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Calligraphy 101 Text

Italic Calligraphy And Handwriting Exercises And Text - Book Library

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Master Basic Skills and Techniques Easily through Step-by-Step Instruction


Jeaneen Gauthier

Creative Publishing international

Photographer: Corean Komarec

Calligraphy 101

Photo Coordinator: Joanne Wawra Copyright © 2010

Creative Publishing international,

Cover & Book Design: Mighty Media,

Avenue North

Editor: Ellen Goldstein

Page Layout: Mighty Media,

Suite 300



Minnesota 55401 1-800-328-3895

All rights reserved



Printed in China 10

987 654321

information in this publication

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data All rights reserved

Calligraphy 101 / Jeaneen Gauthier

DVD-ROM'-Provided by

ISBN-lO: 1-58923-503-7 (soft cover)


G382010 745-6'l-dc22


Includes publisher

ISBN-13: 978-1-58923-503-8 (soft cover)

may be reproduced or used by any means— graphic,

taping of information on storage and retrieval

Summary: "Beginner's guide instructional

Includes index



systems— without the written permission


purchaser of this book permission to reproduce the templates in the book

CONTENTS How to Use this Book

Tools and Supplies

Gothic Hand

Writing Instruments

Inks and Paints

Art Supplies

Lowercase Blackletter Alphabet

Uppercase Blackletter Alphabet

Skill Builders


Making Marks

The Writing Surface

Up Your Work

24 Station

Hand Alphabets

160 162

Skill Builders Italic


Swash Capitals


Trying Out Your Pens

Getting Started

Table of Basic Strokes

Beginner Brush Lettering

Using a Dipping Pen

Advanced Brush Lettering

Skill Builders

About Gold and



Brushwork and Gilding

Silver Leaf

Hand Alphabets

Calligraphy and

Foundational Skill



Modern Methods



Ruled Lines and Ladders

Ruling Lines for Practice and Projects




Hand and


The Uncial Alphabet

Versal Letters


Illumination Skill



Scanning and Inkjet Printing your Calligraphy

Having your Calligraphy Professionally Printed



Products Used




About the Author


Reproducing Calligraphy on a Personal

Computer Proportion,



How to Use This Book Calligraphy—from the Greek word at

world of text messaging and digital

If you've ever

but weren't sure how to begin,

Here you will learn the basics of calligraphy step by step as you create projects that are easy,

! You'll also be encouraged to experiment,

and even break the rules a little as you develop your own personal style of beautiful writing

The materials needed to do calligraphy the right pen,


help you navigate the wide array of calligraphy products available and show you which tools and sup-

plies are a pleasure to er that

use and which also deliver consistent,

In this

will also learn the essential skills


creating beautiful calligraphy

and how to position the writing paper


ing the skills you learn in ways that are fun

Many beginners when

The aim

style of writing that is "personal" rather

" You are encouraged to experiment,

mind— skills essential for any artist

It's a commonly known fact that no two calligraphers can write exactly alike,

as a source of inspiration for allowing

Calligraphy 101

Surface 5>ur Writing The „ Rat surface

Drawing padding a


p-J4° 9

«"""** ft

cOT ' t,l,#

Quick reference text

section of this book introduces you

and letting you know which items

The second

Quick reference

to explore the various kinds of

Each of the following sections

introduces you to a unique calligraphic alphabet,

help you improve your techniques

The Quick

Reference sidebars are there to clarify words or

also include variations— different wording,

DVD-ROM included with this book

additional learning tool that will

essential techniques used for calligraphy

Quicktime software

To download the

so that you can see exactly what to do at each

Tips appear throughout the

A list of necessary supplies

PC and Mac

and every step of each project

and various technical tips and tricks

You can do

BBS * ^••"S "*

Tools and Supplies One of the great advantages of learning the art of calligraphy is that you need only a few simple supplies to get started

This chapter

and supplies needed explaining what they are used

introduce you to the tools for calligraphy,

Basic Supplies to Get Started •

calligraphy fountain pen with a flat-tipped nib

V (3 mm)

agate burnisher for applying gold leaf

spray fixative for stabilizing metallic

bookbinder's awl for poking holes

brads for attaching layers of card stock together

#0 round

—purchase these as you need them:

Brause nib) measuring about 2

Other tools and supplies used

black calligraphy ink (as well as red,

water for mixing with gouache or

gold and silver leaf for gilding

inexpensive practice paper (heavy copier paper,

gray kneadable and white plastic erasers T-square,

12" (30

palette for holding several colors of ink or paint

polyurethane spray sealant for sealing painted

grid/lined ruler with steel edge,

12" (30

arabic for use with metallic pigments


drafting tape or artist's tape

Calligraphy 101

grooves into paper to make a crisp fold •

Writing Instruments make marks,

Calligraphers use a variety of tools to fountain pens,

Pens and Nibs Calligraphy fountain pens

that the nib (writing edge) of a calligraphy fountain

broader than that of an ordinary fountain pen

The broad edge

Calligraphy fountain pen sets

Dipping pens are the


removable writing nib inserted

Calligraphy fountain pens


Calligraphy fountain pen set

Because they are more

cartridges can also be used in

the ink tends to be less dense

ink and used over and over again

Disposable fountain

reservoir— a removable tubelike device that can be

tend to write a bit less cleanly

Dipping pens •ft**"*

Calligraphy fountain pens,

Round-hand nibs

dipping pens are available in myriad

To avoid confusion when trying

used to create the style of lettering you want:

Round-hand nibs chisel-tip nibs)

ligraphy styles where the lettering stands upright

For the

three alphabets presented in this

(Foundational Hand,

Uncial Hand,

round-hand nibs of various widths are used

Slanted nibs (also called nibs) have a writing

These nibs are used

alphabets having very angular or slanting features

In this

nibs are used only in the "Italic

While these nibs are not used

labeled "Italic Pens"— look closely at the tip to see

in fact slanted— often a regular

kinds of writing nibs other than those mentioned

A majority of these will be nibs flat

these are called "Copperplate" or "Spencerian" Calligraphy 101

the Copperplate and Spencerian Hands are more recent relatives

a distinct point rather than a

Other types of nibs and pens

There are many

fashioned Copperplate or Spencerian penmanship

calligraphy fountain pens and markers that are

Various companies ers

and other forms of lettering— for example,

Speedball company's "A" series nibs,

no variation of thick and thin

Copperplate and Spencerian nibs

which has larger nibs designed

"Automatic" or "Coit" pens are designed to

A and C

hold very large amounts of ink for posters and large-format work

You may

often labeled as "crow "artist,"

Speedball nibs

These nibs require a smaller

nib holder and are designed for fine lines and

cross-hatching required in tion

You may wish

but they are not needed for any of the projects in this


Automatic pen


Automatic pen

Map and crow

Markers A wide variety of calligraphy markers The others

although veiy few are really suitable for finished work

Most calligraphy markers use inks that are dye-

based and tend to fade over time and with exposure to to

in a piece you'd like to last for a

the main reason you wouldn't want

igraphy markers are that they are extremely useful for trying Zig and Staedtler markers

ping pen and bottled ink would be impractical

Two very good brands of calligraphy marker are the Zig Pigment-Based markers,

When at

out a calligraphy marker before


The recently introduced

Pilot Parallel

blend of a calligraphy fountain pen and a combination-tip marker

Available in a



a Parallel Pen used with a black ink cartridge lines,

capable of writing very dense,

Calligraphy 101


These writing instruments made from natural materials— the

hardened bamboo— have enjoyed

from a turkey feather and the reed

a long history in the art of calligraphy,

Although not required for any of the projects in this book,

ing them out once you've begun to master the basics of using a calligraphy pen

There are also publications available that teach you

Brushes Brushes play an important role in calligraphy

For brush (preferably synthetic,

For "Illumination" (page no) you

will find a description of the different types of

you can purchase exactly the right brush

For the projects

(sometimes called "brights") Va"

round-tipped brushes are used for adding

brushes and the marks that they make

Just as with nibs,

Assorted brushes

A Chinese writing brush

(maobi) in the smallest size you

"Brushwork and Gilding


1tt Wfl

You'll also

V&O eJ£tf** itftfw,

*fr£- FCf


Tools and Supplies

Inks and Paints There are as

calligraphy as there are projects

use with a dipping pen or calligraphy fountain

which means the ink has a higher

density of pigment and thus a stronger,

Calligraphy ink is

While most calligraphy inks can be used

calligraphy fountain pens (check the bottle),

A thorough

soaking of the nib and reservoir

India ink,

Iron-gall ink

in a calligraphy fountain pen,

because once the ink dries inside the nib

performing well with a variety of papers and

do before you buy a particular product

Calligraphy ink should always be your for

not suitable for use in calligraphy

Drafting inks can be used with

waterproof formulations that can be used in

the likelihood of blockages forming


Drafting inks are usually very

gold and silver calligraphy inks are also available,

free-flowing and dense in color

although these should not be used in calligraphy fountain pens since the metallic bits can clog

India ink

Whenever possible,

purchase your calligraphy ink from an art supply store or online

calligraphy supplier (see Resources) to be sure you are getting real calligraphy ink


Acrylic inks can be found in abundance in craft

Calligraphy ink

They can be

used with dipping pens and brushes,

but not with calligraphy fountain pens

Because acrylic inks are

India ink (also sometimes called "Encre de


able for use with dipping pens and brushes

Calligraphy 101

they tend to dry very quickly,

using acrylic inks with a brush,

of water until the desired color

clean with comb to remove any dried

This can

particles of ink from the bristles of the brush

With both types

Fountain pen ink

available in a wide variety of colors,

can be used with a dipping pen

generally these inks lack the density of color of calligraphy inks

Or just cut out the parts

By saving bits of your work,

able to watch your progress over time

Lightly pencil in your inner

Mark the

Add corner and

Note that border

confined to the inner or outer

The inner

Patterned Bookmark Here's a fun

a handy item that makes use of the interesting

patterns you created during your basic stroke practice


How make

Starting at about %"

ICut a sheet of white paper to 6" wide * 9" high (15

T-square and pencil to lightly rule 16 lines spaced across the sheet

Leave about


Don't worry about making perfect tracings

The point

your tracing and compare sheet

When you have

3 4-5 6-7

match up with the original— these pay extra attention

your pen follow the path of each stroke and learn


Foundational Hand: Key Points •

Foundational Hand letters should stand upright and not straight on the writing surface— do not cant

Hold the pen so that the nib

creates the characteristic thick and thin

made up of two or more separate strokes,

On the alphabet charts on pages 52 and 53,

Always check your pen angle before beginning each stroke

Following the correct stroke

essentials for success with calligraphy

the Foundational Hand alphabet

helps to keep your paper lined up

the pen from the surface of the paper after every stroke

angled at 30° and remains at that angle throughout the length of each

Maintaining a consistent

generally used for Foundational Hand,

Constantly checking your pen angle can slow you

you'll notice the strokes of your letters joining

as you maintain a constant pen angle

Foundational Hand



Instead of practicing writing the alphabet straight through from a to practicing groups of letters that share a ruler

If you wish,

you can use across your page about %" (1

Aim to fill each page with strokes,

repetitions of each particular letter group,

on establishing a steady rhythm and repeating


exercise introduces the idea of

Arched Letter Group

3rd stroke

Group Notice

of the letters in the Foundational

alphabet echo the curves of the letter

Notice that the crescent moon

stroke doesn't begin at the top of a

The crescent moon letters

Calligraphy 101

As you come over the round pen in straight,

Align your paper squarely

ending with a very slight upward angle to create the

Diagonal Letter Group

Miscellaneous Letter Group

kywxyx Sometimes with diagonal

pen angle makes the strokes look too wide

For example,

Keep the pen

use an angled dash over the lower-

The lowercase

A 45° pen angle

s is written slightly larger so

keeps the diagonal lines from splaying out

ahlmnr Uy ahmnruy kv w xyzkv w xykvwx


Foundational Hand arches,

often called "Round Hand," because almost

of other letters of the alphabet as well,

the letters in this alphabet contain circles or

The width of the lowercase

provides a guideline for the proportions as the lowercase o,

which should be about 50% wider

Foundational Hand

Calligraphy 101

Two-Tone Place Cards Use contrasting colors of paper and black ink card

can use folded place cards available at paper shops,

your own from your choice of card

Two-tone card stock was used for

providing lots of options for intermixing colors


Study the directions on page 63

Determine the grain direction * 5" (8

the shorter sides parallel to the grain direction

Place the card on a stack

paper and score the fold line with a scoring wheel held against a


three contrasting colors of card stock pencil


scoring wheel craft knife craft glue

fountain pen calligraphy ink small hole

bookbinder's awl three contrasting colors of paper brads (four

Foundational Hand

Two-Tone Place Cards

Cut contrasting color panels 3%" wide

Write the place

Foundational Hand

Lay the finished panels facedown on a large sheet

Apply glue

Center a glued panel on the lower front panel of

an unfolded scored card in a contrasting color

Cover with a sheet of paper,

You can stack your

entire batch of unfolded glued

paper between each card and stack

QUICK REFERENCE Interleave paper

Wax paper

between glued sheets and can be pulled

Calligraphy 101

When the

each corner of the small panel

depending on the size of the brads you will use

Use a small hand-held hole

punch or bookbinder's awl to punch holes in each corner

Fold the card,

Position one contrasting color brad through the

Bend back the prongs of the brads diagonally toward the corners of the

Foundational Hand

Variations Choose two for

Your guests

or three bright colors of two-tone card stock so

Calligraphy 101

you can mix and match cards and name plates

Card stock bends easily parallel to the grain direction of the

IHold two parallel lightly

edges of a sheet of card stock

U shape

tion follows the direction of the two sides

2 line for

Use a T-square and pencil of the folded card

Mark a dashed line

the fold line exactly in the middle of the card

Place card stock on a stack of several sheets

Align a ruler against the edge of your fold

or any a surface that has a bit of give

press a groove into the paper,

Be sure Repeat as

Gently bend the paper along the fold and

Foundational Hand

Floating-Layer Thank-You Notes These thank-you notes use decorated paper and layers of paper

up a simple "thank you" into something special You of papers

choose from at specialty paper and art


Measure the width and height

make paper panels seem to float

reverse side of the decorative paper,

rule out the width and height,

both sides and the bottom edge

Then cut

How when


one small sheet of card stock for text panel

one small sheet of contrasting color card

stock for backing panel Hin*yyyuif


Foundational Hand

Floating-Layer Thank-You Notes

On your work

paper larger than the unfolded card

Lay the card,

Apply glue

to the lower panel (card front),

paper and place the decorative /


Remember to use

keep your brush strokes as smooth as

To make the

use a brush and red acrylic 2" (5

Apply the ink in several layers so the paper

Let it hereby bekiown that the


ERXJC for be (109

Use black ink and

Cut lengths

Use pinking shears

2" (5-1

ends of the ribbon diagonally against the back of the label,

Seaiof AFFWVAl



Mosaic-Style Greeting Card For this project you to

and a wet-on-wet wash technique

create a colorful swirling background for your letters

The instructions

for sixteen letters for the greeting


background paper calligraphy using a wet-on-wet method

to cut small squares with precision

to glue small pieces in a precise grid

(Note: cover your tabletop or

Place several sheets

Start with a piece of hot-pressed


newsprint or scrap paper for the wet-on-wet wash

thoroughly saturate the taped-

a few blobs of acrylic ink (or acrylic paint •

three colors of acrylic inks (or acrylic paint)

with water to a creamy consistency) onto the wet •



!H iiy^n,


card stock for backing sheet •

(14 x 27


Mosaic-Style Greeting Card

Let the ink blobs spread for a few moments,

II^M^'I «

then drop random blobs of your second color

Allow some time

to splatter a third color of acrylic ink or paint onto

After these blobs have spread out a

24 squares

not rule the remaining paper— instead,

Start at the top of the sheet

the paper has dried completely

(allow several hours for this)

You can keep adding blobs




Calligraphy 101

Use a dipping pen and ink

greeting has less than sixteen characters,

leftover piece of printmaking wet*

just slightly larger than this

1 /"\ I

Fold 5V2" n

11" (14

5V2" (14 x 14

Calligraphy 101




Uncial Hand and Illumination Uncial is

a script with a rich history that still holds

developed around the fourth century AD as a style of lettering

manuscripts and became the standard