can have a senior position

Jim seems to believe that A women should stay at home and look after thei r children

B women now earn as much money as men in the workplace

C women have been disadvantaged by outdated work ethics

D having children w ill soon be an advantage for working women

CAE Practice Test 2

Paper 3


While you listen you must complete both tasks

TASK ONE =o r questions

choose from the list A-H the person who is speak ing

Speaker I

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

122 1 1231

Speaker 4

Speaker 5

choose from the list A-H what each speaker is exp ressing I talking about

a suspicion that people like to find excuses not to do work

the view that you should never ask for a pay rise

Speaker I

the feeling that helping an understudy may go unappreciated

Speaker 2

an intimate knowledge of other people 's affai r s'that could be pr ofitable

Speaker 3

the view that you should never take work home w ith you Speaker 4

Speaker 5

a distrust of colleagues who are nice to you

a feeling of having been taken advantage of on account of inexperience

the wisdom of prioritising tasks

Part 1 For questions 1-8,

read the text below and decide which answer (A,B,C or D) best fits each gap

There is an example at the beginning (0)

Example: 0 A otherwise B instead C despite D'although

Drunk-driving soars in the pre-Christmas period

Four million motorists will drink and drive over the festive period (0)

Th e research,

by a national car insurance company,

alar·ming ignorance of the effects of alcohol

Three million believe leaving the windows open while they drive will help them sober up and at least 600

One million car drivers actually admitted they wou ld climb behind the wheel this Christmas even if they were over the limit

with many thinking this is okay if they can walk straight

More th an thirteen million people have been in a car with a driver they (3)

but JUSt two million have taken the keys and driven themselves

Of the four million who will drink and drive over the festive period

almost half of these admit it's because they don't want to pay for taxis or can't be (4)

to wait in the cold for public transpor·t

A spokeswoman for the insurance company said: "Drivers should seriously (5)

the need to take the car before heading out for a Christmas drin k

If they do end up drinking alcohol and have the car with them

they must find an alternative mode of transport to get home

" The research showed 500,000 drivers will hit the mad (6)

of how much alcohol they have (7)

A fur·ther I 00 ,000 drivers w ill (8)

off home after downing between four and five pints of beer·

despite the fact that they have experienced some kind of accident while driving under the influence of alcohol

Part 2 For questions 9- 16,

read the text below and think o f the word which best fits each gap

Use only one word in each gap

There is an example at the beginnin g (0)

IN 0 Write your answers in CAPITAL LETIERS


The delights of Italy's Abruzzo When Edward Lear visited Abruzzo (0)

it was a little-known region of Italy,

the delights of Tuscany and cities (I 0)

Rome and Milan

But the poet and artist was drawn by its sense of isolation and old-fashioned ways

In his 1846 travel book

Lear captured sights that many in Britain had never seen before ,

describing the sleepy feel of the region and complaining about the local wine

Yet Abruzzo,

Tuscany in the tourism and second home popularity stakes

there has been more inter·est

who works for Overseas Homesearch and w ho is a big fan of Abruzzo,

The area has several selling points

The ( 14)

is its isolation and peacefulness

There is virtually no traffic and the main sound is that of birdsong

The village of San Donato is a good place for outdoor types and it is (I 5)

an hour·'s drive to beaches on the Adriatic

The food at local restaurants is first rate and the wine's not bad either

For a back to nature holiday,

Abruzzo is second to none and it is astonishing that so ( 16)

holiday companies have developed an interest in the region

Paper I

CAE Practice Test 3

Part 3 =: r questions 17-24,

Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to · :

There is an example at the beginning (0)


The Silk Route Follow in the (0)

of the pioneering traders to experience one of the world's

This route goes through harsh deserts and up


A greater variety of landscapes would be difficult to find

Although the silk route is strictly a land-based route,

in Cappadocia as thi s'area is firmly established as one of the prime hot-air balloon destinations in the world bec ause of its (19)

wi nd cond itions and agreeable geography

The bird's eye views of the va lleys are (20)

and the skill of the balloonists

FORGET is breathtaking

In theory you can now travel the entire silk route by train but in (21)

few foreign visitors use tr ains outside of China because they are slow and (22)

Some intrepid travellers take the brave decision to do the route by cycling

One advantage of this is that you can stop whenever you like and enjoy your surroundings

There are however,

not least the fact that it can be very (23)

on some of the rough tracks and bumpy roads


Bizarre as it may seem,

so think twice before deciding to ride a tandem with a friend

Part 4 =Jr questions 25-30,

complete the second sentence so that it has a simil ar meaning to the first sentence,

Do not change the word given

You must use between three and six words,

Here is an example (0)

:xample: 0 George should have worked harder if he wanted to pass the exam

succeeded Had George worked harder,

Write the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS


They say this company is one of the most reliable in the country

This company

of the most reliable in the country

We were all surprised when she announced that she was engaged to be married

Finding the survivors is our number one priority

Whatever happens,

I will never trust him again

George had to try for months before he finally got a job

Only after

George finally get a job

Tom didn't feel like dancing that night

Paper I

CAE Practice Test 3

Part 5 You are going to read a magazine article about two women who walked up mount Kilimanjaro

For questions 31-36,

Cor D) which you think fits best according to the text

We climbed a mountain When I set off to climb Kilimanjaro,

I was 45,

stressed out and trapped in an unhappy marriage

My best friend,


had heard about a fundrai sing trip,

organised by the charity Whiz Kidz,

As we were pounding the treadmill in the gym,

"Hey Tracey,

"You must be mad," but the idea was firmly planted in our minds from that moment

Like so many women in my situation,

I felt I had no time for me,

I worked full time for an advertising agency

a stimulating but stressful job that left me mentally exhausted

My husband David was,

he has no idea about tidying up and day-to-day chores like washing and cleaning

So I ran our home almost single-handedly

When I wasn't at work I was rushing about trying to get everything sorted out,

and weekends were spent ferrying my two daughters to all their activities

Siobhan set the ball rolling on the trip,

and our fir st hurdle was raising £3000 each

We had a fantastic time doing it,

because it was so different from the re st of our lives

going carol singing and running a school disco

When we started training for the trip I was about three stone overweight,

so we hired a personal trainer,

went to the gym and took long wa lks in the hills

There were 35 of us on the trip,

and Siobhan and I were the only middle-aged women

There were young guys who'd run marathons and girls in their 20s,

In fact,

The climb took four days going up,

After just two days we were filthy

Sometimes the young girls would be in tears because they couldn't get anything clean and Siobhan became like a mother hen

lt was hot during the day and freezing at night,

My lips blistered so badly I could hardly speak,

I kept up with the others until the very last climb,

which you had to do at night because otherwise the sun was too strong

We pitched camp at about 18,000ft

- just a

But the going was very tough,

and you literally had to scramble hand over hand

We set off in the dark wearing head torches,

A full moon lit our path,

but as we climbed I felt worse and worse

I couldn't feel my fingers,

and I felt so dizzy I was staggering about like a drunk

After six hours I passed out

I had altitude sickness really badly and a porter had to lead me back down gently

They wanted to put me in a decompression chamber,

it was only later I realised I could have died from a cerebral oedema,

where excess fluid collects on the brain,

The walk back to the hut should have taken two hours but it took four

When I got back I collapsed on my sleeping bag and slept


meanwhile was making her way up to the top

When I woke I was crying because I hadn't made it and she wa s'up there

I was determined to be on my feet to welcome her back

Against the guide's wishes,

I managed to climb back up the trail for an hour and stand on the side of the trail,

crying and emotional as she came back

Even though I hadn't made it to the top,

I didn't feel like I'd failed

I realised that I had achieved something just for me

We ended up rai sing £9,000 for Whiz Kidz which was fantastic and the personal achievement put everything else into perspective

lt made me realise you don't have to put up with situations

There are infinite opportunities out there,

and women are brilliant at seizing them

Yo u don't have to have a man by your side to feel complete

I now feel that I'm really li vi ng,

and getting what I want out of life

And next year Siobhan and I are planning to walk the Inca Trail together

CAE Practice Test 3

Paper I

Tracey and Siobhan's decision to climb Kilimanjaro can be described as A

In order to prepare for the trip Tracey and Siobhan A

did a lot of socialising with the people they were about to travel with

How did Tracey and Siobhan fit into the group dynamics

They were outsiders because they were so much older than the others

They were envious of the younger girls

Their maternal instincts led them to support the younger members

They had to make a big effort to be accepted into the group

What happened to Tracey towards the end of the trip

She refused to give up even though she was very ill

She was forced to admit defeat due to ill health

She was too emotional to carry on to the top

The others refused to help her to the summit

When Tracey didn't reach the summit she A

accepted that the experience had been of value

could not get over her sense of failure

felt relieved that the experience was at last over

The writer seems to intend this piece to be A

CAE Practice Test 3

Paper I

Part 6 You are going to read four reviews of a novel

For quest ions 37-40,

Th e reviews may be chosen more than once

Atonement Four critics comment on the novel A

Atonement does not feel,

If you knew for a fact that you'd ruined someo ne's life

really- how would you make amends

? That's the question the stark title o f lan

The opening is almost perversely ungripping

Instead of the expected sha