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California San Francisco Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet San Francisco Travel Guide

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Lonely Planet San Francisco Travel Guide

Lonely Planet San Francisco Travel Guide 1 7 Streets in downtown San Francisco, California "Union Square" also refers to the central shopping, hotel, and

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nia San Francisco Lonely Planet



San Francisco San Francisco has collected more than its share of heartfelt compliments,

along with a steady stream of overwrought attempts to avoid the platitudes

But there’s little point in taking issue with the praise-singers

This is one gorgeous little city by the bay

A climb to the top of one of the city’s 40-odd hills yields a unique panorama of Victorian houses,

skyscrapers and stairway gardens sweeping up and down all those other hills

Behind everything the quiet,

The notorious fog enters the frame here and there as if awaiting an invitation to pour into the urban corridors and obliterate the view altogether


San Francisco’s true appeal is its panoply of diverse cultures and lifestyles,

of people earning a living and seeking ways to make their lives count

It’s above all a city of individuals who,

whether making a fortune or a statement,

are clearly in the right place

If you really want to know what Tony Bennett was on about,

There’s Chinatown,

where Asian immigrants buy and sell bok choy,

There’s the Mission District,

with its taquerías and hip dive bars

North Beach retains its Italian heritage while transforming from beatnik HQ to yuppie lounge-lizard destination

In SoMa,

urban live–work lofts and a museum district blend with old warehouses and nightclubs

Sample the mind-boggling array of cuisines,

some seemingly made up on the way home from the farmers market

Become a part of it,

and take a little home with you

But don’t leave your heart in San Francisco

Squishy little pumpers keep turning up and nobody knows what to do with them

HIGHLIGHTS  Riding or walking over the Golden Gate

Bridge (p92)  Exploring the city’s colorful neighbor-

Alcatraz Golden Gate Bridge

hoods (p91)  Supping in world-class restaurants (p114)  Spending a little time behind bars at

Alcatraz (p92)  Drinking in bars (p124),


JUL 54/65°F

San Francisco has existed for just over two centuries,

but the city has managed to pack a lot of action into its short history

Soon after the establishment of the Spanish Mission and Presidio in 1776 came the demise and dispersion of the native Ohlone people

As the Spanish settled,

grocery stores and grog shops gave some semblance of a town to the slopes that rose from the bay

It was at that time called Yerba Buena

In 1821,

at the end of Mexico’s War of Independence,

California became part of Mexico but,

after the 1846 Mexican War resulted in US victory,

It turned out to be fortuitous timing for the Americans,

because gold was discovered in 1848 in the nearby Sierra Nevada foothills

Almost overnight the sleepy village,

By 1850,

the year California was admitted as the 31st state in the Union,

San Francisco’s population had exploded from just 800 to 25,000

The newcomers,

were mostly men under the age of 40

To keep them entertained,

some 500 saloons and 20 theaters opened in the space of five years,

Certain sin-loving streets in the vicinity of the port (now Jackson Sq and the eastern edge of Chinatown) were well on their way to earning the sobriquet ‘Barbary Coast,’ a reference to the pirate-plagued coast of North Africa

San Francisco remained a world-class hotbed of murder and mayhem until April 18,

when the ‘Big One’ – an earthquake estimated at 8

The hastily rebuilt city rapidly developed into a bustling metropolis

San Francisco suffered through the Great Depression,

but the city also benefited from gigantic public-works projects initiated by the federal government

The Bay Bridge was built in 1936,

and the Golden Gate Bridge was completed the following year

During WWII,

the Bay Area became a major launching pad for military operations in the Pacific and huge shipyards soon sprang up around the bay

S A N F R A N C I S C O • • H i s't o r y 75

The postwar years were marked by the prominence of colorful subcultures: the Beats spearheaded the ’50s counterculture,

and the hippies followed in the ’60s

Marijuana and LSD were the drugs of choice,

accompanied by guitar-driven rock music,

’ In January 1967 an estimated 20,000 ‘hippies’ congregated in Golden Gate Park for a free concert,

kicking off the ‘Summer of Love

peace and love were not the order of the day

While hippies in the Haight were tripping,

grooving and wearing flowers in their hair,

Berkeley revolutionaries were leading the worldwide student upheavals of the late ’60s,

slugging it out with the cops and the university administration over the free speech issue

In Oakland,

Bobby Seale and Huey Newton founded the Black Panther Party for SelfDefense,

the most militant of the groups involved in the black-power movement of that era

The hippies had led a sexual revolution but it was a predominantly heterosexual one

a homosexual revolution followed in the ’70s,

as San Francisco’s gays stepped decisively out of the closet

Gay Pride became a rallying call,

and the previously underground homosexual community ‘came out’ in all its glory

The same decade ended on a turbulent note,

as Mayor George Moscone and city Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by former supervisor Dan White

Milk had been openly gay,

and when White’s lenient sentence was announced gays rioted at City Hall,

destroying millions of dollars worth of city property on what came to be called White Night

San Francisco did not fare well in the 1980s

The first cases of AIDS – at the time known as GRID or Gay-Related Immune Deficiency – were reported in 1981

By the end of the 1980s,

AIDS had claimed thousands of lives

The late 1980s witnessed yet another startling catastrophe – the Loma Prieta earthquake,

It measured 7

and its damage was far-reaching

A section of the Bay Bridge was damaged,

parts of the Marina District crumpled and burned and,

in the quake’s worst disaster,

a double-decker section of I-880 in Oakland collapsed,

The 1990s ushered in one of the city’s periods of explosive economic growth,



© Lonely Planet Publications 74

S A N F R A N C I S C O • • I n f o r m a t i o n 77



When Gavin Newsom was elected mayor of San Francisco in late 2003,

he was widely expected to push forward a moderate,

Top dogs in Washington regarded the young and ambitious Newsom as a potential future face of the Democratic Party

But the new mayor surprised the nation in February 2004 by opening the doors of City Hall to same-sex couples wishing to be married

Thousands of couples soon lined up along the streets of the Civic Center,

awaiting their turn to be legally hitched

Newsom personally presided over some of the civil unions,

and took the heat for defying state laws that prohibited such marriages

So much for his being a moderate

And so much for Gavin’s prospects for higher office

The national press pounced on the gay marriage story,

and some Democrats across the land later blamed Newsom for inadvertently handing George W Bush his reelection in 2004

The concept of gay marriage,

shrewdly questioned in Bush’s ‘moral issues’ campaign,

turned out to be a little too scary for swing voters in the nation’s heartland

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,

himself fairly open-minded on the gay marriage issue,

stood by the letter of the law and ordered a halt to the Frisco frolics

Some 4000 same-sex marriages were soon declared null and void by the California State Supreme Court

Three days is enough time to get into the swing of the city

If following a plan like the one we’re laying out here,

be flexible and improvise – the best travel moments are the completely unexpected ones

Stay near Union Square (p93),

from where you can get oriented quickly,

get to major sights on foot and have instant access to the city’s public-transit system

Spend your first morning strolling the downtown area,

making your way down toward the foot of Market St

Take a peek at the bay and swing by the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (p131)

Here you’ll instantly understand just how much the city loves food

Have lunch at one of the fantastic eateries inside the Ferry Building Marketplace (p114)

After lunch,

catch a cab to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoma) (p100) for some art,

then have a coffee at the museum café

Plan to spend your first evening in the Mission District or the Castro

Slum it with a delicious burrito at La Taquería (p119) and some Mission St barhopping

Or try to snag a table at trendy Delfina (p120) and hit some snazzy clubs along Upper Market St

In this part of town you can also catch live music in 12 Galaxies (p128) or Café du Nord (p128),

two of the city’s best small venues

Day two,

head out on foot through Chinatown (p95) poking into shops along Grant Ave and Stockton St

Pick a spot for a bowl of noodles or dim sum

Continue through North Beach (p95),

where atmospheric cafés and the City Lights Bookstore (below) will lure you off the sidewalk

Rent a bike at Blazing Saddles (p104) and wheel along the bay,

checking out Fisherman’s Wharf (p96) at a leisurely 10mph pace

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge (p92) to Sausalito,

where you can catch a ferry back to the city

Have dinner and drinks in North Beach

Day three,

Take a leisurely stroll along Haight St (p102),

do a little shopping at Amoeba Records (p132) and have a hefty breakfast at the Pork Store Cafe (p121)

Continue on into Golden Gate Park (p103) to hike through gorgeous gardens

You might even check out the new MH de Young Memorial Museum (p103) or gawk at the park’s herd of buffalo

Spend the afternoon on the rock,

Alcatraz (p92)

In the evening,

treat yourself to a world-class meal at Zuni (p116) or Farallon (p115),

or indulge in Frisco classics at Tadich Grill (p115)

Have an Anchor Steam at C Bobby’s Owl Tree (p124)

by an onslaught of successful start-up Web businesses materializing from the wispiest of ideas

The get-rich-quick delirium helped boost the city’s restaurant and nightclub industry too,

and older neighborhoods – the Mission being a prime example – were soon inundated with new businesses and young professionals with cash to burn

This remarkable growth trend didn’t last

most of the dot-coms went bust and unemployment levels skyrocketed

Although the city still hasn’t fully recovered from the recession that followed,

declining interest rates helped spark a startling realestate boom that lasted through the first five years of the new millennium

The buying frenzy saw many San Franciscans cashing out and leaving the city,

while others left in search of more affordable homes

Property values went up to unprecedented levels,

and the price of two-bedroom houses in formerly so-so neighborhoods approached $1 million

ORIENTATION San Francisco is one of the most compact cities in the USA,

encompassing an area of approximately 46 sq miles covering the tip of a 30-mile-long peninsula,

with the Pacific Ocean on one side and San Francisco Bay on the other

The city can be neatly divided into three sections

The central part resembles a slice of pie,

with Van Ness Ave and Market St marking the two sides and the Embarcadero marking the rounded edge of the pie

Squeezed into this compact


North Beach,

Nob Hill,

Russian Hill and Fisherman’s Wharf

To the south of Market St lies the South of Market (SoMa) area,

an upwardly mobile warehouse zone

SoMa fades into the Mission,

The third and final part of the city is physically the largest – the long sweep from Van Ness Ave all the way to the Pacific Ocean

It’s a varied area encompassing upscale neighborhoods such as the Marina and Pacific Heights,

suburban zones such as the Richmond and Sunset districts and areas with flavors all of their own,

The city’s three great parks – the Presidio,

Lincoln Park and Golden Gate Park – are also here

Maps Quality maps of San Francisco are available from bookstores,

but giveaway maps available from a variety of sources are generally adequate for most visitors

The best of the free maps is the San Francisco Street Map & Visitor Guide,

available at many of the city’s hotels

If you’re going to explore the city by public transportation,

the MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway) Street & Transit Map is a smart $3 investment

Get a copy at the Visitors Information Center or any large bookstore

MUNI maps are also available online at www

For convenience and durability,

Lonely Planet publishes a laminated San Francisco street map

Apple has loads of used titles and is among the city’s best bookstores


Check the Yellow Pages under ‘Physicians & Surgeons’ or ‘Clinics’ to find a doctor,

or under ‘Dentist Referral Services’ to find a dentist

Call %911 for an ambulance

Haight Ashbury Free Clinic (Map pp88-9


Many city bookstores are open late,

and several hold excellent readings

A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books (Map pp80-1

A Different Light Bookstore (Map pp88-9

this is the city’s largest gay and lesbian bookstore

Borders Books & Music (Map pp80-1

cnr Post & Powell Sts) Downtown store of the big chain

City Lights Bookstore (Map pp84-5

North Beach),

The city’s most famous bookstore was the center of the Beat scene in the ’50s and is still owned by its founder,

Get Lost (Map pp88-9

Green Apple Books (Map p83

cnr Clement St & 6th Ave) In the Richmond District,

Emergency & Medical Services


For nonemergency situations

Appointments are required,

a doctor will see you free of charge

Planned Parenthood (%800-967-7526

St Luke’s Women’s Center (%415-285-7788

h24hr) Be aware that fees start between $100 and $500 for an emergencyroom visit

(Continued on page 90)



Sta te Hw

Union Square

Park Presidio Blvd

Geary Blvd

The Richmond

The Tenderloin

Civic Center University of San Francisco

Cole Valley

M ar ke

Buena Vista Park

Great Hwy

Ortega St

Noe Valley

The Sunset Sunset Blvd

Taraval St

Glen Canyon Park

Mt Davidson


Church St

The Castro

Twin Peaks


San Francisco General Hospital Pier 80

See The Haight,

the Castro & the Mission Map (pp88–9)

Pier 96

Bernal Hill

Glen Park

Vicente St

Hwy tes Sta

Sloat Blvd

San Francisco Zoo

Stern Grove

19th Ave

BAY 3rd St

University of California San Francisco Medical Center

Noriega St

Santiago St


7th Ave

19th Ave

Ocean Beach

See Downtown San Francisco & South of Market (SoMa) Map (p80–1)

The Mission

Lincoln Way

Pier 50 80

Golden Gate Park

Mission Creek Marina

Upper Haight Golden Gate Municipal Golf Course

Caltrain Depot

South of Market (SoMa)

Hayes Valley

Lower Haight

Fort Miley

Monterey Blvd

Blvd yline Sk

McLaren Park The Olympic Country Club

San Francisco Golf Course

Lake Merced

Fort Funston

St Mi ssio n

City College of San Francisco

San Francisco State University

Harding Park Municipal Golf Course

Junipero Serra Blvd

Ferries to Oa

Financial District

Lincoln Park Lincoln Park Golf Course

Chinatown Nob Hill

Pacific Heights & Japantown


St Union

Presidio Golf Course

North Beach

Ferries to

Russian Hill

The Presidio

The Presidio National Park See The Richmond,

the Sunset & Golden Gate Park Map (p83)

The Marina

Yerba Buena Island

See Chinatown & North Beach Map (pp84–5)

ed States Hw San Francisco National Military Cemetery

To Oakland (4mi)

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fort Mason


Aquatic Park Marina

Treasure Island

Ferries to Lar

Tiburon &

Fort Point

Yacht Harbour

Baker Beach

Ferries to


See Fisherman’s Wharf,

the Marina & Russian Hill Map (pp86–7)

Ti Fe b u rr ro ies n & o Sa us al ito


Fe rri es t

Bridge Golden Gate

To Marin County (0

Wine Country

San Francisco

San Francisco


Coast Linco al Trail ln Blv d

To San Francisco International Airport (9mi)

Palo Alto (25mi)

San Jose (48mi)

Monster Park

Candlestick Park

Downtown San Francisco & South of Market (SoMa)

Downtown San Francisco & South of Market (SoMa) CTRY

Embarcadero South St

La ns H St ing ar ris on St

St nt ya Br F

SBC Park

Pier 46B

CalTrain Depot

Mission Creek Marina

Pier 48 4t

St n an Br

Mission St Bay Golf Center

St Michigan

Illinois St

O Division St

Pier 52

Pier 50

H Bo 96 arr ie ar t dm St an Pl rt Lu St ce St rne

To Mighty (0

Pier 48

South Beach Harbor Park

Pier 40

St nt ya

Pier 38


St Ri ng ol d

South Park


Pier 32

Pier 34 Brannan St MUNI Station Pier 36

Pier 30

Fo lso m

Pier 28 80

Kis slin g

St x se Es St

Pier 26 le

Pier 24

P Y ete W o rk e r ay

Pier 22 1/2

Folsom St MUNI Station

St eu ar t

13th St


Rincon Center


St or e

ro de rca ba ro Em cade e r Th mba E e Th

St te tur Ka eca t D'S

Stevenson St Valencia St

Elgin Park

Guerrero St

Pearl St

C e n t r a l'Fw y

St Front

Lick Pl

Ferries to

Ferry Terminal Plaza

St Battery

St Kearny

Erie St

South Of Market (SoMa)

Belden St

McCoppin St

Yerba Buena Gardens

Clinton Park

Fr em o

La fay ett e

Rose St 92

The Castro

Lily St Octavia

Page St

Lower Haight

Duboce Ave

Powell St BART & 12 MUNI Station


Van Ness MUNI Station

An ni e

Hayes Valley

101 N ew

Montgomery BART & MUNI Station


Pier 1/2

St on gt m la al H St

Fell St

Pl Waverly

Polk St

La s'St kie

St Hayes

St Geary 127

Joice St


St Laguna

St Gough

St Fulton

ter St McAllis UN Plaza 14 Civic Center 114 25 Civic Center BART & MUNI Station 8t h St

Civic Center Plaza

City Hall

ve Gate A Golden State Building

Federal Building

Jefferson Square

93 Turk St

Ross Al

Eddy St Larch St

Hallidie Plaza

Eddy St 81

St Willow

Ellis St

Ellis St

The Tenderloin

Olive St

400 m 0

2 miles

St Taylor

Bush St

Post St

83 10 40

St Geary St Myrtle

Pacific Heights & Japantown

Sta W rr

Cosmo 38 131 80

Post St Cedar St 98

Polk St

St Mary's Square



51 61 66

Walton Park

Whaleship Bostonship Plaza St 86 Jackson Plaza Embarcadero Plaza Maritime Financial Plaza 31 Redwood District Park Embarcadero 122 Center Clay St t S l'a i c'r Comme 53 ento St Sacram 88 59 St 32 Halleck 16 California St ia St Cable Car Embarcadero Californ Turnaround BART & MUNI Station 15 St Pine

Portsmouth Square

Fern St St Sutter

Bush St


Pine St

Pine St

St Trenton

Jackson Square



Chinese Playground

Priest St

Huntington Park


Clay St

California St Cable Car Turnaround



John St

Nob Hill

Clay St

Lafayette Park



Mini Park

St Jackson

St Taylor

Ave Pacific

Auburn St

Morrell St

Polk St


St Vallejo


Allyne Park

M iss io n


Isis St

Pier 54

The Richmond,

The Sunset & Golden Gate Park CTRY

Mt Sutro

DRINKING (pp122–7) Beach Chalet Brewery & St Kirkham 32 A3 Restaurant

EATING (pp114–22) Angkor Wat

23rd Ave

24th Ave

27th Ave

29th Ave

A2 F3 A3 E2 C3 E3 F3 E3 A3 E3 D3 E3

31st Ave

The Sunset

Grand (pp127–30) ENTERTAINMENT View Balboa

Park 35 B2 Moraga St

Inner Sunset

Lawton St

Irving St 26


Shakespeare Garden

21st Ave

34th Ave

Cliff House

Music Concourse

Lincoln Way

Hugo St 29

35th Ave

44th Ave

46th Ave

47th Ave

48th Ave

Great Hwy

45th Ave

43rd Ave

SIGHTS & ACTIVITIES (pp91–105) AIDS Memorial Grove

Ocean Beach

Sutro Heights Park

41st Ave

42nd Ave

INFORMATION Green Apple Books

Golden Gate Municipal Golf Course

46th Ave

48th Ave

18th Ave

19th Ave

39th Ave

North Lake

44th Ave

17th Ave

40th Ave

47th Ave

Point Lobos Ave

45th Ave

Balboa St

43rd Ave

Cabrillo St

Clement St

42nd Ave

12th Ave

38th Ave

South Lake

Middle Lake Dr

38th Ave

37th Ave

41st Ave

11th Ave

Sunset Blvd

36th Ave

University of California,

San Francisco Medical Center

Metson Lake

30th Ave

Middle Dr W

Golden Gate Park Equestrian Center & Stadium

Fulton St

35th Ave

Spreckels Lake

33rd Ave

40th Ave

Fort Miley

St Waller 3 3

Lloyd Lake

Golden Gate Park

Anza St

The Richmond

Geary Blvd

32nd Ave

39th Ave

Lincoln Park

The Presidio

Mallard Lake

34 La k e

30th Ave

Lincoln Park Golf Course 34t h A ve

El Camin o d'el M a r

China Beach Lands End

27th Ave

Ave Sea Cliff


20th Ave

25th Ave

26th Ave

31st Ave

500 m 0

3 miles

Elk Glen Lake

24th Ave

25th Ave

10th Ave

14th Ave

20th Ave

22nd Ave

7th Ave

8th Ave

16th Ave

Clement St

19th Ave

Funston Ave

Stow Lake Island Stow Lake

18th Ave

The Presidio National Park

17th Ave

Cabrillo St

Balboa St

15th Ave

16th Ave

Park Presidio Blvd

14th Ave

6th Ave

9th Ave

Strybing Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

11th Ave

Dr en rd Ga 17 ea u co r on D'Martin Luth C er Kin 20 g

10th Ave

5th Ave

9th Ave

Lincoln Way

8th Ave

7th Ave

Mountain Lake Park

Anza St

6th Ave

5th Ave

Presidio Golf Course

4th Ave

Lily Pond

3rd Ave

12th Ave

Wed e m

Dr 9 John F Kenned y

Arguello Blvd 2nd Ave

Funston Ave

Oak St t Page S

The Panhandle Stanyan


University of San Francisco

Beaumon Ave

Euclid Ave

Cornwall St

Geary Blvd


Palm Ave

TRANSPORT (pp132–5) Alamo

DRINKING (pp122–7) 222 Club

SHOPPING (pp130–2) Adolph Gasser

Blake St Cook St

Commonwealth Ave Jordan Ave

St Cherry

SLEEPING (pp109–14) Adagio Hotel

EATING (pp114–22) 21st Amendment

76 C3 LuLu

St Spruce

SIGHTS & ACTIVITIES (pp91–105) Asian Art Museum

ENTERTAINMENT (pp127–30) 111 Minna

D2 D3 D3 B2 E1 E2 C2 B4 D2 C2 D3 C2 C2

Catalyst Cocktails

C3 F2 D3

D3 C2 D2 F2 D2 D2 F1 D2

B4 D1 E2 D2 D5 E2 C4 D3 D2

HI San Francisco Downtown

INFORMATION A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books

7 CompUSA




Downtown San Francisco & South of Market (SoMa) 82


St Mason

Car Line

North Beach

St Filbert

Jack c'Keroua Al 40

Sam Wo's 9 Tien Haw Temple

Buddha Lounge

St Gate Cookie 7 Company Golden Jackson

Stark St

Fella Pl

Toucha St

m Pl Nottingha Ave International Settlement Columns Pacific

Portsmouth Square


Sing Fat Building

(pp130–2) SHOPPING G Custom Originals


(pp127–30) ENTERTAINMENT Beat Lounge

Vermehr Pl

Lick Pl

Pine St

An ni e

Shell Building

Flatiron Building

Montgomery BART & MUNI Station

An th St on y

Embarcadero Plaza

Whaleship Plaza

Pier 15

Pier 17


California St Cable Car Turnaround

Matson B

Embarcadero Center 3 Embarcadero Center 2 Embarcadero Center


Maritime Plaza Parking

Bush St Crown Zellerbach Building

Citicorp The Wall Center

Hobart Building

Mills Building

Pacific Coast Stock Exchange

Crocker Galleria

Pl Hallidie Building St Sutter

Russ Building

Wells Fargo Bank Bank Building of California Building

St Halleck

Pier 19

Walton Park

Embarcadero Center 1 Old Federal Reserve Building

Clay St

Merchant's Exchange Building Financial Bank District of America Building

Pier 23

Bostonship Plaza


Jackson Square

Stevens Al

Pier 27

St Union

St Vallejo

Redwood Park Transamerica Pyramid

St Mary's Square

Old St Mary's8Church Sing Chong Building

Vinton Ct

Levi's Plaza

Co Gold St lu 6 mb St Sentinel Building us Jackson 22 Av Ghirardelli Building 17 e Hotaling Hotaling Hotaling Building East (443-45 Jackson) Building (451-55 Jackson) Annex West (463-73 Jackson) St 18 Jackson Gibb St Belli Building Old Transamerica Building Canessa Building

DRINKING (pp122–7) Caffè Greco

Bush St

Pine St

Vallejo Steps

Alta St

Steps Filbert

International Settlement Columns 15 Hippodrome (Former Bella Union)

t Clay S Kong Chow Temple 4 Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Building Chinese First Chinese Baptist Church Playground

Pioneer Park/ Telegraph Hill

St Chestnut

Pl Edgardo Edith St

Anson (pp114–22) EATING Pl Bix

(see 3) ter St of America Chinese Historical Golden Boy Pizza

4HoC5 Coit Tower

Union Square Sam Wo's

Mario's Bohemian Cigar 9 C5 Post St ra B2 10 Sts Peter & Paul Church

Geary & Grill


Shepha Pl

John St

Card Al

Union St 27

St Vallejo

Washington Square Av

INFORMATION City Lights Bookstore


Pine St



Huntington Park


Grace Cathedral

Truett St


St Fielding

Powell-M s'Car Line

Taylor St

Sproule La

Taylor St


Winter Pl

North Beach Playground

Eaton Pl

Clay St

Nob Hill


Auburn St

Fallon Pl

St Lombard

Webb Pl


Ina Coolbrith Park

Hyde St




St Bernard


Russian Hill

St Water


Telegraph Hill Blvd

Salmon Doric Al

Miller Pl

Burritt St

Car n Cable l-Maso

Parkhurst Al

Dashiell t Hammet St

Powel Pl Wayne

St Trenton St Stone Collier St

St Mason Adele Ct


Brooklyn Pl

Jones St

August Al urphy Turk M La

St St Cordelia Bedford Pl


Emery La St Ross Al

Powell n Stockto be

Taylor St

Via hetti Ferling

Tracy Pl

Duncom Al

Pl Waverly

Pl Jasper Jason Ct

Scotland Bannam


Robert Kirk La

Bran t e

Margrav Pl

Tuscany Al ve Grant A

San Antonio Pl

St Kearny

Medau Pl ill Krausgr Pl

Belden St

Sonom e St Georg

St Newell St Kearny Kearny

Pl Trinity

Al St Castle

Rowland St

Venard Genoa Montg ery St



Ke a r n y

Hi d'Pl Osgoo

Napier St Cowell Pl

House CustomPl

Darrell St

St B a t ter y

B a t ter y

1 miles

Front St


Davis St

erb (H ro de a arc mb eE Th ) ay nW

Chinatown & North Beach

Chinatown & North Beach


Fisherman’s Wharf,

The Marina & Russian Hill

Fisherman’s Wharf,

The Marina & Russian Hill


rcial St Comme Financial District

Bush St

Pine St

St Mary's Square

Bush S Queen Anne Hotel (0

Portsmouth Square

Clay St

Line Joice St ble Car yde St Ca Powell-H ason &

Union Square

St Trenton


Huntington Park

Powell-M St Powell

Filbert St

Turk Murphy La

Jasper Pl

Priest St Sacram

Te l'e g

Via Buffano

Pine St

To Radisson Miyako Hotel (0

Child St

St Powell

Venard Al

Chinatown Pacific

Li ble Car yde St Ca


Midway St

Re W tiro ay

Taylor St

Palac eD r


St Vallejo

John St

To Japan Center (0

Mifune (0

Isobune (0

California St Cable Car Turnaround

Nob Hill

St Gough

To Elite Cafe (0

Kabuki Springs & Spa (0

Fillmore (0

Kabuki 8 Theater (0

Clay St

Mini Park

Polk St

Lafayette Park

Pacific Heights & Japantown

University of the Pacific

Clay St


Ina Coolbrith Park

St Lynch


St Buchana

Clay St



St Walnut

Alta Plaza Park


St Green 36

St Laguna


Ave Pacific

St Union

Pioneer Park/ Telegraph Hill

Washington Square

St Filbert

Havens St

Russell St 32

North Beach


Greenwich Steps

Pier 31

North Beach Playground

Valparai St

(H erb Ca en


Allyne Park




Scott St

Lyon Steps


St Green

St Union St

Houston St 43

Pier 33

The Em bar cad ero

St Water

Alice Marble Tennis Courts

St Larkin

Cow Hollow

St Union

Powell-Mason Cable Car Bay St ewater Turnaround 50 Vand St

Harris Pl

St Filbert

2 Pier 35

The Embarcadero 45

Pixley St

St Filbert