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Camlin Limited

Analyst Meet – 18th May,

Disclaimer • This presentation might contain forward looking statements which involve a number of risks,

uncertainties and other factors that could cause the actual results to differ materially from those in the forward looking statements

• Camlin undertakes no obligation to update these to reflect the events or circumstances thereof

• This presentation also contains reference to the findings of various reports available in the public domain

Camlin takes no responsibility as to their accuracy or that the company subscribes to those findings

Flow of Presentation • • • • • • •

Introduction to Camlin & Brief History Product Offerings of Camlin Overview of Camlin Operations Operational Highlights – FY 09,

FY10 Financial Highlights – FY 09,

FY 10 Way Forward New Initiative – Pre Schools

Dandekar & D

Dandekar in 1931

• Incorporated as a Private Company in the year 1946

• Converted into Public Limited in the Year 1988 • Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange & NSE • Products: School & Education Stationery,

Office Stationery,

Fine Art & Hobby Colours • First company in India to obtain Art & Creative Material institute’s (ACMI,USA) world standards of non-toxicity

Camlin – Key Events • 1931

It manufactured Ink Tablets,

Ink powder,

Fountain Pen Ink,

Sealing Wax etc • 1946

was re-christened as Camlin Private Limited

“Camel” was chosen as the mascot

Wax Crayons,

Oil Pastels,

Drawing inks etc

factory for manufacturing wooden pencils was started in Tarapur

Camlin – Key Events • 1995 – Camlin set up a Plant in Taloja to manufacture Inks & Adhesives •

• 2004- State of the Art plant was set up at Vasai for manufacturing wide range of Markers

• 2006 – De-merger of Fine Chemical Division into a new company


Lefranc & Bourgeois,

Liquitex and Conte • 2008- Company got listed on National Stock Exchange of India •

Product Offerings

Product Offerings • School & Education Products • Fine Art & Hobby Products • Office Products

School & Education Products Product Range includes

Poster Colours,

Wax Crayons,

Oil Pastels,

Plastic Crayons,

Sketch Pens,

Wooden Pencils,




Colour Pencils,

Math Sets,

Dissection Boxes,

Engineering Boxes,


Other Technical Instruments,

Note Books,

Mechanical Pencils,

Hi Polymer Leads,

Fountain Pen & its Ink …

Fine Art & Hobby Products Product Range includes

Artist Acrylic Colours,

Canvas Rolls,

Canvas Boards,


Artist Water Colours,

Oil Sketching Papers,

Drawing Inks,


Painting Mediums,

Glass Colours,

Fabric Colours,

Powder Colours,

Fabric Glue,

Artist Poster Colours …

Office Products Product Range includes

Permanent Markers,


Ball Pen,

Gel Pen,

Stamp pads,


Paint Markers,

CD Markers,

Carbon Papers,

Glue Sticks,

Gum /Paste & Inks …

Composition of Revenue FY 10 Revenue %

25% 13%

School & Education Products Fine Art & Hobby Products Office Products

Camlin – Uniquely Positioned • Pioneers in School & Office Stationery with a Strong Brand Equity • Leaders in Colours – Scholastic,

Fine Art & Hobby • An unmatched & extensive Product Range with more than 2000 SKUs

R&D capabilities & proprietary knowledge leading to breakthrough products,

processes & packaging • Extensive distribution network of Branches,



Retail outlets and B2B • Track record of building profitable mass market brands • Strong Retail network

Camlin – A Recognized FMCG Brand

• 5 Manufacturing Facilities


27 C&Fs



50 Lacs

Retail outlets • Market reach > 50 Mn households • Income FY10 – Rs

Camlin Operations

Distribution Channel Camlin

Manufacturing Centers

Mother Depot

State Depots

Direct Dealers

Office suppliers


Corporate / Institutions


Board – Eminent Directors BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dilip Dandekar Chairman & Managing Director

Rajiv Dandekar Joint Managing Director

Shriram Dandekar Executive Director

Deepak Dandekar Executive Director

Deepak Ghaisas

Anil Singhvi

Dhananjay Mungale

Shishir Shirgaokar

Vijay Paranjape

Ashish Dandekar

Shishir Desai

Shareholding Pattern As on 31/3/2010 Promoters 38

Foreign Institutional Investors Non Resident Bodies Corporate

Operational Highlights FY09 & FY10

Key Highlights FY 09,

FY10 • Strengthening of Manufacturing Activity with significant increase in capacities • Increased Focus on High Margin Products • Improvement in RMC Consumption % generates higher margins • Restructuring of Distribution System & Sales teams • Operations integrated ‘End to End’ on ERP Software – SAP • Savings in Interest on account of issuance of Commercial Paper

Manufacturing Strengthened • Fixed Asset expansion of about Rs

• A new State of the Art Manufacturing Plant was set up in Jammu

• Tarapur & Jammu Plants got ISO 9001:2008 certification • Vasai & Taloja Plants to complete the ISO process by June 2010 • Implementation of 5S at all the plants by July 2010 • Products previously imported now manufactured inhouse at lower cost • R&D efforts in Material Substitution & Process Improvements also helped in gaining higher yields

Manufacturing / Outsourcing Mix 60% 50%

57% 49%

51% 43%

40% 30%

Manufacturing Outsourcing

RMC Improvement 66

Input Consumption to Sales 63

Awards / Recognition • The Permanent Marker TV Ad (Rudali Bindi) was selected to be shown as one of the Worlds Greatest TV Commercials,

the biggest TV network of Japan • Camlin was awarded the title of ‘Edge Winner’ for its successful implementation of SAP by Network Computing – one of the leading IT magazines of India • The brand ‘Camlin’ was adjudged as Power Brand of the Year 2009-10 in the Stationery category by Planman

Financial Highlights FY 09 & FY10

Key Financial Highlights • Rapid Growth in Revenue in the past 3 years – CAGR of 24 % • YoY,

EBIDTA Growth of 43% in FY 09 and 40% in FY 10 • YoY PBT Growth of 47% in FY 09 and 73% in FY 10 • YoY PAT Growth of 61% in FY 09 and 97% in FY 10

Profit & Loss Account Rs Crs

P&L Items Revenues EBIDTA Interest Depreciation VRS Amortization PBT PAT

FY08 FY 09 214

FY 10 330

Earning Per Share 2

00 FY 08

Dividends Declared 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0%


FY 10 *

* Proposed

Balance Sheet Rs Crs

Balance Sheet Share Capital

Reserves & Surplus

Net Worth Borrowings

Net Fixed Assets Net Current Assets

Return on Capital Employed 25

0% FY 08

Way Forward • Align the Company’s resources to gain advantage of various government initiatives on education such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan

• Dedicated Task Force to connect with top 25000 schools of India • Target to double the Retail Universe by March 2011 • Increase Production at Jammu to gain maximum tax advantage • Invest & align the Production Capacities to the overall objective of achieving Rs


! Pre Schools – A New Inititative

Why Pre Schools

? • To leverage & capitalize on the brand strength and equity in the field of education • Benefit of emotional disposition of consumers towards the brand due to long association • Associate with your consumer – the school kid – at an early age

Business Potential • Population of below 4yrs – Total 11 Crs of which Urban is 2

• Current market size at around Rs

5000 Crs

• Brokerage firm CLSA Asia Pacific Markets estimates market to exceed Rs

• 40% of urban children attend pre-school • 7% is by volume private pre-school market 1

Pre School Segments Children who attend Categories of children: • Mother-Toddler 11-18 months • Play school 18-24 months • Pre Nursery 24-30 months • Nursery 30 months+

Categories of Pre Schools • High-end: Catering to crème-d-la crème with fees ranging from Rs 3000 to Rs

• Middle level: For middle class with fees ranging from Rs

2000 to Rs

• Low end: For masses with fees below Rs 1000 p


play area etc) • Internet CC TV access-parents can see children on internet • Tie up with ‘HeadStart’ – a private pre-school for initial learning

Pre Schools in Mumbai • First Pre-school opened in July 2009 at Andheri Lokhandwala • Expected to run to full capacity by 2nd year • Two new centers opened for this academic year at Thane and Khargar • To concentrate on Owned Schools for the timebeing before moving on to franchisee model

• Plan to ramp up & have 50 Schools by FY 13 with more than 10,000 enrolments


Alphakids – Lokhandwala



- Thane


- Khargar

Alphakids – Sports day

Alpha Kids – Annual Day

Thank You

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