PDF Stfilp de cadru in clasa -EVENT COMPILATION REPORT YEAR 3 - Water Research to Market - Cadru Lamelar
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Cadru Lamelar

EVENT COMPILATION REPORT YEAR 3 - Water Research to Market

Exemplul 6 Stfilp de cadru in clasa de ductilitate medie Exemplul 7 Rigle de cuplare in clasa de ductilitate inalta Exemplul 8 Perete lamelar in clasa de  9 Regional Waste Management Plan for North East region

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Exemplul 6 Stfilp de cadru in clasa de ductilitate medie Exemplul 7 Rigle de cuplare in clasa de ductilitate inalta Exemplul 8 Perete lamelar in clasa de 

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9 Regional Waste Management Plan for North East region anpm ro cadru general chemical pre treatment (coagulation + lamellar

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118 cadru un o oo o oo 0,203

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the failure could have been started from the weak and lamelar corner columns at Constantinescu L, Enescu D (1985) Cutremurele din Vrancea în cadru 

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Cadru montaj compl 1 12UV, 4 şine, plastr oţel 9004840373547 Modul de conexiune 3 poli cu capac, pt cond 6 50mm² sau lamelar 6x9x0,8 mm 44,00

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Nov 14, 2018 tradi܊ionale de consolidare, cum ar fi crearea unui cadru din beton armat “ Punkthus” and “Skivhus”, or tower and lamellar blocks (see Figure 

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FRE RO (1710) 9 3 Dimensiuni 73 FreFlow cadru 1 2 3 a 670 810 870 b 420 450 510 c 520 Figura 42 Dimensiuni cadru inel lamelar oţel 2390 2

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Disc lamelar unghiular • Angular flap disc construction • Disponibil in Suspensie cadru şi curele reglabile • Neted şi confortabil pentru faţă • Menţine forma 

EVENT COMPILATION REPORT YEAR 3 - Water Research to Market

Oct 7, 2013 implementarea Directivei Cadru a Apei în România, precum şi No lamellar settling clogs because the air bubbles which "clean" the plates 

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GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION Material: Glulam Timber GL24h Width: 20 cm Volume: 2

DETAILS Maximum Influence of Grain to Tapered Edge Use Limitation Torsional Moment on Supports Apply cross-section design on supports with torsional moment Td : Special Settings for Timber Reclassify combined glued laminated timber into homogenous,

if the requirements according to DIN EN 1194 Annex A are not fulfilled

DETAILS Design Settings Reduction of stiffness with coefficient 1 / (1 + kdef ) due to creep effects in Service Classes 2 and 3 according to NA

DATA FOR NATIONAL ANNEX Partial Factor for Material Properties Fundamental combinations for glulam timber Accidental combinations Combinations for fire design

Limit Values of Deformations



Data for Fire Resistance Charring Rate Increased Charring Factor

Glulam Timber 0

FRAME TYPE AND MATERIAL Frame Type Frame Type Frame Joint Type

Material Material Charact

Strength for Bending Charact

Strength for Tension Parallel Charact

Strength for Tension Perpendicular to Grain Charact

Strength for Compression Parallel Charact

Strength for Compression Perpendic


Strength for Shear/Torsion Shear Modulus Modulus of Elasticity Parallel Shear Modulus Specific Weight Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Glulam Timber GL24h

000 MPa 16

500 MPa 0

400 MPa

000 MPa 2

700 MPa

500 720

000 9400

000 600

MPa MPa MPa MPa kN/m3 1/°C

GEOMETRY Building Dimensions Building Height Building Depth Truss Spacing Distance to Roof Edge Load coeff

for continuity Edge Trusses Frame Geometry Frame Width Height on Edge Height in the Middle Cross-Section Height in Footing Cross-Section Height at Ridge Cross-Section Height at Frame Joint Releases Release Spring,

H B a u k

La Hs Hf ha hf h1

GEOMETRY Cross-Section Cross-Section Width Lamella Thickness Data for Buckling User-defined Left Column Beam Endangered by Lateral Buckling Lateral Support Available Spacing of Lateral Supports Bracing Spacing Coefficient for effective length Left Beam Beam Endangered by Lateral Buckling Lateral Support Available Spacing of Lateral Supports Bracing Spacing Coefficient for effective length Left Attic Existing Height Right Attic Existing Height Information Parameters Inclination of Top Edge of Beam Connection Angle in Frame Joint Slope Angle in Frame Joint Slope Angle of Column Slope Angle of Beam Coat Surface of Frame Frame Volume Frame Weight

00 cm 3

000 m 0

600 m 2

000 m 0

600 m 1

° ° ° ° ° m2 m3 t

CONTROL PARAMETERS Design of Static equilibrium EQU Ultimate limit state STR Serviceability limit state Fire resistance Display support forces Display deformations Data for Fire Resistance Fire Resistance Class Sides exposed to fire

Calculation Parameters Number of member divisions for result diagrams Number of internal divisions of tapered members

R 60 Left Right Top Bottom 10 10