A Thesis Presented to the College of Architecture and Fine Arts University of Mindanao Davao City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture



This thesis entitled “CALINAN PUBLIC MARKET COMPLEX” prepared and submitted by LANIE MAE F


in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Architecture,

ALVIN MORALES Teacher-in-Charge



College of Architecture and Fine Arts Education

PANEL OF EXAMINERS APPROVED by the Committee on Oral Examination with a grade of PASSED

LEO COCHING Chairperson




October 2015


This undergraduate thesis proposal would not be possible without the help and guidance of the Almighty God and the support of my family,

Allow me to extend my deepest gratitude toward the following significant advisors and contributors: First and foremost,

Lemuel B


thank you for helping me got some insights and ideas for the betterment of my proposal

My thesis would not be possible with your valuable advice


Alvin Morales,

who willingly checked and corrected my proposal

Your comments and suggestions are very significant in fulfilling whatever the needs of my proposal are


I would like to thank my parents especially my mother Emily F

Villareal for the support especially for financial and emotional matters

Thanks to everyone

The product of this proposal would not be possible without your support




Public Markets are essential to Filipino community

It is where Filipinos exchange goods and has become the commercial centre for generations already


public markets have become the reflection of poverty


a third district locale of Davao City has a public market that needs a redevelopment

Calinan is a thriving community and seeks to improve its economic status through empowering local businesses

As observed and have known,

public market is a hive for many small businesses

the redevelopment would be a huge asset for the community’s perspective of development which then conforms to community’s vision

Aside from being an agent for improvement of the community of Calinan,

Calinan Public Market redevelopment into complex will be a huge transition for many Philippine public markets impression

With the help of the City Government of Davao and its branching office City Economic Office,

the Calinan Public Market Complex will rise to its peak function




INTRODUCTION Background of the Study

Architectural project

GOALS Function


Maximum Number

Individual Identity


Heirarchy of Values

Prime Activities







Priority of Relationships

Bias on Site Elements

Environmental Response

Efficient Land Use

Community Relations

Community Improvements

Physical Comfort

Life Safety

Social/Psychological Environment



Projected Image

Client Expectation


Extent of Funds

Cost Effectiveness

Maximum Return

Return on Investment

Minimizing of Operating Cost

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Reduction of Life Cycle Costs


Historic Preservation

Static/Dynamic Activities

Occupancy Date

Availability of Funds

FACTS Function

Statistical Data

Area Parameters

Personnel Forecast

User Characteristics

Community Characteristics

Organizational Structure

Value of Potential Loss

Time-Motion Studies

Traffic Analysis

Behavioral Patterns

Space Adequacy


Physical Challenged Guidelines

Site Analysis

Soil Analysis


Climate Analysis

Code Survey and Surroundings

Psychological Implications

Point of Reference/Entry

Building or Layout Efficiency

Cost SF and Equipment Costs


Cost Paramters and Maximum Budget

Market Analysis

Energy Source Costs

Activities and Climate Factors

Economic Data

LEED Rating System


Activities and Projections


Service Grouping

People Grouping

Activity Grouping



Security Controls

Sequential Flow

Separated Flow

Functional Relationships



Special Foundations

Density and Environmental Control


Homebase/Office Concepts

Orientation and Accessibility

Character and Quality Control



Efficient Allocation

Multi-Function Versatility

Energy Conservation and Cost Reduction




Linear/Concurrent Scheduling

NEEDS Function

Area Requirements

Parking Requirements

Outdoor Space Requirements

Site Development Costs

Building Costs/SM


Budget Estimate Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis

Operating Costs


Time Schedule





Figure 1

Page Bar Graph of the Results From Satisfactory Survey

Calinan Barangay Zoning By Purok

Organizational Chart of City Economic Enterprise

Organizational Chart of City Economic Enterprise,

Calinan Division

Calinan Public Market Current Location

Calinan Public Market Traffic Analysis

View from Honesto Garcia St

Market Road During Night Time

The Current Site

Bird's Eye View of Site

Man's Eye View of Site

New Site

Flood Susceptibility Map

Landslide Susceptibility Map

Sun and Wind Path

Bar Graph of the Results From Survey

Pie Chart of Monthly Gross Income by Households in Calinan,


Site Development Plan







Transport Terminal



Commercial Building

Bubble Diagram,

Site Development

Bubble Diagram,

Bubble Diagram,


Bubble Diagram,


Bubble Diagram,

Transport Terminal

Bubble Diagram,

Bubble Diagram,

Commercial Building

The Site


Demographic Characteristics of Davao City by Age and Sex Distribution

Number of Households,

Household Population,

and Average Household Size in Davao City,

Visitors Counted By the Department of Tourism (DOT) From Accommodation Establishments in 2010

Agricultural Production in Davao City,


Livestock and Poultry Production Inventory of Livestock and Poultry Production,


Fish Production in metric tons,


Actual Land Use

Demographic Characteristics of Calinan by Household Distribution Demographic Characteristics of Calinan by Sex Distribution

Agricultural Production in Calinan

Summary of Total Load

Market Building Occupancy Load

Transport Terminal Occupancy Load

Inn Occupancy Load

Commercial Building Occupancy Load

Bagsakan Occupancy Load

Slaughterhouse Occupancy Load

Summary of Total Parking Slots

Outdoor Space Requirements

Fixed Cost

Total Building Costs

Costs of Land Development of Site

Summary of Wages

Summary of Total Income Annually

Summary of Operating Costs Annually

First Year Construction Schedule

Second Year Construction Schedule


Background of the Study Public Market is a very important establishment in the community

Throughout the world,

there are a lot of public markets where large commodities are being sold and market

Public markets exist to fulfil a public purpose,

showcase a community’s unique character and culture while serving its everyday shopping needs (Zaretsky,

For years,

the public market has been a place for many farmers and vendors to sell their goods

One of the best public markets is in Milwaukee,

USA where hundreds of people will come in order to purchase fresh goods

Another one is in Barcelona,

Spain which is widely known as Santa Caterina where there were also fresh local products being sold and has been rehabilitated and drawing now popularity with its roofing design (Jewell,

These public markets have been a link to extended community areas to their agricultural roots and environs

With a focus on promoting locally produced agricultural and artisan products,

these unique community specific enterprises are proving especially attractive to consumers seeking fresh,

In Philippines,

public market is always referred to as Palengke derived from the Spanish word Palenque meaning wooden palisade and stockade (Diccionario de la lengua española,

In Spanish colonies of New Spain,

palengke is also described as the gathering place of indios or the indigenous people

Palengke like a usual public market,

it has wet and dry division and

for few specific places a terminal has also been anticipated

A lot of people still come and go in this place either to market their products or to purchase

Palengke or the public market in the Philippines being the heart of every town has some issues being considered as the corresponding reflection of poverty


public markets in the Philippines have been running still though some issues of sanitation and health still emerged

The current problems regarding public market in the Philippines tend to make the latter dying and dying more due to the rise of malls and supermarkets (Pabicko,

As to Calinan,

a third district locale of Davao City,

a public market has been put up and has stood for several years already

The public market in Calinan has been the center of market or the bagsakan of all local agriculture products coming from nearby barangays and districts like Marilog and Baguio

It also has been a tourist’s food destination for the fresh products like durian,

and pineapples being delivered directly from farms

The Public market in Calinan,

has been catering a lot of vendors and customers for decades already however there were no further improvements has been done especially to its sanitation and its system consideration to the traffic congestion to its nearby streets

The Calinan Public Market has the huge potential being one of the best markets in Davao that does not only promote the local fresh products but so as tourism

Not only can the public market contribute tourism and entrepreneurship to Calinan but so to Davao City as a whole

Aside from tourism and entrepreneurship,

it may also draw employment and may contribute to the economic status of the local

The redevelopment of Calinan

Public Market may change the mindset of public market as a reflection of poverty but instead the very reflection of abundance and prosperity

It would also make a change for Calinan to be one of the hot spots of Davao

Client The redevelopment of Calinan Public Market is a huge project that needs a client that would be capable enough to establish and realize the project


redevelopment and state voluntary cleanup programs like these have evolved under the umbrella of existing public planning organizations (Russ,


the City Government of Davao City has the capacity to regard this development that in the near future would benefit its local residents and its surrounding environment

The City Government of Davao,

being the highest local authority in Davao,

has the authority of regarding all institutional structures and alike for the welfare and further improvement of the city

With its mission to become a major growth pole in the international market by

empowered and participative citizenry in resource based and market-driven economic activities within the context of balanced ecology,

sustainable growth and equity-led development,

the City Government has the drive to make the project possible

The City Government of Davao in connection to its branching office which is the City Economic Office with high responsibility to oversee the city’s economic development has the power to push this project and realize it for the betterment

In general,

The City Government of Davao in collaboration to its branching office which is the City Economic Office has the huge capacity to cater the redevelopment of the Calinan Public Market turning it into a structure not only functioning as a market but also attracting tourism and support small local businesses

Not only because the City Government of Davao has the authority but its stand really points out its very capacity to handle the redevelopment of the said public market

Architectural Project The Calinan Public Market will be redeveloped according to the present and future needs

Since the area is already at the center of the district,

it is perfect enough to establish a complex catering the needs of the occupants and the future users of the development without intending to obliterate the very purpose of the market

An example of the rehabilitated and redeveloped is the public market in Barcelona which is the Santa Caterina which now drawing popularity

Since the relationship between culture and environment is a two-way process,

the concept of designing the complex should be parallel to the current practices of the local in order for adaptation (Carmona,

Though there would be shifting the traditional into modernization,

the redevelopment will still be in consideration of its surrounding


the Calinan Public Market with the involvement of itself with its surrounding environment should consider the principle of sustainability and resiliency in consideration also to the culture of the current residents in the area

According to Kevin Lynch,

an urban design should have vitality as one of

its five performance dimension


vitality is the degree to which the form of places supports the functions,

biological requirements and capabilities of human being

Calinan Public Market Complex will house these following spaces,

the main public market sectioned into wet and dry market,

and inn for travellers all in accordance to the needs and activities of the users and occupants

These spaces shall be parallel to the dimension of vitality as Lynch implicates

In order for the dimension Lynch has described be followed,

the formation of the structures shall conform based on the needs

With this at hand,

the architectural project will eventually help the minimization of the expenses

Chapter II

Function The matters that blur out the possibility of Calinan Public Market of becoming major contributors of the district’s rise in economic status have opened the doors of one of the ideas to redevelop and find solution to the problem

The awareness of the current situation reveals some important values to regard in fulfilling the goals

it also offers the space of improvement and the possibility of the planned changes of the current market


The redevelopment of Calinan Public Market seeks to become one of the best markets that caters entrepreneurship and promotion of its local products to the country and to the world with its sustainability,

resiliency and awareness to its environment bringing with it the concern of public health and safety and in return help the economic status of the area

Maximum Number

As a whole,

the Calinan Public Market Complex should become interactive for the costumers and to the vendors

it should understand the needs and therefore realize these needs

it should be open and inviting at the same time


the redevelopment shall reconsider the number or people that would come into the market

As projected,

the market shall cater over a hundred of customers everyday and shall also host the possibility of additional number of people would come on peak seasons and holidays

Individual Identity

According to the Senate Bill 1319 also known as National Market Code of the Philippines,

a Public Market shall be understood

building or structure of any kind owned or operated by a city or municipality designated as such by the Sanggunian of that city or municipality dedicated to the service of the general public,

where basic food items and other commodities are displayed and offered for sale

Public markets exist to fulfil a public purpose,

showcase a community’s unique character and culture while serving its everyday shopping needs (Zaretsky,

Calinan Public Market Complex on the other hand shall remain its identity being a public market though there are some revisions and additions for further development


Public Markets showcase local entrepreneurs and producers who might not otherwise be able to own and operate stand-alone store (What is a Public Market

These ambulants or vendors who doesn’t occupy definite stall shall be properly separated or designated

Although there are interactions or negotiations between customers and producers,

certain seclusions from trading halls should be anticipated especially for areas intended for preparations and transactions like slaughterhouse and bagsakan

Hierarchy of Values

The redevelopment will be managed by the market administrator

Market administrator will be responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations of the public market,

the assistance in the formulation of the budget for operations,

the proposition and coordinating plans and programs for public markets and other responsibilities as stated in Senate Bill 1319 section 59

Prime Activities

Public Markets rarely allow chain stores and franchises but rather showcase local entrepreneurs and producers who might

not otherwise be able to own and operate a stand-alone store


these markets can be small business incubators,

creating an opportunity for start-up businesses with minimal investment (What is a Public Market

The redevelopment of Calinan Public Market will be a food haven and a destination and therefore be the place for trading and promotion of the local products while representing the district’s culture

The redevelopment shall also cater the tenants’ and travellers’ need for resting grounds


Calinan Public market being public doesn’t mean to risk safety for the public

The city/municipality shall provide adequate security for the protection of consumers and traders within the vicinity of the market area

With this,

all public markets shall be opened and closed at certain hours as may be determined by the Sanggunian of the local unit concerned,

in accordance with the requirements of safety,

order and sanitation as stated in section 23 through 26 in the Senate Bill 1319 passed by Senator Manny Villar


Calinan Public Market Complex shall adapt to sudden changes and additions needed for the further improvement of the development

The respond of adaptation of the market to the progression through years shall prove the flexibility of the market itself

Through this flexibility,

the continuous flow of business through customers and producers will still remain for years


The segregation of the redeveloped public market’s spaces shall be well planned especially there are additional spaces aside from the market itself

Certain spaces such as walks and waiting shed shall be provided for pedestrians which are then shall be properly designated from vehicles


Calinan district is generally linked to its nearby districts such as Baguio,


These links of Calinan to its nearby barangays and districts shall come as an influence or an asset to make the Calinan Public Market Complex flourish into fame and attraction not only to the locals so as internationally

The relationship and the encounter that will come into the Calinan Public Market Complex shall be an extent of promotion of the public market as well as Calinan district


since the Philippines have signatories already in the ASEAN Economic Community which main objective is to create a single market,

the public market will be projected to showcase the local products even better (Vera,


Since the current Calinan Public market has some issues and disruption with regard to traffic,

the redeveloped Calinan Public Market Complex should be able to solve the traffic congestion for the ease of maneuvering of the trucks and vehicles

It should also verify proper parking spaces and have high concern to the pedestrians abled or differently abled


At the Philippine Development Forum on Bangsamoro at the SMX Convention Center on sixth of November 2014,

President Benigno Aquino III said that Mindanao starting in 2015 will no longer experience power crisis since there will be additional major power plants that will operate (Quiros,

The assurance of this statement still leaves an idea of prudence for a must of seeking efficiency of power and water


in consideration for the near future power disruptions,

the redevelopment shall assist the issue with the concept of green design

Sustainable design or green

design moderates the use of energy systems which includes daylighting and ventilation

Priority of Relationships

Calinan Public Market Complex should be a place where people can be comfortable either to trade or just hang out to explore the industry of food and others


public markets usually prohibit chain stores and franchises

They focus on businesses that are locally owned and operated which highlight the best of local foods,

heritage and culture (Zaretsky,

Being chained by this fact,

the redevelopment should have extents and limits towards franchising industry

it should focus in promoting local farmers and entrepreneurs’ capability to showcase local fresh products

Form In order to be acknowledged more by the extended communities and nearby cities,

the Calinan Public Market should be at its best

Achieving the

it should draw people by its architectural features,

flexibility and adaptation to its culture aside from its showcased products

Bias on Site Elements

The proposed Calinan Public Market Complex is a redevelopment of the current Calinan Public Market

The current public market has the usual spaces intended for the market production

Space like slaughterhouse and bagsakan have been provided,

however the case of sanitation has been a real problem,

the redevelopment shall maintain these spaces that has been designated already

Environmental Response

The concept of good architecture has shifted to encompass the notion of a building that is sensitive to its environment – one that will adequately protect the environment from the potential pollution and degradation caused by human habitation (Williamson,


Since the proposed Calinan Public Market Complex is one of the community’s centres,

it should be in parallel to the protection and development of its environment as stated

It shall seek to become an advocate of protecting the environment through advancing sustainable design

Efficient Land Use

The Calinan Public Market located along the Davao-Bukidnon Road has the real potential to be known

Its site is in the corner of a crossing which implies a good edge in marketing and is qualified as city’s minor commercial zone (C-1)

With the site’s entire marketing asset,

the redevelopment shall efficiently use the site making it more productive at the same time adapting still the sustainable design concept

Community relations

The redevelopment site’s location along the highway has many private competitors

Most of the counterparts of the Calinan Public Market Complex are the strip commercial centres

In order to achieve the goal to revitalize the public market,

it should arise among its competitors

It shall prove with its power to link nearby districts and communities by showcasing local artisan products without intending to remove utterly these private businesses

Community Improvements

Calinan district is a thriving community in Davao City

The redevelopment of Calinan Public Market shall be one of the reference points in Calinan that will soon become one of the major communities contributing to the improvement of economic and tourism industry of the city

Physical Comfort

Calinan Public Market Complex will be catering hundreds of people from different districts and towns


the redevelopment shall be open for small or starting entrepreneurs and for different types of customers

It shall be inviting and comfortable through conforming to the traditions and culture of Calinan as its residing community

Life Safety

The redevelopment of Calinan Public Market shall be safe especially on late night transactions

Since the development will be projected to be opened late nights,

it should consider rovers around the site as determined by the market administration

Social/Psychological Environment

The increasing population of Calinan is a consideration that needs an attention for the planned redevelopment of the public market

The more the numbers of people are the

larger the number of customers may come and stop by in the market

For example,

Pike Place Market enjoys roughly 14,500,000 customer visits annually (Zaretsky,

With this concern,

the redevelopment of the Calinan Public Market shall respond with the kind of demand that would arise in the near future

The response should be in parallel and justifiable when it comes to spaces and in correspondence to function


In promoting the individuality without intending to take away the diverse and united attitude or ambiance of the market,

it shall then be proper to categorize the vendors into different stall sizes that fit to their range

These stalls shall then be categorized again depending upon their products

With this,

there will be further organization in the market that soon will benefit not only the vendors so as the customers


The site also has a good wayfinding and could be one of the reference points


the current development causes traffic congestion since there were no proper parking spaces anticipated

The planned redevelopment should implement sound planning that concern the pedestrian and automobile mobility and parking within and around the site without risking the sense of orientation


it should cast priorities also for differently abled persons

Projected Image

Calinan Public Market Complex will be a modernized public market

Its design shall be modern yet caught up still by the idea of being Filipino

It shall stick to the essence of an open and freed marketing and trading incorporated by the promotion of local products yet

seeks not to be as random as possible


the redevelopment shall still recognize the idea ‘palengke’ but improvise it to a more modern and diverse market

Client Expectations

The redevelopment of Calinan Public Market seeks to become one of the best markets that caters entrepreneurship and promotion of its local products to the country and to the world

Through its sustainable and resilient design,

the redevelopment shall up bring the life and draw attention towards the society in keeping the awareness to its environment and concern of public health and safety


it shall help the inclination of economic status of the area

Economy Extent of Funds

Public Markets are complex,

multi-million projects that need substantial grant funding (Zaretsky,

These funding needs,

in order to realize the project,

will be catered by the client which is the City

Government of Davao

All the maintenance services will be funded under the umbrella of the government

Cost Effectiveness

The Calinan Public Market Complex cost effectiveness shall be proved through efficiency on energy consumption and the continuity of the run of the businesses within the market

It shall also project its cost effectiveness through attractive design features and adequacy of its designated spaces

Maximum Return

Most of the money will be vested upon the redevelopment of the market and the additional structures in the site

Through the market and the additional structures such as the inn and commercial buildings the money vested shall be returned duly

Return on Investment

For a government funded project,

the Calinan Public Market Complex need not to investigate furthermore for the return of investment since the market itself will be the service that rendered by the government for the betterment of the community


the investment shall be expected returned in duly purposeful amount of time

The Calinan Public Market Complex shall gain its profit from stall rentals and inn’s income

With this,

after the investment is returned,

the redeveloped Calinan Public Market shall activate to the peak of its full potential while maintaining and minimizing operating cost

Minimizing of Operating Cost

As a government funded project,

the Calinan Public Market should showcase efficiency through sustainable and resilient design

Part of its financial attributes from its profit shall support the

continuous maintenance and advancement of technology and contribution to workers

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Since it is a public market where surely sanitation is one of the very important factors to be maintained,

the redevelopment’s market manager shall assure the lifelong sanity in the market through following and implementing rules and regulation about the certain matter referring to the Senate Bill 1319 section 8 through 22

Reduction of Life Cycle Costs

The initial costs of the Calinan Public Market Complex will be implemented especially on the redevelopment of the main market,

The reduction of these costs shall be vested upon keeping some of the site elements


Through sustainable design,

the redevelopment of Calinan Public Market shall be able to conserve the design through times

It shall remain a spot where people can come and trade and be comfortable in

It shall be one of the links of the extended communities

Time Historic Preservation

The current market is declining its appeal each year as observed

Due to lack of maintenance,

has been the reflection of unorganized and unmaintained public place

The client wants to make the redevelopment one of the reference points of the community

With that,

the redevelopment shall preserve its design and sanitation quality through time

Static/Dynamic Activities

The trading industry in the Calinan Public Market Complex will be major

This industry shall remain as static as possible

The development will be drawing attention however the goal to make the trading industry static it shall also adapt to changes

It shall then also be dynamic when it comes to trading industry through design features and ideas

Globalization can affect welfare through the workings of the labor market (Villamil & Hernandez,

With this,

the redevelopment shall be globally competitive especially the ASEAN integration has come

Though the ASEAN Political-Security Community and the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community do not receive as much attention,

but they serve as foundations for the economic pillar of the integration exercise in Southeast Asia (Federico M


The Calinan Public Market shall seek to adapt its halls with various types of vendors small or large it may with this sudden change in the country

it shall be in due time be the hive of food products and other commercial industries interacting and competing internationally

As time goes by,

the redevelopment seeks to be inclined to the latest trend and shall remain the intensity of being one of the best spots for food trips and other activities alike

The change of Calinan Public Market being a complex shall achieve the very goal to satisfy its customers and farmers through the promotion of modern trading industry and design

For example,

Pike Place Market enjoys roughly 14,500,000 customer visits annually (Zaretsky,

The example,

projects the possibility of the rise of customers especially now it is developed


the redevelopment shall be adaptive to the growth on population and the possibility or potential to be on eof the food hives in Davao

Occupancy Date

The Calinan Public Market Complex will be occupied even if the construction is still going on

the client doesn’t want to disrupt the trading because it may kill many entrepreneurs’ business for months

the redeveloped Calinan Public Market will be projected to operate completely by 2016

Availability of Funds

The availability of funds of the Calinan Public Market will be from the rentals of the stalls and the income from the inn and terminal fees

All other funds that will lead to the maintenance and operating cost will be funded by the government in additional to the market’s income



Statistical Data

Davao City is a home of about 1,449,296 people as of May 1,

People in Davao are one of the scopes of the study that needs attention

Since Calinan is within the range of Davao City,

it is very practical to include its influences towards the development

The population in table 1 portrays the Male and Female distribution

Being larger than the population among men,

women dominance in the community may upbring an influence of having commercial buildings

According to Wharton marketing professor Stephen J

shopping behavior mirrors gender differences throughout many aspects of life (‘Men Buy,

Women Shop’: The Sexes Have Different Priorities When Walking Down the Aisles,

Women tend to be more invested in shopping rather than men

These people are walking above the 244,000 Ha of lands possessed by Davao and creating 334,473 households as shown in Table 2

Since purchasing goods is a family need,

therefore knowing the number of households may define the numbers of customers depending upon status

The lands of Davao are parcels of Low Density Residential Zone (R1),

Medium Density Residential Zone (R-2),

High Density Residential Zone (R-3),

Socialized Housing Zone (SHZ),

Tourism Development Zone (TDZ),

Minor Commercial Zone (C-1),

Major Commercial Zone (C-2),

Light Industrial Zone (I-1),

Medium Industrial Zone (I-2),

Heavy Industrial Zone (I-3),

General Institution Zones,

Special Institutional Zones (SIns),

Parks and Recreational Zone (PR),

Open Space/Easements Zone (OSE),


Zone (TU),

Conservation Zone (CZ),

Water Zone,

Planned Unit Development (PUD),

Protected Zones

Table 1 Demographic Characteristics of Davao City by Age and Sex Distribution Age Group

Both Sexes

Total 1,443,890 721,353 Under 1 32,345 16,823 1-4 yo 128,467 66,597 5-9 yo 149,404 77,182 10-14 yo 143,470 73,167 15-19 yo 152,126 72,551 20-24 yo 146,700 71,610 25-29 yo 127,156 63,466 30-34 yo 114,094 58,025 35-39 yo 98,139 50,173 40-44 yo 84,617 42,578 45-49 yo 71,051 35,264 50-54 yo 61,484 30,189 55-59 yo 48,125 23,759 60-64 yo 33,720 16,462 65-69 yo 21,206 9,979 70-74 yo 15,119 6,799 75-79 yo 8,721 3,676 80 and over 7,946 3,053 Source: National Statistical Coordination Board

Sex Ratio

Table 2 Number of Households,

Household Population,

and Average Household Size in Davao City,

Household Population

Number of Households

Average Household Size

2010 2000

Source: National Statistical Coordination Board

The lands of Davao ranked sixth of the most visited cities in the Philippines

It garnered about 0

These tourists are also very much attracted to the ever famous Durian fruit especially during its seasons

With the production of Durian and other agricultural productions,

public markets in Davao like Calinan Public Market suddenly came to life

The bulk of tourists in Davao annually will be a consideration since some of these tourists will eventually visit commercial establishments like public market

Table 3 Visitors Counted By the Department of Tourism (DOT) From Accommodation Establishments in 2010

City Cam Sur Metro Manila Cebu Boracay Island Baguio City Davao

Number of Visitors 2

68 million

Source: National Statistical Coordination Board

There are about 9 public markets in Davao and one of them is situated in Calinan

These markets have been running for years due to the continuous agricultural production

In Table 4,

the statistics shows Davao’s agricultural production,

which then implicates the largest productions are bananas and coconuts among commodities

In tables 5 and 6 depicts Davao City’s

largest productions are the poultry and hogs

All the productions are generally seen and bought in public markets

Table 4 Agricultural Production in Davao City,






PALAY Production (mt

) Fruit Crops BANANA Production (mt

Production (mt






Non-Food ABACA Production (mt

) Industrial and Commercial Crops CACAO Production (mt

Roots and Tubers AMPALAYA Production (mt

Production (mt

GABI Production (mt

Source: Bureau of Agricultural Statistics,

Region XI Davao City

Table 5 Livestock and Poultry Production Inventory of Livestock and Poultry Production,






Source: Bureau of Agricultural Statistics,

Region XI Davao City

Table 6 Fish Production in metric tons,

2006 1,270

2007 1,492

2008 1,300

2009 1,235

2010 1,124

Source: Bureau of Agricultural Statistics,

Region XI Davao City

Calinan has classified its land use into institutional,

The largest land is covered by agriculture for about 416

In these lands there are about 4,878 households dispersed into 38 puroks/sitios withholding 24,537 total population gathered by Partcipatory Resource Appraisal (PRA) as shown in Table 8 Table 9 shows that the population of women is larger than the population of men

The number of households is the key component of knowing the possible number of customers the redevelopment shall cater

Table 7 Actual Land Use Classification Institutional Residential Commercial Agricultural TOTAL

Area (Hectares) 49

Source: Barangay Calinan’s Profile

Percentage 6% 30% 14% 50% 100%

Table 8 Demographic Characteristics of Calinan by Household Distribution Purok/Sitio 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

Number 135 82 63 61 45 280 205 91 208 116 181 72 105 129 275 77 147 148 188 251 53 110 206 120 420 83 39 112 24 42 70 60 66 107 107 119 110 171

Population 779 378 270 327 157 2200 1071 362 1300 478 1311 280 547 780 630 349 627 605 570 1186 237 1050 911 1000 2000 384 179 367 130 197 283 400 280 320 476 571 855 825

Source: Barangay Calinan’s Profile

Table 9 Demographic Characteristics of Calinan by Sex Distribution Purok/Sitio

Source: Barangay Calinan’s Profile

Having agriculture as the biggest parcel of Calinan’s stature,

there are 4 major crop/commodity produced annually from several puroks/sitios

These are the palay,

These crops are dropped and distributed by trucks,

or sometimes by small vehicles like motorcycles and pedicabs to Bangkerohan traveling for approximately twenty-seven kilometers then back again to the origin

The largest among the four commodities is the palay garnering 540,000 kilograms

Knowing the largest production is palay,

banana and durian the development may regard the promotion of the said commodity

Table 10 Agricultural Production in Calinan

Purok/S itio 1 2 3 11 12 14 15 17 22 TOTAL

A/P 30 20 20 50 20 50 30 5 225

Palay Product ion 72,000 48,000 48,000 120,000 48,000 120,000 72,000 12,000

Major Crop/Commodity Banana Durian A/P Product A/P Product ion ion


Source: Barangay Calinan’s Profile

Pomelo A/P Product ion 10 225,000

Area Parameters

For commercial spaces,

customers should have a minimum open space of 0

For office workers and staff,

For dining areas like cafeterias a minimum of 1

Minimum stall space is 3

Personnel Forecast

As stated in the Senate Bill 1319 Section 32,

Public Markets are administered basically by the Market Committee

This committee has the representative of the City Treasurer,

the representative of the Sanggunian,

City Legal Officer/City Prosecuter,

and the representative of the market vendors as its following members


the City Economic Enterprise office has several revisions about the numbers of people managing the markets and other branching areas since Davao City itself is a huge progressive city

Holding about 44 divisions in the office,

the City Administrator tends to achieve these divisions for system

As to the current market in Calinan,

another division from the City Economic Enterprise,

there were about 25 office members including the officer in charge

The office ensures the organization of the market for 8 hours,

The market supervisor/officer in charge is the one who represents,

acts as the head of the market

He/She is head and the one who will instruct the office staffs,

market supervisors (security),

Clerical and paper works in the City Economic Enterprise Office in Calinan is being done by the five office staffs

They are tasked to do all the

receiving and computing datas directly from other offices or from the market itself

The substantial inspecting is job done by the two Inspectors

Inspectors are the ones who will inspect the market

they are generally tasked to inspect the stalls and bagsakan

The supervision of the entire premises is being done by the market supervisors

There were about 429 market stalls plus 142 make shift stall (sprawled stalls) summing up into total of 571 stall in the market

These market stalls have approximately 1-5 members including helpers and kargadors

The ensurance of security of the whole market is done by the

deployment of security guards divided into three teams shifted every eight hours

Each team is lead by the team leader who will also be the desk officer during the shift

Under the leaders were the security guards assigned to secure the entire premises and the slaughter house


the slaughter house management is job done by the slaughterhouse officer

All personnel under the City Economic Enterprise of Davao envision being a model government office that contributes to the development of Davao City through professional,

honest and efficient public service

With the drive to be a contribution to the community,

the office stands to do its mission to be a corps of competent civil servants managing viable economic undertakings,

a result-oriented government office delivering professional,

honest and efficient public service,

and a responsible employer who makes employment a worthwhile and satisfying experience



accommodating the 24,672 residents in Calinan

These suburban occupants rely upon different transportations in order to interact to the main institutions and offices resided in downtown area

Though Calinan is about 27 kilometers



communicating and interacting to institutions and offices resided in downtown due to the concept that downtown area has it all

The diverse community of Calinan is home of different ethnicity consisting




Ata and Muslim

The mixture of ethnicity disregarded

harmoniously toward the perspective of continuous progress of the land

With this concept,

literacy in Calinan is held up high reaching up to the rate of 94

Having literacy rate as high as 94

the researcher asked respondents as representatives from the 4,878 households in Calinan to rate the current Calinan Public Market’s performance

The researcher gathered 370 respondents as solved from the Slovin’s formula of data sampling from large population

The results (as shown in figure 1) show that residents in Calinan rated along the scale of 1 to 5,

The survey question 1 has an average mean 3

question 2 has an average mean of 2

question number 4 with an average of 3

Question number 1 rated 3

thus implicated that some residents doesn’t trust shopping in the public market because of security matters and organizational matters

Question number 2 has the lowest average among the questions which is 2


the question 3 and 4 to which respondents asked if they whether they think products are fresh and whether these products are sold with manners by the vendors,

57 and 3

The rating for question 3 and 4 implicates the average performance of respondents towards the goods and vendors

Figure 1 Bar Graph of the Results of the Satisfactory Survey

For the over-all rating for the Calinan Public Market,

it was only rated by the respondents with just an average performance for its organization,

Since the redevelopment will be an extension also for nearby communities,

the results may represent also the perceptions of people resided in Marilog,






Community Characteristics

Calinan is a thriving community

It was originated several years ago and developed through the years

The development of the community started as a sprawl which then continued through time


the growth of the said community has shown through gradual developments

These gradual developments are mostly commercial establishments,

housing developments and road concreting projects

it has proven itself as a diverse community of being the home of about 24,672 of mixed ethnicity population


Calinan belongs to the third congressional district of Davao City

It is composed of 38 purok/sitios that are designated to either from North barangay Dacudao,

South barangay Wangan,

East and West barangay Talomo River

Its reach of about 27

vans and motorcycles for transportation matters

Figure 2 Calinan Barangay Zoning by Purok

Calinan has a total area of 833

It was divided into parcels of institutional,

commercial and agricultural land use

The production of agriculture is the bread and butter most of the residents making most of them selfemployed

Organizational Structure

The City Economic Enterprise Office units are administered by the office manager

These units include 9 public markets,

main (Ma-a) and 3 satellite slaughterhouses (Calinan,



These units were put up in different years but put under one management when the City Economic Enterprise Office was created upon reorganization of the city's bureaucracy in 1996


it has an eight year-old organizational goal which was developed in December 2,

For calendar year 2009,

Economic Enterprise implemented 7 programs namely

Operation of nine (9) city-owned public markets

Operation of one (1) overland terminal (DCOTT)

Operation of one (1) main slaughterhouse (Ma-a) and three (3) satellite slaughterhouse

Operation of one (1) port (Sta

Operation of one (1) park (Magsaysay Park)

Operation of ten (10) public cemeteries

Operation of one (1) recreation center (DCRC) Figure 3 Organizational Chart of City Economic Enterprise

Calinan Public Market on the other hand,

has the supervisor as the head of the office

Under the supervisor are the office staffs,

In knowing these staffs,

the redevelopment will know the proper gross floor area

Figure 4 Organizational Chart of City Economic Enterprise,

Calinan Division

Officer in Charge

Inspector Office Market Staf SupervisorMarket Sweeper Slaughterhouse

Team Leader Team 1 Leader 2

Team Leader 3

Value of Potential Loss

Calinan Public Market sells different commodities from dry goods to vegetables to meat production

Since Calinan

Public Market stands to be more of an agricultural production enterprise,

the possibility of the declining sales may come especially during non-seasons

Regardless of this matter,

the public market managed to run because of other demands

The valuable peak seasons for durian and other popular fruit and vegetable commodity made the market popular more especially to the tourists and local consumers


the non-season days may come and may eventually change the face of the market during these days

The consideration of this loss maybe patched up by advertising other commodities in the market making the market a much demand more for the public

being the basic need for a community,

Calinan Public Market may really run even it is not season for some commodities or other productions


the reality of this phase may be reduction of a possibility of a huge economic help to the community

Time-Motion Studies

Calinan is about 27