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Cable Tray Method Statement -

Cable Tray Installation May 2010 - Royal Holloway

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Method Statement For Installation Of Cable Tray Or Trunking Method Statement For Installation Of Cable Tray Or Trunking System For Building Electrical Services described below:

Introduction and Scope of this method statement This method statement is written for the purpose of establishing method and procedures for the Installation of Cable Tray and G

I Trunking System for the building MEP services

Applicable Projects Specification  


Sub Division: Subdivision

Location of Activity Inside and outside the building

Health and Safety Hazards Specific safety measures have to follow as applicable,

and all the safety measures are covered separately in the project safety plan

Operation 1

Materials: Materials used will be as per the material submittal approved by the engineer and routing as well and sizes will be as per the approved drawings in coordination with other services

Storage / Protection: Cable Trays,

Trunking and Accessories shall be unloaded with care to avoid any damages

If they are shipped in packs or pallets,

each pack of pallet shall be lifted individually with suitable lifting equipment

Every precaution shall be taken to preserve their cleanliness before installation

Installation Of Cable Tray Or Trunking System For Building Electrical Services 1

To make sure that the entire installation is in conformance and in accordance with the design intent of the project for the Electrical and Low Voltage System in

addition to the specification and as per approved shop drawings and comply with Local and International Standards

Adhere to the drawings as closely as possible

The right is reserved to vary the runs and sizes of Cable Trays / Trunking and to make offsets but maintain as far as possible the free area of each duct work section,

where necessary to accommodate conditions arising at the building

Before beginning installation in any area,

examine all parts of the adjoining work onto which applicable work is to be placed

Should any condition be found which will prevent the proper execution of the work,

installation shall not proceed in that area until such conditions are corrected by the contractor

Cable Tray / Trunking shall be stored on site under cover in dry,

well ventilated storage facilities

Where sizes of Cable Trays / Trunking are not detailed on drawing then tray shall be adequately sized to support the cables without bunching and a 25% reserve margin shall be allowed in size and weight be loaded

All routes are chosen to allow ease of access to all cables when installed

All horizontal cables are to be set around all vertical rising services as necessary

Ensure sufficient clearance from soffit for every installation

Earth continuity conductors shall be provided across gaps in all Cable Tray / Trunking runs and bolted connections

Support shall be by means of steel brackets installed at intervals necessary to provide a rigid fixing and to ensure that deflection does not exceed 5mm mid span of support when fully loaded

Treatment of cut edges as per cut edges to be included

Supports for Tray / Trunking (spacing) shall be as per standard practice and manufacturer's recommendations

Additional support shall be provided where the Cable Tray / Trunking changes direction or cables drop out of the cable tray

Dome headed bolts,

nuts and washers of finish suitable to the tray shall be used between trays

Suspension sets comprise threaded M10 zinc or cadmium plated hanger rods together with nuts and locking washers,

supports channel hold down clips all of which shall have a galvanized finish

Any cut ends supports,

must be corrosion protected by use of galvanized or equal

No extended rods to be left

The cable tray shall be installed with a 40mm minimum space between the structure and the tray

All cable shall be securely fixed to the tray,

work and the complete installation must be carried out in a neat and workmanlike manner without crossovers

Cables on face-up horizontally fixed tray must be secured by use of the tie wraps where not in view

If cables are bunched or single cables greater than 25sq mm are installed,

cleats or metal straps shall be used

Responsibilities 1

Project Manager: To ensure that all the preparation and application works are carried out according to the Contract Specification

To ensure that the progressing of works is carried out according to the planned program and as per the approved method statement

To ensure that all equipment and material required executing the work are available according to the planned Construction Programme

To co-ordinate with the Main Contractor,

MEP co-coordinator and Safety Officer for a safe and proper execution of the works

Site Engineer: To ensure that the works are carried out according to the Contract Specifications approved method statement

To provide all necessary information and distribute responsibilities to his construction team

To monitor the progress of work in relation with the work program and to report to the Project Manager

To co-ordinate with the safety officer and to ensure that the works are carried out in safe practicing methods

Foreman: The foreman will carryout his duties by maintaining continuous coordination with the site engineer on daily basis,

and ensure proper distribution of the workforce in the required and planned locations

To ensure that his assistant foreman/ charge hands are aware of the job requirements and they have enough information to carry out their duties properly

To ensure in consultation with the site engineer that the manpower involved in the works are moving as agreed and planned for the work

To ensure that the daily work is progressing as planned and advise the Site Engineer of any requirement for the additional resources

To control disposal of waste materials according to the instructions received from the site engineer

To ensure full coordination with the safety officer to maintain safe working and proper house keeping of the site,

following the approved safety measures and further ensure that all his working team are aware of the same to prevent accident and losses

To inform the site engineer and of the areas ready for inspection

Distribution and the control of materials shall be monitored by foreman and storekeeper

Safety Engineer: Ensure the implementation of all the safety measures in accordance with the HSE plan and everybody aware of it for it's proper implementation

Ensure all the implemented safety measures are adequate to maintain the safe working on the site

Inspect all the site activities and train the persons to prevent accidents and its proper reporting to the project manager and the client

Ensure that the site is maintained clean and tidy

Manpower Required Charge Hand and Experienced Technicians

Inspection And Test Plan Format For Installation Of Cable Tray Or Trunking ITP Claus e No

Inspection Description

Type of Inspection

Design and Drawings

Review of Documents

Material Approval Review of

Testing Requirement/ Acceptance Criteria

Verifying / Control Data Forms

Design Drawings

All the Drawings

Design drawings,

Authorities Departments Requirements


Should be as per the approved


Reference Document


Check Installation of Cable Tray / Visual Trunking

Request for inspection of works

Visual Measurement Instrument,

Earth Test




Approved Method Statement

Proper bends correct level and Location,

route material should have minimum status of – No Objection with comments (2)

Approved Drawing Method Statement

Approved Drawings

No obstructions Level,

Approved Drawings

Materials Requirement Cable tray / trunking and accessories

Equipments Requirement The equipments that will be engaged for Installation of Cable Trays and Trunking works will be as follows: 1

Wire cutters Hacksaw Measuring tape Drill machine Wooden hammer Flat file Screw drivers Open and box spanners Base Cutter

Health and Safety Strictly followed as per the manufacturer's Health and Safety recommendations for handling and use of the materials

Ensure all involved personnel shall be aware of the same

Supporting Documentation This method Statement should be read in conjunction with the below referenced documentations: ITP for Cable Tray and Trunking

Distribution Copies of this method statement have also been issued to the following for information/ action/ comments:   

Project Manager Site Engineer Foremen