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Call of Cthulhu d20 Corebook

Free Call Of Cthulhu Rpg Keeper Rulebook Horror Roleplaying In PDF

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Call of Cthulhu is Chaosium Inc's registered trademark for their game of horror company bought it and some other houses and set up some sort of lottery 1920s Scotland, but can easily be modified for use in other times and places

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Call of Cthulhu is Chaosium Inc's registered trademark for their game of horror and wonder in Study The study contains several book shelves and a few pieces of furniture The Eater will tell The library is a useful source of information

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________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ character name name player character player _________________________________________________ _________________ ____________________________ class race alignment deity points profession level experience


__________ ___________ ___________ ____________ __________ ____________ ____________ age gender height weight eyes hair skin level size age gender height weight eyes hair ABILITY SCORE


















FORTITUDE (constitution)

REFLEX (dexterity)

WILL (wisdom)





MELEE attack bonus

RANGED attack bonus











AMMUNITION □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□

□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□

□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□

□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□

□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □

©2002 Wizards of the Coast,

Made in the U

Permission granted to photocopy for personal use only




SKILL NAME Animal Empathy Appraise ■ Balance ■ Bluff ■ Climb ■ Computer Use ■ Concentration ■ Craft* ( _____________) Cthulhu Mythos†† Demolitions Diplomacy ■ Disable Device Disguise ■ Drive ■ Escape Artist ■ Forgery ■ Gather Information ■ Handle Animal Heal ■ Hide ■ Innuendo ■ Intimidate ■ Jump ■ Knowledge* (________) (_____________) (_____________) (_____________) Listen ■ Move Silently ■ Open Lock Operate Heavy Machinery Performance* ( ______) (_____________) Pilot Psychic Focus Psychoanalysis Read Lips Repair Research ■ Ride ■ _______________ Search ■ Sense Motive ■ Sleight of Hand Speak Other Language* (_________) (_____________) Spellcraft Spot ■ Swim ■ Tumble Use Rope ■ Wilderness Lore ■


cha int dex† cha str† int con int — int cha int cha dex dex† int cha cha wis dex† wis cha str† int int int int wis dex† dex



______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = n/a +______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______

dex ______ = ______+______+______ cha ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ dex ______ = ______+______+______ wis ______ = ______+______+______ wis ______ = ______+______+______ int ______ = ______+______+______ dex ______ = ______+______+______ int ______ = ______+______+______ dex ______ = ______+______+______ int ______ = ______+______+______ wis ______ = ______+______+______ dex ______ = ______+______+______ int int int wis str† dex† dex wis

______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______ ______ = ______+______+______

Skills marked with ■ can be used normally even if the character has zero (0) skill ranks

Skills marked with 嘺 are core skills

see the skill’s listing for details

†† This skill cannot be taken during character creation


! A Call of Cthulhu d20 Roleplaying Game web enhancement — By Brian “Chainsaw” Campbell

fragment to prepare anything from a short introductory adventure P

Lovecraft’s “Dreams in the Witch House” describes a disturbing playable in one evening to the founseries of encounters between a theoretical mathematician,

a furtive dation for a tireless crusade against an ratlike creature named “Brown Jenkin,” and what very well might ancient and insidious evil

This bonus be the spirit of a 17th-century sorceress

Jenkin served as the familiar of material is an exclusive feature of the Keziah Mason,

a cunning old woman who escaped Arkham’s witch trials Wizards of the Coast website: by opening a gate to another dimension

Centuries later,

Walter Gilman

used mathematical acumen and lucid dreaming to access this forgotten The first half of this story,

By his reckless investigation,

he released an ancient horror into four or five 1st-level investigators,

should his moldering garret apartment inside the now infamous “Witch be playable in a single evening

It’s a House

straightforward investigation in In May of 1931,

most of the Witch House was destroyed by a terwhich most of the characters (this time,

but the fate of Keziah Mason remains a point of some least) should survive without much difficonjecture

Workers sorting through the rubble found the gnawed culty

The body count is minimal,

but the bodies of several children who had disappeared from Arkham implications are horrendous

The second half over the years,

along with the corpse of a twisted,

not only details the consequences of that invesand the bent and desiccated remains of an elderly woman

but also offers a possible foundation Many occultists and investigators perusing reports on the for an ongoing campaign

Some of the particuWitch House have concluded that the withered old body was lars concerning rat-things could be used in other indeed the remains of Keziah Mason

Yet a few harbor doubts

What if the corpse wasn’t the old witch,

what if the corpse had been preserved in that state for centuries… even after the spirit of Keziah Mason passed into an otherworldly dimension bordering on our own

Brown Jenkin,

a unique Scholars of the occult may know that in the neighanomaly,

or is it possible that the beldame has since borhoods surrounding Arkham’s “Witch House,” instructed other hyperintelligent creatures in her dark infant mortality was advanced by the depredations and arts

? infestations of a horde of skulking rodents

That grueFor enthusiasts of the macabre,

this web enhancement some series of incidents took place in the early 1930s

presents an “adventure fragment” based on these possithis tale can be set in any modern city

The location can bilities

Like similar fragments for the original Call of be any apartment complex,

it contains the outline of upkeep has been neglected,

and its tenants are desperate a brief story,

and guidelines enough to endure suffering

The GM should decide how for the various “crunchy bits” of the rules

This many units the apartment complex contains—the investigafragment,

adapts the game mechanics for tors likely will want to question at least some of the tenants,

With a minimal amount of prepalater

ration and a copy of the Call of Cthulhu d20 RoleAt the start of this adventure,

one of the characters’ usual playing Game,

a Gamemaster can use this informants (a concerned citizen,




Design: BRIAN CAMPBELL Editing and Typesetting: SUE W

COOK Web Production: JULIA MARTIN Web Development: MARK JINDRA Creative Director: CHRISTOPHER PERKINS Art Director: DAWN MURIN Graphic Design: ROBERT CAMPBELL Call of Cthulhu d20 RPG Design: MONTE COOK and JOHN TYNES,

based on the work of LYNN WILLIS and SANDY PETERSON Inspired by: H


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To learn more about the Open Gaming License and the d20 System License,

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Skip Williams,

Richard Baker,


and the WIZARDS OF THE COAST logo are registered trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast,

All Wizards characters,

and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks owned by WIZARDS OF THE COAST,

CALL OF CTHULHU is a registered trademark of Chaosium Inc

Chaosium Game Mechanic ©2002 Chaosium Inc

This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America

Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of WIZARDS OF THE COAST,

This product is a work of fiction

Any similarity to actual people,

or events is purely coincidental


All rights reserved

Made in the U


Belgium P


Suite 5 Oakland CA 94607

• An investigator with a minimal background in Knowledge (occult) can “take 10” to realize the significance of April 30: the date the child went missing

That date is also known as May Eve,

a time of some occult significance

The only blatantly obvious supernatural possibility is abduction for the purpose of sacrifice,

and it’s just as likely that the case has a mundane origin

If the adventure is set in Arkham,

the investigator has heard morning paper,

numerous stories of children disappearing at this time of year

or perhaps someone at the police department) contacts the investigaThe parents of the missing child live in Apartment B-13,

Knowing of their penchant for obviously at their wits’ end

The father acts defensive and rude,

he asks them to follow because of his poor treatment by the police,

but because he blames himself up on a hunch he has concerning the for his son’s disappearance

For purposes of the Diplomacy skill,

treat disappearance of a young child in a him as Unfriendly (see “Attitude Adjustment” in Chapter 10: The decrepit apartment complex the previGamemaster)

There’s a very real possibility he’ll take a baseball bat to ous evening: April 30,

an auspicious date anyone who harasses him,

or actually also known as May Eve (see below)

Local breaks into his home looking for clues

Wise investigators may try to news reports have related only minimal avoid him and speak to the mother,

but the informant believes there’s with grief

A typical investigation might start out Ted Roberts,

Grieving Father: Male 1st level Offense option

Init +1

Spd 30 ft

Atk +1 melee (grapple,

SV Fort +4,

Ref +3,

Will +1

Str 11,

Dex 12,

• Anyone attempting to stake out the area can try a Listen check (DC 20) or Spot check (DC 15) to notice signs that the building is infested with these vermin


• The investigators need a plausible cover Con 15,

Wis 12,

story to explain why they’re asking quesSkills: Craft (woodwork) +2,

Disable Device +1,

Drive +4,

Gather tions

Reporters can make a Diplomacy check Information +2,

Listen +4,

Operate Heavy Machinery (forklift) +4,

(DC 20) to gather facts from the reticent Repair +0,

Search +3,

Spot +4,

Use Rope +4

Anyone in law enforcement might Feats: Endurance,

attempt an Intimidate check (DC 15) to threaten Possessions: Aluminum baseball bat

a tenant wanted for an unrelated crime to disclose what he’s seen

Anyone else might need to make a Bluff check (DC 15) to fabricate a plausiTHE SCENE OF THE CRIME ble reason for involvement

To examine the bedroom where the child disappeared,

investigators could fast-talk their way in,

diplomatically • A successful Gather Information check (DC 15) offer to detail the incident favorably in a newspaper artiand a suitable application of cash brings out a score cle,

or even secure a warrant to check it out as part of an of minor stories of the negligence of the missing official investigation

Dealing with the apartment manbaby’s parents

There’s always “suspicious activity” ager offers other options

Sometime in the early around the old,

rumor-ridden apartment complex,

the parents leave to stay with relatives for a no one recalls sounds of breaking glass or trespassers few days

less reputable characters have pounding down doors in the middle of the night

The a chance to break in after they’ve left

This last option tenants seem hesitant to reluctant to report suspicious requires a successful Open Lock check (DC 10

They endure squalid conditions because skill is not usable untrained)

Anyone breaking and they know that,

if they are evicted or if the building is conentering should also try to Move Silently (DC 12) demned,

they’ll have a hard time finding another place to within the apartment

Whether the investigators are invited,

they can’t find out the • Researching into past newspaper articles confirms,

with a truth without getting into the apartment

The successful Research check (DC 15),

that there is nothing sight of the child’s room is heartbreaking

remarkable or suspicious about the low-class tenants who Everything has been left exactly where it was reported the missing baby boy

Even with only minimal searchlast night

Searching the area (Search,

DC 10) ing (DC 10),

the investigators can find one or two stories in the confirms that there are no signs of forced papers or on TV/radio newscasts the morning after the alleged entry,

either to the nursery or the apartment “incident

” The child disappeared around midnight last night (unless,

the investigators have from his room

So far,

it seems as though the police have had created new ones)

A casual glance at the enough time for only a cursory investigation,

but it’s clear that such wall and floorboards (Spot,

DC 10) shows a young child could never have left the apartment unaided

evidence of numerous rat holes

In fact,

Accounts hint that the father is the primary suspect

several of them have been boarded over repeatedly

The vermin gnaw through • A successful Sense Motive check (DC 15) reveals the tenants’ appreeach new layer of wood laid down

hension about discussing health or safety issues within the complex,

as Even the child’s room has telltale much out of fear of eviction as the possibility that the building will be scratches and rat feces throughout

The decrepit apartment complex is a relic of a bygone age,

complete • Several tenants seem to be in various states of illness from an as-yetwith faulty wiring,

a coal-burning unidentified disease that’s going around (Spot,

Anyone specifically looking for health violations eventually finds out about a large infestation of rats in the basement


As disturbing as it may seem,

signs indicate that the rats have been scampering down the closest chute

Meticulous examination (Search,

DC 15) reveals bloody little paw prints from two rats leading through the hallway and into the nursery closet chute

Of course,

it would be impossible for ordinary vermin to lift a baby that far off the ground

The police are pursuing more rational—or at least,

more stereotypical—avenues of investigation

RAT-THING The detectives who examined the scene didn’t notice the signs of infestaTiny Magical Beast (Lesser tion

Because the crime is so recent,

they’ve made only a cursory perusal

Servitor Race) Their obvious initial avenue of investigation was to blame the mother,

the Hit Dice: 1/2d10 (2 hp) father,

Pursuing these leads has wasted valuable time

Having Initiative: +8 (+4 Dex,

they’re too jaded to care about outbreaks of disease or signs of Speed: 40 ft


anyone in the building can relate that the baseDefense: 16 (+2 size,

The rat tracks,

the illAttacks: 1 bite +6 melee nesses possibly borne by vermin,

and the whispered Damage: Bite 1 rumors all add up to the same obvious conclusion: Check the baseFace/Reach: 2 1/2 ft

Special Attacks: Swarm,

spells Special Qualities: Scent (can detect foes within 30 ft by smell alone),


Ref +6,

Will +1 The dank,

dimly illuminated basement has all the usual accouAbilities: Str 2,

Dex 19,

Con 10,

Int 12,

Wis trements,

Cha 5 newspapers,

and piles of coal and cordwood

The whole buildSkills: Balance +16,

Climb +12,

Escape Artist ing is poorly maintained,

including the rickety stairs that lead to +16,

Hide +20,

Listen +7,

Move Silently the nonfunctional washer and dryer

Anyone descending the +12,

Spellcraft +5,

Spot +3

(Rat-things stairs should make a successful Balance check (DC 15) to avoid receive a +4 racial bonus to Hide and Move taking 1d6 points of damage from a nasty fall

If one investiSilently checks and a +8 racial bonus to gator falls,

the difficulty for the next character’s Balance Balance and Escape Artist checks

They use check on the stairs drops to DC 5

their Dexterity modifier for Climb checks

casual perusal reveals behind Feats: Alertness,

Improved Initiative,

Weapon the stack of newspapers the savaged and rotting body of Finesse (bite) (Rat-things gain Weapon Finesse a dead cat,

complete with little teeth marks about its (bite) as a bonus feat,

even though they do not body and a pool of dried blood around its remains

) Careful examination confirms that the rats who feasted Climate: The ruins of old,

long-abandoned manon it not only left bloody little paw prints when they sions

the homes where witches or powerful cultists climbed down the laundry chute,

but in a precocious once lived

left the same tracks when they were Advancement: up to 1 HD (Small) climbing up it

CR: 1/2 (two rat-things are CR 1) The chute’s exit point hangs near the wall opposite Sanity Loss: 0/1d6,

A successful Spot check (DC 12) uncovers tiny tracks nearby

The Track feat Background: Similar creatures may have lurked in the backused with a successful Wilderness Lore check (DC ground of Lovecraft’s excellent short story “The Rats in the 15) reveals that the rats climbed up and down the Walls

the rats of Exham Priory were known for their chute

Carefully scrutiny (DC 20 on that Wilderskillful organization and unnatural cunning

With a bit of extrapness Lore check) allows an investigator to see olation,

one might even imagine them to be the less intelligent relathat the paw prints are oddly smudged—sometions of Brown Jenkin,

Keziah Mason’s rodent familiar

The curse thing about them is not quite right

of the rat-thing spell can transform recently deceased humans into Sated with the blood of their most recent one of these furtive little minions

Closer examination of a rat-thing’s kill,

the rat creatures down here are unusubody reveals that it has not only tiny hands,

but also a fur-covered face ally aggressive

If anyone disturbs the with a disturbing resemblance to one of these human victims

knocks over the stack of newsCombat: Stage the confrontation with the rat-things as a simple papers,

The creatures attack only to drive away intruders

They’d direct action to flush out vermin,

the prerather act as a nuisance than try to kill anything as large as an investigacocious rodents respond with their teeth tor

Instead of swarming,

each one swiftly assaults a different investigator

As soon as three of the little Feel free to scatter various bludgeoning instruments around the room,

it’s dead obvious how since incautious use of gunfire can summon the police in about 10 minutes

they got up and down the laundry If you’re feeling particularly vicious,

the critters can swarm a fallen chute,

for each one of them can latch investigator after she’s tumbled down the stairs

(Until the victim takes a onto a victim with its tiny little hands move action to stand up,

her melee attacks suffer a –4 penalty,

rats get a +4 circumstance bonus on their melee attacks against her

Throw in a –4 penalty to ranged attacks for anyone who foolishly tries to fire into the fracas without the Precise Shot feat

) After a few rounds of combat or the death of one of the rat-things,

the creatures scatter back into the woodpile,

and various holes in the walls

Once the group has driven away the rat-things,

relentless investigators may continue to search for the child

Moving the stack of newspapers reveals an opening large enough for a cat—or something as large as a cat—to crawl inside

A flashlight and a suitable application of courage reveals a tunnel extending into a crawl space


Rat-Thing Grimoire,

Rat-thing familiars learn spells from their masters,

but they’re also intelligent enough to document the methods by which they were taught

This type of grimoire is a diary detailing magical procedures,

the author’s triumphs and failures at learning them,

and rambling tirades about the master it has served

Rat-things often scatter the pages about

Finding a complete tome may take several Search checks,

along with a lengthy period of careful reconstruction

Examination Period: 1 week (study check,

Contains two spells

Sanity Loss: 1d3 initial and 1d3 upon completion

Cthulhu Mythos: +1 rank


Listening at the opening (Listen,

Climate: Usually near the master or mentor who nurses it and DC 15),

a cautious character can hear the instructs it in occult lore pitter-patter of little feet

Caution is a wise Organization: Sometimes leads a cult of other,

since there’s only enough room for things one investigator to wriggle down into the Sanity Loss: 0/1d6 crawl space

By the flashlight’s dim illumination,

Background: This creature exists based on the assumption that Brown Jenkin,

Keziah Mason’s familiar,

anyone looking inside the hole can see where the vermin dragged the baby

The poor Because rat-things are intelligent,

they are capable of learning and child’s flesh has been shredded,

particularly under the tutelage of a powerful witch or gone,

and the body now resembles an anthrosorcerer

This quality makes them ideal,

The creature in this adventure,

Black Jenkin,

served its master for pomorphic chunk of meat

The infant is dead (Sanity check 0/1d3)

This isn’t as gruesome,

but was recently abandoned because of its indiscreet feeding habits

as the bloated rodent perched over its corpse

The greasy,

feral creature is about the size Tactics: This “Jenkin” isn’t interested in fighting to the death

It hisses through its bloodstained jaws at On the first round it’s seen,

it casts a single spell as an attack anyone who disturbs it

action and scurries away with its first move action

The poor Even after this veritable feast,

the beastie’s ribs are fool who peered down into the crawl space can make a Reflex still visible through its jet-black fur—it is clearly save (DC 20) to reduce the spell’s damage by half

If the starving

Yet even more disturbing is that this seeminvestigators have a plan to lure it out,

or just chuck some ingly intelligent hunter,

who’s clever enough to enlist flaming refuse down after it,

they might enrage it enough to the aid of the several rat-things to help it hunt,

For now,

its shriveling spell (4d4 points of damage) tiny,

wizened face of an elderly man

With a dexterous should be debilitating enough

Here’s how it works

it raises a withered hand and mutters an incantation in fluent Latin,

feebly attempting a magical gesture Shriveling before it scurries into the darkness (Sanity check 0/1d6)

Components: V,

S Cost: 3 Str and 1d6 Sanity Casting Time: 1 action JENKIN (RAT-THING CULTIST) Range: Close (25 ft

imply prehensile characterisTarget: One living creature tics more typical of a diminutive monkey than of a rat: While Duration: Instantaneous the small skull with its savage yellow fangs is of the utmost Saving Throw: Reflex half anomalousness,

appearing from certain angles like a miniature,

monstrously degraded parody of a human skull

” You can channel into a target dark energy that —H


“The Dreams in the Witch House” blasts and blackens the flesh

The subject suffers 1d4 points of damage per caster level (maximum Tiny Magical Beast 10d4)

(4th-Level Cultist) If the creature survives at least 1 round of Hit Dice: 1/2d10 + 4d6 (18 hp) confrontation,

it leaves the baby’s corpse Initiative: +8 (+4 Dex,

A valiant investigator AC: 16 (+2 size,

the Jenkin gets a +4 circumstance Special Attacks: Swarm,

spells bonus to its AC as it runs away

It knows Special Qualities: Scent (can detect foes within 30 feet by smell it might die from a lucky shot,

darkvision tion is the better part of its valor

If the Saves: Fortitude +3,

Reflex +7,

Will +5 investigators dispatch the beast swiftly,

Abilities: Str 4,

Dex 19,

Con 10,

Int 14,

Wis 13,

Cha 8 scholars of comparative anatomy at Skills: Balance +16,

Climb +16,

Concentration +8,

Escape Artist +16,

the local university will find themHide +20,

Knowledge (occult) +9,

Listen +11,

Move Silently +13,

Spot +10,

Spellcraft +11,

Wilderness Lore +9 (Rat-things receive a +4 racial bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks and a +8 racial bonus to Balance and Escape Artist checks

They use their Dexterity modifier for Climb checks

Improved Initiative,


Weapon Finesse (bite)

Rat-things gain Weapon Finesse (bite) as a bonus feat,

even though they do not qualify for it

The infant’s body can be recovered,

but its savaged corpse offers little solace to the grieving parents

If there is consolation here,

it is that the investigators have uncovered the culprit behind this foul crime—even though it’s unlikely anyone will believe them

If the investigators were careless,

they may have attracted police attention

Even if they were model citizens,

they are consequences for meddling in the affairs of wizards—even tiny rodent ones

they’ve not only destroyed all this evidence,

but cremated the body of the child as well—a rather gruesome scene to leave for the authorities

Since the characters no doubt asked The investigation of the missing child is over,

but a mystery remains: questions of various people around the the true nature of this sinister beast

As the Gamemaster,

starting a small fire either award experience immediately (using the story goals listed at at a crime scene attracts the interest of the end of this article) and wrap up the story here or play out the the police

(Proceed directly to Detective consequences of the investigation,

Instead Callahan’s section,

“Incautious Investigaof tracking events from hour to hour,

you can “flash forward” a tion

”) week or two at a time to show the reactions of the investigators,

enough to scurry about looking for more Alternately,

you could easily segue from this story into another pages,

they can turn up about 30 of them in unrelated one

Perhaps one of the investigators has terrible dreams 10 minutes

A diligent character can piece about the child,

leading to his admission to the Torgerson Sleep them together to form a rather grim narrative

Clinic in “Little Slices of Death” (an adventure in the Call of In Call of Cthulhu terms,

these pages can be Cthulhu d20 Roleplaying Game)

Or maybe the characters notice treated as a tome

Anyone with knowledge of a newspaper article about a mysterious accident at a movie themagic (Knowledge [occult],

prompting the events of “An End to Paradise” (the second DC 10) recognizes that the narrative includes the adventure in that book)

Both are examples are investigations sorts of biographical passages one would find in a that take several days to resolve,

giving the characters time to Book of Shadows—in this case,

a journal of sorts get caught on one of the story hooks listed below

relating to the practice of witchcraft

(See the “RatThing Grimoire” sidebar for more details

) While the tome is literally a handful of pages,

the SCRAPS OF KNOWLEDGE paper’s poor condition makes reconstructing it an Immediately after the investigators find the child’s body,

(This is the primary reason for they may decide to search the tunnel or (if they’re reckless such a high difficulty on the tome’s study check

see enough) crawl down farther to try to find Black Jenkin

sidebar) The handwriting is a barely legible scrawl,

and Shining a flashlight down into the narrow crawl space the writing itself is meticulously small


the reveals the glint of several metal objects

Like any ambitext is written in an archaic form of English,

the rat-thing has dragged a few shiny what one would expect in a document from the 17th cenitems into its nest

Anyone bold enough to try to tury

Closer examination (Speak Other Language [Engrecover the dead body,

DC 20) reveals that the dialect seems to have evolved shiny objects can find additional clues

as though it is actually a parallel form of Rooting around in the creature’s nest (Search,

DC English

By the end of the week,

reveals various bits of detritus: several small that the author is not human—the contents of the journal children’s toys (gnawed by rodent teeth),

were scribbled by the paws of a particularly clever rat-thing

and the gutted spine of a bound The nonhuman author details various efforts,

The shiny metal objects are actually bits of and error,

to reconstruct and replicate spells known by its cutlery stolen from the parents’ kitchen

On a “Master

” The writing rambles considerably,

with numerous reffailed Dexterity check (DC 15),

anyone crawlerences to “spaces out of time” and “banishment from the shining down here might cut himself on one of the ing place

” As the writing progresses,

the author becomes kitchen knives hidden in the rubbish

A cut increasingly frustrated with its “Master

” Long tirades condemn inflicts 1 point of damage

Inspecting the her for abandoning the author and casting him out

The Gamemasknives reveals signs that they were used to ter may choose to reveal these facts all at once after a successful mutilate or remove pieces of the dead body

If a character studies the journal over time As for the pages of the book,

they’ve as part of an ongoing campaign,

it may be more dramatic to give peribeen scattered about to line the tunnel and odic updates

make more bedding for the creature’s nest

The journal is particularly useful to dedicated investigators because They’re soiled with rat feces,

stained in it contains two spells

Anyone can learn them by successfully navigaturine,

spattered in ing the “Artifact Flowchart” (in Chapter 7: Magic of the Call of Cthulhu wax

Only someone looking for the d20 Roleplaying Game)

Each spell requires 1d3 weeks to learn (in addimacabre or unusual would notice that tion to the Examination Periods required for deciphering the book)

One each page is also mostly intact

Each of the spells is shriveling (see above)

the other is left to the discretion of one is covered with barely legible the Gamemaster

According to the Call of Cthulhu d20 Roleplaying Game,

likely choices for rat-thing spells include: bring pestilence,

If the investigators recklessly set curse of the putrid husk,

fire to the contents of the tunnel,

It may be a little early in your campaign to give out a spell like flesh ward,

so healing touch could make for a massively useful (and particularly popular) substitute




Detective Callahan: Male,

Init +0

Spd 30 ft

Atk +2 melee or +1 ranged (revolver,

SV Fort +1,

Ref +0,

Will –1

Str 12,

Dex 10,

Int 13,

Skills: Bluff +4,

Gather Information +4,

Hide +4,

Intimidate +4,

Listen +5,

Move Silently +4,

Search +5,

Sense Motive +3,

Spot +5

Feats: Alertness,

Weapon Proficiency (pistol)

Possessions: Smith & Wesson Model 29 Revolver


Some of the most annoying and perSTUDYING THE TOME sistent consequences of a Mythos invesBecause of the high difficulty in deciphering the Rat-Thing Grimoire,

the tigation result from police involvement

reader likely may encounter one or more Strange Events during the In this adventure,

While it’s entertaining to roll randomly for these started a brawl with the grieving father,

or occurrences (using the “Strange Events Table” in Chapter 7: Magic),

set a fire in the laundry room,

the police Gamemasters have the option of tailoring the events to that particular arrive within 10 minutes

Depending on the tome

Here are two distinctive possibilities

between two and eight officers arrive

If they find the investigators,

they take names and addresses,

ask for identiRATS IN THE WALLS fication,

Fast-talking If an Examination Period passes when the characters aren’t heroes may manage to walk away after giving actively investigating anything else,

the Strange Events surcontact information (Bluff or Diplomacy,

DC rounding the tome begin subtly

A day or two into a scholar’s 15)

someone’s taken in for studies,

he may notice that a few small items are missing from “questioning

” If anyone’s holding a drawn his home (Wisdom check,

He might lose a pen,

the police draw theirs as well,

or even find a few dollars missing

At the end of chances of walking away from the crime scene the week,

the investigator notices his keys are missing

If he’s unescorted decrease considerably (increase the DC perceptive (Spot,

DC 15),

he catches a brief glimpse of a rat for either check by 10)

If anyone’s stupid enough to carrying them away

Should studying take an additional start a shoot-out with the police,

the character hears rats scurrying in the walls of his fight and give the heroes a chance to make their getroom every time he sleeps (Listen,

If studying the tome takes more than two weeks,

the characters haven’t acted like comgressively larger and more important items disappear

Within a few hours,

Ammunition is an excellent choice,

or a trusty combat Detective Callahan of the local police department is knife

If the character is clever enough to transcribe the assigned to take over this unusual case

His boss has text into a computer file,

rats burrow into the assigned him because Callahan has handled a few machine’s casing and chew the wires

Wise investiga“occult” cases during his brief and tors may surround the characundistinguished career

The first was a ter’s home with mousetraps,

completely bogus case of “ritual post a guard,

or even buy a dog satanic abuse,” while the second conor cat

If you like,

you can TYPICAL STORY GOALS cerned a “coven” of college kids breakstage a quick altercation in the • Avoid a fall on the stairs

ing into steam tunnels under the local character’s home against a few • Survive the rat-thing attack

He’s expected to turn up a ordinary generic rats (see • Find the child’s body

few leads concerning the perpetrator of “Animals” in Chapter 8: Crea• Find the tome

This does nothing to • Avoid or survive Black Jenkin

Since his reputation is on the line,

his forestall further Strange procedure is methodical

He interviews Events

questions their friends and Eventually,

and tracks down the people automatically succeed at a study who found the body—the investigators

check (since the roll has a +1 bonus for each If none of the characters entered the tunnel where the body was failed check)

By that point,

the rats found and the evidence remained intact,

the detective uncovers the have stolen several pages of the tome

The clues they missed

As one would expect,

he’s stymied by the unusual character can learn the spells he’s studied,

but he’s reluctant to jump to another foolish but enough of the tome is missing that the conclusion involving the occult

Desperate to figure out what he’s pages for one spell are gone

and not sure what to make of the evidence,

he brings it in a box to the most reputable investigator detained at the scene of the crime (if DREAMS OF THE WITCH HOUSE any)

A clever investigator might successfully recommend someone If the characters immediately launch locally who could decipher the unusual text (Diplomacy,

Coninto another adventure,

they might vincing him to leave the papers with the investigators,

decide to spend only a few hours each is a little more difficult (Bluff or Diplomacy,

They may The detective confirms the rather straightforward approach of his even choose to lock it up before travcolleagues,

placing the father as his primary suspect

This buys the eling to the scene of their next invesinvestigators some time (if they did anything wrong)

If the police stop them at any time in the near future,

Callahan hears about it,

and the incident raises his suspicions towards the characters yet again

If there’s a lull in your Cthulhu campaign,

it’s easy enough to have another child disappear

Just to be thorough,

the detective then shows up again,

asking what the investigators have been doing over the last few days

They may decide to resume the hunt for Black Jenkin,

if only to clear their own names

As long as they have the book,

the Jenkin’s master takes an interest in the character reading it

Her spirit lives on,

Deciphering the text is frustrating,

but unusual events place the journal’s cryptic phrases in a new light

After the first failed study check,

the character has a recurring dream that someone whispers in her ear as she sleeps—someone very tiny

Over time,

the incomprehensible ramblings begin to resemble health

A later adventure could the patterns of speech used in the tome

If clever investigators keep watch involve not only revenge against over the scholar as she sleeps,

they see no sign of rat-things or other creaBlack Jenkin,

but possibly an tures in her bed

The conversations take place entirely in dreams

encounter with the old crone herself

After a week or two of failed study checks,

the character bolts upright If you already have sinister schemes in in bed around one in the morning

Her breathing comes fast and shallow,

mind for Keziah in your Call of and she has a subtle sense that something is wrong

A perceptive or eduCthulhu d20 campaign,

then here’s a cated character (Spot,

DC 20) glimpse of things to come

realizes that this sensation must be part of a dream: The angles where walls,

and floors meet aren’t quite right

Keziah Mason: 8th-Level Human Cultist: After the character makes a successful study check,

AC 12 (+2 Dex)

Spd 40 ft

Atk powerful dream yet

When she “bolts awake,” the shadowy outline of +4/–1 melee (butcher knife,

He speaks very ranged

SV Fort +6,

Ref +8,

Will +11

clearly in the strange dialect of the tome

As he does so,

Dex 14,

Con 15,

Int 18,

Wis 20,

of the room seem to swell at obtuse angles

The following mornSkill Modifiers: Bluff +9,

Concentrate +13,

the character can’t remember a single word of the message,

Hide +8,

Innuendo +8,

Intimidate she can decipher the tome perfectly

Although a player fluent in +4,

Knowledge (astronomy) +6,

Knowledge Lovecraft’s stories may realize what has happened,

Knowledge (history [New England]) must demonstrate a strong affinity for the occult (Cthulhu +6,

Knowledge (occult) +12,

Listen +6,

Move Silently Mythos,

DC 20) to remember this being as an avatar of +7,

Research +10,

Search +10,

Sense Motive +16,

Speak Nyarlathotep


Language (Latin),

Spot +6,

Wilderness Lore +6

Feats: Dodge,

Great Fortitude,

Improved Initiative,

Spells: contact Nyarlathotep,

Note: For a deadlier version of this villain,

add the ghost template from Chapter 8: Creatures

This adventure fragment could easily become the basis for further Call of Cthulhu d20 adventures

For a start,

investigators who were disgusted by its savage abduction of a helpless innocent may want a chance for revenge or justice

Their brief encounter with the beast could serve as foreshadowing for a later confrontation,

perhaps after the heroes have advanced a level or two

Brian Campbell has been involved in the roleplaying As for their tiny nemesis,

it’s eager to find someone game industry for nine years as an editor and freelance who can instruct it further in the occult arts

The writer

You may have seen his work for the Vampire,

starving creature has been cast aside by Werewolf,

and Changeling roleplaying games

Keziah Mason,

Brian currently serves as an not those found in the Witch House back in 1931

editor with the Star Wars and Call of Cthulhu d20 RoleWhen the prodigal beast returns,

the witch takes it playing R&D group at Wizards of the Coast

to her bosom again and nurses it back to




This free miniadventure is meant to enhance your play with the Call of Cthulhu d20 Roleplaying Game

If you do not already have a copy of the game,

look for it at your local game,

It’s also available from the Wizards of the Coast Online Store—just visit

For more free web enhancements of other Wizards of the Coast products,

SHANTAK AND Y’GOLONAC A Call of Cthulhu d20 Roleplaying Game web enhancement — By John D

Rateliff and Bruce R


ere’s a surprise for fans of the Mythos… a bonus web enhancement from “the cutting room floor” of the Call of Cthulhu d20 Roleplaying Game

The shantak monster and the Great Old One Y’golonac both were cut from the book late in the production process due to lack of space

Now they live again online in this exclusive web enhancement from the official Call of Cthulhu d20 website: www

Not any birds or bats known elsewhere on earth

for they were larger than elephants and had heads like a horse’s

The Shantakbird has scales instead of feathers and those scales are very slippery


The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath



Huge Magical Beast (Lesser Servitor Race) Hit Dice: 8d10+40 (84 hp) Initiative: +5 (+1 Dex,

(average) Armor Class: 16 (+1 Dex,

tail slap +9 melee Damage: Bite 2d6+8,

tail slap 1d6+12 Face/Reach: 10 ft

Special Qualities: Damage reduction 20/+1,

Saves: Fort +11,

Ref +7,

Will +2 Abilities: Str 26,

Dex 13,

Con 20,

Wis 11,

Cha 10 Skills: Listen +5,

Spot +2,

Wilderness Lore +5

Shantaks are massive,

elephantine beasts that serve as aerial mounts for the Great Old Ones

A shantak’s horselike head is attached by a sinuous neck to a grotesque body that shares equal shrift with bird and bat

Shantaks brood in cavernous holes,

and their wings are encrusted with rime

Shantaks hold an extreme if unreasonable fear of nightgaunts and always retreat from them

Shantaks can fly through space,

and have been known to carry an unwary rider straight to the throne of Azathoth

Shantaks do not speak,

though they understand the commands of their riders no matter what the language


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based on the work of LYNN WILLIS and SANDY PETERSON Inspired by: H


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“He saw why the shadow on the frosted pane yesterday had been headless,

As the desk was thrust aside by the towering naked figure,

on whose surface still hung rags of the tweed suit,

[his] last thought was an unbelieving conviction that this was happening because he had read the Revelations

but before he could scream out his protest his breath was cut off,

as the hands COMBAT descended on his face and the wet red mouths opened in their A shantak attacks with a bite,

” when commanded by a rider—oth—Ramsey Campbell,

the creature generally avoids conflict

A shantak’s tail can only Y’golonac’s shape is known only through the vile distortions understrike targets in a 15-foot-diameter gone by those he possesses

A character possessed by Y’golonac swells semicircle centered on the creature’s into a headless horror (increasing by one size category),

flabby flesh glows with a sickly luminescence

Even Dimensional Travel (Su): A shantak worse,

a gaping sharp-toothed mouth opens in the palm of each hand moves at its normal speed in atmosphere

whereby the ravening monster may feed

SomeIn the vacuum of space,

a shantak can use times a third mouth appears in its groin,

huge and drooling and lined a form of dimensional travel to transport with improbably sharp teeth

The possessed character reverts to itself and its rider(s) up to 5 light-years as normal when the Great Old One withdraws

The victim should a single move action

since the god’s expanding bulk shreds everyImmune to Vacuum (Ex): Shantaks thing the victim wears

The victim regains consciousness naked suffer no ill effects in the vacuum of space

and drenched in blood—Y’golonac is a messy eater

They do not confer this immunity upon their Y’golonac’s true form is said to be that of a gargantuan headriders,

less giant imprisoned in a vast underground ruin behind a wall of bricks

It is possible that this is mere myth,

and that he has no tangible existence outside those bodies he possesses

He can manifest at any time he likes through one he has suborned to his will

Many investigators have been disconcerted to see Gargantuan Great Old One (Demigod) a maniac or cannibalistic serial killer they have cornered Domain: Destruction transforming into something even more inhuman and danHit Dice: 20d12+147 (277 hp) gerous

Initiative: +4 (Improved Initiative) Y’golonac’s mouths are clearly designed to rip flesh and Speed: 80 ft


+1 god,

although he stands and receives worship if Attacks: 2 hand-mouths +31 melee,

if he is provided with melee someone to kill and mangle to his heart’s satisfaction

Damage: Hand-mouth 2d6+11,

groin-bite 3d6+11 Face/Reach: 5 ft

Special Attacks: Blood drain WORSHIP Special Qualities: Divine qualiY’golonac desires a large cult,

thus far been unable to attract one

blindThose few misguided souls sight who do worship him either Saves: Fort +20,

Ref +13,

learned how to evoke him Will +21 by reading the blasphemous Abilities: Str 32,

Dex 10,

Con 25,

Revelations of Glaaki or were inspired Int 20,

Wis 26,

Cha 30 by dreams and visions

Skills: Balance +24,

Climb +35,

Cthulhu Mythos +29,

Hide +23,

Jump +35,

COMBAT Listen +32,

Move Silently Y’golonac always attacks foes on sight +24,

Search +20,

Spot +32,

if they have failed to Swim +35 provide him with a sufficient sacrifice),

Feats: Improved Initiative,

never breaking off until either he has slain Power Attack,

Cleave and drained his foe or the body he posClimate: Any sesses is dead

He never uses weapons

Organization: Unique Possess Mortal (Su): Y’golonac can Challenge Rating: 19 possess any mortal who worships Treasure: None him

If the mortal resists,

she must Alignment: Chaotic Evil make a successful Will save (DC 30) Advancement: None to keep from being possessed—only Sanity Loss: 1/1d10+1 to see a sane character can resist,

Y’golonac’s avatar,



Blood Drain (Ex): Y’golonac’s mouths inflict the damage listed above when they first bite


each round they automatically drain 1d3 points of Intelligence and 1d3 points of Wisdom

This is permanent ability drain,

A character whose Intelligence or Wisdom score reaches 0 becomes a vegetable


the Great Old One can possess that character at any time,

using the body to satisfy his lust in whatever manner he sees fit

A noted Tolkien scholar with a Ph

Rateliff has been gaming for 20 years

He has worked professionally in the industry since 1991,

mostly at TSR and Wizards of the Coast

Born in Watertown,

Bruce R

Cordell earned a degree in EnvironmenEditor of Night Below and Return to tal,


and Organismic Biology from the University of Colorado

and co-editor of While working as a Research Associate in process chemistry he learned to the new D&D Player's Handbook and synthesize DNA,

but he could not resist the call of game design


after a few years as a freelancer and designer of online textdesigned Return to the Keep on the Bordergenerated virtual worlds (specifically,

the Tolkien-inspired Elendor lands,

Reverse Dungeon,

The St