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Inner Strength Success Journal

1 sample syllabus from 4 credit college success course

Gallup Management Journal®, Q12®, The Gallup Path®, CE11®, Clifton Discuss the role that talent and strength play in the success of top achievers • Identify and They possess an inner compass that gives them confidence that their Journal of Research Practice,

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1 sample syllabus from 4 credit college success course

College Success is a comprehensive course designed to enhance student success and retention as well as help you create making strengths? These journals are designed to help you develop the inner qualities and outer behaviors that 

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INNER STRENGTH Success Journal

Get Aligned,

Get Integrated,

Get Results: Create A Life Of Extraordinary Meaning,

Purpose & Fulfillment

Anthony Robbins Ultimate Edge

Inner Strength Create A Daily Practice & Unleash Your PassionSuccess Journal

Ultimate EdgeTM Welcome to your first two sessions of the Ultimate Edge™—your gift and start to getting the most out of life regardless of the circumstances that confront you and achieving the results you want,

time—everything that matters to you most

The Ultimate Edge™ is a program designed to follow a series of steps,

in order to maximize your results

Through these two introductory sessions you will reclaim your Inner Strength® and start to apply the key principles for ultimate transformation

STEP 1: Listen to the audio sessions

These sessions are designed to deliver the greatest impact for transforming your life in the least amount of time

STEP 2: Take notes and complete your assignments in this Inner Strength® Success Journal

This workbook is specially designed to accompany these audio sessions

It provides a deeper explanation and assignments to get you taking action and ultimately achieving results

! STEP 3: Continue the momentum

By the end of these audios you will experience a new found Inner Strength®

You can continue this momentum with the complete system of the Ultimate Edge™ found at www

which includes Personal Power® Classic and Get The Edge®,

then the final session of Inner Strength®

The system also includes a powerful piece on Identity,

the first of three bonuses from the PowerTalk®

To make sure the momentum you build doesn’t stop we also include the following with the Ultimate Edge™: 1

$100 discount coupon toward any of Tony Robbins’ multi-day live events

Your convenient one-on-one personal Strategy Session with a trained coach

Your online Personality Profile that will give you enormous insight into what really drives you and show you how your individual emotions,

behaviors and style can be harnessed to help you achieve whatever it is you want in your life

The Ultimate Edge™ starts with an awareness of the forces that lie within—take advantage of your Personal Power to create unstoppable momentum in your life now

! ©2012 Robbins Research International,

San Diego,

All rights reserved

Unauthorized duplication of any portion of the audio,

video or written materials contained is a violation of applicable laws

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Create SuccessAJournal Daily Practice & Unleash Your Passion

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny Understanding and Directing the Forces that Shape Your Life To take our lives to the next level,

we need to understand that the external world is not the driving force in who we become or what we choose to create for our lives

We all want to take control of the internal forces that shape the direction of our lives so that we may fully realize our emotional,

financial and spiritual potential

In this session we will learn the insights,

strategies and triggers that can change the quality of your life in a moment

During the times in life where we get frustrated or overwhelmed or maybe even feel stuck,

often there is something that snaps—a moment when everything changes

Regardless of what stage of life you may be in (if you are on a roll and want to continue to the next level,

or if you are experiencing challenges you need to turn around),

this session of the Ultimate Edge helps you to cultivate the inner strength necessary to forge a path toward true meaning and happiness

Whether it’s changing your body,

turning around your finances or finding passion in your relationship,

you will discover not motivation but inspiration for you to accomplish what you’ve always wanted and shape your own destiny

The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny The 3 Pillars of Progress

The road to transformation begins with the foundation of the 3 Pillars of Progress

Get Into Action

! Unlock and Unleash Alignment and Integration=Power

Get the Best Tools/Map/Strategy/ Coaching for Results

Get Laser-Focused,

Make It Clear and Compelling

Massive Action

Achieve Success Contribute Celebrate

First Pillar: Get Focused and Clear,

and Make It Compelling The first step is to clarify the results you desire in your life

What do you want most in the areas of life that are important to you

? What is your definition of an extraordinary quality of life

? What do you need to take your life to the next level

? Without a clear and compelling vision for what you want today,

you won’t be able to even find the target of lasting happiness,

Your chances of knowing what your bullseye looks like,

depends on how honest you can be with yourself

When you’ve got a clear and compelling vision of what it is you want,

it shifts your mind and emotions,

giving you the impetus to shift your actions toward your goals

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Second Pillar: Get the Best Tools for Results Once you’ve defined your target,

you need an effective and efficient game plan to hit it

In order to close the “gap” between where you are and where you want to be,

an effective mentor and training to drive you to take action

Armed with proven tools,

an effective coach to constantly measure your progress and an empowering community to hold you to a higher standard,

there is no way that you won’t get the results that you deserve

Third Pillar: Get Integrated and Get Aligned However,

sometimes tools are not enough: you need to unlock what’s blocking you and unleash your power

Why is it that sometimes we know what to do,

we have great motives for change,

and yet we fail to follow through

? Or we make changes in the moment,

but they do not last long term

? What’s missing is a practical understanding of human psychology: why we do what we do and how to change it

By understanding your personal blueprint—how you create meaning and emotion and what causes you to think,

feel and behave the way you do—you can not only gain the answers to these questions but learn how to create lasting change and fulfillment

Through the process of discovering,

understanding and aligning your internal drives,

you are able to channel them so that you naturally move in the direction you desire more—a direction that serves not only you but also all those you care about

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny Resources vs

Resourcefulness The biggest illusion we have in life of why we can’t achieve something is that we start to believe that we’re lacking adequate resources

I don’t have enough money

I don’t have enough time

I don’t know the right people

I don’t have the right training

While any of these may in fact be true,

there has certainly been something in your life where one or more of the above factors didn’t stop you

You found a way

You may not have had the money,

but you were creative enough to get it

You may not have had the education,

but you found another way to learn a skill

If the obstacle seems absolutely impenetrable but you’re focused enough,

if you have enough determination,

enough flexibility and enough creativity

The truth is resources are never the real problem

The real problem is a lack of resourcefulness,

and the ultimate resource is human emotion

Human emotion is how we get the resources we need

We tend to forget this because we live and operate in a cognitively driven world,

we lean on our ability to figure things out

And if we reach a point where it seems like we can’t figure out a solution,

that’s when the illusion of failure keeps us from reaching our goals

But in reality,

if we feel strongly enough about something,

no amount of time or perceived lack of resources would keep us from achieving what we want

The mind needs fuel

It operates very differently when you’re passionate about something than when you’re frustrated,

Your mind will wire itself differently when you’re feeling excited,

inspired or engaged in what you want to achieve,

like there’s a real purpose behind your goals

That passion expands into your thoughts,

actions and the way you interact with people

Change the fuel that drives the mind,

and you change the experience of anything you’re trying to accomplish

We’re either unresourceful or resourceful based on the habit of emotions that we use most often

Once you realize that you are in control of the fuel that directs your thoughts and actions,

the next step is to recognize the power of the decisions you make from moment to moment and throughout your life

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny Two Master Lessons of Life Gaining the ultimate edge in life requires mastering two skills: the Science of Achievement and the Art of Fulfillment

The Science of Achievement—going from where you are to where you want to be—requires a plan,

You can achieve anything you desire simply by following certain laws

Whether you want to improve your financial outlook,

enhance your relationships or sculpt your body into fantastic shape,

following a set of scientific principles will guarantee results

The Art of Fulfillment means experiencing tremendous joy in the process— so you feel not only the excitement of the pursuit but the enthusiasm and gratitude for the little things in life along the way

If you’re going to feel happy,

excited and passionate about life,

you must understand that these lessons go hand in hand

Consider the very famous—although they achieve the heights of success,

some never feel fulfilled despite the money,


success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny The Power of Decision Can you think about the areas in your life where you feel most fulfilled,

? The path to fulfillment is progressive—an ongoing journey or a project that engages your love,

More often than not,

you can pinpoint a moment of significant change that inspired or triggered the actions that led to personal achievement

It is in these moments that you align and focus the power of your inner world to accomplish success and fulfillment in the external world

The goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to create and take advantage of these moments of personal empowerment

Utilizing this power—this emotional fitness—to work against fear and doubt and overcome any obstacle allows you to become the architect of your own destiny instead of simply reacting to the forces in your environment

The Ultimate Edge = Psychological Strength Mental edge and focus that maximize who you are,

what you’re capable of and what you get to enjoy out of this life

The Power of Decisions We are able to exercise this emotional fitness and psychological strength through action

Nothing changes without new action

It is also essential to remember that every action is parented by a decision

Before you take action,

No matter how inconsequential a decision may appear to be,

even the smallest decisive notion could change the outcome of your life

It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped

Decisions = Destiny Each day we’re making new decisions and creating new actions,

all fueled by the power of emotion

It is up to us to nurture the emotions that engender a level of positive activity and growth through consistent and focused decision-making

Some decisions may only have short-term impact,

and others affect us far beyond what we could imagine in the moment

Either way,

remember: decisions are shaping your life’s destiny

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny The Three Decisions There are three decisions you’re making every moment of your life,

either consciously or unconsciously

Developing the capacity to make the changes you want to make in life depends on your ability to become conscious of the decisions that you’re making all of the time

First Decision: What Are You Going to Focus On

? Every moment of your life you have to decide what you’re going to focus on

If you don’t consciously choose where to point the lens,

your brain just goes into the habit of what it usually focuses on

Most people focus on what they’re afraid of,

So if you keep focusing on what you fear,

As you think about it,

it becomes alive inside of you

On the other hand,

if you focus on the potential in an event or situation,

then opportunities begin to present themselves

Second Decision: What Does This Mean

? The minute you focus on something,

your mind has to come up with a meaning for it

From an evolutionary standpoint,

the human nervous system has to know: is this going to mean pain or pleasure

? Whatever meaning you give to an experience,

then that experience becomes that meaning because you make it real in your body and mind

If you don’t consciously choose what things mean,

Come up with an empowering meaning,

and you change how you’ll feel

Third Decision: What Am I Going to Do

? Once you focus on something and give it a meaning,

Those emotions filter what you do and trigger action,

If you’re angry,

are you going to do something different than if you’re feeling grateful

are you going to do something different than if you feel determined,

? It all comes down to these three decisions

They’re shaping your life moment to moment

If you take control of them,

You don’t have to wait to be emotionally fit in order to start down the path that will lead to your ultimate edge

You have to decide to raise the standard of what you expect for yourself now

You have to decide that it’s time to go to the next level

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny The Two Forces that control our decisions There are two forces that influence every decision we make:

Our Decisions State (in the moment)

Blueprint (long term)

State Ultimately,

we want to feel states of empowerment,

that will positively impact the quality of our decisions most of the time

Few people are in empowered states all of the time

But even “negative” states of emotion—frustration,

envy—can sometimes be useful to propel us to make changes

Being conscious of our moment-to-moment state gives us better control over how we feel,

hence control over the quality of decisions we end up making

Blueprint Our Blueprint is our Model of the World—a specific set of beliefs about how we’re supposed to be,

how life’s supposed to be or how other people are supposed to treat us,

which determines what we’re even willing to consider doing or not doing

In short,

our Blueprint will have a massive impact on the decisions we make both in the short term and in the long term because it colors how we look at our lives

Blueprint: A Brief Introduction We experience happiness whenever our Life Conditions (what is actually happening with our career,

) align with our Blueprint or Model of the World

Since there is no gap between our expectations and reality in this area,

Life Conditions = Blueprint = Happiness But if there is an area of life that is causing you pain,

it’s because your Life Conditions do not match your Blueprint

Life Conditions ≠ Blueprint = Pain 10

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Success Leaves clues Journal Notes

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny Your Assignment Let’s Take a Look at Your Life 1

What is an area of your life where you are really happy

Why are you happy in this area

What is an area of your life where you are not happy

Why are you unhappy in this area

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny Three Choices When we are unhappy and our Life Conditions do not match our Blueprint,

we have three choices as to how we’re going to handle the challenge:

Pain provides 3 choices

Blame 1) events 2) others 3) yourself

Change Your Life Conditions

Change Your Blueprint

First Choice: Blame The first choice people have is to assign blame,

and there are three things you can blame: •

There’s a story,

behind why things are the way they are

However accurate the story may be,

blaming an event is convenient because it helps preserve an identity designed to shield us from our true fears: fear of failure and fear of not being loved or accepted

“I’m in this situation because this person …” Similarly,

but it’s convenient and gives you comfort in the moment

“There’s nothing wrong with me

It’s this other person

There’s nothing I need to change


Most people think that this is being responsible,

but blaming yourself will not make it better

There’s a difference between responsibility and beating yourself up—between “Here’s a pattern that I’ve got to change” and “I’m not good enough

Blame is a choice that doesn’t give you anything

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Second Choice: Change Your Life Conditions Take a new action,

something that will help you make significant progress

If you want to have happiness,

you have to understand one thing: progress = happiness

If you feel like you’re making progress in an area of your life,

you will start to be pleased in that area

You start to get more focused and specific about what you want to change,

and you build momentum toward the results you want

you want to open your own business,

find an achiever to mentor you

Get focused on why you want to make the change and commit to something new in your life

Third Choice: Change Your Blueprint Sometimes things are outside of your control,

but you CAN control how you configure your rules about how things should be

Your happiness is going to be limited if you want success but aren’t willing to ever be judged or want love but distrust the opposite sex

Sometimes adjusting your Blueprint means compromising some of your rules that are difficult for you and others to live up to or are simply impossible to fulfill

When it comes to the three choices you face on how to handle a problem,

the first choice isn’t really a choice at all

Blame leaves you stuck,

spinning your wheels with no options to change as you tell yourself,

“There’s nothing I can do about it because …” We all use blame at times,

but the quicker you can get out of it,

the faster you’ll be empowered to either change your life conditions or change your perspective,

tangible options that can instantly transform a relationship,

Your Assignment

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Success Leaves clues Journal Notes

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 1: Decisions & Destiny Your Assignment EXERCISE: Write What an Extraordinary Life Would Be Like for You Today … Write a paragraph or two to answer this question: What would your life be like if it was exactly the way you wanted it to be today

start with the ultimate end in mind

If your life were extraordinary—life on your terms—what would that look like

? Who would you spend more time with

? What would you appreciate more

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Success Leaves clues Journal Notes

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 2: Your Hour of Power The Key to Personal Transformation & Results There are two forces controlling every decision in our lives:

State: How you feel in any given moment

Blueprint: Your structure of beliefs and values

Hour of Power is designed to help you create rituals to condition empowering emotional states

Gaining the ultimate edge in life means experiencing the primary emotions you want regardless of life’s events,

not just attaining a life that works out every way you want it to


but you can control what it means to you

And when you control what it means to you,

To make that happen,

you must recapture what’s missing—time for yourself,

time to heal mentally and emotionally so that consistent space facilitates a shift in your habitual thoughts and feelings

You don’t want to wait to attain a goal you’ve been looking to reach for a long time before you start feeling good about life

You want to direct the course of your life

Fulfillment is not an automatic result of success

Fulfillment is an emotion you must nurture to enhance your quality of life as you work toward your goals and beyond

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 2: Your Hour of Power Take Stock of Your Emotions Which emotions do you feel on a regular basis

? Make a list of all the emotions you consistently experience in an average week



Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 2: Your Hour of Power The Three Patterns that Create Any Emotion: The Triad Anything in life you want,

you only want because of the feeling you think obtaining it will give you

But the truth is that you could have that feeling right now—simply by changing the following three patterns:

Your Physiology •

Emotion is created by motion

Whatever you’re feeling right now is related to how you’re using your body

Your Focus and Beliefs •

Whatever you focus on is what you’re going to feel whether it is true or not

Your Language •

Questions: Thinking is nothing more than mentally asking and answering a series of questions

Eliminate any habitual questions that do not serve you (e

Words: If you want to change your life,

pay attention to the words you repeat to yourself

Certain words can change the way you feel: I think you’re mistaken vs

I think you’re wrong vs

I think you’re lying

Incantations: When you repeat a phrase with enough emotional intensity,

Utilize the power of incantations by using the ones that support you the most

Sample Incantations “Every day and in every way,

I’m getting stronger and stronger

I’ve broken free and won

And now it’s time to love myself and really have some fun

Tap Into Your Awareness Get into the habit of evaluating your triad and conditioning yourself to experience the great emotions you want

What are you doing with your body

? What are you focusing on or believing

? What are you saying to yourself

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Success Leaves clues Journal Notes

Anthony Robbins

Inner Strength Success Journal

Session 2: Your Hour of Power Your Daily Habit for Extraordinary health & Happiness Train yourself to jump out of bed immediately,

and start your day with movement

Phase 1: Move and Breathe (5 Minutes) •

Keep your shoes beside the bed,

! Get up each day and physically move,

going outside and starting with a walk to warm up your body and wake up your metabolism

Take several diaphragmatic breaths in the ratio: inhale for one count,

hold for four counts and exhale for two counts

for the first five minutes of your walk,

practice the pattern of “breathwalking

” Inhale four times through your nose,

exhale four times through your mouth and repeat continuously

Phase 2: Get Grateful and Visualize (10 Minutes) • •

Think about everything you’re grateful for

Start with yourself,

business associates and special moments in your life Visualize everything you want in your life as if you have already achieved it and you are grateful for it

Your brain can’t tell the difference between something you vividly imagine and something you actually experience

Focus on what you want to create today

What do you want to make happen

? See it happening the way you want it

Phase 3: Use Incantations and Exercise (15–30 Minutes) • •

Do your incantations out loud

Speaking engages your physiology and conditions the ideas into your mind

Exercise and then celebrate

Your Assignment

Step 1: Today,

keep your eyes open for magic moments

Step 2: Tomorrow,

start your day by doing your Hour of Power,

Anthony Robbins