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Astrology Predicting Weather Earthquakes Bv Raman Ztspscf Ebook

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Astrology Predicting Weather Earthquakes Bv Raman Ztspscf Ebook

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CONTENTS Foreword Preface I

Astrology in Weather Predktion

Heavy Rainfall and Sunspot Maxima Effect of Slow Moving Planets The Sun's Innucncc When Mercury Conjuncts Sun Mars and Dry W cather How the Winds arc Innucnccd Planetary Clues to Cyclones Prediction of Rain Rainbows in Different Seasons Weather Changes and Vagaries

Astrology in F

Role of Solar Spots Ele vcn-Year Cycle Theory Parasara on Earthquakes Site of E

uthquake Ground Glows Planets in Trikooas Saturn-Mru~ in Kcndras Eclipse Degree and

Mars New Moon and Mutual Kendras Jupitcr-SatiJm Orposition Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Historic Fact


FOREWORD The only claim of this book is to present an ensemble of ancient aslrological data concerning

!he methods of forecasting ccnain natur~l disasters and the need on the pait of the seismologists and meteorologists to shed

!heir prejudices and embark on an investigation of

!he indigenous methods being used for thousands of years with much success

We arc beginning to realise the futility of giving undue imponance to so called methods of science

Many dogmas imposed by western science should be shaken off especially by the Indian scientists

The book has been written for

!hose who arc bold enough to openly declare

!he relevance of ancient Indian methods of eanhquakc and wealher forecasting to merit

!he serious attention of today's men of thinking

I must record my appreciation of the interest shown and

!he immense labour put fonh by my daughter Gayatri Devi Vasudcv not only in collecting

'ant editorials written by me in

!he past issues of The Astrological Magazine but also for re-editing and presenting

In fact

!he very idea of writing this book came from her

Bangalore 26-7-1992


Raman's pioneering work in forecasting earthquakes through astrology has been an eye opening e>perience

Going through the editorials of The Astrological Magazine,

one came across many brilliant predictions proved to veracity with amazing but tragic precision

These ptedictions stand in strong contrast to the dismal forecasts of seismologists

The Seismology Department maintained at a considerable cost by the government has done precious litUe to justify its existence

On the other hand,

lhe govemm~nt's supine ignorance to lhe tremendous potential of astrology is indigestible,

especially since these fore-warnings can save countless lives and suffering

The astrological methods are,


much work yet remains to be done in locating more precisely the site of the occurrence of an earthquake

But where individual effort and resources arc the only means as has been the case with my father

!his stupendous task remains difficult


a well-known astrologer of Pune,

has been working on this aspect of earthquakes and many of his forecasts have been fulfilled

I appeal to all right lhinking persons,

whether in positions of authority in the government or in scientific bodies,

to be broad-minded enough to set aside their prejudices (which arc but a hangover of the colonial days when a massive inferiority complex was insiduously injected into the Indian psyche) to study the astrological clues Dr

Raman has collected as a result of decades of study of the science of astrology and to integrate these clues into their own methods to pinpoint earthquake occurrences

I am confident that my father's dedicated work in astroseismology which he has pursued with a missionary zeal will

Astrology in Forecasting Weather and Earthquakes

some day some thinkers capable of feeling for humanity will apply it with success,

assuaging thereby the suffering an earthquake invariably leaves behind in its trail

Simple ground rules have been listed in this book

These have been culled from different editorials on earthquakes written by my father in the course of the last five decades

Anyone with a little knowledge of astrology and general science can use these rules to forecast earthquakes with considerable success

This in itself is a great achievement when tl1e scfagazine,

I wrote nearly nine months in advance: "The ramfaU will be

Astrology ill Weather Prediction

heavy and the land will be simply inundated with water

During the rainy season,

there will be excessive rainfall accompanied by high winds and hailstorms,

and severe gales cause loss of life and propeny

It is also said that most of the rain will fall in the seas and mountains

The ratio of wind to rain will be three to four units respectively

The crops will be good but just before the time of harvest,

there will be much destruction by pests

Most of the rivers in India will be in spate but the flooding of the waters of Ganga,

Cauvery and Godavari will cause let of havoc affecting the safety of large masses of people and cattle

" I was able to anticipate on the basis of the ancient science of Astrology

what Meteorology and its cxpe1ts could not

It is a matter of common occurrence that village astrologers are right in a surprisingly high percentage of

Their rules arc simple and dispense away with costly appar-atus and laboratories

Obser· vation coupled with experience enabled the great sages of India to delve deep into the subject of astro-mcteorology which was taken by them as a branch of Astrology because the heavenly bodies,

Every member of the solar system excns an imponant influence by gravitation upon every other and t11e Sun in particular produces diurnal,

annual and other variations in the inclination declination of the magnetic needle and effects may possibly be produl•ed upon the very mobile atmosphere of the eanh too

In Brihai Samhita,

Varahamihira devotes eight chap· ters to the science of forecasting rair,

His thesis is that as

Astrology in Forecasting Weather and Earthquakes

"food is the elixir of life and food depends upon rain,

it is imponant to discover the Jaws of rain carefully"

Mihira is so confident that he asserts that "the prediction of an astrologer who pays exclusive attention both day and night,

to the indications of rain afforded by the conception of clouds,

will come true like the words of a sage

" Modem meteorologists would do well to ponder over Varahamihira's challenge: "What science can possibly excel Astrology,

which detcnnines the exact time of rain and by a thorough study of which one gets the power of predicting the past,

present and the future even in this Kali Yuga which destroys all good things

?" To determine the amount of rain one may expect during the rainy season,

one has to study the conditions of the atmosphere six months earlier

Long-range forccaH was a speciality with our ancient astro-meteorologists

According to Garga and other sages,

the clouds become pregnant from the day the Moon reaches the constellation of Poorvashadha in the bright half of the lunar month Margasira (about 3rd November week each year)

The ancient theory that the Moon exercises regulatory control over weather variations has now become an accepted fact of science

thanks to the research of some Australian scientisL~

While the Moon's varying distance from the Sun,

lunar day or tithi is a potent factor in weather changes,

there is overwhelming evidence that the major planets have a powerful influence over atmospheric eventualities

Research has revealed that about twice as many tropical stonns have whirled to hurricane intensity on the three days centered at new Moon and full Moon


Astrology ill Weather Prediction

have found what they call an incidence of

correlation between years rich in rainfall and Jupiter's movements

A cyclone of tremendous intensity hit the Andhra Pradesh coast on 19 November,

crops and livestock wonh an estimated three billion rupees

It was not,

Two days earlier a severe cyclone had hit the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and most knew that the storm was heading towards Andhra Pradesh

But two days was not just enough time to prepare to receive the impact of the century's most devastating cyclone

The Meteorological Department had failed again and in spite of the statement of the Government of Andhra Pradesh that "

the Meteorological Department had given storm warning and precautions had been taken" the people knew who were to be blamed

The statement was a cruel joke and an insult to the suffering people of the State

Very few newspapers had the courage to point out the inadequate and unscientific attirude of the Meteorological Department of India

Some hoped that with the completion of project Monex and the installation of some more scanners,

they would be able to study weather patterns better

It is indeed a sad commentary on the apathy of the general public that crores of rupees have been frittered away by the Meteorological Department with no questions asked and no doubts raised

An example in point is the almost blind installation of scanners on the Andhra Pradesh coast

The department prides itself on the fact that the scanners can follow a cyclonic path upto 400 kms

But with cyclonic speeds being in excess of 100 kms

Astrology in Forecasting Weather and Earthquakes

The failure of meteorologists is mainly due to a lack of sufficient scientific opcn-mindedness which prevents them from considering extra-terrestrial happenings as responsible for weather changes on the earth

Meteorological changes are also related to geo-magnetic stonns which,

depend on events taking place in the Sun

It is worth noting that in 1957,

aJ'ear of e

the United States had an extremely large number of cyclones

Disturbances on the Sun affect different pans of the earth in different ways by producing changes of temperaLure or pressure,

The solar wind is a stream of electrically charged panicles which blows along the lines of force of the Sun's magnetic field

This is funnelled into the polar regions by the carlh's magnetic field

Once they· get into the eruth's upper atmosphere small panicles such as these act as 'lsccds" on which crystals of icc arc produced

There may \lc other ways in which solar activity and the solar wind affect the weather

Studics of variations in the solar wind as measured from the Pioneer Spacecraft provide another clue

The solar wind is more 'gusty' around the time of maximum solar activity

There is statistical proof that when the Sun is more active,

the solar wind contains more high-speed streams

And these high-speed streams arc very likely to affect the weather on the earth

Another piece of direct evidence linking sunspots and the weather comes from records of the occurrences of

Astrology in Weather Prediction

stonns and lightning in the t1nited Kingdom

Stringfellow of the U

"Electricity Council Research Center has published graphs (Fig

I) which indicate that the annual lighming incidence (which is a measure of the nwnber of lightning flashes occurring in a given area each year) closely follows the mean sunspot index

Rahu Venus

Astrology ill EarthquoUs Prediction

The Assam eartbqualre which occurred on 15 August,

and British observers calculated that "MoWJt Everest had been lifted two feet by it"

Here again die earlbquake occurred just two days after new Moon wben die Moon was near perigee (Owt 8)

Mars and Jupiter are in mutual trines while Mercury is in conjunction with both die Moon and Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn are in opposite signs

Another factor to be noted is die situation of Mars and Jupiter in airy signs

Jupiter-Saturn Coojunction Two of the worst earthquakes occurred in 1960 perhaps due to Jupiter-Saturn remaining in the same sign

Earthquakes uprooted the coastal city of Agadir,

in France leaving over 12,000 dead

The first quake hit the town just before midnight on 29 Februacy,

How severe the tremors were can be judged from the fact that the earthquake was registered by seismographs as · far away as in Mosrow and even the recording instruments

in Morocco were damaged by the shock

According to Professor Bernal,

the energy required for such an upheaval would approximate the strength of one thousand hydrogen bombs

Immediately after the first tremor,

a huge tidal wave swept in adding enormously to die suffering of the people


fires and sea erosions all followed the disastrous earthquakes

Moon Mere

Jupiter Venus

Rahu Chart 9 Rasi 29-2-1960


Saturn Jupiter

it has a significant part to play

It will be seen that the earthquake on the 29th February (Chart 9) followed the new Moon on the 26th in Aquarius,

On 27th the Moon joined Mercury and on the 29th the Moon was exactly in a Kendra from Saturn

The disposition of Rahu,

Saturn and Jupiter and the Moon and Mercury in mutual Kendras is also to he noted

About three thousa

,d people were killed and 3,000 injured in the earthquake which shattered the south Persian

Astrology ill Etln/uplakes Predictio11

Man Ascdt


Jupiter Ketu

Man Clmt 10 Rasi 25-4-1960

Jupiter Sotum


Rahu MeR:

Ralm Ascdt

towns of Ler and Carash on 25 April,

The first shock occurred at 13 G

It cannot be a coincidence that on 23rd April the Moon occulted Mercury and passed through Kendra positions from Jupiter and Saturn

It was a new Moon day

The Ascendant is an earthy sign,

Both Jupiter and Saturn are near the

lower meridian while Mercury is setting



Mercury arid Rahu are all in mutual Kendras,

the Nakshatra being that of Ketu

A most terrible earthquake disaster devastated several thousand square miles of northwest Iran on 2 September,

Astrology in Forecas1ing Wemher and Earlhqttakes

the first shock having occurred at 10

ll brought ruin to 75 towns and villages and even according to official reports ten thousand people were killed

Ke1a Mere


Chart II Rasi 2-9-1962

Jupiter Mars

Navamsa Sun

Moon Mere

Venus Rahu

The Lagna is again an earthy sign,

Taurus (Chart 11)

The earthquake followed in the wake of the new Moon on 30 AuguSI,

The moSI remarlcable feature is again the fact that the Moon passed over Mercury on 1st September having trined Saturn also

Jupiter is exactly in the lOth house,

though not in the medium coeli,

Astrology ill EarthqiiDUs rreau:rwn

Jupiter in mutual trines

Mercury and Mars are again in mutual Kendras

Historic Fact

Man Ketu Jup

Chort 12 Rosi 1·11-1755

Navamsa Rahu

SWI Venus

Moon Jupiter

One of the greatest of all known earthquakes was that which ruined LisboR on I November,

It is reponed that shocks were felt all over Ponugal and parts of Spain,

Astrology in Forecasting Weather fllld Eart/rqllakes

southern France and northern Afric~ totalling the disturbed area to nearly a million square miles

laying bare the bar and then rolled into a height of 40 feet

In Italy and Switzerland lakes were set in oscillation"

The destruction of life was immense

It will be seen that on the day of the earthquake Mars,


Rahu and Moon were in murual Kendras

Sarurn and Jupiter were in earthy signs,

and the earthquake occurred two days before new Moon (Chart 12)

The day of the earthquake was 1st November

Marie Antionette was born on the 2nd November,

Her fateful life and how she died is self-explanatory

For years,

we had been in correspondence with the nuclear physicist Dr

Tomascheck (See Appendix)

According to him the grouping or "picrure" of the planets abd11t cenain axes shows significant correspondence with earthquakes

A "gestalt" factor is present It has been found that Jupiter is associated with the strongest of eanhquakes in contrast to its astrological significance in human relationships

In my editorial dated 14 November

the January 1978 issue I predicted: 'There will be a total lunar eclipse on Sarurday,

involving the Virgo-Pisces axis

There is a possibility of a major earthquake also,

" The newspapers of 18 September,

Sun Jupiter

Chart 14 Rasi 21-6-1990

Rahu Saturn


Venus Mars Satwn

t-' Sun


Astrology in Eort#upMJUs Pretlicliofl

In October,

earthquakes occurred in Los Angeles and Olina

I bad indicated these quakes in The Astrological Magazine,

Annual (January) 1989 issue,

while discussing the trends for the year 1989: "Unusual wealher conditions in cenain statA:s may cause loss of life and damage to propeny

An eanhquake · is possible in California about August-September

" The quake occurred in October 1989 which in seismological tenus is remarkitbly correct,

especially because of the fact thai the return periods of large seismic events are of the order of few decades according to Dr

Arun Bapat of the CWPRS,


Pune who wrote 10 me congratulaling me on this accurate prediction

In the same editorial under "China and the Far East," I wrote "A major natural disaster such as an earthquake is likely somewhere near the province of Sinkiang about the time of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition

" The opposition took place on 9 September,

These predictions were based on astrological factors

I would like 10 ask which seismologist in the whole history of seismology,

not only in our country but anywhere in the world,

came close to making such a prediction in spite of all the resoun:es and funds being spent on this science

Yet a giant inferiority complex lightly ·holds back our thinkers from looking at the remarkable methods of earthquakeforecasts which Astrology offers

It is the tragedy of our limes that our Government would ralher see thousands and tens of thousands of people die than take recourse to Astrology

Nothing can be more ironic than the fact that in the country of its own origin,

Astrology is not recognised for its true worth

rorecasting WeaJher and Eart/rqllllkes

There is no doubt that the causes of earthquakes lie outside the relationships that natural physical science deals with today

The planetary groupings can release the accumulated energy resulting in a quake

Gulomanoy says: 'The energy of the tectonic processes is very great

Imagine that tension appears and energy begins to accumulate in some region of the earth

In the long run a moment comes when little is needed for an earthquake to begin

An earthquake may be triggered by changes in solar activity

" Scientists should note that our earth,

apan from being an inert mass,

is also a living ~anism and that it is seJL~i­ tive to the Sun's rhythms

If only our Universities and National Laboratories devote at least a meagre pan of their talcnl~ and resources to Astro-seismology,

they can discover simple mathematical methods based on ancient astrological guidelines which will enable them to forecast the occurrence of eanhql

!akcs and other similar natural catastrophes so Lhat precautions could be taken in advance to minimise human suffering

If only modem scientists could keep their minds open,

the accumulated wisdom of Astrology could be of great a~sistancc

The loss of life and damage to property are the chief features of a great earthquake

The death toll rises appallingly in a mallcr of minutes

While we cannot prevent this natural phenomenon,

we can certainly endeavour to lessen the destruction by heeding the forecasts

Earihquakes occur because of the disturbances of earth's field-force

And these disturbances are brought about by the incessant motion of j)lanels


Astrology in Forecasting Weather and Earthquakes

Especially one occurrence gave the staning point to my thoughts

It was the following: I met

I was very surprised to learn that he was born exactly the same day as I was,

We were both physicists

both Directors of large Institutes and worked on similar,

This event at this time more received in the subconscious

I must confess that Astrology has given me an immense widening of inner horizon and I thinlc it is one of the most imponant means to overcome materialism

You will perhaps be surprised to hear,

that though my whole life has been devoted to discover the electro-magnetic structure of matter and the atoms,

yet I refuse to explain the astrological effects of the planets by an electromagnetic action

I thinlc that the planets in their orbits and the man in his life are pans of one infinite happening where all is linked together by one breathing principle

As to the outer events of my life,

it may perhaps interest you in connection with my map,

that I lost my father at six years of age

Nearly at the same time I lost more and more my eyesight on my right eye (which must have been disturbed already at birth),

at ten (or 11 years) I underwent an operation of this eye and the lens was extracted

I am now blind on this eye,

astrologically quite understandable

In 1918 I married and divorced in 1927

In ·this year I was married the second time (Uranus,

A Great Physicist Becomes an Astrologer Sir,

I was very glad to receive your kind letter dated 30 September,

which made a very interesting reading for me

I am sorry for the delay in replying ~t work at the laboratory has kept me from it


you are interested in knowing how a Physicist has turned to Astrology

As you see from my date of birth,

it is atleast according to the western astrology,

I am born on 23 December,

49° 0' N,

14° 29' E

Uranus exactly on the descendant seems quite· significant

It seems to me more a map for inner development than for outer success

As all western scientists of my age,

I ignored and despised Astrology,

embraced by the materialism of my time and my surroundings

But a strong philosophical training and inclination prevented me from accepting this materialism as the true way of science

I never lost the conviction that there must be a spiritual ground to all physical happening

The time was ripe when Pluto was transited by Uranus

Tilis gave on the exact day a fundamental change in m~ outer life

The following transit of Uranus over Neptune led me to the knowledge of Astrology and its appreciation

It was the coincidence of planetary constellations and the events which they indicate according

!he same year I became Assistant Professor,

!he Institute of Physics at Dresden,

I have written several books (a textbook has in Oerman now 14 editions),

translated into Spanish and edited about 70 scientific papers

I lost my position in consequence of the marching-in of the Americans

It clipped severely my material resources,

but gave me the possibility of studying Astrology wilhout any other disturbance

Rahu conjunct Ascendant brought me· new material possibilities here in England

I should be very glad to hear from you again,