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Chapter One:Dusk had fallen when Amardeep walked out of the exit gate of the busy Chandigarh airport

A chilly winter welcomed him for the very first time to ‘The City Beautiful’

The evening was even more beautiful for it was Valentine’s Day

Love was in the air and red was the colour everywhere

The temperature must have been close to 4 degrees

Adding to the winter chill was the cool breeze which was blowing that evening,

compelling the just-arrived passengers to pull out their jackets

Enjoying the initial few moments,

Amardeep let his body feel and embrace the cold surrounding him,

but he could not bear it for long

Soon he pulled out his jacket and zipped it up till his neck

The foggy breath that he exhaled was visible

It was that cold

At the exit door,

the crazy relatives and the masses of passengers all made the place chaotically noisy

A few taxi drivers had besieged Amardeep,

Amid the hustlebustle of getting a passenger one of the drivers almost lifted his bag and asked,

?’ Amardeep quickly retaliated by snatching his luggage back from him

With this gesture he signalled his disagreement to take a cab

He then made his way out of the gathering

In one hand he had his favourite Economic Times and a half-filled water bottle while in the other he held the handle of his wheeled bag which he rolled in tandem with his walk

He walked up till the parking lot where there was not much of a crowd

The place was calm

Underneath a row of tall lamp posts,

Amardeep perched his back against the bonnet of the first car in the series

By then the exposed parts of his body had turned cold

He placed the newspaper on the bonnet and put the water bottle over it to prevent it from flying off with the wind

Looking here and there in search of someone,

he rubbed his cold palms against each other and breathed out a puff of warm air to warm them up

Seconds later,

he pulled out his cellphone from the pocket of his jeans and switched it on to make a call

I am at the parking lot,’ he said and kept describing the whereabouts of the place he was at,

until a black Santro stopped right in front of him

!’ shouted someone as the door of the car opened

It was the nickname with which Amardeep had been baptized during his college days,

and it still hadn’t left him

His friends Happy and Manpreet had come out of the car to embrace Amardeep

A round of warm greetings and smiles occupied the next few minutes

It was nostalgic for them to meet each other after so long

The last time they had been together was during their first reunion which had happened almost five years back

Maybe that’s why they couldn’t help themselves from celebrating this moment with a long,

It might have been bizarre for others to watch the three guys hugging each other on a Valentine’s Day evening

! The headline on the fluttering Economic Times under the half-filled bottle over the bonnet of the car behind them read,

‘Supreme Court finally does away with Section 377

Homosexuality now legal in India

Moments later,

while Happy dumped Amardeep’s luggage in the rear of the car,

Amardeep took the back seat and relaxed

Happy started the vehicle and Manpreet turned off the music system to enable further conversation

They talked to each other for a while as Happy drove the car out of the airport towards the city

After a drive of some fifteen kilometres,

Happy stopped the car in front of a local Internet cafe

‘Nothing much—just a quick email

!’ Happy answered undoing his seat belt

‘Give me ten minutes and I will be back

’ Amardeep tried to understand the criticality but then stepped back from asking any question

He knew Happy’s strange nature of giving preference to little things

In Happy’s absence,

Manpreet and Amardeep chatted for a while

Happy returned quickly

He didn’t even take ten full minutes

‘That was fast,’ Amardeep acknowledged

‘I told you it’s going to be quick

Without revealing much detail,

Some time passed and gradually they became silent

Happy kept driving

Each of them had the same thought running in his mind

But Happy was first to speak

’ No one said anything for a few moments

Then Amardeep put his hand on Happy’s shoulder

And this reunion is for Ravin,’ said Amardeep

‘He is right,’ said Manpreet in response

We are here for Ravin

Let us cheer for this reason instead of being sad

’ A ray of hope passed across their faces,

giving way to a euphoric smile in addition to a steely resolve that they would help their friend

Happy pressed the accelerator,

signalling that he was doing well

Manpreet increased the volume of the music system in the car

A little later Happy shouted against the volume of the song being played,

‘Has anyone of us been on a radio channel ever

!’ came the responses in unison

‘Has anyone ever seen what a radio station looks like from inside

?’ Happy’s voice roared further

’ followed the answers again in unison,

this time accompanied with laughter

as long as we are clear about what we are going to do

This one is for Ravin hu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u

Happy then pointed his finger towards the glove compartment beneath the dashboard of the car and asked Manpreet to open it and look for an envelope

Manpreet found it and picked it up

It was a nicely packed white envelope with

the logo of a prominent radio station embossed on the top left corner: Superhits 93


Bajaate Raho

! Inside was an invitation letter which Manpreet opened with twinkling eyes

He lit the roof light of the car and began reading the letter out loud for everyone’s sake

‘This Valentine’s Day evening Superhits 93

We at Superhits 93

written by a lover in the memory of his beloved

On this Valentine’s Day we are proud to have on our show Ravin,

who wrote and shared his love story with us,

along with his good friends Happy,

Amardeep and Manpreet who are again the real-life characters in the book as our guests

So tune into this Valentine’s Day’s special show Raat Baaki,

Baat Baaki,


to talk to Ravin and his friends,

to listen to the unsaid stories behind the making of I Too Had a Love Story and to know what more happened in Ravin’s and his friends’ lives after this book got launched

’ Chapter 2 will be soon available at http://canlovehappentwice


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