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Words of Appreciation for Katherine Woodward Thomas and Calling in “The One” “For all those seeking to bring a deep and magical love into their lives,

Katherine has discovered a portal to love and beckons us all to follow her lead

Marianne Williamson,

author of A Return To Love and Enchanted Love

“Katherine Woodward Thomas is a master messenger with a masterful message

She makes the complex clear and the complicated simple,

and does so with uncommon warmth and grace

I love her

I absolutely love her

Neale Donald Walsch,

author of Conversations with God

“For those prepared to call a great love into their lives,

Katherine’s heartfelt understanding of the terrain of romantic love in the twenty-first century is both unique and inspiring,

helping us all to move to the next level in our ability to give and receive love

Debbie Ford,

author of The Right Questions and Spiritual Divorce

! Her magical techniques and seminars are life changing

Her insight and wisdom can assist anyone wanting to find “The One”

Her processes worked for me

I am now in an amazing committed relationship with my life mate

Renee Piane,

author of Love Mechanics: Power Tools To Build Successful

Relationships with Women

“Working with Katherine Woodward Thomas opened my heart and mind to embracing and healing all aspects of “The One” in me

I have called in the love of my life,

a lover beyond my wildest dreams

I’ve called in—and live in—LOVE

Karen Russo,

author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace,


The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate How to Use the Law of Attraction to Call in the Love of Your Life

By Katherine Woodward Thomas,

Contents PREFACE

When it Comes to Finding Love

CHAPTER 2: The Greatest Mistake We Make in Our

Approach to Finding Love

CHAPTER 3: Making a Commitment to Realize Love

CHAPTER 5: Living A Vision of Love Fulfilled


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The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate


Katherine Woodward Thomas,

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to share the secret to finding love that I discovered at

and used to cause a miracle of love in my own life

I was compelled to create a 7-week “course” to guide women,

spiritual approach to finding love

The course became the LA Times and Amazon

Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life

I’ve personally guided thousands of successful women through

this process in my Calling In “The One” teleclass with the same extraordinary results

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Most recently,

The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet put my

process to the test on live national television with a dramatic result: click here to watch the video clip of Sunny Barretto’s success story

In this Special Report and companion Audio,

I’ll share the essence

of all that I’ve learned in my own experience and in coaching thousands of other women to successfully find love

I’d also like to invite you to join me for my upcoming teleclass where

I’ll personally guide you through this life-changing process in just 7 weeks

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my Special Report,

to use some of the principles I share to realize a miracle of love in your life

With love,

Katherine Woodward Thomas

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Chapter 1: The Biggest Lie We Tell Ourselves When it Comes to Finding Love Katherine’s Story “It always boils down to the same thing—not only needing to receive love,

but desperately needing to give it

I was 41 years old

For many years,

I had wanted to get married and have a family

one disappointment after another had me so discouraged that I had nearly resigned myself to living life alone

Although I’d dated some really interesting men over the years,

relationships always ended with some variation of the same sad story

For one reason or another,

I was baffled

I’m an attractive,

I’m giving to a fault

I’m smart and funny

I’m educated

I’ve made something of my life

I just couldn’t figure out why,

after having invested so much into developing myself and after having accomplished some really impressive things in my life,

I was still so ultimately alone

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

I blamed my chronic single status on everything outside of myself

Perhaps you’ll recognize some of these common myths that I used

to convince myself that the source of my aloneness was external

• Men only want a woman who’s less successful than they are

• Only women who married when they were young have great husbands because by now,

• A woman over 40 has a better chance of being hit by a bus than she does of finding a great man

• My parents were bad role models for relationships and somehow this has doomed me to failure in love

Or simply,

• I’ve just never met the right person

Yet secretly,

I began to wonder if maybe it was because I’d never

actually been the right person

Something told me that if I could just begin to understand myself as the source of this pattern,

I might be able to shift it,

and cause a miracle in my life

So I began to look within,

to see if I could discover myself as the

And it was then that I realized: The biggest lie we tell ourselves when it comes to finding love is that our ultimate success or failure has to do with external conditions and circumstances

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Chapter 2: The Greatest Mistake We Make in Our Approach to Finding Love “Seek to discover what it is you are holding on to that keeps this condition in effect,

That will bring on the thaw

The Law of Attraction suggests that we don’t necessarily attract what

as much as we attract who we are

That means that: We are continually drawing in experiences and circumstances that mirror back to us our core beliefs about ourselves,

and our core beliefs about what’s possible for our lives

And most of these beliefs are outside of our conscious awareness

often don’t even know we have them,

I had no idea what beliefs I might be harboring that were wreaking

as a licensed psychotherapist,

I at least knew the questions to ask so that I could start to discover them

As I was engaging these simple self-reflections,

minimal adjustments in how I was showing up with men,

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate


the men who were asking me out were available to the

possibility of long-term commitment

One man I dated briefly actually proposed marriage within a month

Now that hadn’t happened to me since I was 19 years old

For years,

I’d been making the mistake of assuming that the

obstacles to love were all outside of myself

it was then that I understood,

that all of our obstacles to love are actually internal in nature

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Chapter 3: Making the Commitment to Realize Love “He who would go a hundred miles should consider ninety-nine as half way

I discovered through this period that although I’d wanted love

I’d never fully committed myself to finding it

I had mistaken my yearning for love as enough

inside of seeing how much power we have to impact what does and does not come our way in life,

I realized that: Longing for love is not necessarily the same thing as setting an intention and making a commitment to actually having it

I did something radical

I set an intention to be engaged by my

my birthday was a mere eight months away and I had no

Having never been one to settle in life,

I knew that I’d have to meet someone extraordinary who was truly the right man for me

as I’d been trying to find “the one” for years,

I was also aware that I had no idea how to actually make this happen

Having already done all the things I knew how to do in order to find a true and lasting love,

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

I became deeply interested not just in what I should be doing to find it,

but in who I would need to be being in order to receive it

rather than running right out to try make love happen,

committed myself instead to making love welcome

I devoted myself to clarifying and releasing all of my internal obstacles to love,

dedicating myself to becoming the woman I would need to be being in order to magnetize an amazing man into my life

I literally began to organize my life around the fulfillment of my

Having been given the gift of seeing myself as the source of my

I became deeply committed to the process of transforming my life from the inside out

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Chapter 4: Clarifying and Releasing the Obstacles to Love “Man cannot discover new oceans until he has the courage to lose sight of the shore

In my own initial process,

and in working with thousands of women

I have come to see that in seeking to clarify and release the obstacles to love,

there are four key areas we need to explore

First are the INCOMPLETIONS that we carry around from the past

• The old flames we’re secretly hoping will come back to us one day

• the disappointments we’ve never quite recovered from

and • the resentments we’re still carting around toward those who hurt us long ago

Next are the OLD AGREEMENTS we’ve made to ourselves and

that have never been renegotiated and fester somewhere in the background unresolved

The agreements we make,

both with ourselves and with others,

have a profound impact upon our lives

For they serve as intentions that we set,

and they continually influence the choices we make,

whether we are consciously aware of them or not

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate



Many of us say we want a committed partnership in life,

and yet we may secretly fear that if we were to marry,

we might never realize our full potential in life

And lastly,



For many of us,

supported and adored by someone we respect and love ourselves would be outside of who we’ve ever known ourselves to be

Our biggest challenge in releasing these obstacles to love is the challenge of seeing them clearly

Cause a Miracle of Love in Your Life In our 7-week Teleclass,

you’ll be guided through a series of self-reflections to help you begin to uncover and shift your inner obstacles to love

I’ve worked with thousands of women over the years and have discovered that these self-reflections are often very simple,

and only require making some minimal adjustments in how you’re showing up with men to begin to generate an entirely different experience

Find out more

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Chapter 5: Living a Vision of Love Fulfilled “The vision process is always self-examination

It’s never,

I want this

Make this happen

‘What do I have to do to become the vision,

is a process of transformation of the individual

In seeing ourselves clearly,

perhaps for the very first time,

become free to stop working against ourselves

We finally have the opportunity to consciously make new choices,

and take new actions that are aligned with creating a future of love fulfilled

Many of these adjustments are really quite easy to make

One of the things I noticed during my own period of self-

had a very strong sense of myself as being pretty much alone in life

While I cared deeply about others and had a strong network of family and friends,

I was used to coming home to an empty apartment night after night

Inside of this pervasive “I’m on my own” experience of my life,

I’d not even noticed the automatic ways of being and doing that were reinforcing my autonomy on a daily basis

In seeing this core belief,

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

I suddenly became aware that my entire apartment was filled with beautiful paintings and posters of solitary women staring longingly off into space

I couldn’t believe I had never noticed this before

huge adjustment to change the artwork in my home,

to replace it with images that conveyed heart centered union,

Doing so created a new feeling of joy and celebration in my home that affected how I felt when I walked through my front door at night

Living a vision of love fulfilled means that we live our lives according to the future we are committed to creating,

rather than in reaction to the past

It means consciously releasing the old,

even before we have any evidence that it’s going to happen the way we want it to

Even if we can’t yet imagine what it might look or feel like to have that future fulfilled

What happens when we begin to live in this way

? A whole new world of possibility opens up

Magic and miracles can,

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Chapter 6: Opening to Receive the Miracle of Love “Be realistic

Plan for a miracle

While engaging this process of inner transformation,

I did little to

alter the external circumstances of my life

Instead of doing anything differently,

I simply started to open myself to receiving the love I desired,

and began relating to men from a more approachable,

A few weeks into my journey,

a dear friend who was supporting

insisted that I get on an internet dating site that she’d been frequenting

this was eight years ago when internet dating was not as accepted as it is today

Most of the people on these sites did not even have their pictures up as part of their profiles

And although I was uncomfortable with following her directive,

I was making a real effort to be more open and receptive in how I was showing up

I did what she told me to do,

and logged onto a site that had

nearly a quarter of a million people on it

After putting in all of my “stats,” eighty potential matches came up

I read through about thirty that night,

responding to only one man whose profile spoke to me

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

talked about how he believed that we are all interconnected,

and therefore ultimately a part of one another—a conviction that I share

I emailed him a little bit about myself before turning off the computer for the night and heading off to bed

The next evening,

I checked my emails

The man I’d replied to had


I stared at his name,

which stood in parentheses next to his email address

I was stunned

It was a man I’d dated briefly six years earlier who,

I had thought of as “the one that got away

” I hadn’t heard from him in all those years and,

had thought about him and wondered how he was doing just a few days before

I responded to him warmly,

reminding him that we actually knew one another and that,

I’d love to meet him for a cup of coffee

Several days later,

I found myself sipping a large cup of decaf

I knew within one hour of being with him that he was the husband I’d been searching for

I was no longer afraid of love

I came home and excitedly emailed two girlfriends who’d been supporting me,

stating unequivocally that I’d just had a date with the man I was going to marry

Mark proposed a few months later

Eight weeks before my birthday

! We were married one year later and I gave birth to our beautiful daughter the following year

My first child,

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Chapter 7: The Secret to Finding True and Lasting Love “My heart has burned with passion and has searched forever for this wondrous beauty that I now behold

Trying to find love can be a little like trying to find a needle in a

An impossible task if you don’t know exactly where to look

The secret to finding true and lasting love is to become magnetic

Rather than spending year after year sifting through stacks and

become magnetic and the needle magically comes to you

Ever since I created a miracle of love in my own life eight years ago,

I have been working with women of all ages,

from their early twenties to their late seventies,

I have seen,

the power of this process to catalyze love time and time again,

even for women who’d resigned themselves to being alone in life,

and given up hope of ever finding a love to call their own

My 7-week teleclass propels unprecedented growth and insight,

opening and igniting a whole new world of possibility in the area of committed,

I have never seen anyone who has fully engaged our process not cause a profound transformation in their love life

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

I’d like to extend an invitation for you to consider joining us in our

life-changing Calling in “The One” teleclass,

can become one of our success stories by experiencing the miracle of love in your life

With love,

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Success Story: 7 Week Teleclass Graduate: Sunny Barretto Click Here to watch Sunny share her success story on Fox TV’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

In late October of 2007,

Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and

Juliet issued a challenge to Katherine: Can she really help someone to find love in just 7 weeks

the love people dream of having

? They invited 40-year old Sunny Barretto onto the show to share her story

At the time,

Sunny lived in New York City and was a successful,

For most of her life,

she had been satisfied with the way things were

I can travel,

my time is my own,” she’d say

when her doctor broke the news that she didn’t have much time left if she wanted children,

Sunny realized that something needed to change in her approach to finding love

If she ever

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

wanted to have a family of her own,

“I believed that all the good guys were taken,” she said

kind of guys I was attracted to were trouble

Katherine invited Sunny into the 7-week Calling in “The One” teleclass,

and Mike and Juliet scheduled a follow-up appearance two months later to find out what happened

Sunny thought she was really open to love

in the teleclass was that she actually had a very rigid set of criteria for who she thought “the one” would be

Without meaning to,

she was dismissing some very nice men inside of her attachment to her picture of what she thought he’d look like

Even though she believed herself to be open to love,

she began to realize that she wasn’t open at all

“She didn’t even realize she was doing it,” said Katherine

going out on dates like they were interviews

At Calling in “The One” we like to say that she was leading with her resume,

The insights and coaching Sunny received in the teleclass helped

her to clarify and release her inner obstacles to love

Just a few weeks into the process,

Sunny met Robert


made the necessary shifts within herself to receive him into her life

Talking about how she’d met him through an internet dating site,

Sunny laughingly said,

“I almost deleted him because he wasn’t from

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate


I heard Katherine’s voice in my head telling me,

‘he’s not going to look they way you think he should

It turned out that although Robert didn’t live in Manhattan,

worked in the building right next door to where Sunny lived

When they met,

Sunny softened on her approach and let go of her normal interview approach to finding love

She showed up just being herself,

deeply present and available to discover if there was a connection

Their attraction was instant

Robert was smitten,

and the relationship progressed quickly

“I knew almost immediately that she was the one,” says Robert

“Meeting Sunny was like coming home

Robert invited Sunny on a trip to Rome over the New Year

Sunny and Katherine went back on The Morning Show,

where Sunny surprised everyone,

Katherine included,

by announcing their engagement on live national television

!” exclaimed host Mike Jerrick amidst the applause and congratulations

You really can find love in just 7 weeks

Click Here to watch Sunny announce her engagement to Robert

on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Success Story: 7 Week Teleclass Graduate: Deborah Hurwitz Click Here to watch Deborah share her success story on Fox TV’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

Deborah is an attractive,

funny woman with many friends and good,

When Deborah first contacted Katherine,

she’d been in an unsatisfying rebound relationship for six months

While her musical career had been flourishing for many years,

“true love” had eluded her all of her adult life

And though she did everything she could think of to find a love she could call her own,

from scouring the internet to hiring a highly paid New York matchmaker,

Deborah was living her very successful life as a very single woman

With 40 right around the corner,

Deborah was highly motivated to do whatever it took to transform her love life

As Deborah engaged the Calling in “The One” process,

She started with the beliefs she had about herself,

curious what made her hold on tight to men she felt she was “settling” for

One by one,

she began letting go of those “going nowhere” relationships she’d had lurking in the background

Although they had served to keep her hopeful,

she found that in actuality they were making her depressed,

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

She began to notice that she was trying to make love happen in

much the same way she’d ensured a successful career

“I realized that the way I was attacking projects and goals in my career that were so powerful and successful in that arena,

were the worst possible ways to approach relationships

” She realized that finding a man was not just another goal to attain

She began to question her approach to finding love,

noticing that who she was being was more of a huntress than a magnet

As Deborah did the Calling in “The One” course and made some

simple adjustments in how she was showing up in life,

she became more and more hopeful that this would work for her

Deborah met Jonathan,

bright and successful man that she will walk down the aisle with on July 12th of 2008

Of the work she did with Katherine,

Deborah says,

me unprecedented access to my own inner workings,

providing the tools I needed to clear seemingly immovable obstacles from my path and showed me how to draw what I most deeply desired into my life,

Deborah and Jonathan

We couldn’t be happier for you

! Click Here to watch Deborah share her success story on Fox TV’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

Cause A Miracle of Love in Your Life: The Calling in “The One” 7-Week Teleclass

Our mission at Calling in “The One” is to powerfully support you in

We believe you deserve to have a deep and lasting love in your life

In our nationally acclaimed 7-week teleclass,

Calling in “The One” author Katherine Woodward Thomas will guide you through our proven,

Thousands of women,

with the same extraordinary results

We know it can and will work for you,

You’ll be expertly guided,

of identifying and releasing the inner obstacles to love

In our 7-week process,

you’ll identify and release your own inner obstacles with grace and ease,

becoming powerfully magnetic to love

Our program utilizes a leading-edge transformational technology

designed especially for women,

giving you access to unprecedented change in your life

© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

In just 7 weeks,

you will experience: • An extraordinary life as a foundation for an extraordinary love • Freedom from the patterns that have been keeping love out of your life • Yourself as magnetic,

desirable and open to receive your beloved As a result of your participation in our class,

your beloved will: • Recognize you instantly as the “home” he’s been searching for • Be in alignment with your shared values and vision for life • Mirror and reflect to you the truth of who you are,

loving and cherishing you in the way you deserve ‘Here’s what some of our course graduates have to say about their experience:

“Calling in ‘The One’” helped me to define what I was

looking for and to create a path to call in the love of my life

Now my fiancée and I are shopping for engagement rings

It works

Debra Tennen,

“This class has been nothing short of a miracle for me

The men

I’ve been attracting into my life are completely different than the men I’ve ever dated

They are kind,

considerate and looking for a long-term partner

I am deeply grateful for all that I have learned and tell all my friends not to miss this experience

Sophia N

TV producer © 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

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The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

“Katherine helped me to clarify what I really wanted in a life

As soon as I became clear,

Paul showed up,

and since then we’ve been creating ‘happily ever after

Wanice Mottola,

In our class,

you will have the opportunity to: • Interact personally with the author for feedback & coaching • Join with other like-minded individuals for mutual support and encouragement,

ensuring your success • Accelerate your own process by listening to and learning from the stories,

insights and breakthroughs of group members

Calls are live online and by phone Tuesday evenings from

All calls are recorded and can be accessed 24/7 by phone or internet

Listen in live or take the course at any time that suits your schedule

Facilitated By: LA Times bestselling author Katherine Woodward


MFT and Calling in “The One” Master Coach and Facilitator Claire Andrea Zammit,

You don’t need any special equipment,

we will gladly refund your investment

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© 2008 Katherine Woodward Thomas

The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate

We look forward to celebrating the miracle of love in your life

We’re also delighted to extend our invitation to your friends

Please forward this Special Report to anyone you think might be interested in the secret to finding a true and lasting love

Thank you for the opportunity to share the details of our nationally

 We’re here to support and empower you in creating a miracle of love in your life

 Please don’t hesitate to call us at 323-871-8900  should you have any additional questions

With love,

The Calling in “The One” Team

Make the commitment to find love now

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