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Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology and the Victims of Crime - Corwin | Home

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Forensic Psychology and the Victims of Crime - Corwin | Home

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Forensic psychologists use the principals of psychology in court help judges,

and other legal professionals understand the psychological findings of a particular case

V They are used as witnesses in one of three areas: family court,

V forensic psychologists often conduct evaluations of mental competency,

and provide assessment of juvenile or adult offenders

The salary can range from $48,000 to $111,000 depending on Education and experience

There are six Major characteristics needed to be a Psychologist

Skeptical V

do not accept a claim unless it is supported by strong evidence Skepticism protects us from false or misplaced claims and bad decisions


be ready to accept anythingȂwhether we personally would like to or notȂIf strong evidence is provided

This blend of skepticism and openness can provide us with powerful insight about our world,

much more than if you only had one


Should always consider others,

think whether you are hurting their feelings


can foster a sense of tolerance toward others Tolerance includes a respect for the beliefs and values of others even when we might disagree with them or even hope to change them


Because psychology gives us a deeper understanding of human thought,

we can also understand ourselves better


social psychology teaches us that we tend to see a person's behavior as a function of her personality,

while at the same time ignoring the influence of the situation on her behavior

we tend to commit the fundamental attribution error

ëou need 4 years of college in order to become a Forensic Psychologist

It is recommended to get a Doctors degree because it will increase you salary dramatically

ëou need to Major in Forensic Psychology and you should probably have a Minor in Law

City University of New ëork

Michigan State University MI 3

Farleigh Dickinson University NJ

The opportunity to help others

Diverse career paths (i

) Can be a challenging and rewarding career

ºequires a substantial time commitment (5-7 years of graduate study

) Pay is usually low in relation to the amount of education and work required


In my career,

your pay will increase with experience