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Calligraphy Calligraphy

An Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy - Asian Art Museum

piecescalligraphy files wordpress 2016 10 Calligraphy is similar to cursive, except letters are created stroke by stroke as you lift your pen off the page Notice the variations in stroke width Lettering refers to any and all writing created by hand, including handwriting, cursive, and calligraphy

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piecescalligraphy files wordpress 2016 10 Calligraphy is similar to cursive, except letters are created stroke by stroke as you lift your pen off the page Notice the variations in stroke width Lettering refers to any and all writing created by hand, including handwriting, cursive, and calligraphy The difference is the effort to incorporate design aspects to the overall

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piecescalligraphy files wordpress 2015 12 Brush Calligraphy Guide Basic Strokes and the Alphabet A reference guide for brush calligraphers This guide is intended for the beginning brush calligrapher Use it to build your brush calligraphy foundation, From mastering these basic strokes and letterforms, you will develop your own unique style Remember

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An Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy - Asian Art Museum



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All rightsreserved

This book has been publishedto aid the aspiringartist

Reproductionof the work for Any photomechanical reproduction of art from the study or finishedart is permissible

publication for commercialpurposesis prohibitedwithor art drawnfrom the publication out writtenconsentfrom the publisher



BasicSan SerifStyle

ExplodedViewAnd StrokeSequence

Nu m e r als





U ncia l

Flourishes& Swashes

The BlackLetter

Ro m a n

Spencerian Script

Aw ar d's-S pencerian


Ba tar d'e

Ver sa ls

Gr e e ti ngCards l'nlin e

Lo g o &SymbolDesign

Th e SteelB rush

LettersAt Work Co n clu sion

Thetremendousinterestand popularityof calligraphyamongthe general the scopeandthe useof thisbeautiful publicin recentyearshasincreased placein the productionof diplomas,

Aside lettering use of calligraphyhas a contemporary and verses

awards,testimonials it in the designof logos,

for creatinga new,excitingdemand developed,

book jackets,album covers,sign design,menus,

posters,type designand advertising- to namejust a few

referenceguide and study This book offersthe readera comprehensive to study manual

lt presentsa myriadof alphabetsand their applicat¡ons and to copy

Beginnersshould alwayshave good examplesin front of them while practicing

More advancedcalligrapherscan use the letter stylesamplesfor reference

It is imporantto first learnthe basicsand to becomecomfortablewith and creative

Practicewith different your tools,but try to be adventurous pens,

Developyour own stylesof letteringor letterstylesto makethem your own


The BroadPen is availablein varietyof shapesand sizes

FinePointNibsfor detail lettering

Ca llig ra p h ic le t t e rin g is d'o n e primarilywith a broadpen

There are two types of broad pens: dip pensand fountainpens

Bothhave nibs

There are interchangeable many brandson the market

The main advantageof foqntainpens is t h e ir a b ilit y t o h o ld a la rg e supply of ink,

but they have a limit e dn u mb e ro f n ib s'iz e sa n d'd o n o t u t iliz e p e rma n e n tin k

Dip pens produce a cleaner,crisper line than fountain pens,

but are slightly more difficultto master

You will need a jar of black india ink for usewith a dip pen

lt is very importantto keep both types of pens clean

A small jar of water k e p t n e a rb y f o r d'ip p in g t h e p e n a n d'wip in g it c'le a n is recommended

---*: ,

Fine Point

A wide,smalljar securedto a piece of heavycardor plastickeepsthe ink containerstable

The ink levelshould be just highenoughfor a dippedpen load

PAPER Thereare manytypesof paperand boardssuitablefor calligraphy

The choicedependson the qualityandtypeof work you aredoing

A 20 lb

ledger bond is good for practice

For all-purposelettering,

Bristol board comes in two 1000/o fi nish e s,kid and plate

The kid finishis t h e b e t t e ro f t h e t wo a s'it h a s'a slight"tooth

"For the final "one of a kind"job,

a parchmentpaper Show card boardalso madespecificallyfor calligraphyis available

Giveit a try

M I S CEL L'A N E O U S You r e q u ipmentcan be quite simpleo r v e ry e x t e n s'iv eA

d'ra win g ta b le( a b o ut30" x 40"),achairand a go o ds o u rc eo f lig h ta rea mu s't if you are seriousabout your work

You will also need a t-square,

and 60 degreeangles- and pencils,

p e n s,pe n cleaner,erasers,a pencils h a rp e n e r,in k ,

o p a q u ewh it e paint (forcorrectingmistakes)and a few letteringbrushes'

C allig r a p hic letteringis donewith the b ro a dp e n

T h e a n g let h e p e n is h e ld i s'the key to the beautiful"thic k a n d't h in " s't y le

A s'imp le ,b a s'ic letterstylethat is quiteeasyto executewith the broadpen is shownon page7

The letteris a thick and thin Romanstylewithoutserifs

This style is beautifuland practical

lt is sometimescalled"Stunt Lydian" b e ca u sei t is similarto the Lydiantypef a c'e

T h e p e n is h e ldf a irlyrig id ,

po in ti ngabovethe right shoulder,he ld a t a 3 5 d'e g re ea n g le

T h e vertical(down)strokesand the horizontalstrokesare madewith a firm wristaction

The pen is heldat a constantangle- neverrotated

Use quality bond paper for practice

lt takes ink beautifully,and is r ela ti vely inexpensive

Usingyour t-sq u a red,

ra wg u id e lin e os n a s'h e e t of smoothillustrationboard,then placeit underneatha sheetof bond pa p e r

( This eliminaieshavingto dr a w g u id e lin e so n e a c'h p ie c'eo f bond paper

)Alwayskeepa smallpieceof card or scrappapernearby to che ckthe ink f low of your pen

A ftere a c'hd ip o f t h e p e n ,p u lla s'h o rt strokeon the card to removethe excessink

This is very importantas too much ink createsa sloppyline

Try using differentpen anglesto acquaintyourselfwith the results

Constantpracticeis a must,and it is importantto haveEood copy in front of you for reference

be sure to cleanyour pen frequently jar dip it in a of waterand wipe it cleanwith a lint-freerag

At the end of a session,cleanthe nib with pen cleaner- ammoniaworksfine


Good spacing involvesequalizingthe optical weight or smoothnessof the word

In uppercase lettersthe narrowestspaceis betweenround letterssuch as O and C

A slightly wider space is betweena straightletterand a round letter,like I and O

The widest spaceis betweentwo straight,verticalletterssuchas H and l

Diagonal lettersare spacedopticallyto equalizethe open area

no dark or light sectionsshoulddominate

Properspacingis called"good color




[email protected]+állr rnil,nolffq kf fÍ F STUVW i X 2




The Chancery letter is a favorite with calligraphersbecause of its beauty,

lt is greatfor a largeamountof copy

The ChanceryCursive (italic)letter lends itselfbeautifullyto the broadpen

The shape of the lettersare tall ratherthan fat

The pen angle is 45 degrees,but the pitch of the stroke is 10-'15degreesoff the vertical

The pen does mostof the work and littlepressure is needed

Use one of the larger nibs for practiceas they are much easierto control

Followthe strokesequenceas shown

Use the guidelineboardfor practice



Ascenders & Descenders equal to body height



gMTflru Mpe







7wxuz :/



ABWEq HUKruN 'WSIU TWWZ [email protected],kl ffinryqrstu ywxyz




ú[email protected]

Uncial is an upper case alphabet,but its ascendersand descendersgive it an upperand lowercaselook

The Uncialletterform is madewith a pen angleof 35 degrees

The lettersarefull and rounded with considerableopen areas,so be careful not to overspace' The alphabet Uncialshouldfeelthat it can be containedbetweentwo guidelines

can be usedin a varietyof heightsand widths

lt blendswellwith italicalphabets

Fqhuh mnoD qretü


A Be oe

& SWASHES FLOURISHES This "stylishextra"servesa doublepurposeby enhancingthe spaceand adding unexpectedinterest

It is important that these strokes be executed with disciplineand planning

The bold ribbonswashis done with the samebroad pen used for the lettering

A smallerpen is usedfor narrowerswashesand a fine point pen is usedfor hairlineflourishes

la INSTRUCTIONThe Black Letter,also called"Old English,"is a handsome,strong,condensed style

lt is a greatform for creatinga feelingof times past

it is often used for diplomas,awardsand other certificates

The Black Letteralphabethas many stylesand weights

The basicsolid weight letteris not as difficult as it appears because the letters are quite uniform

The pen is held at a 30 degree angle

The very ornateOld Englishwith hairline flourishesmust be drawn carefullywith a sharp,

hard pencil,then inkedin with a pointedpen


$WMry ffixu7






?08 S TU V


iUnropq rgtúuttlxq

CM SSIC INSTRUCTION The Romanletteris the foundationof many of the letterforms usedtoday

Roman stonecuttersand scribesdevelopedthe classicform

Thereare manyvariationsof the Romanletter,but the basicsremainunchanged

The Romancapitalsare made with a pen angle of 30 degrees

The serifson the lettersare executedby first makingan almosthorizontalstrokeacrossthe top and the bottom of the letter

Then the pen is arcedto the right and to the left to finish the serif

A shortverticalstrokeis madeto finish lettersC,

The detailed,preciseclassiclettersarecarefullydrawnand inkedin with a fine pen






awards,diplomas,testimonials,greeting cards or whenevera sophisticated feelingis desired

COppERpLATE- The intricatesinglestrokeletteris written at a slant of 54 degreeswith a flexible,pointed,oblique pen

Copperplateis developedwith pressureon the nib

The pressureis graduallyincreasedfrom a hairlineto a swell,then decreasedbackto a hairline

SPENCERIAN- Used for captions,logos and nameplates,Spencerianis practicaland beautiful

The copy is carefullylaidout on tracingpaperwith pencil,

When the letteringis accurate,it is transferredto illustration boardand inked in carefullywith a pointedpen

Correctany slipswith opaque white paint and it's readyfor photo reduction




The weightof the swell shouldbe well abovethe g u id e lin e


INSTRUCTION whenthe capitals This decorativeletterstyleadds much classand effectiveness are usedfor the leadinitialin a paragraphor a verse

Beingvery ornateand detailed,the lettermust be carefullylaid out on tracing paper,then transferred to the finalstockfor inking

lf usingthe broadpen,usethe smallestnib and buildthe letterup with care

Transferit to the tracingshouldbe slightlyoversize

lf the art is for reproduction,

b o ardand do the finalinkingw it h a f in ep o in tp e n

S h a rp e nu p t h e a rt i l'l ustr ati on with opaquewhitepaintand it is readyfor photo reduction



INSTRUCTION This beautifulangularalphabetwas developedin Francein the fifteenthcentury

Batardeis a naturalfor the broadpen

lt is a veryangularform and the strokesare madewith litiledifficulty

lt is bestto useone of the largernib sizesto createthe sharpribboneffect

The pen is held at a 45 degreeangle

The uppercaseletters lowercaseletters' are quitewide and contrastwell with the tightly-packed Batardecombinesbeautifullywith ChanceryCursiveand otheritalics'

Fq6WE oV Q13TTTL 07 z-

comesfrom its originaluse as the initialletterof a verse

of this letter Versalsaretall letterswith an angulargrace

The maincharacteristic styleis the gentletaperedflaircurvingin at the middleof the stroke

lt is bestto pencilin the lettershape,then use a pen width that will giveyou one sideof the stroke,then a differentpen widthto createthe other

Afterthis,the spaceis filled in to completethe stroke

Then thin serifsare madewith a flat pen angle

The lettersB,

R and U haveraisedand loweredloopsaboveand belowthe g u id e lin e s

Loopsriseaboveand fall b e lo wt h e g u id e lin e s'

Buildup the letterwith two strokes,then fill it in with pen or"brush



The Inlinestyle can be strikinglyeffectivewhen used as a title or as the initial capitalof a word

" The Inlinetechniquerequiressome planningbeforeits executionas the letters must be wide enoughto containthe stripecomfortably

Each lettershould be carefullylaid out with the centerline in place

One approachis to use a small broadpen and lettereachsideof the stroke,leavingthe stripein between

But the besttechniqueis to letterthe form completelyand then carefullypaintthe inline with opaquewhitepaintand a smallbrush

This requiresprecisebrushcontrol

BOLs A good logo Logo designis a vital part of promotionaladvertising

can provideinstantindentification Th e b e st logosare usuallyquitesi mp lea n d's y mb o lic

Ma n yt ime s'the graphicsymbolalonecreatesthe companysignature

A powerfuleffectis often achievedby groupingstylizedinitials



Brwh RUCTION The SteelBrush is an interestingand helpfultool

lt is greatfor largelettering becauseof itsextrawidth,and you can usethinnedposterpainton it as well as ink

Steel Brushesrange from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch wide

They make it possibleto fashionletters7 to 8 incheshigh

The SteelBrushis a fine tool for sign or posterwork' Try supportingyour hand with a sign painter'smahlstick

The flexibletip providesmore control than a try dippingthe pen intotwo or morecolorsat a time



cLúplingffi nuLÁ hw 4 W* 57

ín It has been my pleasureto share my life-longobsessionwith the letterform with you

I hope you don't restrictyour letteringto the broad pen

Try the fine point flexible nibs and the steel brush

Experimentwith a show card brushand a sign painter'squill

These will all contributeto your total calligraphicskills

I have demonstrated many alphabetsand styles

Remember,every minute you spend exploringthis excitingart is yours to keep

Don't be afraidto be creative

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS To RossSarracino-forhis kindnessand understanding

To SydneySprague-for her professionalhelp and editing

To my wife,Emma-for her encouragement

for riousInstruction Artists Serious 'll'h¿:>nhat the Artist's Library Seriesis all lürr-'il The booksin this serieswill help you ,us:¿n

Jr-ourcreativity,overcometechnical nrr:r

Each 64-page p"*rerhackfocuseson the materialsand methqrrs ,trra specificmedium and providesstep-byw':: demonstrations,helpful tips,and plenty of üÍi:tlr


Thequalityof instructionin this seriesis Eachbookis writtenandillustratu

:r a professional pr:ir"-ularmediumandis uniquelyqualifiedto s

e thereaderto a newlevelof expertise

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