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? Secrets to Hearing the Voice of God

Steve Shultz

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To Derene,

and the mother of our three grown children

Without you,


nothing in the last 29 years would have made life this good


As with any book,

there are more thank yous to be said than there is room to say them

But I will name a few of the more prominent ones I wish to acknowledge,

I first want to thank the Lord,

whose VOICE this book is all about

Because of the patient understanding of my wife and children through all my sitting and typing,

when sometimes I did not even “hear” the questions they asked of me,

I want to say,



! I also want to acknowledge some of the most prominent among my helpers,

My gratitude goes out to prophetic intercessors Jessica Miller,

Sandy and Rick Gales,

Lisa and Charles Doyle,

Dennis and Cathy Wilhelm,

Mike and Lori Salley,

Denny Cline,

to name just a few of the many who have carried me in prayer

Among the prophets and prophetic people I know,

there are so many whose “pulling for me” is strongly felt

I want to thank James

Denny Cramer,

Chuck Pierce,

and Kim Clement—but of course,

Space doesn’t permit the mentioning of all the names that come to mind,

my heartfelt thanks to the Destiny Image team,

including Don Nori and his son Don,

and Don Milam (the three Don’s) and Don Milams’s wife,

Special thanks to all of you who encouraged me along the way


With Can’t You Talk Louder,

? Steve Shultz continues in his passionate pursuit to help the Body of Christ to know God’s voice

In learning how to recognize the voice of God,

Steve shows how every person open to hearing God can affect the world around them

This very practical,

book encourages readers to step confidently into their destiny in Christ

Bill Johnson,

Senior Pastor Bethel Church Redding,

California I don’t know of another person on the face of the earth at this time in church history who has engaged in networking prophetic ministries and releasing prophetic directives as much as Steve Shultz

millions of people are introduced to current,

prophetic revelation through prophets—some very visible and others obscure

Steve walks in some of the highest degrees of prophetic integrity that I have personally witnessed and his book,

Can’t You Talk Louder,God

? is filled with the treasures of his journey in hearing the voice of God

His heart is for the whole Body to know Heaven’s voice

and that is why the Lord has entrusted Steve with the gift to influence those in the whole wide world who are hungry for the true,

pure prophetic voice of the Lord

Can’t You Talk Louder,

? will open up realms of insight,

and confidence in hearing God’s voice

Patricia King Extreme Prophetic


Foreword by James W

Did God Really Say

Chapter 2

What If Jesus Told You He Enjoyed Your Daily Chats Together

Chapter 3

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Chapter 4

When You Hear His Voice

Chapter 5

You Can’t Stop God

He’s Already Speaking

Chapter 6

Divine Appointments—A Way to Listen to God

Chapter 7

Does God Speak Through the Bible—or Only Teach

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

God’s Voice—What Does It Actually Sound Like

Chapter 10

Have You Gone “Compelling” Lately

Chapter 11

Hearing God Speak Through Your “Father Filter”

Chapter 12

Hearing vs

Obeying God’s Voice

Chapter 13

God—Just How Busy Is He

Chapter 14

“How Good Do I Have to Be to Hear God’s Voice

Chapter 15

“How Bad Do I Have to Be for God to Stop Talking to Me

Chapter 16


Chapter 17

When They Tell You God Doesn’t Speak Today

Chapter 18

Debugging the Prophetic

Chapter 19

When the Tree Fell

Foreword by James W

Does God play games with his kids

He does

! I totally believe this and that is why the volume switch is on His end and not yours

! Up and down the volume level goes

Real time experience goes something like this: real loud to deafening soft

And seemingly not much between

! Zooming in and out with His telescopic lens,

the Holy Spirit creates close encounters and yes,

He is great at games like hide and seek,

you’re hot—you’re cold—you’re getting closer…

In my walk with Him I have learned that He is the Master,

and He wants to be in charge of your learning curve

I know them and they follow Me

” This verse from John 10:27 is the hallmark verse that my journey in learning to hear and obey His endearing voice has been centered on

Perhaps it will be in your life as well

When I was a college student way back in 1972,

I was filled and rather saturated with the Holy Spirit through encounters with the wild,

Life was new and my little


black and white TV set switched channels to omni-color vision overnight

I wanted all that the Lord Jesus Christ had to offer

One late night a friend and I went to a church near our college campus that happened to be open

A single candle in the sanctuary was lit representing the presence of the Holy Sprit

There we kneeled in prayer dedicating ourselves to Christ’s service

I opened my Bible and read the verse in John about hearing His voice

I made a pragmatic deal with God that night

I told Him,“I have no problem with the fact that I am Your sheep

I have accepted Jesus as my Lord

He is my Shepherd and I am Your sheep

” I added,“And I really do not have a problem at all with the truth that You know me

I know that You know me

” I went on with my rather logical presentation,“I even accept by faith that I do hear Your voice

I have heard and felt You knocking at the door of my heart—so I accept that I do hear your voice

” I continued in my prayerful arguing posture,“But I have a problem with the rest of this verse,‘they follow me

Here’s the deal God,

I hear more than just your voice

! I hear the voice of the world,

the enemy of darkness at times,

I need some help

! If I am really going to follow You,

then I must do more than just hear Your voice,

I must discern it from the other voices

” I knelt in prayer that fabled night and asked Him to enroll me in His “school of hearing and discerning” the voice of the Holy Spirit

I encourage you to do the same

It worked for me

It can work for you

Today we have actual Schools of the Spirit,

and equipping materials to aid us in our walk with Him

Imagine the difference from the mid 1970s and today

In my day,

the cassette tape was being introduced

! Today we have the Internet—an amazing and valuable source of information at our finger tips

Today we have creative tools in the media and e-resources like THE ELIJAH LIST sending out teaching and training to the growing prophetic community

It is truly amazingly


Sitting in your hands is another great tool for such a time as this

It is another installment in God’s “School of the Sprit

” Having appreciated and walked with Steve Shultz for the last several years,

I can vouch for his integrity in his life and ministry,

and the practical message he brings

One of Steve’s goals is to demystify the prophetic—or the art of hearing and following the voice of God

Steve and his team aptly call it “Debugging the Prophetic

Good goals

And a job well done

God wants you to hear His voice more than you want to hear it

will help you learn lessons from one of God’s best students

Take and eat—lessons from the trenches from another of God’s listening servants

James W

Goll Encounters Network Author of The Seer,

Dream Language,

The Lost Art of Intercession,

Praying for Israel’s Destiny,Angelic Encounters,


Did God Really Say

Did God Really Say

Satan Is “In Your Face

satan has confronted man—to his face

! His question—his accusation—has always been,“Did God really say that

?” Casting aspersions on the validity of God’s Word,

he seeks to create doubt in what God has said

And now satan is lying to the Church again,

His accusation is that God isn’t speaking to His Church at all anymore— other than what was written 2,000 years ago

And millions have believed this lie

Even many theologians say that since the time when the Bible was written,

God went deaf and mute

They explain,“He only speaks through the written Word

” This lie has been spread to many churches—from Baptist to Pentecostal

in-your-face doubt is the devil’s specialty

The problem in the Garden of Eden was that there was some truth in satan’s accusation against God that he gave to Eve on that day


really did say some of what satan claimed

who Jesus called,“the father of lies,”and “a liar from the beginning,”knew the ropes regarding how to lead people into deception,

Satan first claimed to Adam and Eve that God’s problem was that He knew if they ate of the Tree of Life they would become like Him

That part was actually true

God even admitted it a bit later in the story

The serpent twisted and contorted what he knew to be the truth

What he said contained truth,

Embedded in his words were seeds of innuendos and subtle deceptions

“You will not surely die,” the serpent said to the woman

“For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened,

knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:4-5,

After the Fall,

God confirmed satan’s statement:“And the LORD God said,

‘The man has now become like one of us,

He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat,and live forever’” (Gen


Satan Talks Up a Storm Satan is not terribly creative

He never stops talking

all the while convincing much of the Church that God Himself has completely stopped talking

Satan is still saying,“Has God really said that

? Is God really talking to you

because He still doesn’t want you to become like Him

?” Because of satan’s incessant accusations,

it is critical that you understand one of his favorite lies of all time—that God is not talking to you—at all

! But the Good News: God is still talking

Did God Really Say

Satan snarls,“God is way too busy with the things of the universe and the world to talk to little ol’ you

!” If he can get you to believe this lie,

He knows that he will be in deep trouble if people ever discover how to consistently and clearly hear God’s voice

he must keep them from believing that God wants to talk to them directly and personally

And far too many Christians believe it

Direct from the pit of hell,

it sounds so credible that “believers” no longer actually believe that God is alive and well and is,


This book is written to expose that lie—to expose it to every Christian of every denomination

Many Christians I’ve spoken to,

who have tried to convince me that God doesn’t speak to people today,

teach their own children and friends that God does indeed speak

Those Christians are confused and they don’t even know it

While protesting that God doesn’t speak today,

they’ll say things like,“I just felt like I should call Joe,

” Or,“I had an impression that I should go visit my aunt today

” If you press them about this point,

most will end up admitting that God was somehow encouraging them to do something

This represents quite a contradiction

He doesn’t speak—but then,

He does speak,

? Much of what you read in these pages will begin to clarify and make exciting the possibilities that,

if these thoughts and impressions are indeed from God,

then what more might be out there from God that He wants to say to me

God Speaks and the Storm Is Calmed Satan talks up a storm

But God speaks in the storm

God shows up,

and calms the storms that are created by satan


Let’s repeat the good news about God

He is still talking—and He’s talking to you—all of the time

know that it’s not only the holy written Word of God that is spoken (which of course is the standard by which everything else must be judged)

At a heart level,

most groan for more communication with God that they sense other Christians have

They long for a personal word from God

When we were saved,

a personal relationship with God

? We all want our revelation to become more alive and real,

Most of us know it’s there,

yet we grasp with all that is within us to realize—in our experience— what the old songs have claimed all along

He’s in the world today

I know that He is living,

I see His hand of mercy,

I hear His voice of cheer,

And just the time I need Him,

He’s always near

He lives,

He lives,

Christ Jesus lives today

! He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way

He lives,

He lives,

! You ask me how I know He lives

Copyright 1933 by Homer Rodeheaver

Copyright Renewed 1961,

The Rodeheaver Co

All rights reserved

? Another great hymn that many of us have sung since childhood is “In the Garden

” I come to the garden alone,

While the dew is still on the roses

Did God Really Say

And the voice I hear,

The Son of God discloses

And He walks with me,

And He tells me I am His own

And the joy we share as we tarry there,

None other has ever known

He speaks,

and the sound of His voice Is so sweet the birds hush their singing,

And the melody that He gave to me Within my heart is ringing

Austin Miles

Copyright 1912 by Hall-Mack Co

Copyright renewal 1940,

The Rodeheaver Co

All rights reserved

) God from the beginning has been actively involved in the business of proving to mankind that He is alive

! He wants us to know what He really is saying and has been saying—and continues to say

Doesn’t it make sense that God would want to communicate His will and purposes to His people

? Communication is at the heart of all relationships

How could there be a deep,

personal relationship with God if there is no communication

? The confusing part is that the Church,

has believed that He is alive,

the Church has been clueless as to what God is up to

What is He up to if He is not speaking

? Let me tell you the answer to that question

He’s up to good things for you personally and daily in your life

He rejoices over you with singing,

He longs to converse with you,

not just with words on a page,

So What Does He Sound Like

? Sometimes God holds Himself back,

almost hiding Himself because,

“He wants you to chase Him until He catches you


It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter (Proverbs 25:2 KJV)

He may reveal Himself as that “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12 KJV)

He is the One who must be carefully discerned and sought after with all your heart—to know His will

“But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God,thou shalt find Him,if thou seek Him with all thy heart and with all thy soul” (Deut

4:29 KJV)

And after the earthquake a fire

but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice (1 Kings 19:12 KJV,

And yet,

He shows Himself in thunderings

said that it thundered” (John 12:29 KJV,

at other times He is to you the Creator who says,“You have not because you ask not” (James 4:2,

He who wants to have a special and personal relationship with you,

needs you to seek Him for it: Henceforth I call you not servants

for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends

for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you (John 15:15 KJV)

In His personal story,

Jesus’ mother,

appears to “ambush” her own Son at a wedding party one day

I love that Jesus’ ministry started at a celebration with rejoicing

He is our Bridegroom,

? Sometimes great things happen in very unusual places—even at weddings

“God with skin on”—Jesus—claiming that His time had not yet come,

was there with His mother at the wedding

Perhaps Mary had heard the Father’s voice tell her something that morning

Perhaps Jesus was just testing her level of belief when He refused to help her at first

This would not be the last time He would first pretend to refuse to help and then would later give that help

Jesus would pretend not to help the woman at Tyre,

He instantly healed her daughter

Did God Really Say

But this is for sure what happened at the wedding party in Cana: Jesus’ mother,

after telling Jesus that the wine was gone,

“Do whatever He tells you”(John 2:5)

God is still saying,“If you listen and do what I tell you to do,

things will go so much better for you

! You’ll be like a house built on the solid Rock,

if you’ll just hear and do what I’m telling you to do

! If you think satan is an incessant talker,

! They are the Ones who created talking in the first place

And they never stop talking—the Holy Spirit quite literally lives inside you

This Is Your Situation I can state what your situation is as a fact,

because it is everyone’s situation

Everyone hears the lying voice of the enemy


! Satan is always in your face,

He is always asking you,“Did God really say that to you

?” Or,“Aren’t you just making that up in your mind—those words that you feel God is speaking to you

? Aren’t those times you felt God speak to you,

just your vivid imagination at work

comes to you in whatever fashion He chooses: as thunder,

He waits,

usually patiently (but not always patiently),

Once “inside,” however—once you finally believe,

but also that He wants to speak to you—He’s got you

Because God is the ultimate “addiction

the more you want to hear Him talk

You become addicted to the sound of His voice

Every other addiction in the world is the enemy’s cheap substitute for being addicted to God

He’s the One to whom the Scripture refers when it says,

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left,


ears will hear a voice behind you,


Why Is He Behind You

? Why does God represent Himself as a voice behind you

? Is it because He’s difficult to hear

He’s loud

! Then why do the Scriptures talk about the voice behind you

? On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit,and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet,

which said:“Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches…”(Rev


I fervently believe that He is the voice behind you,

because He’s got your back covered

In His Word He tells you that He sees the unseen

He knows the location of every demon at every moment on earth,

and He’s got your back covered

He’s guiding you with His eye to help you avoid peril and pitfalls

And since He can see that which we cannot see—ought we not to listen closely to His voice and learn to hear it better

? Wouldn’t that be an improvement over satan’s lie,

which tells us that God isn’t even speaking today

beware—if satan knows that you are settled and believe that God is actually alive and speaking today,

his lie has to change to this: satan whispers,“God certainly doesn’t have time for your puny,

Look at all the suffering in the world

“Why should God care about your car or your house or your healthy child

?” Satan adapts his lies to our situations,

as he seeks to continue to prevent us from listening to God

Satan’s Big Fear Satan doesn’t want you to hear God’s voice

? Because you will be quickly transformed by it,

and the enemy is scared to death 26

Did God Really Say

about your potential transformation,

because the more you are transformed,

the more you will become an infectious Christian

But worse,

you will continue to be even more transformed

Faster and faster,

the more you’ll want to hear from Heaven—and satan is shaking in his boots about that

How do I know

as evidenced in the first miracle Jesus ever performed

At that wedding party in Cana,

Jesus was painting a word picture on the canvas of our hearts and minds to demonstrate His priorities toward sinful and wounded people—the ones He died for

? Nearby stood six stone water jars,the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing,each holding from twenty to thirty gallons (John 2:6)

It’s fascinating to me that 20-30 gallons is the rough volume of the human body

(I know because I calculated it based on the fact that 60-70 percent of the human body is composed of water)

And even a casual study of the Word teaches that “six” represents the number of man

Jesus was making a point here

God told Mary to tell Jesus to fill six stone-cold,

water jars—the “kind used for ceremonial washing

” I believe that each jar seems to represent filthy,

In other words,

As humankind,

we find ourselves standing in all our filth

We are the ceremonial pots and legalistic rituals,

and Jesus wants to transform us into the best wine that was saved for last

Wherever believers are caught in traditions,

the Lord wants to transform us and make us ready for exciting adventures

He even claims in the Word,

that those who know their God will do great exploits


Some Will Be Jolted and Some Simply Awakened

! God is upon you in this hour (or you wouldn’t be reading this book),

and you are about to be jolted awake

Richard E

Eby in his book Caught Up into Paradise relates this story

Richard E

tirelessly and for many years worked on an electrical insulator (called a “bushing”) for G

This bushing needed to be made to carry enough voltage to transfer electricity over long distances from Boulder Dam

No such insulator had ever succeeded

The White House and the then President Hoover urged the senior Mr

Eby to solve this problem in a hurry

Eby nearly gave up and he told God so,

just before falling asleep one night

The next morning,

Mr Eby’s Bible opened to the story of the Wedding at Cana

Eby felt strongly impressed by God it would indeed take millions of volts to transform water into wine at CANA

In fact,

God questioned him that day,“Did I not use 6 pots

? Was it not my power that changed the water

?” One thing led to another and one of Eby’s team member’s shortly took a trip,

finding some middle-eastern pottery in Egypt

Eby told him to make a “bushing” (or insulator) out of the same formula of this pottery he had found

The problem was solved and Boulder Dam could now become a reality

The rest is history

For some of you who are reading these words right now and seeking to hear God’s voice better than you already do,

this book will be less of a jolt to your paradigm of understanding,

but it will be for you a fresh jump-start,

into the transformation of your inner man

The more awakened you become to God’s desire to talk to you,

the greater will be your desire to pursue every avenue that opens up to hear His voice

And God loves a great pursuit

! This book contains help for you to hear His voice for the first time—or to hear it better and better until the end of time

some of you will begin to grasp—perhaps for the first time—that you’ve been hearing His voice your entire life

! You just didn’t recognize it

Did God Really Say

With new revelation that will come through Scriptures and stories,

you will most certainly begin to hear His voice better than you currently do

You will even begin to hear His voice “on purpose” instead of by accident

And you will learn to tune in to God’s voice

He is the voice behind you—He’s standing in the background

But He is continually speaking to you

And yes,

whether you’ve realized it or not—all along

! It matters not if you are a Baptist,

or “Bapticostal”—you’ve all been hearing His voice since you were born

You’re just getting warmed up

! I feel like saying,“Ladies and gentlemen,


What If Jesus Told You He Enjoyed Your Daily Chats Together

? (The chats you didn’t even know you were having

What If Jesus Told You He Enjoyed Your Daily Chats Together

? (The chats you didn’t even know you were having

What if you and I were talking over lunch and you protested,

that you don’t hear God’s voice as well as others do—or you may even insist that God doesn’t speak at all

And if He does,

He certainly doesn’t speak to you

And then,

what if I not only insisted—as one who lives this “stuff”—that you do hear God’s voice,

been hearing His voice clearly for a very long time—for your entire life

? Picture then—instead of me telling you this—Jesus walks up to our table,

surprises us both and says directly and lovingly to you,“I just wanted to thank you for all the talks you and I have had together

I look forward to them every day

I don’t ever hear your voice,” you would protest,embarrassingly

Then the Savior replies,“Not only do you hear My voice,

but we have some of the most wonderful chats Heaven has ever heard


such a time as this you were born

all the time while you are here on earth

because you may feel that Jesus’ statement is difficult or even impossible to grasp,

and certainly too good to be true

it is simply too biblical to ignore

Think of how the disciples must have felt when Jesus told them in their Galilean lingo,

“I used to call you a servant,but a master doesn’t confide in his servants

But since you received Me,

I call you my friend

That’s why I’ve been telling you everything the Father tells Me

” (Paraphrased from John 15:15-16,

The disciples had the benefit of seeing “God with skin on” in the person of the Son of God,

Jesus Christ

But most of the time they didn’t fully understand who He was

They saw Him,

yet they never fully grasped what and who Jesus really was,

On the other hand,

yet you don’t get to walk around with Him


Doesn’t the Bible say you are the temple of the Holy Spirit

? Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit,

Who is in you,Whom you have received from God

? You are not your own (1 Corinthians 6:19 NIV)

Your challenge is different than the disciples’ challenge

Your challenge is to finally grasp,

you cannot help but hear Him—that is,

it’s simply impossible not to hear Him speak

Since you are an inhabited creation that is inhabited by God,

how can you not hear Him speak

Jesus always knew this would sound too unbelievably good to be true,

so He had it recorded emphatically in His Word

He knew we would need reminded

In that way there could be no question for those who are willing to accept this “easy”truth that is sometimes “hard” to believe

What If Jesus Told You He Enjoyed Your Daily Chats Together

Jesus said,“My sheep recognize my voice

I know them,and they follow Me” (John 10:27 NLT,

The last I checked,

you and I are still the sheep of His pasture,

and He is still the “Good Shepherd

” If He is the Shepherd and you are the sheep,

it doesn’t make much difference what you believe—as least as far as facts are concerned

The fact is,

you recognize (or hear clearly) His voice,

and you’ve recognized it all along—even though you didn’t think you did

This is a simple biblical truth

You might say,“But,

!” To which Jesus would reply,“No,

but it is theological—that is,

What About Those Talks

? You’ve been talking to Him,

and He’s been talking to you

Perhaps now you can begin to grasp that He’s been talking to you

But what about the fact that you have supposedly been talking to Him

? Maybe you have felt faithless and failing in your prayers

? How is it then that He hears you talking to Him

? Even the Old Testament Scriptures are not silent about how God sees you and how He knows your thoughts

Read what David wrote,

to God: You know when I sit and when I rise

You perceive my thoughts from afar

You discern my going out and my lying down

You are familiar with all my ways

Before a word is on my tongue You know it completely,

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,


Even those of you who have shed great tears because of the tragedies in your life and the mistakes you have made,

nevertheless you have been speaking to God

and a reward for your tears is promised

“Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy” (Psalm 126:5)

Your tears are one of the ways you talk to God

! They are expressions of your deepest emotion directed toward Him

All you have to do now is “deal with it

” You’ve been having twoway conversations with God,

listening and obeying (and sometimes choosing not to obey) His voice for a long time

having come to grips with this amazing truth,

why not learn to hear Him even better by listening to His voice

? Many of you have been hearing Him and not knowing it

What would happen if you accepted this fact and started to tune in to His voice more intentionally

? We now know that before a word is on our tongues,

He knows it

all our days are planned and we are His sheep and His sheep do,

So now,

why not start listening to Jesus talk to you and begin conversing with Him—on purpose

We’re just getting started


My Sheep Hear My Voice

My Sheep Hear My Voice

My sheep hear My voice,

and I give eternal life to them,

and no one will snatch them out of My hand

My Father,

and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand

I and the Father are one (John 10:27-30 NASB)

How It All Began It was late in 1981 and we didn’t know what we were getting into

We were brand-new parents

our first child was less than a year old

Unbeknownst to us,

things were about to change in our lives

The “fullness of time” had come,

and God in Heaven was about to create a brand-new paradigm shift in our lives that I was not expecting,

Raised in a church that was founded in the 1800s,

I was a teacher in a church school and knew what and who was right and what was wrong

I could spot false doctrine a mile away


We decided to attend a safe Campus Crusade for Christ Bible study that we thought would not threaten our doctrinal beliefs too much

After all,

the local church headquarters had approved one of my friends,

who was studying to be a pastor,

to intern with the Campus Crusade for Christ program

It should be safe,

I thought

So with our baby girl and playpen in tow,


and I went to our first meeting—the meeting that changed everything

I Already Knew the Answers

What Questions Could Remain

? Since it was our first meeting,

I went to it expecting to have answers and not questions


I was on my guard

This was not considered “normal” for anyone in our group to go outside the denomination for a Bible study

I was already an ordained elder in my own church at the youthful age of 26,

and I knew a lot—or so I thought

God’s requirements were all-important to me and I was into it

I was happy with all that I was supposed to do and believe

One might even say I loved the doctrine in which I was raised

I was baptized in my church at the age of ten and,

I believe I came into a real acceptance of Christ,

at least what I was able to understand about Him,

in my conservative denomination

Secrets Only I Knew Now please understand that my secret thought-life was a mess

I struggled with all sorts of temptations,

but they were my secrets and no one knew what I held in my heart


the church members around me saw me as one who loved (at least the goal of keeping perfectly) God’s holy Law

But one thing I held as a certainty—one thing my doctrine decreed was this: I could not,

on how well one kept God’s law

My Sheep Hear My Voice

I was doing just fine at keeping some of the laws

But with others,

I was not doing so well

I knew one had to start somewhere,

and I was working on keeping the Law as best I could

As Loren,

the leader of our Bible study,

took us through the Book of Romans,

a book we would continue to study for a year or more,

a small argument ensued about the “salvation issue

” Because of my strong stance,

I breathed a prayer to God that He would show me just one of the many Scriptures I’d known for years

I wanted to demonstrate from Scripture that it’s what we do and how we obey that matters to God—not some “assurance of salvation” thing

It was about showing God by our actions

The best we could ever say,

I had been taught,

was,“I hope I’ll be ‘ready’ when Jesus returns

The Power of Satan Seemed Huge In my mind,

satan was more powerful than God

At least that’s how I perceived it

God had made the way through Christ for salvation—the cross was real,

the cross was required—but satan was the master deceiver and,

to me and everyone I was raised with,

it seemed far easier to be lost than saved

How could I elevate satan so high

partly because Jesus had said that wide was the way to destruction and narrow the way to life

I reasoned,

had taught us that it was easier to be lost than to be saved,

at least in my way of thinking

I Was Going to Prove Him Wrong So at this Campus Crusade Bible study,

I borrowed a Bible so I could speak truth to this group of about 12 people

As I furiously searched for even one clue to prove I was right about the salvation issue,

my mind could not recall a single Scripture that proved my point


the Bible fell open to a Scripture that I had never seen,

though I was a licensed Church School Teacher for my denomination

I had never seen this Scripture in my life


it was as if everything went into slow motion

It felt like what people have described about what happens to them in the middle of an auto 41


accident—everything slowed way down

I was in slow motion as I read this Scripture to myself

I remember my face flushing red as I took it in

I read it over and over again to myself: My sheep hear My voice,

and I give eternal life to them,and they shall never perish

and no one shall snatch them out of My hand

My Father,who has given them to Me,is greater than all

and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand

I and the Father are one (John 10:27-30 NASB,

I sat in stunned silence

So awesome was this revelation to me personally at that moment that I continued to read those verses over and over,

while the conversation continued on around me

Somehow I knew my life had just changed forever

A Sudden Paradigm Shift In one verse—one verse—God had instantly and forever changed the three most important paradigms of my life

God talks to His sheep

! I pondered about hearing His voice and trusting Him with our lives—He promised

He promised that satan could not snatch me—or anyone—out of His hand once we were in His hand

I simply couldn’t believe it

! Toward the end of the meeting,

I could hold my peace no longer

I opened up to my friends there,

all of whom were from my same denomination so they believed as I did,

except for the leader and his wife and one other couple

I blurted out,

“You guys aren’t going to believe this Scripture

I’ve never seen this before

I was just trying to disprove what was being said here,

How come I’ve never seen this Scripture before

?” I read it out loud to the group

I don’t remember much after that

It’s still a blur

I would later discover that 42

My Sheep Hear My Voice


had become so shocked and yet so overjoyed and full of praise to God at this new revelation (she’d never seen that Scripture before either),

that she silently had a profound,

unprecedented experience with the Lord

It would be six months before she had the courage to tell us about it

More about that later

In those years,

Campus Crusade for Christ,

a fairly conservative organization,

was not exactly promoting supernatural experiences


Loren had no idea of the dramatic changes he had helped to launch in our lives through his simple obedience in that evening Bible study

Not only was our understanding of Scripture being dramatically and instantly changed,

but also our understanding of the supernatural had been sparked,

even though it was not Loren’s intention to do so

Introduction to the Holy Spirit You can’t see Him,

His name is the Holy Spirit

And He was up to something

I never heard a voice that night—or so I thought

No angel grabbed me by the arm

I didn’t have a strong impression to turn to some Scripture

I just “stumbled” (if you believe it was actually a stumble) upon an unknown passage,

and the Spirit of God had lifted it—in almost 3-D,

slow motion—off the page to change my life forever

for Steve Shultz to finally get a clue,

and understand that God talks to me

It was time for me,


to begin the journey of learning to hear God speak,

while at the same time learning that He could be trusted with our lives and even fixing our present and future mistakes

This might seem simple to some of you,

but this was revolutionary for Derene and me

God was telling me in that kairos moment that He was going to teach me—as the old song goes—that “He walks with me,and He talks with me,and He tells me I am His own

And the joy WE share,as we tarry there,

” The old hymn-writers knew something that had been lost through the years

The song continues,“He speaks,and the sound of His voice is so sweet the birds hush their singing,


And the melody that He gave to me within my heart is ringing…” (Taken from “In the Garden” by C

Austin Miles

What Was Not Real,

Became Real I’d sung that old song all my life,

It would be years before I would equate some of those old hymns with the fact that the writers and composers were in touch with the voice of God—even back then

This truth can be found everywhere in those old hymns

The writer of that old song had to have understood that God really walks and talks with His people

the words of the hymn had been music on the piano and words on a page

They were never real in my life

Now they are

As I write this,

and it is important for me to teach others through this book some of what God has taught me on this journey

It’s time for you,

and anyone you give this book to,

to learn that He not only talks—but He has been talking to you all along

Even when you didn’t know it was His voice you were hearing

What’s more,

many of you who are reading this page are certain you’ve never heard God speak to you—“not even once,” you would say

And yet,

you’ve obeyed His voice over and over and over again

And you pleased God by doing so

You see,

God cannot lie

You are His sheep,

if you have received Christ into your life

Jesus said,

” I’m sorry if you feel you haven’t heard Him speak

Here’s a little hint,

Jesus said this: Jesus answered

“No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him,

and I will raise him up at the last day

It is written in the Prophets: “They will all be taught by God

” Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from Him comes to Me” (John 6:43-46)

News Flash

! According to holy Scripture (re-read the above verse if you have to),

you could not have come to Jesus unless you had first listened to the Father and learned from Him,

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Let me say it again another way: You would not be serving Christ today had you not listened specifically to the Father’s voice when He taught you and showed you how to follow Jesus

Welcome to the club of those who hear the voice of God

By the way,

every believer is in the same club—or should we call it school—the school of the Spirit

You’ve already been initiated

Now that’s just plain good news


When You Hear His Voice

When You Hear His Voice

do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion (Hebrews 3:15 ESV,

I’m always asking my wife,“What day is it today

?” Maybe it’s my busy schedule or just my disorganization,

but I rarely remember what day it is

When I ask,“What day is it today

?” whether the answer is Tuesday,Thursday,

or another day of the week—the answer is actually always the same

As corny as it sounds,

many versions of the Bible translate Hebrews 3:15 as,

IF you hear His voice,

do not harden your hearts as they did in the rebellion

the context of this passage intrigued me

The writer of Hebrews keeps repeating himself as he quotes the Holy Spirit about that one word: today

The context implies every single day

And I wondered if the word when might be a better translation

I called my Hebrew-speaking,

and asked him how a rabbi would translate this 49



You see,

one of the translated definitions of the word used in this passage is “when

God is saying,

that when you hear God’s voice today,

Most people,

believe that God doesn’t talk to them,

But the reality is,

He not only talks to some,

He talks to everyone and He does it every single day

God’s Voice Is a Call to Action

when her six children were misbehaving,“I’m not talking to hear myself think

When He speaks to you every day,

He has a purpose

God wants to tell you to change something or encourage you,

to change or encourage your friends,

He may only ask you to pray about what you hear,

or He may ask you to go tell someone what He said so they will be edified

Learn to Hear God’s Voice—Hearing With Purpose I’ll jump ahead in my story to 1994,

when I flew to Indiana to take an advanced course in learning to hear God’s voice

The course quickly began to bear some very interesting fruit

God was about to use me to encourage some people—during the “today” referred to in Hebrews

By the way,

did you know that Jesus had to learn to hear and obey God

Check this out:“Although He [Jesus] was a son,

He learned obedience from what He suffered…” (Heb

I spent about four days in Indiana learning to hear His voice better

The final instructions given to the group were that we should keep using and practicing the gift of hearing God’s voice and telling others what we were hearing

The reason is that the same Book of Hebrews says,

“But solid food is for the mature,

When You Hear His Voice

have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil” (Heb

God talks to us daily to help us to know good from evil in our lives and the lives of others

Knowing what to do,

what to avoid—is another way of saying that we know good from evil

Jesus said the Holy Spirit was sent to lead us into “all truth

? The fact is that most people have never heard the audible voice of God and yet,

we actually hear God speak even when we don’t realize we’re hearing Him

Through practice,

you can learn from the Lord to discern right and wrong,

by constant use of the gifts of God

You begin to learn to distinguish which are your thoughts and which are God’s thoughts

And sometimes,

we don’t know where a given thought comes from—ourselves or God

Practice Increases the Gift During that Indiana training I went through,

I was taught that even Timothy had to be reminded to stir up the gift that had been given to him by the laying on of hands: “Therefore [Timothy] I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands” (2 Tim

1:6 NKJV)

There was an obedience factor for Timothy to pay attention to

He had to choose to stir up the gift that was already within him

I returned from my prophetic training back to my home church

At the very next church service,

those who needed prayer for anything (especially if they were sick),

were invited to come over to the side of the building for prayer

This was a common practice in our church

My chance had come

it was my time to practice the gift that is in all of us,

the gift of hearing God’s voice


When We Pray,

God Often Answers—He Speaks One young woman who was visiting our church that day,

was the only one who didn’t have someone praying for her when I approached the group asking for prayer

She was dressed very conservatively,

and certainly did not seem like one who was ready to join a sports team

I asked her what the problem was

She told me her wrist hurt and said she’d been having ongoing problems with it

I asked if I could hold her wrist and pray for it,

But I was now trained to listen and watch more carefully about what else God might want to say to her

As I prayed for her wrist,

suddenly a picture popped into my head

It was a picture of her singing in front of kids,

From there,

the picture and impression enlarged,

just as I’d been practicing in Indiana

I said,“I hear the Lord saying that you are—or will be—working with young kids and youth

” Immediately she began to cry,

I’m sure I said a few more things,

but I no longer remember them,

though I do remember that I asked her if that “word” meant anything to her

it means everything to me,” she said

“I have been the youth leader at my own church for several years

But I’ve just been removed from that position

but watching the tears flow down her face,

I could see that it had caused her great pain

She went on to explain how she was a volleyball coach,

She was,

everything she did not appear to be on the outside—an outgoing,

Before leaving,

I encouraged her by telling her that the Lord would not have revealed this word to me unless He had a desire to encourage her and bring her back into the type of ministry she loved,

but perhaps with another church

I don’t know who went home more encouraged

Taking It to the Streets I was curious to see if this would work on the street

Of course I knew it would,

but I’d never intentionally tried it

By accident,

When You Hear His Voice

Pure fear—that’s what I was facing

A few weeks later,

I would have my answer

We had gone down to California on a family vacation

I was eager to get home and we were just a few hours away

We stopped in Medford,


to get a bit of dinner before we began the last leg of our journey

we ordered our meal and began the normal wait for our food

My eye caught a small elderly woman a few tables up and in the next row of booths

My eyes were drawn to her

“Why am I drawn to this woman

I had a sense of what the answer was,

but would I harden my heart to it

? Would I harden my heart to God’s encouraging word for this woman

? I did not tell my wife or my family what I was thinking about doing

I realized that God did,

want to speak to this woman to encourage her

But what did He want to say

? I spent most of the meal listening on purpose to what the Lord had for her

I said nothing about it to anyone

Making a Deal With God I made a deal with the Lord

if she gets up and walks out the door before we finish,

I will go outside that door and speak the word I believe you’re telling me

” You might say it was a “chicken” deal with the God of the universe

The restaurant was quiet and I didn’t want to embarrass her,

nor did I want to be embarrassed

So I ate fast and waited and watched

She paid her bill and walked out the door

“I have to go talk to that woman,” I told Derene

“I think I’m supposed to give her a word from the Lord

”To fulfill my part of the bargain,

I followed her right out the door

She stopped and turned around,

“You don’t know me,” I said,

“and this may seem a little strange,

but when you were in the restaurant,

the Lord began to talk to me about you

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