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Calalang vs. Williams [Digested Case]

Financial Accounting By Larson Manual 18th Ws90536 Pdf

chanrobles PDF JURISPRUDENCE Calalang vs MAXIMO CALALANG, Petitioner, versus G R No 47800 December 2, 1940 A D WILLIAMS, ET AL , Respondents x x D E C I S I O N LAUREL, J Maximo

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chanrobles PDF JURISPRUDENCE Calalang vs MAXIMO CALALANG, Petitioner, versus G R No 47800 December 2, 1940 A D WILLIAMS, ET AL , Respondents x x D E C I S I O N LAUREL, J Maximo Calalang, in his capacity as a private citizen and as a taxpayer of Manila, brought before this court this petition for a writ of

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Financial Accounting By Larson Manual 18th Ws90536 Pdf


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Williams [Digested Case]


Group 6 Digest Calalang vs

Williams G


Ponente: Laurel,

J: Facts: Maximo Calalang in his capacity as a private citizen and a taxpayer of Manila filed a petition for a writ of prohibition against the respondents

It is alleged in the petition that the National Traffic Commission,

resolved to recommend to the Director of the Public Works and to the Secretary of Public Works and Communications that animal-drawn vehicles be prohibited from passing along Rosario Street extending from Plaza Calderon de la Barca to Dasmariñas Street from 7:30 Am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 530 pm

and along Rizal Avenue extending from the railroad crossing at Antipolo Street to Echague Street from 7 am to 11pm for a period of one year from the date of the opening of the Colgante Bridge to traffic

The Chairman of the National Traffic Commission on July 18,

On August 2,

the Director recommended to the Secretary the approval of the recommendations made by the Chairman of the National Traffic Commission with modifications

The Secretary of Public Works approved the recommendations on August 10,

The Mayor of Manila and the Acting Chief of Police of Manila have enforced and caused to be enforced the rules and regulation

As a consequence,

all animal-drawn vehicles are not allowed to pass and pick up passengers in the places above mentioned to the detriment not only of their owners but of the riding public as well

Whether the rules and regulations promulgated by the respondents pursuant to the provisions of Commonwealth Act NO

Whether the rules and regulations complained of infringe upon the constitutional precept regarding the promotion of social justice to insure the well-being and economic security of all the people

The promulgation of the Act aims to promote safe transit upon and avoid obstructions on national roads in the interest and convenience of the public

In enacting said law,

the National Assembly was prompted by considerations of public convenience and welfare

It was inspired by the desire to relieve congestion of traffic,

which is a menace to the public safety

Public welfare lies at the bottom of the promulgation of the said law and the state in order to promote the general welfare may interfere with personal liberty,

and with business and occupations

Persons and property may be subject to all kinds of restraints and burdens in order to secure the general comfort,

To this fundamental aims of the government,

the rights of the individual are subordinated

Liberty is a blessing which should not be made to prevail over authority because society will fall into anarchy

Neither should authority be made to prevail over liberty because then the individual will fall into slavery

The paradox lies in the fact that the apparent curtailment of liberty is precisely the very means of insuring its preserving

Social justice means the promotion of the welfare of all the people,

the adoption by the Government of measures calculated to insure economic stability of all the competent elements of society,

through the maintenance of a proper economic and social equilibrium in the interrelations of the members of the community,

through the adoption of measures legally justifiable,

through the exercise of powers underlying the existence of all governments on the time-honored principles of salus populi est suprema lex

Social justice must be founded on the recognition of the necessity of interdependence among divers and diverse units of a society and of the protection that should be equally and evenly extended to all groups as a combined force in our social and economic life,

consistent with the fundamental and paramount objective of the state of promoting health,

comfort and quiet of all persons,

and of bringing about “the greatest good to the greatest number