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Hema Malini Rape

38 Film Review-A Breath of Fresh Air-Review of Indirapmd

PDF Analysing the Concepts of Sexual Harassment Media Watch journal mediawatchjournal in wp content uploads 2019 pdf 3 pdf convincingly by Hema Malini) who seeks redress for is when she wins a rape case against a powerful

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38 Film Review-A Breath of Fresh Air-Review of Indirapmd

convincingly by Hema Malini) who seeks redress for is when she wins a rape case against a powerful commercial films, the rape victim's first reaction is not

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This is a story about the great dream girl Hema Malini Just in case u have forgotten her,

here are two hot stills of her……

Hema malini’s Rape

Coatwala : Hey,

U’re a top class slut,

Hema………Want to fuck u right now……

Hema : Don’t talk non sense……

Dharamji will get angry……

Coatwala : What is this

Devanand ,

Rajesh kanna,


Let me take just one shot at ur lovely cunt……

Hema : Don’t talk cheaply…

My cunt is costly & is reserved for only great heroes……

I will not spread my cunt to any Tom……

Coatwala : U cheep whore……

Dont I know that for getting a role,

how many cocks u have sucked……

Hema : Hey,

I have just returned after fucking Sanjeev Kapoor……

I am tired……

Coatwala : Bloody whore……

turnaround and show that ass for me……… Hema : Hey,

I will bend and show my ass,

Coatwala : U stupid slut,

after seeing your lovely buttocks,

will any fool leave u without screwing u

my main asset is my boobs only………

Coatwala : just give me one shot u whore,

just one shot into your cunt…

Hema : No…

My cunt is aching fucking that Sanjeev kapoor…

Coatwala : Fucking Hema ,

I am stripping u of ur sari………and exposing ur lovely fair back……

Hema : hey ,

If not a fuck,

why don’t u suck my cock……

Hema : U asshole,

I will bite your cock with my teeth………

Coatwala : Turn and lift your ass for me u whore……

Let me fuck u like a dog……

Hema : Hey no,

just yesterday Rajesh Khanna fucked me doggy style…

My ass is also sore,

Coatwala : No way…

If u r not lifting ur petticoat and showing ur ass,

I will strip u of ur jacket too………

Hema : U son of a bitch,

how many times to tell u that I am not ready for an assfuck

Coatwala : U may not be ready…

But my cock is fully ready to enter ur ass……

Hema : Hey,

if u want I will show cleavage,

see it and leave me alone………

Coatwala : Aha ,

then bend nocely and show me your cleavage u cock sucker……

Hema : Ya,

see my cleavage and leave my ass alone ……

every mother fucker wants to fuck my ass only……

Coatwala : come and suck my cock then……

I will leave u……

Just lick my cock a few times u slut……

Hema : Ya ,

I will suck ur cock,

but pls don’t screw me……

Coatwala : No way u dumb whore,

I am going to strip u and rape u like hell today……

Hema : No pls leave me…

Dharamji will feel bad that already u have torn my jacket and exposed my bra………

Coatwala : I will expose u ,

doesn’t that proclaim what a whore u r……

Come suck my cock……

Hema : Ya ,

I will suck ur cock,

I will even lick ur balls……

But pls don’t rape me…

Coatwala agrees and mothfucks Hema and Hema is saved from a rape………