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Forged 59

Forged Gate, Globe and Check Valves

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Forged Gate, Globe and Check Valves

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The information presented herein is in no way intended as medical advice or to serve as a substitute for medical counseling

The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician

Consult your physician before beginning this program as you would with any exercise and nutrition program

If you choose not to obtain the consent of your physician and/or work with your physician throughout the course of The Forged 59: Anywhere / Anytime – Bodyweight Only Workouts,

you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions

By beginning and participating with The Forged 59: Anywhere / Anytime – Bodyweight Only Workouts,,

you recognize that despite all precautions on the part of The Forged Athlete LLC,

there are risks of injury or illness which can occur because of your use of the aforementioned information and you expressly assume such risks and waive,

relinquish and release any claim which you may have against The Forged Athlete LLC or their respective affiliates as a result of any future physical injury or illness incurred in connection with,

the use or misuse of your program

All rights reserved

No part of this manual may be reproduced (by any means) without the expressed written permission of Travis Stoetzel and The Forged Athlete LLC

there will be LEGAL action taken without warning*** This manual is being offered for education and information purposes only

There is inherent risk with any physical activity

Please consult your physician before starting this (or any) exercise program

The Forged Athlete,

LLC or Travis Stoetzel cannot be held responsible for any injury that may occur while participating in this program

Copyright 2014 and Beyond

Training 110% H

but Training SAFE Before we get into the goods here,

I want to briefly discuss and hit on How to TRAIN SMART

I’m all about pushing your mind and body to the very edge,

but you must do this in a SMART manner

It’s not just about “beating yourself up” within your all of your training sessions

There’s MUCH more to it than just that

Here are a few tips that will help YOU MAXIMIZE your RESULTS:

Always check with the ol’ Dr

before starting any new exercise or diet program (if you’re unsure)

Do NOT do exercises that you don’t understand how to do

Always make sure you know what you’re doing first

If you’re “sore”,

toughen up and push through it

! Learn the difference between being sore from a workout and having an injury as the two are very different

This program has the potential to be used with “newbies” to training as well as those that consider themselves to be a complete “badass mother#$cker”

Just make sure to start off at your own pace and increase your overall intensity as you move ahead

Overtraining is a BIG issue if you don’t pay attention to when your body needs rest

Don’t think you’re invincible

If you’re feeling super run-down and fatigued,

To help,

make sure you’re always working in soft tissue and mobility work before and after training sessions or when ever possible

No Excuses here

Use the movement progressions as you go through the program

Don’t think you can just go right into the hardest movements right off the bat

Make sure to attack things in a SMART manner

NEVER skip your warm up

Make sure you at least get in a few minutes to warm the body up a bit before you Throwdown

If you have an injury,

don’t even think about starting this program and please do not email me to ask if you should start

The answer is to rehab that injury and get yourself back to at least 95% or better before you begin

Quick Tips and Tricks Submax – When you see “submax” listed next to an exercise,

this simply means to avoid going to failure

The best way to keep your progress going further while avoiding plateaus or step back is to keep your reps under you maximum limit or avoiding failure

If you’re new to this concept,

you probably do not understand but trust me,

leave a few reps left in your bank when doing different movements such as pushups,

when you get close to failure,

It’s better to stay fresh and keep the movements fast and explosive

When you start to really grind reps out and get a little slower through your lift,

In time,

you’ll feel and see the difference in what submax training will do for you

The ONLY time you should really go to failure with different submax movements is when it’s your last week on a particular workout and you’re looking to break records

You main goal should be to break your own records each and every session

! The best way we can make sure we do that is with the next ESSENTIAL note…

Recording Your Workouts: Make sure you are writing down each and every workout so you can see the weights you used,

I make this easy for you to do with the included “Daily Battle Plans”

Simply print those off and use them to keep track of your progress

If you’re not writing anything down,

then you are wondering around blind

We must be able to measure your progress and the BEST way to do this is by writing and recording every training session we do down

You’ll be amazed at the progress you make overtime

! Writing the workouts down and keeping track will serve as a great source of motivation so make sure you do it

! This needs to be done for you to be most successful

M: This stands for Every Minute on The Minute and it’s an interval you will be using to build up some serious strength and endurance all at once

you’ll hit your movements for the allotted amount of reps and whatever time you have left at the end of your sets will serve as your rest period

AMRAP: If you see this,

it stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible” and I’ll use these to help you build up more conditioning and endurance not to mention mental strength as well

With this type of set up,

I usually have a set amount of time listed for you to follow and you just simply get after it for that amount of time

You’ll rest when you need to,

but the bottom line is that you’re going at your pace

AFAP: Stand for “As Fast As Possible” When you see this,

you’re trying to get the work that listed out DONE as fast as possible

: This stands for Remaining Amount of Time and when you see this,

basically what you will do is perform the prescribed amount of reps for the movement associated with it in a superset or circuit and then perform the paired movement for as many reps as possible for the remaining amount of time

Here’s an example:

x 7 mins a) Bodyweight Squat x 10 b) Burpee x R

For this set up,

you would perform Squats x 1st x 20 reps then with the remaining amount of time left in the minute,

you would do burpees for as many reps as possible until the minute is up

So if it takes you 30 secs to complete the Squat reps,

that means you have 30 secs to do as many burpees as you can until the minute is up Pre and Post Workout Considerations: It’s very important that you include both a pre-workout and post workout foam roll session as well as some static stretching to end your training session

If you feel extremely tight and sore before you train,

foam rolling will help you loosen up

It’s recommended you stretch AFTER your training session then foam roll again to help accelerate recovery

Here’s are two resources that will help you out for stretching and foam rolling: >>> Foam Rolling

>>> Stretching and Mobility Work

Rest Days and Listening To Your Body: One of the main focuses within any training program I design is to make sure you DO NOT over-train your body

While these workouts are designed to brutally tough and challenging,

it’s still your job to listen to your body

This is where training experience comes into play

Sometimes you know when you can go that extra bit and sometimes on some days,

we just don’t have it that day,

This is where YOU must make the call

If you have to take a day off due to massive fatigue or soreness,

Get in some extra recovery work via mobility and foam rolling then come back the next day and get yourself right back on track

When you feel beat up,

There’s a difference between feeling “lazy-tired” and fatigued

When you’re fatigued,

it’s better you rest it out,

let your body recover and come back the next day so you can get after it 110%

When you feel “lazy-tired” wake the F up and get your ass into gear

To help you out when you’re feeling fatigued,

here’s a resource you can use to help increase recovery: >>> Salt and Ice Baths,

Got Questions About Any Of The Movements

Just do a quick search on my profile page and it should come up

If not,

just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll help you out

GO 110% H

The Forged 59 – NO EXCUSES Anywhere / Anytime – Bodyweight Only Workouts 5 Rounds AFAP:

Run 400m @ 100% (doesn't have to be on a track

Burpee Lateral Hop Hand Release Push Ups Rest 2 Mins – Then:

Run 400m @ 100%

Hill or Stair Sprint x 30-40 yards (do flat sprint if need be) then Immediately do 10 Burpees upon completion of sprint ***Repeat sprint variation,

then do 9 Burpees and so on until you do only 1 Burpee Then:

Bottom 1/2 Burpee x 5 Squat Thrust x 10 Jump Squat x 15

Rest 1 Min then repeat above 3 Min AMRAP again Then

Bottom 1/2 Burpee x 42 Squat Thrust x 42 Jump Squat x 42 ==============

"The Bodyweight Gauntlet SPRINT"

a) Squat b) Burpee c) Push Ups d) Rows OR Band Pull Aparts (if no access to rows) ***Count every single rep Then – Run 1 Mile AFAP

Planks x 5 mins total time under tension ***you can rest as much as you need to on these,

but you must round up at least 5 mins of time under tension in the plank (on forearms) Time only counts when you're in a plank

a) Forward Sprint x 10 yards / Backpedal Back x 50 total yards b) 25 V-Seats c) 25 Hand Release Push Ups d) 25 Second Superman Holds =========

1 Mile Run

Run 200m 30 Burpees 40 Renegade Planks (per arm) 50 Hand Release Pushups 60 Walking Lunges (per leg) Run 200m ============

For Time:

Superman Reach + Hold x 60 secs 25 Burpees 50 Pushups Superman Reach + Hold x 60 secs 100 Hollow Rocks 100 Squats Superman Reach + Hold x 60 secs 50 Push Ups 25 Burpees Superman Reach + Hold x 60 secs ==============

Run 200m (doesn't have to be on a track

3 reps of:

Burpee Lateral Hop Hand Release Push Ups 100m Sprint Rest 3 Mins Then:

Run 200m x 100% =============

Bottom 1/2 Burpee x 5 Squat Thrust x 10 Jump Squat x 15

Rest 1 Min then repeat above 3 Min AMRAP again Then:

For Time: Bottom 1/2 Burpee x30,

a) 25 Burpees b) 25 Squats c) 200m Run

a) 6 Turkish Get Ups – Alternate Sides Each Rep b) 12 Burpees ***2 Min Rest Then:

kettlebell if you want =============

Ladder Set AMRAP x 20 Mins

a) Bulgarian Split Squat R / L'b) Bulgarian Split Squat R / L'c) Hand Release Push Ups d) Recline Row / Pull Up e) Burpee Then:

1 Mile Run

1A) 20,

Complete For Time:

Run 1 Mile

Then 10 Min AMRAP Of: Wall Walk x 2 Lunge Jumps x 6/Leg Then:

800m Run

============== 1 Mile Run Then

Descending Ladder with reps 10,

1 Mile Run

Hand Release Push Ups Then NO REST:

1A) Prisoner Squat 1B) Push Up + Rotation 1C) Superman Holds 1D) Lunge Jumps ***1 Min FULL REST between rounds ===========

For Time:

Run x 10 Mins @ 75%

Run 1 Mile

Even Minute

Run 400m 10 1/2 Burpee’s 10 Mountain Climbers / Side 10 Walking Lunges / Leg =============

x 10 Mins 5 Burpees 15 Hollow Rocks ============

3 Rounds:

Attack This For Time:

Complete a Full Tabata Set Of Each (8 rounds x 20 secs on w/ 10 secs rest)

Lunge Jumps Push Ups Prisoner Squats Mountain Climber =============

Complete 9 Rounds For Time Of:

Complete A 1 Min AMRAP Of Each: Squats Push Ups Lunge Jumps Burpee Squats Push Ups Lunge Jumps Burpee Squats Push Ups Lunge Jumps Burpee

Run Max Distance x 1 min ***Rest 30 secs

Run Max Distance x 1 min ***Rest 30 secs

Run Max Distance x 1 min

x 15 mins 40 yard sprint 12 Lunges (6 / leg)

a) Burpee Broad Jump x 2 b) Pull Up Or Recline Row x 6 c) Push Ups x 12 d) Bodyweight Squat x 18 ============= 5 Rounds Of:

Run 200m 10 Burpee Lateral Hop 10 Pushups Run 200m 20 Hip Extensions

Complete 20-15-10-5 Reps For Each Movement Of:

Walking Lunges (per leg) Bottom 1/2 Burpee Broad Jump ===========

Complete 50-25-50-25 Reps For Each Movement Of:

Squat Mountain Climbers (each step = 1 rep) =============

Squat x 3,

Complete A 1 Min AMRAP Of Each:

a) Bodyweight Squats b) Push Ups c) Recline Rows Or Strict Pull Ups d) Burpees

Squat x 20 Push Ups x 20 Drop Lunge x 20 / Leg Recline Row x 20 Hip Extensions x 20 Burpee x 20

start with the NEXT movement down from the top of the list

with Round 1 you’ll start with squats,

Round 2 you’ll start with push ups,

then on Round 3 you’ll start with drop lunges,

Aggressive Strength Training Resources

Travis Stoetzel is a hardcore and aggressive strength coach located in Omaha,

NE where he owns and operates The Forged Athlete Gym,

which caters to highly dedicated athletes and serious lifters of all walks of life

Below you can gain knowledge insight on the various tools and resources he uses to help turn his clients and athletes into strong,

The section below showcases the other various strength and conditioning programs and products he has created and uses to help people all across the world get results

Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Aggressive Strength BLOG

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