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Impact of Ascending Signs

Spinal Cord Disorders - Stritch School of Medicine

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Spinal Cord Disorders - Stritch School of Medicine


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2 Pisces

The Sun,

Venus and Saturn



Weak planets\are those planets which are combust,

in their signs of debilitation,

in the state of infancy/oid age,

tn their signs of debilitation ~naYamsaaetd in the mooltrikona sign of a planet weak on the grounds mentioned above

Afflicting planets are Rahu,

Ketu and respective functional malefics for various ascendants

Afflicted planets are those planets which have close conjunction/aspect of afflicting planets

When two planets or a planet and midpoint of a particular house have longitudinal difference between the conjunction/aspect formed less than five degreees,

the conjunction/aspect is considered close

The impact of affliction is greater on weak planets than the planets which are well placed and strong

The above background,

will help you in understanding the impact of planetary influences more precisely and in a much better way

IMPACT The Sagittarius and Leo ascendants are better as apart from Rahu and Ketu the only functional malefic is the Moon

The transit conjunctions of the Moon with natal positions are more often but short lived as they take just a few h'ours in separation

The Gemini ascendant is best as it does not have any functional malefic other than Rahu and Ketu


Aries • and Libra ascendants have Mercury only as functional malefic apart from Rahu and Ketu

Transit Mercury takes just two or three days in separation whenever it forms close malefic conjunctions with or aspect to natal positions

The problems,

On the other hand see the Cancer ascendent

apart from slow moving Rahu and Ketu,

the slow moving planets Saturn and Jupiter become functional malefics

Whenever these four planets form transit conjunctions/aspects,

they are l'1ng lived and leave scars




About the author

Preface Intuition Quest for Accuracy Functional nature of Planets and Systems' Approach Role of Intuition The Traditional Approach Peculiarities of Ascending Signs Remedial Measures


Impact of Ascending Signs Introduction Impact The Classical Base Exalted and Vargottam Planets Role of Planets

How to Analyse a Horoscope ih Three Minutes

Aries Ascendant

Taurus Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant

Cancer Ascendant

Leo Ascendant Libra Ascendant

Scorpio Ascendant

Sagittarius Ascendant

Virgo Ascendant

'Capricorn Ascendant

Aquarius Ascendant

PilCIi Ascendant


IMPACT OF ASCENDING SIGNS INTRODUCTION Identifying impact of aSl'f'nding (rising) signs is one of the very important fields of horo« opu roadlllg

The characteristics of the lord of the rising sign fructify in full depending upon the strength of the lord of the rising lign,

This is more so if a mooltrikona aiufI "

If the sion Capricorn rises m tho nSlI'I"I

II,t and :

!IIIIIIS utterly weak and afflicted,

it will nut affoct the lungovlty badly,

ct of the planet pertains to ita mooltrikona sign

In case AquariUS rises in the ascendant and Saturn is weak and badly afflicted

it is a drawback for the longevity of the native in addrtion to the poor physical development of the native for making him industrious

Before we proceed further,

let us understand a few preliminaries

Under the Systems' Approach,

the horoscope reading is only done with reference to the rising si'JlI i

The functional nature of the planets IS dc

uted on the basis of placement of their mooltrikona sruns

Cancer is considered as mooltrikona sign of the Moon

The functional malefics are those planets whose mool-trikona signs fall in the sixth,

All other planets are treated as functional benefics

Based on this,

the functional malefics for various ascendants are-as under:-



Mercury rte

ABC (Male) Dec,

Balance dasa of Saturn at birth: 14 years 6 months 24 days

11 Dec'93



Note down the functional malefics for the ascendant as per SYSTEMS' APPROACH

For the sample horoscope the





In Infancy (i

longitude less than 5° in a particular sign)

In old age (i

longitude more than 25° in a particular sign)

In debilitation

In combustion

Debilitated in navamsa

Bad placement Ii

In the mooltrikona sign of a weak planet i



AFFLICTED PLANETS Afflicted planets are those which are closely conjunct with or closely aspected by functional malefics noted above

Sample Horoscope Venus (closely conjunct with Jupiter) Saturn (closely aspected by Ketu)

SEVERELY AFFLICTED PLANETS Those planets which are weak,

badly placed and afflicted are treated as severely afflicted planets

Sample Horoscope

STEP V Identify close auspicious conjunctions/aspects,

of functional benefics amongst themselves or to the midpoints of houses

AUSPICIOUS CONJUNCTIONS Sample Horoscope The Moon to the mid point of the ascendant

Mercury to the mid point of the fifth house

Mars to the mid point of the sixth haUl•

AUSPICIOUS ASPECTS Sample Horoscope The Moon receiving aspect of Mars


The Moon and Venus

In exaltation sign


Good placement but weak,

Good placement,

Bad placement,

Good placement Good placement,

conjunct with functional benefic Venus

Good placement,

own sign but afflicted by close conjunction of Jupiter

Good placement,

Noting down the strength of functional malefics is also necessary because as explained earlier,

every planet has many roles to play

STEP VII ASSESS LONGEVITY If a Mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant pay special attention to the longevity by seeing the strength of planets and the functional nature of the operating planets i

Most of the planets being weak and severe afflictions to the ascendant or to the ascendant lord with operating period of functional malefics give short life

Similarly placed planets with operating period of functional benefics give middle span of life

Weak planets keep the significations to a lower level,

Severely afflicted planets cause tragedies or fatal diseases

The operating periods reduce/increase the impact

Pay special attention to the transit strength of operating planets


Two way astral remedies are suggested

Charities or propitiatory methods for functional malefics

Strengthening measures for weak functional benefic planets through KAVACH made of mystical numbers,

Colour and Gem Therapy

Effective remedial measures have been suggested for various ascendants at the end of each Chapter on the twelve ascendants

These remedial measures help in warding off the evils and generating good results for the native concerned


ASCENDANT The sign Cancer rises,

The Moon is personified as a Queen in the planetary cabinet

With strong,

well placed and unafflicted Moon,

the native was born in an affluent family

SUN The Sun rules the house of status and is well placed and unafflicted

The Sun gave a senior position to the native in a governmental organisation

MARS The weakness of Mars created many tense moments in his professional career

During the sub-period of Mars in the main period of Venus he could not be promoted inspite of the authorities intending to promote him

The circumstances changed at the eleventh hour

The native's,

The good and unafflicted placement of Mercury indicates his intelligence,

good communication skills and sharp intellect

This is one of the reasons of his acquiring his present status


Good placement of Jupiter indicates and has given graceful ' and pleasant personality

He has been blessed with children ~J including a son

He enjoys good physical health with slight f' problem of hypertension because of Jupiter's conjunction (as a functional malefic) with Venus,