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BizCom Server Installation Guide

Date: 3rd March,

Contents Preface……………………………………………………………

6 Install

NET Framework………………………………

………………9 SQL Server 2005 Installation…………………………………


……22 Oreka Installation……………………………………………………


Welcome to BizCom,

a World's first Distributed Web-based P2P Enterprise call center software which increases the power utilization of Agent grid with high stability,

BizCom mainly consists of core features such as Campaign Management,




Call Recordings & CDRs,

Do-Not-Call Functionality,

Customer Relationship Management,

Live Dash Board,

Reports Studio,

Filters & Treatments,

Dynamic Scripting Studio,

Lead Format Studio & More

BizCom Server Installation Guide

This guide provides detail description with images of BizCom Server installation process

This guide includes all steps of BizCom sever installation with all steps of all prerequisites installation

So if a user has some prerequisites installed already,

skip those steps and look for required prerequisites and BizCom server installation process’s own steps

BizCom Server installation has three prerequisites System Requirements

NET Framework 3

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 IIS 6

BizCom server installation would ask you to install that particular prerequisite during its installation

If none of these prerequisites installed,

BizCom Server installation would ask you to install all prerequisites one by one

You don’t have to worry about locating the prerequisites,

BizCom Server installer automatically redirect to resource locations of prerequisites or guides for finding/installing prerequisites during the installation

If your pc has some prerequisites installed already then the installer skips automatically to those and asks for other which is not present on the system

System Requirements 1

Supported Architectures x86 1

Supported Operating Systems for servers Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (*With critical windows updates installed) Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (*With critical windows updates installed) 1

Supported Internet Browsers Internet Explorer 6 Internet Explorer 7 Mozilla Firefox 2 Mozilla Firefox 3 1

Client Hardware Minimum: 400 MHz CPU,

96 MB RAM,

Server Hardware Server: 2


Network Requirements Server: Live IP – No Firewall (specified ports required to be open),

Other Software Requirement 1

Server: 1

5 SP1 1

IIS 6 1

SQL Server 2005/ SQL Express 2005 1

Client: 1

5 SP1 1

Oreka 0

The following steps are given to install BizCom Server STEP 1 Download BizCom Server setup from one of the following links: https://sourceforge

?group_id=162339&package_id=183133&release_id =598776

If you do not have IIS 6

IIS installation steps (STEP 2 to 7):STEP 2 Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs

STEP 3 Click on “Add/Remove Windows Components” placed in left side of “Add or Remove Programs” window

STEP 4 Select “Application Server” then click next to proceed

STEP 5 Insert disc of Microsoft Windows Operating System of your PC in CD driver,

STEP 6 IIS installation progress

STEP 7 Click finish to complete the IIS installation

STEP 8 Now extract the downloaded zip file

And start BizCom Server installation by double clicking on setup

STEP 9 This installation would ask you to install

NET Framework 3

NET framework installed

STEP 10 Accept the terms and condition

Following three images demonstrate downloading and installation progress of

NET Framework

The download time depends on your Internet speed and your computer configuration

STEP 11 After successful installation of

NET Framework start installing BizCom server setup again by double clicking on setup

Now if your pc does not have SQL Server 2005 installed,

the installation would ask you to install SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 installation steps (STEP 12 to STEP 31):-

STEP 12 Click on “Download” for downloading SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services SP2

STEP 13 Save the setup file SQLEXPR32

EXE of sql server 2005

STEP 14 Download progress of sql server setup file

STEP 15 Install SQL server by double clicking on downloaded SQLEXPR32

Select Run to install the SQL server 2005

STEP 16 SQL server installation is in progress

STEP 17 Accept terms and conditions and click next to proceed

STEP 18 Click “Install” to proceed next

STEP 19 SQL server installation progress screens:

STEP 20 Click next to proceed further

STEP 21 Installation progress screen

STEP 22 Provide your computer name and your company name

STEP 23 Click on the client components (drop down) and include all options and press Next

STEP 25 Select “Mixed Mode”

STEP 26 Provide password in specified fields

This password will be used for login authentication when you try to login to your system’s SQL server,

that is you will have to provide this password as SQL Server authentication while login into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Click “Next” to proceed

STEP 27 Click next to proceed

STEP 28 Leave these options as it is and click next to move for next step

STEP 29 Click “Install” to proceed

STEP 30 Following screen shows installation progress

STEP 31 Click “Finish” to finish the SQL server 2005 installation

STEP 32 Configure SQL Server 2005 for making it useful to BizCom SQL Configuration steps (STEP 33 to 43):STEP 33 Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Surface Area Configuration

STEP 34 The following window would open,

Click to “Server Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections”

STEP 35 The following window would open

STEP 36 Click on “Database Engine” > “Remote Connections” and select “Using both TCP/IP and named pipes”

STEP 37 Go to “SQL Server Browser” > Services

STEP 38 Click on “Stop” to stop the browser service

STEP 39 Now start the browser service by clicking “Start” button

STEP 40 Now go to “Database Engine”,

STEP 41 Click on “Stop” to stop the database service

STEP 42 Click “Start” to start the database service

STEP 43 Now click on “Apply” to apply the new configurations then click “OK” to finish the configuration settings

STEP 44 After finishing the new configuration settings,

you will be prompted following Window

Close the following window

STEP 45 The following 2 steps is required for confirming successful installation and Configuration of SQL Server 2005,

go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio Express

STEP 46 You will get the following window,

this window shows that the SQL Server management studio is trying to connect to a SQL server

For Server type field: o Select “Database Engine” For Server name field: o Write the SQL server IP (SQL server IP is IP of the PC where the SQL server is installed/running which you trying to connect like 192

o The Server name may be only IP address of the SQL server (Like “192

but this user guide directed to install Express version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005

For Authentication field: o Select SQL Server Authentication For Login field: o Write “sa” as per SQL server installation steps followed previously

For Password field: o Write the password you entered in the Mixed Mode step while installing the SQL Server(Step 19)

Now click to “connect” button to connect to the database engine,

if database is connected successfully that means you have successfully installed and configured the database and you have correct credentials for accessing it

STEP 48 Start BizCom sever installation again by double clicking on BizCom Server Setup

Click next to proceed

STEP 49 Provide correct SQL Server’s credentials

For first/top field (SQL Instance Name): Enter Server name,

which is used while connecting to SQL server through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and login into that

enter that Server name in first/top field,

The Instance name may be only IP address of the SQL server (Like “192

but this user guide directed to install Express version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005

IP address of SQL server is the IP of the system where SQL server is installed/running

For second field (SQL Authentication User Name): Enter the user name “sa”,

which is used while connecting to SQL server trough Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and login into that

use that User Name in middle field

For last/bottom field (SQL Authentication Password): This is the corresponding password to the user name discussed in above section (Step 19)

Click “Next” to proceed

STEP 52 Click on next button to start the installation

STEP 53 Installation progress

STEP 54 Click “Close” to finish the BizCom Server installation

STEP 55 Install Oreka from http://oreka

net/download/windows & extract the zip

STEP 56 Run the orkaudio-0

STEP 57 Click on Install & than Click on next to install

STEP 58 Click on next & install WinPcap

STEP 59 Accept the licence & after the installation click on finish

Now a BizCom server is ready for use as a Callcenter engine with URL: http:///VMukti,

where ServerIP is the IP address of the system where BizCom server is installed

STEP 60 Enter the VMukti Meeting Place Server URL in the Web browser’s address bar

The Welcome page appears

Register on the page

Register/Login: For first time user,

enter user-id and password in the specified fields then click on the Register Button

If you are a registered user enter your user-id and password and press login

STEP 61 First time user enter username,

password and valid email Id and press OK to Register

STEP 62 The next page shows startup progress of VMukti Meeting Place engine

STEP 63 The following page appears after finishing the download

User can login with Registered user-id and password