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Helping Yourself With ESP

Serving EBD students Some Basic Principles of a GNETS Community

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Serving EBD students Some Basic Principles of a GNETS Community


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With ESP by Dr





Here's an amazing book that shows you how to open up an amazill� dimension of psychic power through extra-sensory-perceptioll

Within these pages,


who has studied this suhj of emergencies I could swear that another car has been stopp ed at just that one inch point,

There is one exception to the perfect twenty-year record

Durin g one short period of great emotional stress,

I decided that this wh ole spiritual business was a bunch of hogwash,

You can lead a charmed life from now on

The great strength of the whole Judea-Christian tradition is its generous,

You should renew your protection by using the exercise at

mental work before your light can give you

entitled to exercise his own freedom of choice in the matte r of accepting such protection

Are you using it

? It works quite like the pro­ thought and living light for its protective shield

This is one thing that no one can do for you

You must do Ihe asking

Ask your Heavenly Father for th e protective white light

Then accept the loving gift,

and lead a spi ritually charmed life forevermore

Do it now

! "The white light of div ine protection surrounds me now,

sealing out all negative thou ghts un d'experience

Only goodness and purity can pene trate this wonderful light,

and I will send nothing but goodne ss out t hrough it

Thank you,

Heavenly Father,


I i: 'I 'I II'I ' ,' I,,

,I i ' I

'' ' ' '' ' 'I "I II' ' ' I ' ,

:'I I 'I ·' '' 'I '' : ' ' ' I i'


I I ,:' ,

· I I · 'i ' ' I,

I I '' " ' ' II I I

:I :: II II ' ,

I'I ' ' ' '' I ,

There can be time for travel and mingling with

How to en

oy your ever increasing riches

You have paved the way for spirit to manifest ever growing abund&nee in your life,

so now it is only necessary to learn to enjoy it

This may sound easy,

but it is spotted with pitfalls _ left over from your past attitudes

A man who entered adult life

shortly before the great depression of 1929 makes an excellent

This man lost his savings when the _ bank failed,

then went for some time without a job when his employer failed

Over the years he learned some of the laws of prosperity,

but they were tempered by the vivid memories of the early thirties

He established a goal of success as


and attained it reasonably easily

but he could never let himself progress any farther

At every meal he kidded about

carving very thin slices of meat to be sure there was some eft for tomorrow,

and his general attitude was one of lookmg over his shoulder for the corning disaster

By his own standards he was a success,

but there was something drastically wrong with his yardstick

He might have progressed so much farther into the good life if only he could accept the infinite supply of the Almighty

As you grow spiritually,

it is natural to grow financia ly also

Don't restrict the wonderful flow of riches by doubtmg the infinite nature of its source

Accept the flow and use it

! Your natural desires are good,

and it is good for you and the economy

Of course there is a point of balan e be tween _ gratification and overindulgence,

will guide you if you pay just a little attention

Then enjoy paying your bills

! Look upon each mvmce as a wonderful reminder of God's loving opulence

It is your happy pleasure to keep the flow of riches ever growing and circulating in your life by paying each bill as it becomes due

Ma1l your

I I ,I '


checks with a word of thanks to your bountiful Heavenly Father for your many blessings,

and watch your goods grow and grow

Let your riches buy you time for things that aro

people of other cultures and religions,

for acaJemic or spir­ itual study,

and for those periods of relaxation that precede great spurts of spiritual growth

Relax and enjoy your ever increasing riches

You will bless many others as well as your­ self

Points to Remember

Money is merely an idea

Love of money is a good emotion

Demonstrate to your spiritual teachers that money will aid your spiritual growth

Attract your riches through increased personal ef­ fectiveness

Practice creative problem solution

Improve your flow of riches by clea ring your mental channels of the old negative blocks

Se t up a current to attract riches by priming the pump VIII

Accept the flow of riches into your life

Build your ring-pass-not to protect you from all harm

Enjoy your ever increasing riches

I I i ''· II,

Use ESP to Build a Dynami c'Personality That

Attracts the Righ t People


Have you ever noticed how little groups tend to center mound certain individuals at a party

? If the center of atten1 ion is a woman,

you may try to shrug it off as a low cut evening

but in your heart you know there is much more to it

There is an intangible something which attracts people in much the same way that moths are attracted to a bright light

You have some of this power now,

can become a center of attention wherever you go

It is only necessary to learn the simple laws involved

How to use your psychic oxtend your personaliiy

The real secret of personal popularity and effectiveness in �ocial and business relationships lies in an ancient saying often

I> lamed on Emerson

It goes something like this : Wlwt you are

I can't hear what you say

All people are psychic

although many don't cnll it that and tend to

Ignore it

But this is no reason for us to skip over it

Let's restate

our proposition £or emphasis :

All humans receive psychic im11ressions from their surroundings,


largely unconscious to many people

Many times in your own

you have been touched by the obvious sinceri y of one new acquaintance or the complete lack of scruples m another

You can be certain now that the feeling was psy­


some people and quickly form deep and lastmg fnendshrps,

while it may take months or even years to learn to tolerate others

Let's examine the psychic reasons for this instinctive behavior as our best approach to gaining control over it

In spite of his reverence for intellect,

psychologists insist that modern

man is governed by his emotions to a much greater d'gree than he realizes

We play great games with ourselves trymg to be­ lieve that our major decisions are based on sound intellectual judgment,

but we rush into marriage or purchasing homes,

cars or minks without so much as a shred of reason to support our actions

This is not necessarily bad,

it is simply a fact worthy of careful contemplation

How long has it been since you got good and mad at somebody

you can see the tremendous power of emotion to cloud or completely obscure intellectual reasoning

Now what is that power

? Does it have other effects on us

This brings us right back to the psychic centers

Your own

psychic centers are active twenty-four hours of every d'y

They constantly send and receive the vibratory energy whrch is the power of emotion

Your aura is a field of the blended energies from each of your centers,

by your changing thought and emotronal patterns

It rs al o

affected by similar patterns in people with whom you come m close contact

Physical proximity to another person naturally

· may have thought it silly to feel that way,

but there is a sound basis in fact for it

Some auras react upon each other to produce emotional and psychological peace of much greater qu ality · than either person see ms able to attain alone

It falls in with

that interesting promise of the Master,

Where two or three are

Don't hesi­

tate to enjoy such relationships without reservation,

it will ad• vance the spiritual progress of all concerne d

What of the few persons whose presence seems to make you ,· tense and uncomfortable

? Some auras don't naturally blend

with each other without the conscious effort of at least one

It is reasonable to avoid contact with pe ople •· whose presence makes you uncomfortable

But you should look forward to the day when you learn to adjust your own

aura to compensate for the difference in vibration

Still it may require substantial effort to adjust your aura enough to re main comfortable in the presence of one who is intensely sel f-cen­ ,

This may help us to underst and

why we seldom receive physical visits from our own spi rit ' teachers

They certainly want to give us all the encouragem ent · and help we need,

but to bring their highly refined auras too to our relatively coarse ones must make them just as as some lesser developed humans make us

extra thanks next time you are aware of a spirit teacher's and strive to purify your thoughts and aura as much possible to help make your friend's stay more pleasant

The basic techniques apply to making a visiting spirit or a tir normal person comfortable by adjusting your aura

is the secret of making other people like you

brings your auras closer together,

and your emotional reactions to each other are the result of the harmonic blending of these vibrations in the case of pleasant relationships or dissonance when the relationships are negative

Certainly you have at least one friend whose very presence is a comfort to you

Regardless of your opinion of them or their station in life,

is to your advantage to be liked by as many people as pas­ Others' feelings about you do have an effect on your aura



The positive feelings are helpful of course,

jections to blend and harmonize

You will make a substantial

vibrations must be continually cleansed out of your being if

contribution to the goodwill of the world by spreading peace,

you are to remain at maximum effectiveness

Now the less

and joy by entering into the spirit

negativity that impinges upon you,

Give of yourself to promote the

wasted in purifying your aura,

Provide the light touch that gently

left for conslTuctive accomplishments

kids a comrade out of a bad mood,

The universe tends to return your basic projections as the

pattern of your own daily experience,

Build the habit of psychically seeking the best method to

ing the sort of vibrations you project into your surroundings

bring out the good in your associates

There is no better way

It should be obvious that the more positive the emanations

to add to your own good than by seeking good for others

the more pleasant will be the response from

attention to your clairsentient impulses,

and act on them for the upliftment of everyone you contact

· Often you will find

The sincere,

confident approach to life is the most effective way to tune your psychic centers for this

that helping someone else involves selling an idea

You may hide your true feelings from the conscious minds of others,

but you can't keep from projecting them into

How to sell an idea

the great psychic stream from which everyone receives im­ pressions

There is no escaping

The first principle of idea selling is communication

you must project sincere goodwill at

often an idea has to be sold because your friend has a psychic

There are no shortcuts,

or emotional block to clear thinking in his problem area

But a habit of genuine goodwill toward

direct approach is seldom effective,

all your fellow beings will bring you many side blessings while

"A woman convinced against her will is a woman un­

it truly makes everyone like you

" And that is equally true of men

If you would

Projecting genuine goodwill is the first half of the battle,

effectively reach your friend,

it will give excellent results just by itself

But let's also con­

Similarily in the commercial world,

sider a more positive use of your ESP in this area

If you could

will attempt the psychologically symbolic act of sitting on the

tune in to the other's moods by sensing the projections of his

same side of the desk as his prospect in order to create the

wouldn't you know just what to say and do to achieve

impression that both men are on the same team,

? You already have a tool to do

You will rarely sell anything as an ad­

! Use your rapidly developing clairsentience to tune

but the job is easy from a position of psychic rapport

in on the other's psychic wave length

Everyone has some ex­

Take the time to build it with friendly topical conversation

perience in sensing another's moods,

Then begin a friendly game of verbal fencing while your con­

accuracy and sensitiveness as you apply your conscious at­

versation skirts the fringes of your main point

A typewriter salesman's approach to one particular office manager is a good illustration of the technique

During mo st of the period in question the office had no machines of the

tention to this very practical psychic application

As you sense your friend's mood,

a combination of intuition and good judgement will lead you to adjust your own pro-





ive tit pe m co y irt th t ou ab ed at er op ey th t bu salesman's make,

yl st pe ty d'an el od m to as ed iz rd machines standa e h re he w t ac nt co ed nt ai qu ac tge a man's first visit was strictly sub­ ch ea on n he T l

ia er at m l'na tio sa er nv co re probed for futu e th t ou ab ns io st qu ly nd ie fr ith w sequent visit he opened

_ e tl it L'e th m n so s'hi of s'es ogr pr e th d'office manager's family an ce an en nt ai m t ou ab ed ir qu in he t si vi League

On his second s'hi n O

rs te ri w pe ty g in ist ex e th on e problems and down tim e b to ed ov pr ch hi w s'on bb ri n ze do a third visit he sold them e fiv t os m al as w It e

us r la gu re in es on e slightly better than th

s hi of rator st on m de a g in av le to nd ou ar t go he re fo months be p hi ns tio la re al on rs pe e th pt ke he e tim is th latest model,

and all ry ev ed ac pl re he y ll ua nt ve E

on ti sa er nv uppermost in the co g tm ra st on m de y rl ea cl by n ow s'hi ith w ne competitive machi m fr ed in ga be to e tim st pi ty st lo d'an st co ir the savings in repa mg m co er ov in as w b jo his of rt pa st he ug to his product

The ad­ to d'an ge an ch to ce an st si re nal io ot em 's the office manager ing iz rd da an st in e ak ist m a e ad m ve ha ht ig mitting that he m com­ ac be ly on d'ul co s'hi T e

ac pl st fir e th in on the other line office e th so t,

ec bj su e th g in ch oa pr ap ly ct re di plished by in r

ro er an of nt hi a en ev it m ad to d'ha r manager neve y­ ps ge sa es m ur yo nd Se e

qu ni ch te e Note the details of th ­ ar C

ue iss n ai m e th s'irt sk n tio sa er nv chically while your co 1s ct pe os p ur yo at th ns io at ic pl im or fully avoid statements ly w slo ad him le d,

ng lli yt an t ou completely wrong ab g in en op om fr m hi to fit ne be l'ia nt te po a to see that there is or­ pl ex in ed st re te in ly al fin is he n he W

ea id his mind to a new you t n' do hy w e: lik n tio es qu g in ad le a k as ,

ea ing the new id about w ho : an sm le sa er rit w pe ty r ou of se ca e th try it

? Or in a r fo ith w nd ou ar ay pl to u yo r fo or my bringing a demonstrat couple of weeks

? ct pe os pr ur yo t ge n ca u yo n he w t ar e th You are a master of ­ di lly fu re ca ur yo of th ow tgr ou an as ea to verbalize the id ly al re e er w ea id e th if as m hi se ai pr en Th rected discussion

long as ea id od go a r fo it ed cr ve ha to ve ha t n' his own


People like to believe they are doing own thinking whether it is true or not

Let them,

But remember that this technique should be used

only if you are genuinely interested in the other's welfare

Otherwise your lack of sincerity will reach your friend's psy­

chic centers and eventually give you away

Always be sincere,

' and work to help your associates tactfully but effectively

Your sincere desire to be a positive influence in the lives of all who come into your sphere of activity is the secret of at­ tracting the right people and opportunities

As you seek to ' bring light and happiness to others,

your spirit band will seek same for you

They are particularly interested in your as an aid to your further spiritual evolution

Thus you can see that when you are experiencing great hap­ 'ir

the best way to insure its continuation is to give thanks

· and pray for continued spiritual growth

The bumps and hard in life come to jog us back onto the spiritual pathway

reminding us of the extremely precarious nature of our existence

When we stray from the path of growth,

will keep bumping us harder and harder

and only as we seek spirit do we begin to find respite

But you have a personal contact with His

your quiet place and talk over your needs with these ·'•

They are real friends,

If anything,

their sense of humor better developed than ours,

and a good joke often works improve your contact

I have felt closer to a particular for a long time because of the running bit of banter carried on for the two years it took to complete our book

Relax and enjoy good fellowship with your spirit and ask them for help

Then observe the little indica­ of its forthcoming

Since our channels of communication

' ' I' '' II ,I I I ''I I ,' '




ysical ph of s'nt pa cu oc n ee t\v be e os th as e tiv are not yet as effec w spirit ho y tl ac ex nd ta rs de un ily ar ss ce ne bodies,

you won't g help in ct pe ex t,

er al n ai m re u yo if ut B u

tim ht rig e th at e er th be s'ay w al ill w and guidance,

it it ir sp r he ith w s'm le ob pr r he er ov A w id ow sat down to talk ,

re he k oo L': is th e lik gs in el fe r he teachers

She expressed d'an ,

st ne e th ft le d'an up n ow gr friends,

the children have an m od go a be t us m re he T e

m r fo things are pretty lonely se ea pl ,

do I as h uc m as ip sh on ni pa m who needs warmth and co eeks w of r be m nu e th of t un co st lo e Sh help us find each other

lp he r fo t es qu re she daily repeated her ted up rr te in as w n io at it ed m r he ch ur Then one Sunday in ch in the ed ok lo e Sh k

oc sh ic tr ec el p ar by what felt like a sh g into in ar st f el rs he d'un fo d'an ce ur so direction of the energy o seats to tw d'an er h of t on fr in w ro e th the eyes of a man in stantly In

n io at it ed m r he to ed rn tu re d'the left

She smiled an rly for ea ve ri ar ld ou sh e sh at th on si es she received an impr e Sh

at se e m sa e th t ge to re the next few services and be su n felt an ai ag d'an ,

ay nd Su xt ne at se r he carefully made it to

er h to t ex n at se e th d'un fo an m electric shock just as the same ies before tr n sa ea pl w fe a d'ge an ch ex ey th d'Again she smiled,

an r fo im h in jo to er h d'ke as e h ay the service

By the fourth Sund a ll ca ld ou w e w at h w 't n as w coffee before going home

It y p ap h d'an m ar w a to in p lo ve de whirlwind courtship,

b u t it did s'ar ye r te la e th to s'es tn n sa ea pl h marriage that has added muc of both these wonderful people

II I' '

you must follow up with your own best efforts to manifest

One young man had been out of work for

I 'I Ii I '

three weeks before he realized he could ask for spirit help

Finally he went to his quiet place and talked to his teachers : "Somewhere there must be a job that needs me as much as

I need it


" As he started on his daily round of job seeking,

so he decided to walk along to the next stop to help


Along the way a local newspaper that he seldom read caught his eye and he was impelled to pick it up

He was still looking at the new batch of help wanted ads as he boarded the bus

He noticed a particular ad just as his bus reached the corner mentioned in the paper

He hopped off,

almost before he realized what was happening

Your spirit friends are always ready to help you

And you

�nder�tand the trut� that you help each other by cooperating _ m positive undertakmgs

Nothmg is too big or small to deserve

but only if you are doing your best to help yourself

Give it a try

How to cope with difficult personalities

Now you are doing beautifully,

attracting new and interest­ mg p ople a�d opportunities into your experience

But every

o ce m a while you seem to attract someone who proves very

How shall you handle yourself

FirSt adjust your attitude toward the situation

Be thankful for this wonderful new opportunity to demonstrate your mas­ tery over problems which have previously plagued you

�nde�stand that the reason you rub each other the wrong way

_ an mharmomous blending of your auras

Obviously you can't

expect to change your adversary's aura,

The secret is in your preparations

Notice that,

the spirit forces guide and help,

you deliberately enter the proximity of such a p erson

When ):ou kn ow a meeting is imminent,

arrange to be alone _ only in the bathroom

Consciously call on your fo mmu te,

teachers for help in controlling your reactions and ad­

JUStmg you� psychic centers to produce the changes in your aura that :v

!ll help blend with the other's and protect you from _ an � negative mfluence

Then mentally will your psychic centers adj ust under your teachers' direction

Now set your own atti­ tude

Remember that no matter how offensive a person may


he or she is an expression of the same God and the same life that you are

Mentally salute the God-self in the other,

and walk out to your meet­ ing

If you are caught off guard by a chance meeting,

mentally go through the whole process while you are exchanging greet­ ings

Use your smile liberally,

and constantly keep in mind the simple fact that it takes two people to disagree or argue

Here is a perfect opportunity to practice selling your ideas

You will never be sure of your effectiveness in this area until you can consistently sell your sound ideas to the acquaintances you consider the most difficult

You can enjoy a happy rela­ tionship with

meet if you will take the trouble to

A company had contracts with several unions but seemed to be having particular difficulty wit

There was a running battle for almost two years which consumed enormous amounts of time for both sides

Every meeting seemed to break up with threats and bitterness,

and strike preparations were underway almost constantly

When a new beef developed over the company's refusal to take a man sent over by the union hiring hall,

the young vice-president decided to attend this meeting along with his usual set of negotiators

Just before leaving the office,

he sat for a few minutes in the rest room making his mental preparations

He asked his spirit teachers for help,

and resolved to see only the God-self in the business agents through­ out the meeting

His friendly smile and warm handshake started things off on the right foot,

and he seemed led to say exactly the right thing at every tense moment in the dis­ cussions

At the end of a two-hour meeting,

the union repre­ sentatives were convinced that the company had acted in


body took the trouble to be spiritually prepared for a difficult meeting

You can win understanding and sympathetic co nsideration from anybody,

if you will conscientiously use what you

Never hesitate to call on your spirit friends for he lp

Helping you helps them also

! Let spirit participate in ma king your daily round of experiences more pleasant for you and every­ one you contact

It's fun and profitable,

The give and

Now that we can get over the rough spots,

let's take a look at what we should expect from a real friendship

When auras naturally blend and produce the happy sensation of effortless comfort in another's presence,

you have discovered the basis for a deep and lasting friendship

True friendship is character­

ized by the absence of dependence or need

It is a special re­

lationship for the simple sharing of experiences which en­ rich both lives in the process,

It is the

same with earthly or spirit friendships,

ences and mutual striving for growth and the good of mankind helps all parties

Either an earthly or a spirit friendship can of itself be an expression of the mystic experience

When auras blend in the deeper relationships,

the light of each is strengthened and a new plateau of spiritual consciousness may be attained

Sitting in near darlmess with your friend,

you may actually light up the room,

or produce such a spiritual vibration that one of the higher spirits can bring a special manifestation

Your totally unsellish admiration for each other may lead to a momentary flash of consciousness where you literally think and feel,

Welcome any such sensation,

and a friendly ending to a meeting took place

because the surest way to the experience of complete oneness

This marked the beginning of a long period

with God is directly through the ability to think and feel as

of peaceful relations between the two sides,

The ability can then be expanded so you think




Psychological comfort or discomfort in another's pres­

thus you find the ultimate in spiritual companionship with the

ence depends on the degree of blending of your auras

God-essence itself

We will discuss the mystic experience in

but let's close this section with one quick

brush at how to find a true friend

Project genuine goodwill to everyone you meet

Let your clairsentience guide you in sensing other's moods and blending harmoniously with them

The secret of finding true friendship lies in your answer to

Ask for spirit help in attracting the people and op­

the question: What do you expect to get out of a friendship

If you are looking for material gain,

must realize you aren't seeking true friendship at all

you can say you want just the happy sharing of warmth and

unselfish affection for the sheer joy of the experience,

You can learn to adjust your aura to blend with diffi­ cult people

To find a friend,

doubtedly have many friends already

So you'd like to have

If you don't hide in a box under the stairs all day,

you must regularly find yourself around people

They are your new friends

Treat them that way

! Greet everyone you en­ counter with a warm smile and a friendly hello

For you ladies ( and sometimes even gentlemen) who say,

I don't dare smile at strangers because it will probably be

Nobody will mis­ interpret your smile unless you want him to

pleasantly to someone else's warmth,

but we are still ready to give it

The way to find a friend

All strangers are made of the same God­ essence as you are,

so they must be friends already

It's just

that you haven't found out yet

Treat everybody that way and you will never be lonely

You will never want for true friend­ ship either

Points to Remember

You can become a center of attention wherever you go

You constantly send and receive psychic impressions through your aura and psychic centers


ltow to Find the Strength to Face Any Crisis

Our workaday world gets much pleasure and respite by poking good natured fun at itself

One of my favorite expres­ sions of office humor is the little sign that says : "If you can remain calm while all around you people are screaming and tearing their hair,

you just don't understand the situation

There may be much truth to that little slogan,

another kind of calm which results from knowing more than those who panic

This more gives us all the strength we need '

Let's start building our strength with a look at the sources of stress,

and the havoc they often cause

Why some people crack under stress

Whether you like it or not,

God is the substance and very

Some people refuse to accept this simple fact,

and so build up an illusion of separation from God

They think of their being as bearing the same sort of relationship to God that a fountain pen bears to the engineer who de­ signed it

Thus they feel isolated and on their own,

and they have nothing to fall back on when the going gets rough

expect about as much help from God as if they were a fountain

pen praying to its designer for help after being stepped on

So that's what they get



Our study of the psychic energy centers shows that we are

Even before you embarked upon this earthly life,

He gave angels charge over you

In the work of our second chapter

much more intimately connected to the universe and our fel­ low creatures than any materially oriented individual could

We most often call them spirit teachers,

We understand that the rest of the world tends to treat us exactly as we expect it to in the depths of our own being

Thus we recognize that we attract all our own bad

present source of tangible help in any emergency

They helped you many times in the past,

and the variety of their methods is infinite

breaks as well as the good that so regularly come to us

We easily understand that guilt and fear are deadly negative prayers which summon bad breaks with irresistible power

So we strive daily to rid our mental and emotional lives of all

devoted student of this work told me the following story in sincerity:

Last year while I was still driving cross-country trucks,

I had an excellent demonstration of spirit protection

Late at night I got very sleepy,

so I pulled my rig off the road to take a short nap

It happened that I stopped at the top of a long grade,

and I must not have set the brake prop­ erly

I woke up with a start to see that my truck was careening down the hill at terrific speed

But my fear quickly vanished as I noticed the shadowy form of a powerful Indian handling the steering with a skill that was obviously out of this world

He kept the truck on the road around a couple of wild curves and finally brought it to a stop in a safe place on the shoulder

I had seen Tomahawk in my meditations before,

but this was my first obvious demonstration of his physical protection

I am sure I owe him my life from that instance,

and I feel his pres­ ence now every time I get at the wheel of a motor vehicle

He is a constant source of physical protection

And we are making real progress

! But nobody is immune to the sin of backsliding

We get all wrapped up in

the apparent importance of our own little sphere of activity,

and literally forget to keep our perspective

So we lapse back into some of the old negative patterns,

and cry out in anguish when we begin to reap the disastrous results

If you have allowed the illusion of separateness from God

to creep back into your being,

you are in a very miserable state

When things look hopeless and the world seems to be closing in on you,

? Some people reach the breaking point and crack under the stress

Our mental hospitals and psychiatrist's couches are full of them

But there is no need to let this happen to you

Turn back to God as the

only real source of personal strength,

and you will make it safely through the most difficult situations

This is not such an unusual story

Normal people are helped the spirit world in countless ways every day

A middle-aged

How to lind your source of personal strength

was walking home from an evening church meeting

she found herself looking right into

Down through the ages,

men have found their greatest strength in the same place

It comes from an unshakable faith

such as that which prompted the psalmist of old to exclaim: I

will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help

My help cometh from the Lord,

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber

The voice said,

"let's have that " but it was interrupted by a :fla5h of blue light like a lightning bolt which knocked the gun to the pavement

and the woman hurried home to give to her spirit helpers in the safety of her own sanctum

A young boy was swimming alone in a secluded bay





" The world will remain your opponent you choose to join it

What are you trying to accomplish

often seems the case for young boys,

he overestimated his prowess and soon found himself over his head and sinking from panic and exhaustion

Suddenly a hand grabbed his

Instead of trying to scratch a living out of a hostile world,

small change of perspective can do wonders for your peace

trunks and lifted him just out of the water

He was transported in this fashion back to where the water came up only to his waist,

and deposited back on his feet by the invisible hand

These are not pipe

Why not adopt a basic purpose to work for the good mankind

? Of course you still have to work

! Man needs the sense of accomplishment that comes from a day's job

they are natural examples of the

help you can expect when you are working in tune with your spirit teachers

You earn special protection by spiritual striving,

But what of your attitude

? A man who has scratched for a living comes home weary and discouraged at the

and by consciously working with your spirit band

You are privileged to stop at any time and return to the capricious rule

But another man who worked on the same job day for the benefit of his fellow men,

comes home with a on his face,

and the same wage in his The reas on you do a job,

but very few who have tasted this protection do

If you haven't yet started to seek contact with your teachers,

a lot more to do with the fatigue factor than the actual of physical energy you expend

Check your feelings

How to understand your stresses

Be sure you have the right and perspective

Most of us would agree that life on this earth is very much

Your various activities correspond to your chess pieces,

and you move them about trying to gain an advantage

But the rest of the world seemingly acts as your

and tries to counter your moves

All the stresses in

life result from frustration and disappointment arising out of our own poor moves or the excellent moves of our opponent

This is the simple reality of life until you

There are two ways to work from this analogy to alleviate

First we called it a chess

Now if you can

really understand life that way,

you will realize that it isn't a tremendous tragedy to lose a game once in a while

This can be a mighty help in regaining your perspective,

no matter how bad a pickle you manage to get yourself into

But most of us

also like to win our share so let's get back to the board and

We started out by looking at the whole world as the

but an old saying is in point here

It goes: "If you

Often we think we need help when we really need only to our approach to the problem

Then we get disgusted

our Cod and our spirit teachers because we are not res­ by some spectacular super-normal intervention

that you learn to recognize the times when you need help

In times of genuine need you can take in the unbreakable promise of the Lord,

Before they

I will answer

and while they are yet speaking,

) will never be forsaken by His angels

in the uncomfortable situation you have built for your

· just long enough to be sure you learn your lesson,

but they never let you come to lasting harm

When the world seems closing in on you,

go to your quiet place and call on your teachers for help

Then sit in the silence until you get the But don't be surprised if the answer is,

"You are per­ capable of working this out for yourself



part of your mission on earth is to learn your own mastery ove

physical and material conditions

Tangible help when you don t need it would be weakening,

and your best is not good enough,

Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father,

and he shall pres­ ently give me more than twelve legions of angels

you are in the same position as Jesus when he said:

that they may believe that thou hast sent me

And he thus had spoken,


And he that was dead came forth

In more modern times,

the great Hindu leader most often Malratrna Gandhi used a somewhat different approach helping others

He entered the silence to pray for help,

then his faith by announcing a personal fast until his was answered

His spiritual leadership was the inspira­ behind the birth of the great nation which is modern

A teen-age girl was exploring a small cave alone

She tripped

You will gain much by entering your quiet place to ask

on a timber and caused a collapse of part of the roof,

appar­ ently trapping herself inside

In the utter darkness she knelt to pray

Soon tender hands lifted her to her feet and guided her faltering steps around two small bends to a brush covered

teachers for help in understanding the deep faith of such spiritual man

Then strive to build an equal faith in

The simple trust in the power of God demonstrated by a brought many blessings to the people around

hole just big enough to climb out

If you have faith,

than twelve legions of angels when you need

She talked to God in her room,

regularly asking help for her neighbors

All the

including two little who occupied a hole in the wall of her room

She fed and prayed for their welfare also

Her faithful prayers

How to ask for help for others

and produced the most beautiful

The farther you progress in this work,

She was so close to God that her very

and the more you will want to seek

had a healing effect on anyone in need

When she

This sharing of our spiritual blessings is an

she was missed by people and animals alike

essential requisite to further growth

As always,

is necessary to satisfy your intellect and build a faith

faith are the two greatest keys

Let's look at the methods of the Master

that-it is worth more than all the material possessions you

Jesus often brought healing help by the laying on of han s

or some other form of definite physical contact

Follow hrs

and greet your spirit teachers

Talk over your friend's

example and practice the healing work you started in Chapter 3

ask for spirit Believe that God

as you would with someone on earth

But the true catalyst in all his ministry was the Master's great

faith which is perhaps most clearly demonstrated before the

according to your faith it is done

your friend through the agency of the spirit world,

Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid

And Jesus lifted up his eyes,


I thank thee that thou hast heard me

And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by

Then give thanks

Know that spirit is working to

the highest good into the lives of all concerned

technique you can obviously do no hmm,

is beyond the limits of human imagination

Never refuse


to ask for help for anyone in need

The asking will truly benefit you both


ers throughout the good periods of life,

so you can count on their help when you really need it

How shall you go about asking for help

? How can you be sure you are heard

? Any time or place you are accustomed to

The secret of getting help for yourself

It's relatively easy to ask for help for someone else,

because the question of whether

you deserve it doesn't get in the way

But the first thought that hits most of us when we feel we need personal assistance is,

"Am I worthy of it

?" It seems that we can remember our every shortcoming just when we need help the most

Modern psychologists call this guilt,

and it is the most destructive commodity in the universe

The first thing a mentally healthy person learns is not to carry a grudge against any

you can be sure they are there,

! Tell them your problems and the extent

Demonstrate that you are doing

everythmg Withm your power to achieve the solution with

Then ask for that little extra push from spirit wh1eh �� certam to tip the scales in your favor

Feel your yo r

Then ac­

you will receive whatever you need the

Let's look at a detailed approach to some typical situ­ atiOns

but we somehow forget to apply that to ourselves

There is a beautiful passage in the directly on this:

And forgive

Lord's Prayer which bears our trespasses,

You are entitled to forgiveness

from the universe in the same measure that you forgive others for real or fancied wrongs against you

Meditate upon this carefully

Then proceed to honestly and fervently forgive any­ one and everyone who may have wronged you

Now claim your own forgiveness

the Master came to show the way,

Even on the cross he said,


Go before your spirit teachers

in your quiet place and claim your forgiveness for everything that seems to stand in the way of your worthiness

Once you have dissolved the blocks of guilt,

the only limit to progress is your own faith

A living faith must be built on

and it should be renewed by twice daily contacts with your spirit teachers

Each time yo11

sit in your quiet place and receive a positive response to yom call,

the reality of the spirit side of life becomes more certain to you

Strengthen and renew your ties with your spirit teach-

How to get

At some time or other,

each of us has the feeling that the

f �II ou� future personal happiness lies in landing a new

a careful assessment of the factors which have put us in this

\'Vhether you are out of work or just plam miserable on your present job,

before you blindly strike out on a job hunt

hfe s'bumps come to teach us some special lesson,

and we will be stuck with our problem until we wake up enough to digest its inner meaning

The place to start is in your quiet place,

meditating on the lesson to be drawn from your difficulty

The question to ask

is: "Wha are the qualities or attitudes in me that have brought me to this uncomfortable situation

How did I go about attracting this

I have to find the key and

change something within me in order to accomplish

Ask the question of your higher self and your teach-

124 ers,


This is no time to ra­

tionalize and make up all sorts of excellent excuses

The only way you can claim the power to extricate yourself is to admit it was your misuse of your power that got you into this fix in the first place

A man was on the verge of quitting his vice-presidency of a small but rapidly growing corporation

For several months it had seemed that his efforts were not appreciated and somehow it was all for naught anyway

Before taking any action,

he retired to his quiet place and asked the key question : "What

is there in me that makes my job seem such a waste of en­

?" In the peace of his silence the following train of thought

unfolded: Because of your intense interest in spiritual things,

you will never achieve the depths of satisfaction from your job that most executives do

and it will be to your spiritual advantage to continue fulfilling it

Your satisfaction is to be attll

ined from helping other people,

and your executive position gives you the wherewithal and opportunity to bring inspiration and tangible help to many

You need a change of attitude,

! If you switch jobs in your present frame of mind,

the next one may turn out to be even more miserable

He took his lesson to heart,

and eventually amassed a fortune sufficient to retire to a happy life of philanthropy

Another man who was out of work got quite a different answer

The voice within him said,

"Your cynical attitude toward your employer and your immediate supervisor lowered the quality of your work so much you had to be fired

It's time for you to adopt a completely positive approach,

clean yourself up mentally and psychologically,

get off your fanny and go looking for your new job,

!" Only when you understand the lesson of your situation are you ready for spirit help in correcting the physical and mate rial aspect of it

When you feel you understand,


"Beloved teachers,

I'm doing my best to assimilate my lesson and change for the better,

now please help me find just the right spot to unfold more of my talents in loving service to mankind

! Do everything you know how to help yourself,

and you can be certain that spirit will come through with all the extra help you need,

How to flncl your perfect mate

Marriage is one of the least understood of our major insti­ tutions

Regardless of our age,

turity we tend to rush into it blindly

then spend years in suffering or trying to patch it up

Our psychologists and mar­

riage counselors preach constantly that the key to a successful union is

but there is a higher truth that is worthy

Compromise will certainly make a bad situation more comfortable,

but a marriage without compro­ mise is infinitely more desirable

Your ideal mate is so com­ pletely in tune with you spiritually,

and psycho­ logically that compromise is rarely necessary

The idea of compromise assumes initial disagreement and infers some pushing and pulling at each other

If you are already married in a less than ideal relationship,

I certainly don't advise a bunch of hasty actions

Each individual situ­ ation carries its own set of special obligations,

and differences should be resolved along carefully directed spiritual lines

If you are single,

and looking forward to marriage sometime ln the future,

There is a great deal of truth to the old idea that marriages

The good ones really are

! But many times the most completely unlikely people find some attraction for cuch other and confuse it with love

They get a silly idea that the simple act of a marriage ceremony will somehow dissolve

all their differences and they will ''live happily ever after




This is one of the areas where we need the most help from our spirit teachers

If you already have your eye on a potential partner,

bear with us for just a little way while we discuss that important preliminary

Your own quiet place is the best base of operations for the �eeking of a soul mate

Call on your teachers and talk it over with them

Tell them of your desire for true spiritual love and marriage,

and tell them what you expect to bring to your mate

Listen to the little impressions that warn you of too much selfishness in your dreams of the ideal marriage,

and work to polish and beautify your concept

Then ask for guidance and help in locating your ideal mate

Know that somewhere there is another person whose being will blend perfectly with yours in the creation of an ideal marriage,

and this person is seeking you even as you are seeking

Then go to places where people of like nature to your own are likely to be attracted

If you are religiously inclined,

the church of your choice is an excellent place to meet new friends

Or try a course in night school,

the neighborhood little theater,

Wear your friendly smile and be easy to meet

Any new friend may be the instrument of your introduction to your soul mate

Sooner than you dare expect,

you will meet someone you think ( or hope ) is the wonderful mate you are seeking

As the acquaintance begins to warm into friendship or infatuation,

you are nearing the critical point where spirit help is most important

With your teachers' help,

you must decide if this is your soul




your teachers if you are glossing over anything in the

· other's character or personality that will be unbearable in the

Are you relaxed and comfortable at just being your­ ,

self in your potential mate's company

? Does he pay attention '" to you when you are out with other people

Could you just sit back to back for an hour without tal king and feel uplifted by the warm glow of the blending of your

Listen to your higher self and your spirit teachers

' not blinded by the strange workings of body chem istry we so

A natural blending of spirit and aura,

' completely without the necessity for compromise,

And it is attain able on our earth

You settle for less at ,

risk of years of tugging and compromise

Marriage is a ·

classic example of the value of quality as opposed to quantit y

I don't necessarily subscribe to the theory that there is only soul mate for each of us,

but I'm certain that for every individual who would make you a good soul mate,

there at least a million who would make you a lousy marriage ',

Without spirit guidance,

you are not equipped to a wise decision in the heat of a courtship

Go into your place and commune with your spirit teachers as often as long as necessary to be sure you are not heading into a

Spirit guidance is real and it will never fail you

be the time it is hardest to do so,

but it is to your best to pay attention to the voices of those whose vision clear

or if you should just keep right on looking

Understand that

The real question is,

do your faults and weaknesses blend along with your strengths

? Or does he want to change you

? If you are interested in the other for anything except exactly what

! Go into your quiet place and

There was a terrible screeching of brakes,

and two auto­ that had been apparently bound to wind up as a mass of metal stopped fractions of an inch apart

So of becoming a stretcher case,


corporation president who offered him an excellent chance as his new sales manager

Not disaster,

! This man seemed to lead a charmed life,


We will begi n the search for your

All life as we know it on earth is maintained by an extremely delicate balance of seemingly hostile forces

Without the in­ sulating effect of the atmosphere,

we would burn to death in the sun during the day,

then freeze in the darkness at two hundred degrees or more below zero

Every day we read of individual lives snuffed out by literally thousands of different methods,

yet many of them were in the very prime of their usefulness to society

If the world's great poets,

and scientists don't naturally receive special protection from the spirit agencies why should we expect that

The answer is contained in the question itself

Because you dare to

Of course there

We never get something for nothing,

The price for complete spirit protection is your sincere and steady effort to work with the spirit world in uncovering your "mission" in life and unfolding your great­ est potentials for good to the whole of mankind

Don't wait until it's too late to put on the brakes

! Start earning your spirit protection,

In a very real sense we each have a spiritual bank account,