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Cthulhu RPG


Call of Cthulhu All Eras


with Rodell Sanford and John Snyder



All About M o n s't r e s'This volume contains dozens of new races and individual creatures for use with the Call of Cfhulhu roleplaying game

Included here are the following categories: Outer Gods,

Elder Gods,

Great Old Ones,

Great Ones,


Servitor Races,

Independent Races,

Fabulous Creatures,

These monstrous creations have been collected from fiction spanning over seventy years and from over ten years of favorite Call of Cfhulhu scenarios

The darkly imaginative work of a diverse group of authors is represented here

Where possible each entry begins with a quote describing the monster or entity

Where much about the creature is known,

there may be an additional description

If discussing a god,

Great One,

notice of any human cult comes next

Further notes discuss habit,

An essential aid for players,

"They walk unseen and foul in lonely places where the ' Words have been spoken and the Rites howled through their Seasons

The wind gibbers with Their uoices and the earth mutters with Their consciousness

They bend David Aniolowski the forest and crush the city,

yet may not the forest or Scott (prior to his apprehension by minions of the Mythos) city behold the hand that smites

3ALL OF CTHULHU is a roleplaying game based on the novels and short stories of H


In this game,

ordinary peoole are confronted bv the terrifvina beinas and forces of the Cthulhu Mythos

Players pirtray investigators of things unknown and unspeakable,

working to save humankind and the world from a dismal future

GALL OF CTHULHL and its supp'ements have won dozens of awards flWf'l the game industry

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For CALL C CTHULHL Can you sa kuh-THO01 hoo

Ye Booke ofMonstres New Nightmares for

CalI Of Cthulhu

LOVECRAFT 1890-1937

Ye Booke of


Scott David Aniolowski Fred Behrendt

John Carnahan

Larry DiTillio

Clifton Gaynard

Keith Herber

Randy McCall,

Sandy Petersen,

Kevin Ross,Gary Sumpter

graphic design and layout LES B R O O K S interior illustrations RODELL S A N F O R D'

S N Y D'E R ,

and ALLEN K O S Z O W S K I cover design CHARLIE KRANK copyreading A N N E MERRITT

Ross wrote up

the Old Onesand The Worm that Wal

Randy McCall from Shadows of YagSothoth

Spectral Hunters by John Car-

the fosterlings of t h e O l'd One$,


ichael SzymanSkidid Yidhra r creatures and entitles were rom Chaosium scenarios: T Woman and Children of t by Larry Ditillio from Masks bim essenger of

mat' originally appeared i Cthulhu,

Lynn vised this version

YE BOOKE OF MONSTRES is published by Chaosium Inc

YE BOOKE OF MONSTRESis copyright0 1994 by Chaosium Inc

CALL OF CTHULHU is the registeredtrademark of Chaosium,

Lovecraft's works are 0 1963,

All material concerning Shudde-M'ell and the Cthonians,

and all other inventions of Brian Lumley as portrayed in his books,specifically The Burrowers Beneath,

are used by his kind permission

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Similarities between charactersin YE BOOKE OF MONSTRESand persons living or dead are strictly coincidental

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Chaosium Publication 2349

Published in April 1994 ISBN 1-56882-0194


HIS BOOK IS A compendium of creatures to supplement the Call of Cthulhu rulesbook

Included within this volume are dozens of new races,

Outer Gods,

Great Old Ones,

and other horrific and fantastic entities to tantalize keepers and torment players

These monstrous creations have been collected from fiction spanning over seventy years and from over ten years of favorite Call of Cthulhu scenarios

The darkly imaginative work of a diverse group of authors is represented here

The monsters in this volume are not presented as official or organized mythology

Even supposed Lovecraft or “Mythos scholars” cannot agree what is or what is not a part of the Cthulhu Mythos,

or if an organized mythology exists at all

What began in the nightmares of Howard Phillips Lovecraft has become in seventy and more years a convoluted web of borrowed references,

No one can say with certainty what is a part of this artificial pantheon and


Lovecraft fans,

and garners have argued for years,

but only personal taste and opinion establish what is a part of the Mythos

The author urges the keeper to use or ignore the creatures offered in this volume as he or she desires and as fits with his or her campaign

D E D'I C A T I O N This is dedicated to my friend and collcaguc

Kevin A

Ross thc Grand Archivist of the

Cull of Cthulhu Circle


ABOUTMONSTRES NTRIES ARE ALPHABETICAL USUALLY by key word or phrase: thus you’ll find Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn entered under C as Chaugnar Faugn,

Brothers OF The exact forms for entities occur in the Deities and Monsters box,

There the entries are also classified according to one possible Mythos hierarchy

Servitor species may also be independent agents,

through cosmic walls or dimensions in order to wreak new destruction

All races and lesser deities of the Mythos acknowledge the Outer Gods,

ELDERGODS The Elder Gods are a race of gods neutral to or possibly rivals of the Outer Gods

Though of vast and awesome power,

the Elder Gods do not seem to be as dangerous to humanity as the Outer Gods

Like them,

the Elder Gods have little contact with humanity

Few Elder Gods are mentioned

the god Nodens is most often mentioned by name


GREATOLDONES The Great Old Ones are not omnipotent,

but nonetheless are godlike and terrible in human eyes

Humans are much more likely to worship Great Old Ones,

who are comparatively near at hand

Great Old Ones occasionally participate in human affairs or contact individual humans

The Great Old Ones appear to be immensely powerful alien beings with supernatural-seeming abilities,

but not to be gods of the potency reported for the Outer Gods

Each Great Old One is independent

Many seem imprisoned in some way

HE MONSTERS AND ENTITIES in this volume are classified in one of nine categories: Outer Gods,

Elder Gods,

Great Old Ones,

Great Ones,


Servitor Races,

Independent Races,

Fabulous Creatures,

OUTER GODS The Outer Gods rule the universe

Except for Nyarlathotep,

they have little to do with humanity

Humans who meddle with these entities suffer for it-usually madness or death

The Outer Gods appear almost to be true gods,

and some seem to personify some cosmic principle

Only a few of these deities seem to take interest in human affairs

When they do,

GREATONES The Great Ones are the gods of earth’s Dreamlands

Do not confuse them with the Great Old Ones

The Great Ones are the weakest of all the deity types,

Y E BOOKE O F MONSTRES mortal can surpass them in might


they are protected by the dread Outer Gods,

so mortals properly revere and worship them

The Great Ones are fairly benevolent toward mankind and are so similar to humans that they can actually breed with them

All Great Ones resemble human beings and all share the same general racial aspect,

Great Ones walk through the air as easily as on the ground and they can travel between the dimensions at need,

arriving swiftly at their chosen destinations

lathotep is most well known for its avatars,

at least one (the Black Man) is human-like in appearance

SERVITOR RACES Specific species are often associated with particular Great Old Ones,

Great Ones,

Outer Gods,

These are servitor species

Frequently a god or Great Old One manifests accompanied by several such servitors

In scenarios and stories these representatives have acted as guards,

frightening investigators and bulking out confrontations

AVATARS Avatars are variant manifestations of an Outer God or a Great Old One that possess the capacity for independent action

Elder Gods and Great Ones may also possess avatars

Avatars are less powerful than the gods they represent,

although many are more horrible to witness

Avatars are usually limited to a specific size and form

INDEPENDENT RACES Certain species are servitors to no particular god or Great Old One,

although individuals may certainly worship such beings

Certain species neither desire nor instigate

Deities and Monsters in This Book,



THE DARK DEMON (Nyarlathotep) THE FACELESS GOD (Nyarlathotep)






the Serpent-Bearded CYNOTHOGLYS,

the God of the Black Stone HYDRA,


XADA-HGLA (Azathoth)





the Walker in Darkness VULTHOOM,

mination in the Abyss ZU-CHE-WON,

the Dark Silent One AVATARS (primary deity in parentheses)

AFORGOMON (Yog-Sothoth)








any interaction with other races of the Mythos,

while others may actively associate with or war against other species or even the gods and Great Old Ones

THESTATISTICS Mythos statistics include STR,

Since those qUalities in such alien creatures are not meaningful

Unintelligent beings also lack INT

Single beings such as deities are given precise statistics,

but species are given a dice-roll range: when a specific monster is called for,

the keeper should use those rolls as guides

Average scores for species are also given,

and these can be transcribed when speed is necessary

FABULOUSCREATURES Fabulous creatures are enchanted or mystical beings drawn from legends and lore

Although they can be dangerous,

often fabulous creatures inspire awe and wonder in those who see them

Fabulous creatures are generally connected to the Cthulhu Mythos in no other way than through their existence in the Dreamlands,

where they are almost exclusively found

Fabulous creatures may be manipulated by the various races,

and gods of the Cthulhu Mythos,

HIT POINTS Usually a monster must lose all hit points before death follows

This is figured by averaging SIZ and CON (in the case of unusual or special races,

hit points are figured differently,

Bigger or healthier monsters have more hit points

Though they have hit points,

gods and Great Old Ones cannot be truly slain

When a deity or Great Old One is reduced to zero hit points or less,

the thing is dispelled-forced back to whence it came

Mere damage will not destroy any Great Old One,

Outer God,Elder God,

UNIQUEENTITIES Certain individuals defy classification: they are members of no race,

nor are they gods or Great Old Ones

These beings,

for lack of any better classification,

are designated as Unique Entities

Unique Entities are often powerful,

unusual beings that have the god-like ability of simply being dispelled upon being reduced to zero hit points or less

Mere damage will often not destroy a Unique Entity

MOVE If two Move numbers are separated by a slash,

the second number is the monster’s Move in another medium (water,

DAMAGE BONUS For individuals,

the damage bonus notations show the actual rolls to be added to damage results

Those for species are given as average rolls: for an individual of the species,

calculate the damage bonus from its SIZ+STR

The notation +db indicates that the damage bonus should be included in the attack


WEAPONS The weapons listed are usually natural weapons,

Here the entity’s characteristic attacks and chances to hit are shown,

Great Ones,

and Great Old Ones often get to attack at 100%-how,

could a deity miss a Bite attack

those given for species represent averages,

while those for individuals are the actual chances to hit

The entry +db stands for plus damage bonus

each entry starts with a quote describing the deity or monster

Certain creatures have no quote or source story: in most of these cases the creature was created by a designer for the Call of Cthulhu game system,

and was not taken from a literary source

If much is known about the entry,

there may be additional description

If discussing a god,

Great One,

notice of any human cult comes next

The rest of the notes consider peculiarities of habit,

A deity may be discussed as it is only after it has been summoned or otherwise encountered

Sub-heads may break up lengthy and complex material

The relative length of entries has nothing to do with the importance of the entity or species within the Mythos,

nor with the likelihood of encounter

Certain species have remarkable properties which demand considerable space to summarize

LOSS OF CHARACTERISTICS If an entity drains points of characteristics from a target,

those points are lost permanently,

unless the entry clearly states that the loss is temporary

ARMOR The creature may have a hard shell,

or be immune to certain sorts of attacks

Y E BOOKE OF M O N S T R E S indefinable

they know what they want to know

The idea of a god sitting down to learn some spell or other is a laughable one

this will be explained in an accompanying note

Many Great Old Ones,

Great Ones,

Most can be dispelled if attacks lower their hit points to zero or less

Subtract the amount for armor from the hit points cost by a successful attack

SKILLS Most monsters do not have skills shown,

though most or all might have a few physical skillssuch as Listen,

Spot Hidden,

or Track Keepers should add skills as needed and desired,

and similarly adjust the chances for success

This entry notes the chance or the normal capacity for an individual monster or a an average species member to cast spells or particular spells

Any spells listed are intended to be more or less appropriate to the entity: a G o a t s'w d'gnome is more

! likely to Summon a Dark Young than Call Hastur,

Additional spells are always possible,

and always left to the keeper’s discretion

The use of magic is never required,

for a powerful entity may notice humans no more than humans notice crouching mice

To speak of the Great Old Ones,

Outer Gods,

Elder Gods,

or Great Ones as knowing specific spells is handy but reductionist-aspects of their wills are expressible as spells,

but these entities are mostly seamless and

SANITY LOSS This entry shows how many Sanity points the investigator loses when encountering a member of the race

The actual amount lost might increase if more than one monster were seen,

but the amount charged at one time should never exceed the maximum possible loss that a single creature could cause

‘To see’ is appended as a way of saying ‘to witness’,

The investigators are affected whether or not they close their eyes


THERE WERE T H I N C S i n the abyss,

great shapes that were like blobs of utter blackness

From the central masses of their beings he could see them shoot forth incredibly long

They moved themselves forward and backward-horizontally

but they could not move vertically


ing down their prey before killing them

The eyes of adumbrali victims are forever frozen open in a stare which seems to see into another plane

When they feed,

the adumbrali extend tentacles of blackness to engulf their victims,

draining them of all body fluids

These entities drain ID6 STR and CON each time they successfully attach their filaments to a victim

Once a victim’s STR reaches zero,

he or she is permanently bed-ridden

once a victim’s CON reaches 0,

STR and CON drained by an adumbrali regenerates at a rate of 1 point per week of bed rest

Anyone killed by the vampiric aliens is left totally dehydrated

Although there are no visible wounds left on the corpse,

it is marked with disturbing geometric pat-



HE ADUMBRALI ARE a race of two-dimensional,

shadow-like entities that dwell in an abyss-like dimension

The adumbrali are only capable of moving in the horizontal plane (forward,

right and left) and cannot move vertically,

Some of them,

are capable of teleportation and may use this to reorient themselves to a new plane

A cruel and mischievous race,

the adumbrali delight in toying with and hunt-

Y E BOOKE O F M O N S T R E S terns of eerie luminescence which shift and move across the skin

While the adumbrali are usually confined to their own dimension,

they have means of hunting and acquiring victims from other worlds

Adumbrali can combine individual efforts to create a “seeker” (see Seekers),

an entity able to enter other dimensions and from there project the minds of chosen victims to the realms of the adumbrali

The adumbrali and their minions are described in an obscure Mythos tome known as the Song of Yste


Other-Dimensional Shadow-Vampires


4D6 8D6 3D6+3


trespass in its domain suffer ageless tortures and agony

Aforgomon is never seen by anyone,

except those who have offended the god and brought its wrath upon themselves

It prefers to inhabit the body of a follower and communicate from there


someone who has angered Aforgomon finds himself in the Dreamlands,

chained naked into a huge stone chair suspended over a gaping abyss

Bound by heavy chains,

the condemned may sit for eons awaiting the wrath of Aforgomon

When the time-god finally appears to the transgressor,

the chains heat to incandescence,

charring the body and killing the mortal who was foolish enough to anger an Outer God

The corpses of such victims of the Chain of Aforgomon are found in the waking world,

their bodies scared with concentric rings of charred flesh but their clothing strangely undamaged

Very smn these victims of Aforgomon cease to exist,

and record of them fading from what we know

As Lord of Time,

Aforgomon has the ability to halt time or pass into and out of it at will

It can also transport other items and beings through time

The Outer God attacks with bolts of strange frre which instantly char and kill

Because it is one with time,

Aforgomon is capable of moving at speeds which are beyond the understanding of the human mind,

moving forward and backward through time in less than a heartbeat

Damage Bonus:: nla

Weapons: Filament 30%,

Armor: none,

but due to their shadowy nature the adumbrali are immune to all mundane weapons

Only enchanted weapons and spells which affect POW or INTcan harm the adumbrali

Spells: all adumbrali know 1 D3 spells,

typically those which affect the mind

Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 Sanity points to see the adumbrali


ANDHAPLY TO CONFRONT the dark divinity of Aforgomon

A t length

from the abyss into which his position forced him to peer

and a bolt of strange flame would leap upward striking the many-coiled chain about him and heating it instantly to the whiteness of candescent iron



The Time-God

STR n/a CON 250 SI2 varies INT 35 POW 100 DEX 20 Move infinite HP 250 Damage Bonus: n/a

Weapons: Fire Bolt loo%,

Armor: Aforgomon is immune to all physical attacks

Spells: any desired

Sanity Loss: 1 D10/1D1OO Sanity points to see Aforgomon

FORGOMON IS WORSHIPPED in other dimensions,

although it may also have a few interested followers in the waking world where its powers and influence also extend

As Lord of Time,

Aforgomon’s favor is sought by those seeking to change what has gone before-or to see what is yet to come

Dealing with the Outer God,



These beings are neither good nor evil,

and they would welcome and assist a worthy traveller just as they would destroy an imprudent trespasser


The Ultimate Gate


THESHAPES ON THE quasi-hexagonal pedestals became more clearly defined

As they sat more erect

their outlines became more like those of men

though Carter knew that they could not be men

Upon their cloaked heads there now seemed t o rest tall,

while grasped in certain folds of their swathings were long scepters whose carven heads bodied forth a grotesque and archaic mystery






1D1ooC100 3D6+9 2D10+17 5D10+20 2D10+10

Move 25 Av

Damage Bonus: n/a

Weapons: Touch 1OO%,

damage transport or instant destruction

Armor: none,

but only magic and enchanted weapons can harm an Ancient One

Spells: the Ancient Ones know all spells

Sanity Loss: none while cloaked

HE ANCIENT ONES ARE not worshipped,

although sorcerers and adventurers interested in journeying to other times and places seek them out

They are the Ultimate Gate

The Ancient Ones eternally dream atop their hexagonal pedestals,

stirring only when disturbed in some way,

or whenvisited by a worthy traveller who has found his or her way through the First Gate

These entities dwell in a mighty temple beyond space and time,

The Ancient Ones know all things,

and communicate through telepathy

They may turn people's dreams to reality,

or send dreamers to other times and places

When they must move,

the Ancient Ones glide over the ground,

their heavy cloaks waving and billowing ominously

Totally concealed by these cloaks,

utter madness and destruction befall any who would see an Ancient One unveiled


NYARLATHOTER horror of infinite shapes and dread soul and messenger of the Other Gods



HIS DISGUSTING AVATAR of Nyarlathotep appears as a 600-pound,

monstrosity with sickly yellow-gray flesh

rugose tentacles sprout from the shoulders of the Bloated Woman

Smaller tentacles grow from rolls of blubbery flesh

Apair of lovely female eyes adorn the goddess' face and from below them waves another anemic tentacle,

Five lumpy chins,

each sporting a mouth full of fangs,

The alien goddess wears a silk tunic of yellow and black This nauseating avatar of Nyarlathotep is worshipped almost exclusively in the Orient

Cult sacrifice consists of the mutilation and dismemberment of the victim with the sacred cult sickle

The belt of the Bloated Woman's tunic holds six sickles and the enchanted Black Fan which,

when held just under its eyes,

permits the goddess to take on the sem blance of a slim and beautiful Chinese maiden

The Black Fan draws all attention to the beautiful and delicate eyes

Ancient Ones



CREEPING UP ON all sides

shuddering wall of jelly-like ooze in which many mouths gaped andjust as many eyes monstrously oyledf This was Bugg-Shash the Drowner

The Black One

The Filler of Space

The eyes were

but worse still were those mouths

Sucking and whistling with thickly viscous lips

the mouths glistened and slobbered and from out of those gluttonous orifices poured the lunatic chitterings of alien songthe Song of Bugg-Shash

Bloated Woman

of the Bloated Woman and somehow shield its bulk and true hideous form

When the enchanted fan is removed the goddess' full monstrousness is gruesomely apparent

Assisted by its Black Fan,

the Bloated Woman can seduce men,

giving victims unearthly and degenerate pleasures before smothering them in its flabby bulk

Humans can not wield the enchanted Black Fan

The Bloated Woman can attack with both arm tentacles each round

When first grabbed by one of these larger tentacles the victim suffers 3D3 points of damage

On subsequent rounds the victim is gripped by the tentacle and mouthed by one of the slobbering maws of the goddess

This mouthing-the Kiss of the Bloated Woman

This loss is permanent

As long as the victim has INT remaining he can try to escape by overcoming the Bloated Woman's STR with his own on the Resistance Table

When a victim's INT is reduced to zero his skull bursts open under the Bloated Woman's slobbering lips and the corpulent goddess slurps down the living brains

The Outer God has a thicket of smaller tentacles with which it can also attack

Each round 1D6 of the smaller tentacles attacks with a sickle


UGG-SHASH HAS N O known organized cult

Instead it is sought out by lone sorcerers and madmen for purposes of grim vengeance and murder

Once called to earth,

the Great Old One concentrates its efforts wholly upon trying to catch its victims

Reluctant to obey the commands of its summoner,

Bugg-Shash immediately attacks any who call it forth unless restrained by a specially-enchanted pentagram drawn on the floor,

one long enough to be provided with a sacrificial victim

If either of these is lacking,

The Great Old One is dispelled by light

its chosen victims are relatively safe during the daylight

Any time


Goddess of the Black Fan STR31 CON44 SIZ26 INT86 POW 100 DEX19 Move12 HP 35 Damage Bonus: +3D6

Weapons: Arm Tentacle 85%,

Sickle 50%,

Kiss auto

Armor: none,

however if slain in this form Nyarlathotep transforms into a mass of reflexively-writhingtentacles which bore into the ground and there disintegrate

The Bloated Woman rises again from this tentacular ruin in 1D6+2 months

Spells: the Bloated Woman knows all Mythos spells

Sanity Loss: 1D8/1 D20 Sanity points to see the Bloated Woman



like the flapping of a great bat

For the snake-like thing that had reached f o r me

that thing as wide as a human body and impossibly long

had been merely the face-tentacle of the abomination Byatis

an intended victim enters an area of darkness,

Bugg-Shash instantly appears

Once summoned,

BuggShash does not return to its alien lair until it has found and killed at least one victim,

Bugg-Shash has the ability to animate corpses by immersing them in its slimy excretions

Such zombies are completely under the control of Bugg-Shash until the deity is permanently dispelled,

or until it tires of them and allows them to die

An undead slave of Bugg-Shash appears as an animated corpse covered in viscous slime

The Great Old One attacks by enveloping its victims then bestowing its “kiss”

The more victims it takes,

the less its frenzy and the less effective its attack

For every victim after the first,

Bugg-Shash’s chance to successfully envelop is reduced by ten points

An enveloped victim may escape only by overcoming the Great Old One’s sm with his own

If more than one victim is enveloped at a time Bugg-Shash must divide its STR among them

Once it has a victim successfully enveloped Bugg-Shash bestows its kiss,

smothering the unfortunate with slime

Victims suffer as per the drowning rules

Bugg-Shash appears to have some connection to the Outer God Yibb-Tstll,

and both are referred to as “parasites attached to the Old Ones” in the CthaatAquadingen

Bugg-Shash may be dispelled only by reducing its hit points to zero,

or with a special spell found only in the Cthaat Aquadingen and the Necronomicon

While light drives it off,

it does not truly dispel Bugg-Shash


it is mentioned in several books of occult lore concerned with the British Isles

According to Ludvig Prinn in De Krmis Mysteriis,

the deep ones originally brought Byatis’ image to earth

Few deep ones still worship Byatis for it is unable to roam due to its imprisonment


He Who Comes in the Dark,

The Black One STR50 CON45 SI265 INT15 POW25 DEXlO Move6 HP 55 Damage Bonus: +6D6

Weapons: Envelop W%,damage 6D6 or hold

Kiss automatic when enveloped,

Presently Byatis is held at bay behind a door inscribed with an Elder Sign in an ancient castle in Britain

If released,

Byatis’ characteristics of STR,

and SIZ each increase by 1D3 points whenever it feeds

Byatis’ STR can increase only to 98,

and its SIZ can increase only to 175

If brought to zero hit points Byatis assumes a toad-shaped cloudy form and cannot reform until summoned or again released from behind the door

When Byatis reappears it is with its original statistics

The Great Old One can be summoned by touching one of its statues

Any who gaze into the eye of Byatis are hypnotically drawn into the clutches of the alien god

To avoid looking into the eye of the Great Old One an investigator must successfully roll his POW x5 or less on DlOO each round while in the presence of the monstrous creature

Byatis attacks with either two claws,

Byatis’ damage bonus changes according to its current STR and SIZ

The reach of the nose-tentacle is equal to Byatis’ current SIZ in feet

A victim caught by Byatis’ proboscis can only break free by winning a STR:STR battle on the Resistance Table against the god’s current damage bonus

If this roll fails,

the victim is automatically bitten the round after being captured

Armor: none,

or electricity harm Bugg-Shash

and non-enchanted weapons are useless

Spells: any as the keeper desires

Sanity Loss: 1D6/1 D20 Sanity points to see Bugg-Shash and 1/1 D6 Sanity points to see its undead slaves


IT H A D'BUT ONEeye like the Cyclops

and had claws like unto a crab

He said also that it had a nose like the elephants

andgreat serpent-like growths which hung from its face like a beard,

in the fashion of some sea monster

Y E BOOKE OF M O N S T R E S These creatures are one foe which earth cats fear

Like earth cats,

they frequent the Moon's dark side

The cats from Saturn are allied with the moon-beasts

In each combat round,

a cat from Saturn can attack with a bite and 1D4 whiplike hooked paws


The Serpent-Bearded STR35' CON60' SIZ30' INT20 POW32 HP 45' DEX 15 Move 8/10 flying18 swimming 'These are Byatis' odginal statistics,

which increase each time it feeds

Damage Bonus: +3D6*

Weapons: Claws 85%,

Nose-tentacle 80%,

Bite 55%,

Armor: 10 points of scaly hide

Spells: Byatis can Summon or Contact all of the races and gods of the Mythos except the Elder Gods and their minions,

plus any others as the keeper desires

Sanity Loss: 1D6/1D20 Sanity points for seeing Byatis


Abstract Alien Cats characteristics STR CON sI2 INT POW DEX

4D6 2D6 3D6 2D6 4D6 2D6+10

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Weapons: Bite 40%,

Paw 40%

Armor: none,

but due to the nature of the creature's body,

all impaling-typeweapons do minimum possible damage

Spells: each cat from Saturn has a chance of knowing 1D3 spells equal to their INTx2 or less on 1D100

Sanity Loss: 0/1D4 Sanity points to see a cat from Saturn



Brothers Of

THEVERY LARGE andpeculiar cats from Saturn,

who for some reason have not been oblivious of the charm of our moon b dark side




ITS BROTHERS W H O will come down from

HESE DREAMLANDS CREATURES are vaguely cat-like

Their bodies are almost abstract,

formed of arabesques and filigrees in many bright hues

At one end is a baroque object identifiable as a head only by its great round multicolored eyes

A reticulated tail is at the other end

From their complex bodies these cats can unfold two,

each ending in a long whip-like paw

the mountains ravening for ecstacy when it calls to them

Chauynar and its Brothers converse by means of thought-transference


HE BROTHERS OF Chaugnar Faugn appear as lesser forms of the Great Old One: bloated elephantine horrors with skeletal heads endowed with webbed ears and a trunk that ends in a great,

Long intertwined crystalline tusks sprout from the mouths of these creatures

The bodies of the Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn are human-like,

Like their sire,

the Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn appear at first to be statues,

totally motionless until driven to gorge upon blood or attacked

These elephantine horrors are not nearly as powerful as their Master,

although they do posses some of Chaugnar Faugn's psychic attacking capabilities

These Brothers of the Great Old One can cause a victim to experience horrible nightmares about

Cat From Saturn



T H E NETHER MOST caverns are not f o r the fathoming of eyes that see: f o r their marvels are strange and terrific

Cursed the ground where dead thoughts live new and oddly bodied

and evil the mind that is held by no head Wisely did Ibn Schacabao say,

that happy the town at night whose wizards are all ashes

For it is of old rumor that the soul of the devil-bought hastes not f r o m his charnel clay,

but fats and instructs the very worm that gnaws: till out of corruption horrid life springs,

and the dull scavengers of earth wax crafty to vex it and swell monstrous t o plague it

Great holes secretly are digged where earth i pores ought to suffice

and things have learnt t o walk that ought to crawl

Brother Of Chaugnar Faugn

They can also entice their victims to come to them where the monstrosities brutally murder and feed upon the hapless human

This attack costs the Brother of Chaugnar Faugn three magic points and it must first overcome its victim with its own magic points

In combat this creature attempts to grasp the victim and then hold him tightly as the Brother's weird trunk mauls the target's face,

This blood drain costs the victim 1D6 CON each round

This CON is forever gone

These creatures dwell within caves in the Pyrenees mountains in Spain

Statistics for Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn are half those of their sire plus or minus 1D6

To determine the plus or minus the keeper should roll 1D10 even is +1D6 and odd is


Vampiric Elephantine Horrors

characteristics STR CON s'IZ INT POW

rdls 33+/-1D6 70+/-1D6 20+/-1D6 13+/-1D6 10+/-1D6 15+/-1D6

Move 412 flying Av

Damage Bonus: +2D6

Weapons: Grapple 40%,

grapples first to hold immobile for bite Bite loo%,

damage 1D6 hit points each round Armor: none,

however only magic or enchanted weapons can harm a Brother of Chaugnar Faugn

Spells: all Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn know at least 1D10 spells

Sanity Loss: inert,

Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn costs 0/1 D4 Sanity points to see

they cost 103/1 D8 Sanity points


CRAWLING ONE IS composed of thousands of worms and maggots

Each worm is individually alive and constantly moves though they generally hold the shape of a human body

Due to the soft and resilient quality of the crawling ones' bodies,

normal weapons do minimum damage to the things

A bullet only does a single point of damage upon striking a crawling one,

except for shotgun pellets which do minimum damage for that type of gun

Crawling ones cannot speak but can write messages

It is unnecessary for them to use spoken words in performing spells or when communicating with their alien masters

Crawling ones must utilize weapons for attack and have no natural form of attack

Crawling Ones


Wormy Things


4D6 2D6+6

Damage Bonus: none

Weapons: various per base chance,

Armor: none,

however due to the soft and resilient quality of the crawling ones' bodies normal weapons do minimum damage to the things

Bullets only do a single point of damage upon striking a crawling one,

except for shotgun pellets which do minimum damage for that type of gun

and enchanted weapons inflict normal damage to a crawling one

Spells: all crawling ones know 1D10 spells

Sanity Loss: 1D3/2D10 Sanity points for seeing a crawling one


Those under Cynothoglys' influence suffer no ill effects to their Sanity from the being's presence

If a victim is successNly Psychoanalyzed the Great Old One's mental hold is broken and he suffers the 1D10/1D100Sanity loss,

whether Cynothoglys is present or not

Cynothoglys makes absolutely no sound and its fog obscures it from view at



The Mortician God STR85 CON78 SIZ152 INT30 POW30 DEX 12 Move9 HP 115 Damage Bonus: n/a

Weapons: Touch 1OO%,

Armor: none but Cynothoglys cannot be harmed by any normal weapons

Enchantedweapons and magic harm the Great Old One normally

Spells: any desired by the keeper

Skills: Sneak 100%

Sanity Loss: 1D1O/i D1OO Sanity points to see Cynothoglys


ADARK MONOLITHIC object whose twisting shapelessness has placed it beyond simple analogies in my imagination

Yet there was something in its contours-a certain dynamism

crablike roots springing forth from the ground-

Toward the summit of the mutilatedsculpture,

a crooked ann-like appendaye extended outward in a frozen grasp

as if it had held thisposition for unknown eons and at any time m k h t resume




YNOTHOGLYS IS AN ancient and obscure entity associated with death

Any contact with this Great Old One or one of its statues produces a dreamy,

hypnotic state in all who cannot resist the entity's POW with their own

Those who fall under the hypnotic power of the Mortician God experience visions or daydreams about their own demise

Such individuals are eventually visited by the Great Old One,

calmly awaiting their end and walking willingly into the waiting clutches of the entity

A thick fog heralds the arrival of the Mortician God,

forming sometimes days before Cynothoglys appears

Animals in an area about to be visited by the Great Old One exhibit unusual behavior,

such as carnivores killing prey and arranging it in neat patterns instead of eating it

HE LOOKSSOMETHINC like a medieval conception of the demon Asmodeus

Black all over,

and the claws and fangs of a wild beast


HIS MINOR AVATAR of Nyarlathotep manifests by possessing a faithful follower

Those candidates for demonic possession generally dream of their dark god several nights before it takes dominion over their bodies

The transfmation from human to the Dark Demon takes 1D4+2rounds

It is at this time that


Dark Demon

the avatar is most vulnerable-only when it has fully manifested can the Dark Demon utilize its powers and spells

Witnessing the transformation into the Dark Demon costs l/lD6 Sanity

If reduced to zero hit points the Dark Demon lets out a single eldritch scream and dissolves into a fiery cloud of stinking black smoke

This noxious cloud is five yards in diameter

Everyone in the roiling smoke loses 1D6 hit points per round and must resist against the cloud's poison or die

The POT of the smoke equals the POW of the Dark Demon when it was killed

This fiery toxic cloud dissipates in 1D4 rounds


The Dark One

STR21 CON79 SIZ19 INT30 POW25 DEX17 Move9 HP 49 Damage Bonus: +1D6

Weapons: Claws 80%,

Tusk Gore 65%,

Hoof Kick 75%,

Armor: none,

but the Dark Demon can fully regenerate any damage with the expenditure of a single point of POW

Reduced to zero hit points,

the avatar dissolves to a fiery cloud of stinking black smoke that dissipates in 1D4 rounds

Anyone in the roiling smoke suffers 1D6 points of damage and must resist against the smoke's poison POT each round

Spells: all

Sanity Loss: 1D2/1D8 Sanity points for seeing the Dark Demon

six of which were tipped with flipper-like protrusions

the other two being tentacular

Four of the web-tipped legs were located at the lower end of the body,

The other two were near the head and could be used f o r walking near the ground The head joined directly to the body: it was oval and eyeless

In place of eyes,

there was an abominable sponge-like circular organ about the center of the head over it grew something hideously like a spider's web

Below this was a mouth-like slit which extended at least halfway round the head bordered at each side by a tentacle-like appendage with a cupped tip,

obviously used f o r carrying food to the mouth

The sketch and the Necronomicon illustration had not reproduced everything: they had not shown the transparency of the half-gelatinous flesh,

revealing the mobile organs beneath the skin

N o r had they shown the globular organ above the brain

A n d'a s'the mouth fell open when they stirred the body,

he saw that the beingpossessed no teeth,

but six rows of powerful tentacles interlaced across the opening of the throat RAMSEY CAMPBELL

HE DWELLERS IN THE depths are a race of amphibious creatures who serve the Great Old Ones,

particularly those associated with water: Cthulhu,


This race may be a larger,

more powerful mutant strain of deep ones

These creatures live in cities beneath the waves of oceans and rivers

They are sometimes freed to rise to the


THET H I N G HAD E I G H T major arm-like appendages protruding f r o m an elliptical body,

Dweller In The Depths

Y E B O O K E OF M O N S T R E S surface world where they wreak havoc upon those they encounter

The rubbery,

half-gelatinous flesh of these beings is immune to most physical harm,although damage taken to the brain-organ instantly kills the creatures

The body of a slain dweller quickly decomposes,

leaving behind nothing more than a foul,


Aquatic Horrors characteristics

rolls 4D6+6 4D6+6 2D6+16 2D6+6 3D6+6 2D6+6



Faceless God

Move 7/12 swimming Av

Damage Bonus: +2D6

Weapon: Tentacle 35%,

Armor: none,

however these creatures are immune to most physical damage the exception to this is the brain-organ

Any damage done to the creatures' brain-organs instantly kills them

A successful attack to one of these creatures has a 10% chance of striking the brain-organthereby instantly killing it

and magic can inflict normal damage upon these creatures

Spells: all dwellers know 2D6 spells

Sanity Loss: 0/1 D8 Sanity points to see a dweller

Those driven to insane deaths whisper homage to Nyarlathotep with their final breath


Lord of the Desert

STR70 CON58 SIZ88 DEX 24 Move 12/12 flying Damage Bonus: +9D6

POW 80 HP 73

Weapons: Claw BO%,

Armor: none,

but normal weapons do only minimum damage to the Faceless God

Spells: all

Sanity Loss: 1D8/1D20 Sanity points to see the Faceless God



LIFE-SIZEDSPHINX with the wings of a vulture and the body of a hyena

There were talons and claws,

bestial body rested a massive,

bearing the ominous triple crown whose dread [email protected] had so singularly excited the natives

But the worst and by far the most hideous feature was the lack of a face upon the yhastly thiny




The air yrew frkid

as if it blew out of the black interstices of interstellar space

It glided down out of that icy sky like the final concentratedessence of all nonhuman horror

It was black,

shriveled and humped like some kind of enormous airborne monkey

A kind of iridescence played about it and its fixed blazing eyes were of no color known on earth

As it grew close to the knoll

it extended appendages which resembled tentacles tipped with knifelike talons

HE FACELESS GOD is the lord of the desert and master of delirium

Although capable of physical attack,

the Faceless God prefers to mentally torment its victims

It causes realistic and frightening hallucinations in those whose POW it overcomes with its own

%ical hallucinations include being followed by dark and ominous figures,

or of being lost in the desert

Sanity losses are incurred as though the hallucination were real

Successful Psychoanalysis breaks the avatar's mental



HIS STRANGE AVATAR of Hastur is little worshiped on earth

Once called to earth the Feaster from Afar can return to the area of its summoning at will as long as Aldebaran is above the horizon and it is dark

Anyone with one or more points of Cthulhu Mythos in the area experiences vivid nightmares of being chased over an alien landscape by an unseen pursuer

The terror in these dreams is so intense that 0/1D2Sanity points are lost each time the investigator has the nightmare


THE BULK GLISTENEDas though flayed in the dimness it lookedpale pink

For a moment he saw the huge head a swollen bulb which,

reminded him of a mass dug f r o m within a body

The glistening lumpy forehead was almost bare,

except for a few strands that groped restlessly over it

though they looked like strings of livid flesh

Before he could see the rest of the fkure

a vague gigantic squatting sack

the shadow flooded the clearing

As it did so

he thought he saw his mother’s face sucked into the head

as though by a whirlpool of flesh

Did her features float up again,

? He could be sure of nothing in the dark

The feaster From Afar

The Feaster’s approach is signaled by an icy wind that blows out of the night sky

This form of Hastur appears to be independent of the servant byakhee

The Feaster attacks by puncturing holes in its victim’s skull with its knifelike talons and draining out his brain

The bodies are left otherwise unharmed

Each round the Feaster can attack with 2D10 talons to a single target

Each talon inflicts one hit point of damage and drains one point of INT

When a victim’s INT is reduced to zero the Feaster turns its attention to another victim,

If a victim has any hit points left after his INT has reached zero he does not immediately die

If the mindless individual is attached to life-support devices with an hour or so of his attack he may live

Such mindless individuals live out their lives as total vegetables incapable of thought,


HE FOSTERLINGS OF the Old Ones are the mutant offspring of matings between a human and an Outer God or a Great Old One

Through a special ceremony an Outer God or Great Old One sends out dreams which reach into the womb of a pregnant woman,

altering the genetic structure of the unborn fetus

The child is born and spends many years as a normal human until one day it mutates into something closer resembling its alien parent

The transformation from human to monster occurs in a single evening

’ b o or more transforming humans may sometimes “grow together” into one fosterling

Such genetic mutations and transformations are passed from generation to generation

each successive generation becomes more like the parent deity

Carriers of the tainted genes experience dreams and nightmares of odd cult ceremonies and Mythos activities

These dreams are the memories of the ancestors’ confrontation with the Mythos deity passed along with the mutating genes


Devourer of Brains STR49 CON105 SIZ33 INTlO POW25 DEX 33 Move 10/30 flying HP 69 Damage Bonus: +4D6

Weapons: Talons 90%,damage 1 point + 1 INT drain per talon

Armor: 20 points of thick,

Spells: any as the keeper desires

Sanity Loss: 1D8/l D20 Sanity points to see the Feaster from Afar

YE BOOKE O F M O N S T R E S roll back like that,

it doesn 't peel back f o r thousands of miles so you can see what 5 underneath,


HROTH HAS A FEW worshipers,

mostly astrologers and others interested in the stars

The Outer God is a sort of "Nemesis Star": a planetsized,

star-like entity made up of gas and ash and molten iron

It appears as a vast rust-red sphere,

its surface split with faults or cracks

Ghroth occasionally forms great eyes out of vast seas hidden below its crust

Its absence from the restraints of Azathoth's mindless court is due to the eternal duty it must perform

Ghroth is the herald of songs which only the pitiless stars and the dead Old Ones can hear

The stars are urged to rightness and the Old Ones awaken on the worlds which Ghroth passes

Ghroth is the Harbinger and the Maker of the Doom of Worlds

As the Outer God nears a world,

and tidal waves are experienced,

The arrival of Ghroth signals catastrophe for solar systems as the Outer God begins to pull planets into new orbits and awaken dark,

slumbering gods with its music of the spheres

There is some speculation that the appearance of Ghroth was the cause of the destruction of Shaggai

Fosterlings Of The Old Ones

When the stsus are right and the Great Old Ones walk the earth once more the fosterlings shall be their chosen servants

In some instances the characteristic rolls listed below might be higher or lower,

depending upon the Outer God or Great Old One involved in the creation of the fosterling

For example,

an entity with no INT would produce a fosterling with very low (less than 3D6) or no INT


Bastard Children of Alien Gods characteristics STR


3D6+3D10 3D6+3D10 2D6+6+3D10 2D6+6+1D10 3D6+1D10 3D6+1D10

averages 27 27 29-30 1819 16 16 HP 2829



The Harbinger and Maker STR n/a

DEX n/a

Damage Bonus: +3D6

Weapons: Crush 75%,

Armor: none,

but the fosterlings of the Old Ones take minimal damage from any non-enchanted weapons

Spells: all fosterlings with INT know

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