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YFC CAMPUS Program Detailed in this proposal are the developments in terms of structure and activities that we believe will maximize effectively of the program in order to bring God’s message of hope and love to a significantly large number of persons within the high school communities

CFC YOUTH FOR CHRIST CAMPUS BASED CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS PREAMBLE We the students and members of CFC Youth for Christ in Campus based,

having experienced the Lord Jesus,

touching and changing our lives,

see the need of personally taking up the call of our Institute and of the Church to proclaim Christ's message to all men and especially to our fellow students

In drawing up this Constitution and By-laws we put down in writing and signify our individual and collective response to this call

May the grace of our Lord Jesus and His blessings always be with us and our Campus in this endeavor

ARTICLE I Nature of the Organization Sec

NAME The name of the organization shall be CFC YOUTH FOR CHRIST


in both school and community based groups

CFC Singles for Christ,

CFC Youth for Christ,

CFC Kids for Christ,

CFC Handmaids of the Lord,

CFC Servants of the Lord

but will often have its own activities as a chapter considering the schedules,

needs and character of the Institute and its students

ARTICLE II Declaration of Mission and Vision Sec

MISSION AND VISION The Mission and Vision of CFC Youth for Christ – Campus Chapter is based on the words of scripture,

to "Unite all things in Christ" (Eph

It is a response to the call of our Church leadership and our University to proclaim Christ to all men

The Vision is “A Renewed Society in Christ Through the Campuses” and the Mission is “Renewing Society Through Christ Through the Campuses

” As our University strives to send out into the world men who are fully human,

wholly Christian and truly Filipino,

we have made it our mission to be partners in this task by providing Christian peer support to as many students as possible

We make it our mission to speak to our peers of Christ,

to be witnesses for Him in the College

Through this,

we are confident that we will be used by Him as partners in our College in molding men who will be of service to Christ in His Church,

and in the larger community of our society and the whole world


Through prayer meetings,

Christian values and principles,

in preparation for the challenges they will be facing in the workplace and life in general

through "Career Direction Seminars" by connecting them to Singles for Christ)

PHILOSOPHY We in CFC Youth for Christ believe,

but shared with all sectors of society,

and that they in return have a very deep sense of love of God,

and that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is something that they desire,

dynamic and free-spirited nature rather than denying this nature and forcing the youth into a mold that satisfies our own perception of Christianity and holiness

We accept their nature,

but re-channeling it into an active expression of submission to and participation in the plan of God,

but also because of societal deficiencies in family life,

education and government structures

that the youth are in need of friends and role models,

and therefore should be given the opportunity to develop these skills and relationships in a healthy Christian environment

but they should also know that as they do so,

God should always be an inseparable part of these decisions knowing also that they are future leaders of families and societies,

we realize that their future depends on how they are molded today as God's children

but more through with what they are able to share with others,

that the deception by the evil one,

and even initiate the youth into his evil plans,

comes in the form of day to day experiences in family life,

there is nothing and no one that can separate us from His love in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:38-39)

His love is our source of wisdom and His life becomes our model in helping build this present and future life for the youth

It is a declaration of active submission to the will of God

I will spend time in prayer where I can grow in loving,

honoring and serving God I will learn and grow in living out these ideals and principles of my Lord Jesus I believe that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit

I will not dishonor the Lord through drunkenness,

drugs or immorality I will participate actively in the life of my Church 4

I believe that my family is God's gift to me

I will love,

and respect my parents’ inspite of whatever state or circumstances they are in I believe that my blood brothers and sisters are God's gift to me

I will strive to grow in unity,

and understanding towards them I will be a source of healing to whatever brokenness or hurt my family experiences I believe that it is my privilege to be studying in my school

I will show my love and loyalty to the Lord and to my school by being a good student I will take responsibility in my studies

I will respect school authorities I will serve my classmates and build good relationships in school I believe that I belong to the bigger family of CFC Youth for Christ I will relate in love and loyalty to the brothers and sisters form other schools,

and countries I will serve the Lord in Youth for Christ in whatever way I can,

whenever and wherever the Lord chooses to call me I will follow the directions of my elders and leaders in Youth for Christ I believe that God has a special purpose in allowing me to be born and to live in this country It is my privilege to love,

honor and serve my country It is my duty to obey and respect the laws and authorities that God has placed over me It is my responsibility to preserve and protect the environment ARTICLE III The Organization and its Components








MODELA: EDUCATIONAL CENTER MODEL (ECM) State Colleges and Universities fall within this category

Example: DeLa Salle University,

Ateneo de Manila,





For example,

local colleges which are exclusive on the part of the local community

Dominican College,














Pastoral Structure Follows that of the Community Based and runs independent of the organizational structure
















Though it is a Catholic organization,

CFC Youth for ChristCampus Based accepts young people of other Christian denominations

Such students must undergo a three-day Youth Camp,

which is the entry point to CFC Youth for Christ


chemistry and background) where they can experience being loved and learning how to love

It is the basic support structure of YFC

The brother is the Household Head


A brother and a sister shall also lead it

The brother shall be the Unit Head

It shall oversee the activities and shall have pastoral cover over the household heads

If need be,

a unit may have its own activities as planned in coordination with the assigned Mission Worker and/or the couple coordinator assigned in that particular school

This will be so especially if schedules of the members make it difficult for the whole group to meet as one


starting from the household leaders,

not necessarily as partners together,

as brothers with their corresponding sister

A member of the Campus Support Group leads a CG household

as this will provide the pastoral support for the household leaders


depending on the size and growth of each YFC campus group,10 brothers and sisters are chosen from all the household leaders by election to govern the whole group

This governing body is referred to as the “Executive committee” or EXECOM

From the EXECOM flows the functional structure

They shall lead the YFC group in school

Represent the group in College sponsored meetings

Coordinate personally or through other members of the group with the College administration regarding the YFC activities

witness and guide their members in all activities of YFC

“Evangelization Committee”,

“Special Projects Committee”,

and “Documentation Committee

Heads of each committee have the prerogative of creating sub-committees depending on their needs

and Executive Vice-President (or EVP),

four Vice Presidents and four Assistant Vice-Presidents leading each committee

or to their natural groupings (age,

or a Campus Program Assistant (CPAs) for Model B Campus groups (Community College Model or CCM)

It is a must that the presidents attend these meetings so that the FTWs or CPAs would know how to support them

They should also have a separate household based on the same principle as that of the presidents,

that these EVPs are the next Presidents and directors of their respective YFC groups

The EVP’s household may be led by a leader appointed by the FTW or as may be determined by thee CSG

it is his responsibility to ensure that the whole group functions properly in terms of their functional role as well as relationships or pastoral role

 He makes sure that the flock – the EXECOM is “holy”,

 The direction of the campus comes from him as he consults with his/her overseer/household head or Couple Coordinator (e

in terms of camps and final schedules)

He discusses this direction with the EVP and allows the EVP to carry out / implement these plans

 The president calls for EXECOM meetings,

opens and closes these meetings but allows the EVP to preside the meeting

 With respect to decision making in terms of planning and in solving problems the group may encounter,

in such cases the president is called on to settle the matter

 The president also takes care of “external” affairs  The president also takes the role of coordinating with other organizations or with a local campus parish or campus ministry  The president trains,

and ensures that the EVP is doing his job

those groups eligible for elections

 The EVP is “president in training

” His term as president will begin the summer after the school year in which he was elected EVP

 The EVP runs the campus under the direction of the president

The president acts as the visionary of the YFC campus group and trainer of the EVP

The EVP sees to it that the direction and plans discussed with and given by the President for the campus are carried out

 He presides EXECOM service meetings,

gives out and follows up assignments,

as determined by the President

 He should take care of the details and organize the Prayer meeting

 Assists household head assigned to lead a camp in conducting the HLT with regards to the venue,

rallies support from other household heads to visit this overnight training

 Assists household head assigned in leading a camp,

in promoting the said activity,

registration systems and materials,

 Can come up with better ways to improve YFC camps 7

 The said committee handles the creative component of the community

 Looks out for talents for dance,

Music Ministry,

Praise and Fashion,


 Organizes and manages creative activities for the school,

like the YFC week and the Campus Tour

manages and disburses all funds of the local campus based group

 Finance committee makes sure that there is money for the group

It is advised that each group maintains at least sufficient amount of money before the school year ends to be used as an initial operating fund for the next school year

A copy of the said articles shall be given to the Full time Mission Worker or Couple Coordinator assigned for that particular campus for analysis and reporting

 Keeps a directory of all the members and what households they are in,

and provides members with concise directories for personal use

 They shall also function as alumni relation officers,

and should keep a directory of the alumni for future purposes

 Keeps all basic talk outlines needed (Youth Camp

Household Leaders Training,

Covenant Orientation) and provides these outlines when needed

 Makes sure all announcements get to the members through the bulletin boards,

 May suggest other ways to document and inform members such as news letters

• The VP SOCIOPOL makes sure that his/her campus is involved in Gawad Kalinga and the work of the Social Ministries

• The VP SOCIOPOL presents the GK program to the administration and alumni and communicates the social ministries to socio-political organizations (this is the heart of his/her role–to PRESENT the program)

• The VP SOCIOPOL oversees all GK and Social Ministry activities in his/her school

• The VP SOCIOPOL decides for the whole YFC Chapter all matters regarding nation building,

GK build and other related activities

This is the reason why this position should be held by the EVP

They are in a sense partners of the VP,

but their authority comes from their VP: Assistant Vice President (AVP) – Evangelization Assistant Vice President (AVP) – Special Projects Assistant Vice President (AVP) – Finance  Assistant Vice President (AVP) – Documentation  Assistant Vice President (AVP) – Socio-Political Sec

CFC YOUTH FOR CHRIST MISSION WORKER The YFC Mission Worker provides direction and plans in partnership with the Campus Support Group and youth leaders of the University regarding the implementation of the programs

They are resources for the group


The Moderator shall be an employee/teacher/Professor of the University in compliance with the requirement proposed by the school administration

The Moderator shall guide the leadership of the Youth for Christ chapter especially with regards to College policies and activities


a faculty member or administrator,

who is a member of CFC or any of its family ministries

He shall be appointed/chosen as an added resource to provide pastoral cover over the EXECOM members

They are appointed/chosen or elected from Campus Support Group

then one person may fill the role of parent and school adviser as described by section 9 of this article


specifically the nearest chapter to the school,

making available to the organization any available teaching and training manuals as well as any information regarding YFC

faculty and administrators who are part of the CFC family ministries

The CSG should elect one CSG head that shall also act as the present Couple Coordinator for the YFC Campus

The Couple Coordinator is also the pastoral head of the CG

the CSG may elect or appoint an assistant CSG head to help the CSG head/ Couple Coordinator in pastoring the CG

(As such all plans of the EXECOM / President should be brought to the CSG Head / Adviser for his comments and guidance)

All plans should be submitted to the CSG Head for comments and suggestions

He may also organize regular skills / management training for the whole core group

Youth Camp support,

and others that may help the youth organizing their activities

7 The CSG,

as members of Couples for Christ,

should also organize CLP for parents of YFC campus who are not yet members of CFC

This would widen the network of the CSG in the Campus,

and thereby soliciting more support from them,

and at the same and bringing more Parents nearer to God

ARTICLE IV Activities Sec



The core group of leaders/ officers shall plan its activities


As such,

the Chapter will sponsor camps on a regular basis,

as long as it does not interfere with schedules of the University


forums on special topics such as “Handling Boy Girl Relationship”,

Courtship and Marriage” and other topics relevant to the youth shall be scheduled from time to time by the Chapter

Such activities may be open for non-members of the YFC


Mission Trips,


)as this is usually sponsored/initiated by the CFC Family Ministries

as coordinated with the adviser and leaders shall also be made part of the schedule of the Chapter

ARTICLE V Amendments Sec

all articles in this document that contradict any previous official document of CFC Youth for Christ,

and/or any of the principles of their particular campuses are hereby considered null and void

Any of the said inconsistencies shall be recommended for amendments once found out to be such

and by the CFC Youth for Christ council through its designated representative

Said amendments are not enforceable unless approved by the YFC Council

The YFC National Council ratified the foregoing proposed Constitution of the CFC-Youth for Christ Campus Based Program on January 2000

And was accordingly signed on (Date signed) ,

at ________________________________by the officers of (Name of Campus) whose signature are hereunder affixed


Executive Vice President



VP-Special Projects




VP-Special Projects



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