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California Mexican-Spanish

Cook Book


Mexican and Spanish Recipes

Bertha Haffner-Ginger

nicknamed Miss our She has been my inspiration "Paprika" by pupils

and devoted companion through all the years of my This book

TO An announcement


my lesson for the day would be Spanish dishes,

invariably brought record-breaking crowds in any city in the United States,

and a demand for recipes induced me to search for the best to be found

three years' stay in California has enabled me to learn prepare the very best dishes directly from the natives,

It is not generally known that Spanish dishes as they are

Mexican Indian dishes

are unknown in Spain as native foods

though the majority of Spanish people in California are as devoted to peppery dishes as the Mexicans themselves,

and as the Mexicans speak Spanish,

the foods are commonly called Spanish corn,

When made foods and

have endeavored to select the very best recipes,

and have revised them into correct proportions and practical methods of preparation

Many of the dishes are very delicious and will be found of great value for luncheon,

and especially useful to those who desire to cater to the public

Please note the classification of sauces and dressings which I

eliminates a repetition of the same sauce in different dishes

Wishing you as much pleasure in the preparation and servI have had in compiling them,

Very sincerely yours,

ing of this collection of recipes as I



REGULAR SPANISH DINNER 60c Including Table Claret






Special Spanish Dinner $1

LISTA DE LOS PLATOS (TABLE D'HOTE) Ensalada de Frijoles [Pink Bean Salad]

Sopa de Papas [Potato Soup]

Arroz a


Enchiladas a

Enpanadas de Ternera,

Espagnol [Veal Cutlet,



Con Carne

[Pink Beans with Cheese]

Dulce de Naranja [Orange Pudding]




Cafe Negro [Black Coffee]

CABARET DANCERS Case Verdugo Cafe,

Los Angeles

'Ensaladas Esparto

Prepared Vinegar for Spanish Salad Dressing

or two tablespoons taragon vinegar into one pint cider vinegar

Bottle and let stand several days,

strain and keep for followslice

Especially Prepared Dressings

Spanish Dressing No

add onefourth cup best olive oil slowly,

half teaspoon ureen chile pulp

Very fine


Spanish Dressing No

add gradually three tablespoons lemon juice and one of prepared vinegar,

stir with rotary motion until a thick cream,

Spanish Salad Dressing No

Lemon three

Six tablespoons to teaspoon sugar,

Spanish Salad,

Avacado (Aligator Pear) Peal and cut in half pears,

sprinkle with salt and sugar twenty minutes before using,

then place in heart of small crisp lettuce head,

Tomato and Cucumber Salad Select six fine ripe tomatoes

pour over a half cup of dressingNo

Serve on lettuce leaves and decorate with thinly sliced sweet


Spanish Sweet Pepper Salad

mixed with dressgarnish with pimiento or beets,

Spanish Bean Salad

One cup Spanish beans cooked

small will red beans pink (canned kidney do)

serve with Spanish dressing No

Spanish Tomato and Egg Salad Peel smooth just ripe tomatoes,

slice in three on lettuce leaf,

put border around of hard boiled whites of eggs,

stand hard boiled yolk in center,


Tomato Salad

Scald and peel large tomatoes,

fry in little olive oil and lemon juice,

tomatoes teaspoon Spanish dressing 1,

sprinkle little chopped parsley and grated cheese,


Spanish California Ripe Olive Salad

Remove seed from ripe olives,

fill with mixture of cottage cheese,

cover with Spanish dressing No

Spanish Moulded Salad ripe tomatoes to fill a cup,

one-fourth sweet cup green peppers,

onehalf teaspoon chile powder,

Dissolve one tablespoon gelatine in one cup tomato juice,

Chop enough

Spanish Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Pare and chop fine one good-sized fresh cuShred sufficient cabbage to make one throw in cold water for one hour

and peal one good sized tomato and chop fine

Remove the seeds from one large sweet pepper,

When ready to serve drain and dry the cabbage

Put into salad bowl a layer of cabbage,

then a layer of tomato and a layer of pepper

sprinkle with a few drops of onion juice

then another layer of cabbage and concumber

Serve with


Spanish Cabbage Salad

Two cups shredded cabbage red and white mixed,

two tablespoons chopped roasted chestnuts,

Rice Salad

A cup of boiled rice

Arrange on platter,

slices of hard-boiled eggs and dressing No

Over the top layer of dressing press the yolk of an egg through a sieve and garnish the edges with,

a layer of lettuce leaves and radish tulip

Chop cress and cabbage,

add one-fourth cup cream to one-half cup salad dressing No






Sopa Espanol (Spanish Soups)

Sopa de Frijoles (Bean Soup) Cook one pint pink beans in two quarts beef stock till tender

Add one cup chopped onions,

two ripe chiles (fresh or canned) one quart canned tomatoes,

two tablespoons chopped parsley

Cook all thoroughly

Drop in Spanish meat balls and serve with Spanish cheese ,

Spanish Meat Balls

Grind soup beef very fine

Add one egg to one cup meat,

drop in soup just before serving and sprinkle each ball with finely


Sopa de Papas (Potato Soup) Add one cup mashed potatoes to one cup chicken,

grated yellow cheese on toast,

pinch of chopped parsley on top

Serve hot

Spanish Hot Vegetable Broth Make broth of one cup cabbage,

Add one quart canned tomatoes,

one quart clarified meat stock,

serve hot with spoonful well cooked rice in bowl

For vegetable soup leave all vegetables in

Spanish Fish Chowder

cup chopped onion to light add brown,

Fry one-half cup

small pieces of white boneless fish meat,

ing only one minute for clams or oysters


Public Bakery,

Los Angeles

They the same pleasure in making a perfectly thin and round tortilla that puffs up nicely while cooking,

as you and I do in trying to make a beautiful loaf of bread

Truly the heart of women are the same the world over

Deep down,

no matter what the environment,


Prepare Corn for Tortilla and Tamales

Put one gallon of shelled corn in enough water to cover

dissolve one-half cup lime in a little water and add to cover

boil fifteen or twenty minutes

pour off first water and add fresh cold water

Rinse in another water and it is ready to grind

Don't wash too much or it will not be pasty enough to make tortilla

Tortillas No

Another way and liked best by some people: to the corn dough (masa) rounding table-

spoon of lard to four cups dough,

Tortillas No

3 Still

Corn meal and coarse flour saltj and lard


Tortillas No

But the best to my taste is the hominy or corn ground into a smooth paste,

have ready enough hot salted lard to dip tortilla in just before you add filling to make Enchiladas

When flour is used,

dough may be rolled out on a board,

a small pie tin placed on and cut round the edge to form cake lift up with pancake turner

How to Shape Tortillas Take piece

with hand into cake size of small pie plate,

toast on top of stove moderately warm

Do not brown


TACO Made by putting chopped cooked beef and tortilla made of meal and flour

chile sauce in sealed together chile sauce served over it




Enchiladas Enchiladas,


Chop one cup onions very

slice and chop one-half in little lard

dip tortilla in hot salted lard,

put in center tablespoonful of cooked onions,

tablespoon chopped hard-boiled eggs,

two tablespoons chopped chicken,

six seedless raisins soaked in claret,

level tablespoon chopped olives,

a sprinkle of cheese and fourth cup Chile Sauce No

put tablespoon cooked onion on center of top of each and several large pieces of cheese and three whole olives

Place in hot oven till cheese is melted,

Enchiladas No

Use green chile sauce for Enchiladas No

with onion or coddled or poached egg on top sprinkled with grated cheese,

spoonful red chile sauce dropped in spots for color,

Chile Pulp and Sauces for

Recipes Chile peppers are the base of all Mexican and Spanish dishes,

and I have simplified the various recipes by making a list of different ways to make the pepper pulps and sauces

Please note that they are numbered and named,

referred to by number and name in the recipes

Original way to prepare chile for sauce is to remove seed and toast on coals,

till thep puff and look tender

and mash through seive or colander

add water or tomatoes for right consistancy

Chile Sauce,


Split red chile pepper,

water just enough to cover peppers when pressed down

Mash in this water and press

brown and add three cups of chile pulp,


Green Chile Sauce for Enchiladas or Tamales,

remove seeds and veins chiles and boil in little hot water

Prepared Spanish Sauce

Take equal parts red and green chile peppers,

same amount green and red sweet peppers,

add enough water to barely cover,

may heat and bottle larger quantities,

Pickles and Relishes Spanish Pickle

Heat quart apple vinegar,

pour over small red and green chiles wild tamatillos (wild tomatoes) and put up in jars

Green Chile Relish,

seed and veins from twelve large green chiles,

soak over night in water with little salt in it,

chop and measure one quart green tomatoes,

add one-half cup lemon or lime juice,

Fine over cold meats,

Red ]\Iake

Chile Relish,

substitute ripe tomatoes chiles

You may bottle,

Con Carne

Mexican Red Hot Chile Con Carne

To each cup of raw or cooked,

add one cup pulp of red chile pepper,

cook until a thick sauce is formed,


Griblet Chile

Cook chicken jiblets livers and hearts tender amount water

chop and add equal amount chile sauce No

1 or 2,

serve on Spanish rice put in dish,

sprinkle with parmasan cheese or Mexican grated cheese

Con Carne (Mild)

Cook until thick,


Con Game

One-half cup chopepd salt pork,

add one-half cup chopped onion,

add two cups cooked ground beef,

one cup water or three cups water and four tablespoons chile powder,

salt to taste and cook forty minutes

Chicken Chile Boil a fat chicken in small amount water with garlic button,

When tender chop the meat in small pieces,

heat some of the chicken fat skimmed from the liquor and cut from chicken,

two cups of water chicken was boiled in,

Con Carne

then cut meat into small pieces,

add to every pint onehalf cup chile pulp and one cup of cooked and mashed frijoles,

add tablespoon butter or lard,

and if too hot add cup tomatoes,



Chop one pound of beef,

add a little chopped tallow or one tablespoonful of lard and a little salt

add a little warm water and pulp of two red chiles

Add to one quart of cornmeal two tablespoonfuls of salt,

and boiling water to make a thick dough

Cut off about one inch of corn husk stalk ends and soak in hot water ten minutes

dry and rub over with hot lard

Put a layer of dough on the husk about four inches long,

one and one-half inches wide and one-fourth inch thick

along the center spread two teaspoonfuls of the of the prepared meat

roll and fold the small end of the husk

place them folded end down in a strainer over hot water

Cover and steam several hours

Serve hot

Tamales Chicken Tamales Soak some trimmed corn husk (bought in Mexican stores) for several hours in cold water,

Cut up a fat chicken,

cook until very tender in just enough water' to leave about four cups

Chop up cooked chicken,

add corn meal or masa to boiling hot chicken broth until a thick dough

add tablespoon of lard and knead all together until light and smooth

Now to all the chicken add enough chile sauce No

add about one-fourth cup of sliced olives and a few whole ones and one-fourth cup seedless raisins,

salt to taste and cook together for five minutes

spread corn dough evenly over shuck or husk about one-eighth inch thick

In center of one larger husk place a large kitchen spoonful of chicken

spread over this one tablespoonful of dough

place another husk spread with dough

continue placing husk around on all sides until about ten are used

Tie ends together with a strip of husk and place on end in a colander over boiling water for two or three hours,

or place some corn husk in bottom of vessel,

pour in about a quart of wat,er,

bring to a boil and steam slowlv for three or four hours


Tamale Pie

Make a crust

one-half one cup teaspoon salt,

and cormneal to make thick dough

Spread on bottom and sides of pie tin

Mix beef,

veal or chicken with plenty of suet for shortening- any two of above meats will do measure two cups of meat,

add two tablespoons of cornmeal,

one-half cup meat stock or water

Cook for a few minutes,

Make little balls the size of marbles set around edge

Pour a little melted lard over the top,

Beef Tamales

Ground beef fried in lard and suet,

Prepare cornmeal or masa by pouring on boiling hot water,

add one cup of lard to four cups meal or masa,

add few olives and raisins if desired

Prepare as for chicken tamale recipe

Texas tamales made as above with olives and raisins left out and spoonful put in one long shuck,


Corn Husk and Red Chile There are firms in California putting up a speThere cially prepared corn meal for totrillas

are chile powders and canned red and green hot sweet pepper,

which makes ish dishes anvwhere

(Eggs Cooked Spanish)

Spanish Omelet (Supreme)

A complete lesson Fry a strip of bacon for each diner

Cook until tender,

one tablespoon minced onion and sliver of garlic button (young green onion is best),

one tablespoon minced green sweet pepper,

same of canned sweet red pepper (pimiento),

Add when done,

then add one cup tomato raw or canned

add one teaspoon chile powder or two tablespoons red chile sauce

Use the above amount for every two eggs

Keep hot and prepare eggs by breaking in separate bowl whites and yolk

beat yolk first very stiff till light in color,

add tablespoon water to each yolk and one-eighth teaspoon salt

Beat Avhites stiff,

add small pinch cream tartar while whipping

Fold three-fourths of the whites into the yolksdo not break up too fine

Have hot omelet pan bottom covered well with lard or butter


eggs lower fire and cook slowly,

lifting up with spatula at different places to let raw egg to bottom

When nearly done,

set under gas broiler or in very hot oven for a few minutes until


put prepared on one-half of omelet,

filling turn out on a hot platter

Put rest of whipped whites on top to form a circular crown around edge

Sprinkle with salt and bits of butter

set back in oven and brown but not too deeply

decorate with bits or strips of pemiento,

the strips of bacon and triangles of toast

A simple way,

is to mix the filling with whipped eggs

Spanish Stuffed Tomato Omelet

Soak one cup bread crumbs in one-half cup boiling milk,

Remove centers from teaspoon onion juice

Whip one egg for each tomato separately

Add tablespoon water to each yolk,

Pour around tomatoes to come to top

Bake in moderate oven

Serve hot,

or partly fill tomato wit,h bread mixture,

Cut tomatoes out in squares to get all the egg,


Roll a long piece of cheese in strips of chile peppers roasted,

fry in hot lard and serve with prepared Spanish sauce on toast

Spanish Sausage Omelet

Mix level tablespoon fine sausage,

tablespoon bread crumbs in tablespoon milk for each egg,

whip yolks of as many eggs as needed,

salt and teaspoon red pepper pulp,

add white of egg and pour into hot greased pan

Fold and turn out,

Garnish with lettuce or parsley

Spanish Creamed Eggs Boil eggs hard fifteen minutes,

Mash yolk and add to each a teaspoon of thick white sauce,

or bread cooked smooth in milk

paprika and finely Fill white of eggs,

roll in raw egg and bread crumbs

fry in deep hot olive oil or other

Remove toothpicks and where eggs are put together separate with knife and sprinkle center with little crumbled dry yolk,

Make a border of chopped whites cut in rings

Pour hot Spanish sauce partly over fat

and you have a delicious dish in truly Spanish colors


Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Mix one tablespoon green egg,

a slice garlic or teaspoon onion juice,

garnish with spoonful red chile sauce and parsley

Pimiento Egg

Hard boil small eggs,

put each in a canned pirniento large enough to close end with toothpick,

add tablespoon green chile pulp,

good and pretty Spanish color effect

Spanish Eggs in Peppers Scald large sweet peppers

half fill with minced onion fried brown,

tablespoon tomato sauce or catsup

Break one egg and scramble and pile on top

Decorate with red chile powder and parsley

Or break egg whole on top of sauce and bake in oven

Spanish Eggs,

Shirred Brown in a teaspoon of butter or bacon fat,

one teaspoon prepared chile sauce,

Cook and pour into individual baking dish and break egg over top

Set in oven until eggs are covered with a film

Garnish with sprigs of parsley and serve hot

"Carne Espanol (Spanish Meats)

Spanish Steak (Elegante) Slightly grease very hot skillet Avith olive oil

Select tender steak,

turning until cooked as desired

Make ready a sauce as follows: Melt two tablespoons butter,

and two tablespoons chili pulp

When well browned,

soup or two cups fresh chopped tomatoes,

strain and pour over hot steak

olives Garnish with mushrooms and ripe browned in butter,

sprinkled with salt and chile pepper and sprigs of parsley,

sprinkle grated yellow cheese over steak and sauce,


Spanish Steak (Economical) Select two pounds upper round steak,

sear on hot skillet on both sides till crust is formed: then one-half cup suet,

Fry one cup chopped onions in tablespoon lard until slightly brown

two tablespoons green chile pulp

cover and cook twenty minutes longer

Place on serving dish,

Flank Steak,


Have butcher cris

seasoned with salt and chile powder,

spread with lard or melted suet,

make a filling of bread crumbs,

Put tablespoon lard,

cover and bake two or three hours slowly

Spanish Pork Tenderloin Cutlets

Pound tenderloin out flat

Fry brown in hot olive oil or bacon fat

Place triangles of toast in center of platter,

arrange cutlets standing around toast

Put lettuce cups around outside of cutlets and fill with half of


sprinkled with cooked rice and parsley,

tomatoes stuffed with a mixture of meat and rice,

Bake until set

Garnish with parsley und meat cakes

Sprinkle with chopped pars1


Mexican Meat Dumplings Mix one cup meat raw or cooked,

add one-half cup chopped bacon,

tablespoon chile pulp or chile powder,

to 'thick dough with corn meal,

make into balls size of walnuts,

drop in salted boiling water and tomatoes,

little lard and corn meal to thicken

Spanish Beef Stew

Cut one pound stew beef or veal in small twoinch pieces,

flour thickly and brown in tablespoon of hot suet

add one-half cup chopped onion,

cook slowly until meat is tender

one tablespoon cut in chile pulp

one cup cold boiled potatoes neat squares

When potatoes are hot,

serve on triangles of buttered toast

Mexican Chicken Meat Balls

two tablespoons finely chopped onion,

two tablespoons chopped sweet pepper,


Spanish Fish Stew three-inch pieces,

salt and roll in Heat tablespoon bacon fat and one of olive oil,

add enough tomato to barely cover fish,

Serve on platter

Garnish with potato with chopped parsley

Spanish Baked Fish Make a filling of broad crumbs wet with one cup of tomatoes,

add one tablespoon minced onion,

two tablespoons melted butter,

one-half cup seedless raisins: fill and sew up fish

Place in pan

When done,

remove carefully to hot platter and peel off skin

Pour hot prepared Spanish sauce over fish garnish with lemon and parsley

Awfully good

Spanish Fried Fish Salt and dip Barracuda or any tender fish in a batter made of egg,

Fry in deep hot olive oil

Serve with sauce made by

two tablespoons green or red chile pulp,

cook and pour across center of fish,

allowing brown crisp ends to show

Garnish with slices of sweet green pepper,


Spanish Hash Put a layer of seasoned whipped potatoes one inch thick in a shallow baking pan

Another layer of finely chopped beef,

seasoned with salt and pepper and a little onion browned in lard

prepare a top layer of one cup onions,

one green and one sweet red pepper,

teaspoon chili powder or pulp,

tablespoon flour all browned in two tablespoons lard

Add one-half can tomatoes

Dainty when baked in individual dishes

Spanish Curry Hash two tablespoons butter,

three tablespoons chopped onions,

one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce,

one chopped green sweet pepper,

one-fourth teaspoon curry powder,

add cup of any meat stock or hot water

Pour little butter over top and bake

Garnish with parsley and slices of hard cooked olives,

Spanish Stewed Rabbit ut and roll rabbit in meal and flour,


Spanish Chicken Stew Cut up tender chicken,

Keep hot

Add ta1 blespoon butter to oil left in frying pan add one half cup onions,

brown all together and add two cups tomatoes,

two tablespoons chile pulp and one teaspoon sugar

garnish with buttered toast and green peas

Spanish Style Stuffed Chicken Brown a fat tender chicken in a small amount of lard by turning over and over for a few minMake a dressing of two cups bread utes

three tablespoons pulp of sweet green peppers,

two tablespoons chopped onion,

Stuff chicken and bake in closed pan one hour

Make gravy of drippings by adding flour,

Pour over chicken

Spanish Baked Chicken


Salt a tender chicken,

rub inside and out with onion,

Put in a large casserole

Pour in bottom one cup hot water,

two tablespoons green Spanish sauce,


one tablespoon butter and tablespoon flour to thicken

add cup of cream arid cook ten to fifteen minutes longer

Dip buttered toast in sherry enough toast for each guest

Serve from casserole

Spanish Dressing for Chicken or Turkey

One pint of cold corn bread,

one cup rich chicken or turkey broth,

one-half cup roasted chopped chestnuts,

three tablespoons red chile pulp,

large tablespoon minced parsley,

make the ordinary dressing of the drippings add chile sauce,

Spanish Tripe In three tablespoons butter,

Cut one pound tripe into narrow strips

Add one tablespoon flour to fat and brown

season with tablespoon chile powder or pulp,

Let simmer until very tender

Serve hot

Frijoles (Spanish Beans)

How to Cook Beans Soak over night,

put in fresh water in the morning and add one-fourth teaspoon of soda to each quart of water,

and add more boiling water and cook till tender

Hoil longer when they are to be mashed

Frijoles (Bean) Sauce

Cook red Spanish beans tender,

add meat stock to thin for sauce,

serve over meat or whole beans


Soak pink or kidney beans over night,

in salted water with pinch soda

Drain and add can tomatoes,

pulp of three red and three green chile peppers,

one-half cup onions Cried in bacon fat,


Spanish Mashed Baked Beans

Cook pink or kidney beans in salted water with pinch of soda until very soft

Drain and mash,

remove from pan and turn beans into fat,

let brown and turn out on hot platter,

garnish with bacon and parsley

Spanish Beans

drained of water into two tablespoons of hot lard,

two tablespoons of red chile pulp

add one-half cup grated cheese,

Serve piping hot

Arroz a


(Spanish Rice)

Cook Rice

Wash rice in several waters,

throw the rice spoonful at a time,

into boiling hot salted water,

boil hard for ten minutes then slowly until all water is absorbed,

put asbestos mat under vessel and do not stir

grains will be dry and separate from each other

Spanish Rice

Mint Flavor

Heat two tablespoons lard,

one-half teaspoon chile powder,

add one cup rice and stir about until rice begins to color,

cook slowly until all water as absorbed

Pile on platter and cover with Spanish


Spanish Rice

Fry heaping tablespoon chipped bacon,

add one cup washed and dried rice,

add meat stock or hot water to finish cooking,

but just enough to have rice dry and grains separated when done

Spanish Rice au Gratin Boil one cup rice in five cups water,

Drain any water and put in baking vessel alternate layers of rice,

Spanish sauce and

topping with sauce and cheese on top

Bake until hot through and cheese a rich brown

Green Peppers With Rice Chop two tablespoons onion,

two tablespoons red sweet peppers,

two tablespoons green sweet peppers very fine,

fry until tender with a tablespoon chopped salt pork

Add two cups tomatoes,

cook and add tablespoon chile pepper,

Spanish Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Chile Pepper

Fry chile peppers until they puff under skin

Prepare a mixture of any kind of cool

one tablespoon of chopped onion,

one-half cup of sliced olives,

one-fourth raisinschopped very fine

Add one tablespoon vinegar,

and cook in two tablespoons hot lard

cool and fill the chile peppers

Beat desired number of a add separately,

and season with salt and red pepper

Dip chile in batter,

sprinkle with chopped parsley serve hot

A prepared sauce may be served over chile or a white sauce with apple,

peach preserves or marmalades added to desired taste



Spanish Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Mix one cup

cook all together in one tablespoon hot butter for a few minutes,

fill large sweet pepper that has all seed removed,

set close together and fill in be-

sprinkle with bread crumbs and bake until well done and brown

Sweet Spanish Peppers With Sardines Roast or scald and peel green sweet peppers,

Make filling of one-half cup bread,

Cover with melted butter,

Bake and serve hot

Spanish Cheese and Pepper Fritters

Heat and peel green hot or sweet peppers

remove seed and fill with salt and red pepper,

wet in tomato juicehalf and half fasten with toothpicks

serve with Spanish sauce and circle of hard-boiled eggs


With Cheese

Mix half cup bread wet with one-half cup tomatoes and one-half cup Queso Mexicano (a Mexican cheese),

mushroom or raisins chopped and fried in tablespoon lard until tender

Add the bread and cheese,

dip in the egg batter and fry in deep fat or saute in butter

To be eaten hot served with or wi thout sauce

Spanish Onion

Grind one cup raw

one-fourth cup cracker crumbs wet,

boiled onions (centers removed) cover with grated cheese,

cover and cook until liver is firm

Spanish Onions

Brown two

tablespoons of flour in two tablespoons butter

add two tablespoons chopped onion,

two tablespoons sliced olives,


onions that have been boiled tender,

and cenremoved pile high put large lump cheese on top and bake

Serve Avith sauce made of one tablespoon butter,

Spanish Stuffed Potatoes

Bake until soft

cut off a slice and cut out center of potatoes,

one tablespoon of finely cut parsley,

two tablespoons* of pimiento chopped cucumber,

chopped onefourth teaspoon chile powder,

Place two strips of bacon

set in oven until bacon is crisp

with stripe of pimiento and parsley


Mexican Baked Macaroni or Spaghetti Cook and drain macaroni or spaghetti,

heat one-fourth cup olive oil,

add clove of garlic and one-half cup chipped dried beef,

add one-half cup chopped mushrooms,

two tablespoons green chile pulp,

one large pimiento chopped fine,

Mexican cheese (Queso Mexicano),



(Summer Squash) Cook round summer squash in salted water unMix with egg,

Garnish with bits of red chile pepper and chipped parsley mixed with a little hot butter

Finis Spanish Cheese Fingers all salads

Make very short pie with butter,

roll and fold several paste times,

sprinkle with grated cheese and chile pep-

To serve with

roll it into paste enough to make it stick,

tie in bunches with red ribbon,

garnish with sprig of parsley,

cover with paste of melted cheese and chile pepper,

Mexican Sandwiches

Remove seeds from chiles,

first fry separately in a little butter,

Spread between and brown bread of cut white thickly layers slice of bread butone with alternately,

tered and sprinkle thickly with grated cheese

the color effect is pretty when cut in fancy shapes and served on crisp lettuce leaf,

or mix red and green chile together fry,

spread on tortillas that) have been dipped in hot butter,

fasten with toothpick garnish with sprig parsley


Spanish Brown Cake

Cream two cups brown sugar with one cup butter,

pour around this one cup sweet or sour milk,

whip four eggs and pour on top,

add three cups flour with three teaspoons baking powder sifted through,

mix and pour into baking tins,

ground pecans and cinnamon while raw: bake in medium oven

Or add enough flour on rolling board to make a soft dough,

bake and spread with icing made of hot water and brown sugar cooked until thick with pecan nuts added

Spanish Chocolate Cake

Get the Spanish chocolate,

round cake about three inches across,

flavor different from other chocolate

Melt two cakes,

the beaten egg Avhite on top of milk,

three cups flour with two tablespoons baking powder,

make icing of melted chocolate cake,

when cool spread on cake or use as filling


Mexican Candy Two cups dark brown sugar,

one-half cup wateaspoon butter,

cook until it forms a soft ball in water,

put pecan nuts in bottom of buttered saucers and pour sugar on while hot

let cool and there is the little thin round cakes one sees on the street sold bv Mexicans







Mexican Supplies Mexican Stores

List of

As safron (Safroin

Ore^ano (Mexican sage),

Cilantio (Cariandos seed),

used for flavoring chile dishes

Appelito Marado (a blue

Belotas (Mexican acorns)

Pinones (pine nuts Maize Blanco (while corn),

Ojas (corn husk for Tamales)

Queso de tina (cheese made of cactus sweetened)

Cueso Mcxicano (a Mexican cheese Panocha (dark cane suirar in cone shape cakes)

Piloncillo (light brown cane sutrar in cone shape cakes Chile Colorado (red chile),

Hide tipinos (small round red chile used for pepper sauces

Pinole corn or wheat parched ground for Mexican drink,

flavored with cinnamon and sweetened with sugar,

Xixlamal Mexican Corn prepared old time way

Choriso (Mexican sausage i

Jammiello (Hamirello)

preservs made of quinces and Panocha

Cojela de camote


('mil in soak in water and sweetened for a


Classification of Recipes Page Spanish Dinner Spanish

Ensaladas Ivspanol (Spanish Salads)

Sopa Kspanol (Spanish Soups)



Pulps and Sauces Pickles and Relishes Chili ('on Carne Tamales Chili

63 (>">


Frijoles (Spanish

Espanol (Spanish Rice) Spanish Stuffed Peppers and Onions Spaghetti,


Stuffed Potatoes


Squ:ish (

Mexican Sandwiches

Spanish Brown Cake Spanish Chocolate Cake

Mexican Candv

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Con buena letra, II Concurso de Escritura RUBIO 01 LA

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Caligrafia 2 Primaria Integral Santillana Libros Gratis

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Caligrafia Árabe Alkalima

contributos para o ensino- aprendizagem do árabe marroquino a

Al kalima Método de enseñanza de lengua árabe Para niveles A 1 y A1 Recomendamos, tras el aprendizaje del alifato, ir a la unidad de caligrafía y  Caligrafía árabe contemporánea (catálogo de la exposición belleza y complejidad geométrica es Fī l


CUADERNO DESCARGABLE 1º a 4º Enseñanza Media NIVEL 4

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Caligrafia. Mediavilla


researchgate Caligrafia expresiva pdf Caligrafía Expresiva El calígrafo en la medida que elabora sus trabajos, reproduce alfabetos, va recreando los sistemas gráficos de una manera muy personal biblioteca unizar es caligrafia catalogo pdf diegonavarroboniLLa “caLigrafía trazos Que comunican,

Caligrafia Santillana

Download Caligrafia Santillana Para Imprimir PDF

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Caligrafía_ Trabajar Una Letra Bonita

ejercicios lúdicos para ortografía y caligrafía - Repositorio PUCESA

5 Mar 2012 entrego a biblioteca de la Universidad mi trabajo de Tesis el cual escuela (de ahí los nombres de las letras en caligrafía actual) y el sonalizar las letras y las palabras, forzar los límites e ir desarrollando sobre la marcha


Ejercicios de Caligrafia Gotica

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