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Calarts Syllabus

Syllabus-Italy Learning from Nature 2018

amandacachia wp content uploads 2016 08 1 CCST 307 Contemporary Indigenous Aesthetics Decolonization & Recontextualization School of Critical Studies, California Institute of the Arts Winter 2017, Tuesdays, 4 5 50pm, Faculty Center, 3rd Floor ncore ou edu media jobs uploaded CalArts The CalArts Institute Diversity Officer

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amandacachia wp content uploads 2016 08 1 CCST 307 Contemporary Indigenous Aesthetics Decolonization & Recontextualization School of Critical Studies, California Institute of the Arts Winter 2017, Tuesdays, 4 5 50pm, Faculty Center, 3rd Floor

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ncore ou edu media jobs uploaded CalArts The CalArts Institute Diversity Officer (“IDO”) is a senior administrative position in the Provost assist in the development of course and syllabus clinics


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Syllabus-Italy Learning from Nature 2018


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Nu există mai mult decât această călătorie care constă în a trăi şi a Louis Pasteur, faimosul om de ştiinţă, a spus cândva “Cu cât studiez mai îngheţa în timpul nopţii 3 Întotdeauna trebuie să meargă până la

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Fall 2009

Beginning Story Development (FC155A01/02)

CLASS SYLLABUS INTRODUCTION Welcome to the “Beginning Story Development” course at California Institute of the Arts for the Character Animation Program

This course,

being a required class for first year BFA-1 Character Animation students,

and has been designed specifically for the department

Intent of this course is to strengthen your skills in story development,

and visual storytelling for the Animation Media

I’d like to keep everything simple and applicable with what’s expected in the professional industry

Using a fine mixture of technical information and analytical problem solving,

we’ll learn how to tell clear visual character based stories

I’d like to take this moment to extend a congratulations to you all for being accepted into our world renowned Animation School

I look forward to an exciting and informative year

If you have any question,

please do not hesitate to contact me

Chong Suk Lee Storyboard Artist / Writer Walt Disney Television Animation telephone: (818) 621-4691 email: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will focus mainly on story & character development for the animation

The primary goal is to teach the artistry of storyboarding

Training will begin with basic character posing & layout design principles

Then move into details of animation techniques in storyboarding

Ranging from clear character acting,

emphasis will be made on presentation and knowledge of technical details as a professional animation artist

The second part of the course,

is to provide my tutelage for the students on the creation and execution of their first year character animation film

Including the development of a professional portfolio


to provide mentorship to any students,

GOAL First semester will primarily focus on lectures and weekly assignments

In the process learning clear storytelling,

with details in the technical aspects of storyboarding

Second semester will be spent more as a one on one artist development for the student’s film and a professional portfolio

Beginning Animation Story Development / Storyboarding

Fall 2009

Beginning Story Development (FC155A01/02)

ATTENDANCE Attendance will be taken every class

If you miss more than 3 classes,

you will not get credit for the course

You’re paying a large sum of money to go to this school,

I encourage you to make the best of its resources

HOMEWORK & ASSIGNMENTS Each week you will pitch your assignments and/or homework to the class


your work will be evaluated by me and your fellow students

Pitching and communication is a very important part of cinema storytelling,

thus the presentation aspect is very important to the course

Notes and suggestions given to your work should be applied,

and turned in at the end of semester

you are encouraged to revise your assignments in class,

The completed assignments will be perfect addition to your professional portfolio

GRADING Is based on your in-class assignment & homework

If you fail to complete the total of 3 in-class assignments or 3 homework,

you will receive an incomplete for the class

Your improvement on your work,

based on applying what you’ve learned is a major of your grade

your active participation in the class discussing and reviewing sessions will benefit your grade

At the end of the semester,

you will be asked to bring all the work you’ve accomplished throughout the course for the final review

PARTICIPATION Story Artists generally have to pitch their storyboards in front of an audience

I encourage everyone to take an active participation in the class in the review sessions

Please feel free to ask questions when you have them

Communicate your point of view,

And even take on debates,

So be vocal,

but not to the point to annoy your fellow classmates

CLASS HOURS Wednesday 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Sometimes I may arrive a bit late,

due to my commute after work from the studios

So please give me the courtesy and stick around for a while,

In class,

we’ll break up the time as following: 1) Attendance 2) Lecture 3) Break 4) Assignment Review ONLINE BLOG (Beta Version) I’m going to try something new this year,

by making the handouts available on a weekly blog: http://www

It’ll be greatly appreciated

To access blog & download pdf’s of the handouts you’ll need a login and password

Story Development / Animation Storyboarding

Fall 2009

Beginning Story Development (FC155A01/02)


16 Sept

23 Sept

Introduction to Animation Storyboarding,

Animation Process,


Character Design Basics 1

Line of Action,


Character Design Basics 2

Size Variations,

Storyboarding Basics


& Pantomime) and Staging (Setting the scene)

Storyboarding Basics


Compositions & Spacing) Storyboarding Basics

Camera Direction,


Screen Direction,

& Cutting) Storyboarding Basics


& Juxtaposition) Storyboarding Basics

Basic Perspective for Characters and Backgrounds,

& Storyboard Labeling) Story Writing

Conceptual Art,

Last Day of Fall Semester

- Review


24 & Mar

Student Film Storyboard (Pitch 1) Student Film Storyboard (Pitch 2) Student Film Storyboard (Final) Storyboarding from Script (in class) Storyboarding from Outline (in class) Show Development (Group Project) Spring Break

Story Development / Animation Storyboarding