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Professional English

Cambridge English for

Human Resources UNIT 1 additional activities

Vocabulary revision

a Work in pairs or small groups

You are going to review vocabulary terms from

Your teacher will give you a set of 26 word cards

Divide the cards into the following three groups

? if you think you the word but are not quite sure

! if you cannot remember or do not know the word

b Compare your answers with another pair or group

Ask the other students if they can help you by explaining the meanings of the words in Group 3 (words you are not sure about or words you don’t know)

c Complete the 26 definitions (a–z) below by writing the correct word or phrase from the cards in the gaps

a b c'd'e f g h i j k l'm n o p q r s'

are people or organisations who can be positively or negatively impacted by,

the actions of an organisation

are people within a company who receive information or a service from another person or department in the same company

are the results of actions and describe a state

can refer to anything which a company or an employee produces

This could include either a product or a service

is one in which HR aims to be involved in decision making for company strategy

focuses on providing traditional,

transactional HR functions such as payroll and recruitment and selection

refers to the type and number of employees within the organisation

involves all (or most) of the HR functions being provided externally

involves providing different systems of time allocation at work – e

involves HR being seen as part of an overall quality management system

involves HR encouraging a performance culture by measuring results and building skills

involves HR staff acting as advisors and project-based experts

involves systematically preparing for the replacement of senior managers

is a paperless HR function in which technology is used to offer self-service HR

is a report of what the staff in an organisation can do

is a report which finds out if it is possible to do something

is a systematic approach to the acquisition,

storage and sharing of knowledge within an organisation

is becoming a popular substitute word for ‘change management’ as it is considered to be more positive and less threatening

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UNIT 1 Vocabulary revision t u v w x y z

is the number of people leaving and joining a company as a percentage of the total workforce

is the practice of paying another company to provide a service

is the process of managing and maximising the talent,

skills and knowledge of employees

pension and other financial benefits that an employer gives to an employee

is when responsibility for many HR activities is given directly to managers in other departments

sets out the larger and long-term plans of an organisation

is a document which describes how a new policy or process will be introduced and how each stage in the process will be checked

d Work in pairs to compare your answers

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Professional English

Cambridge English for

Human Resources UNIT 1 additional activities

Teacher’s Notes

Before you begin … Make enough copies of the word cards (on page 4) for students to work in pairs or small groups

Cut them out and shuffle them into sets

If you can,

it is a good idea to laminate the cards,

as this will help them last longer and allow you and your colleagues to reuse them

Make enough copies of the worksheet for each student in the class

a Students work in pairs or small groups

At this point,

only give out one worksheet for each pair or group

Explain what students have to do and then distribute the word cards to each group

Set a time limit of around five minutes for the task

b Allow groups to share their results

Make sure that they clearly indicate which

group of cards belongs to each word group (✓,

Allow students to change the order of the sets of cards if they learn (or remember) the meaning of a word originally in group 3

c Now give every student a copy of the worksheet and ask them to complete the

Don’t confirm the answers with students until they have completed the task in Exercise d

Answers a b c'd'e f g h i j k l'm

Key deliverables Stakeholders Internal customers Outcomes Outputs A business partner strategy As a strategy,

personnel A human resource profile Outsourced HR Flexible working Continuous improvement Performance management As a strategy,

Succession planning e-HR A skills audit A feasibility study Knowledge management Transition Labour turnover Offshoring Human capital management A remuneration package Devolved HR A strategy An implementation and monitoring plan

d Students compare their answers

Cambridge English for Human Resources www

Cambridge University Press 2011  


UNIT 1 Teacher’s Notes

 7 A business partner strategy

21 Outputs

Cambridge English for Human Resources www

Cambridge University Press 2011  



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