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The Final Redemption

Rav Ashlag was the greatest kabbalist of the past century

Known as Hasulam (the ladder),

he was not only the first to translate the Zohar from Aramaic to Hebrew but he wrote volumes of explanations as well and could have written hundreds more by his own account had he had the financial means to cover the pens and paper

His legacy included several other books including The Ten Luminous Emanations,

which brought new light and understanding to the study of the Tree-of-life as taught by the Arizal 400 years earlier

Rabbi Yehuda Halevi Ashlag died at the age of 70,

and with his last divine breath uttered these 5 words ,

which translates to “With long life will I satisfy him,

and make Him to behold My salvation

these words were shrouded in mystery

we have to look no further than the initials of the 5 words (Alef,Yud,


whose gematria miliui (spelled-out numerical value) is exactly 666

for sure Rav Ashlag wasn’t referring to the infamous number of Revelations,

but to the year that the kabbalistic proportion of

After all,

it was Rav Ashlag who taught it to me

Like the design of the Tree-of-life itself,

Rav Ashlag separated the 6 millennium (6000 years) into those years dedicated to G-d (upper 1/3

and those to the self (lower 2/3,

thus 2000 and 4000 respectively,

giving us a base of 4000 selfish (malchut) years

Thus leaving us 2000 years to purify ourselves

which we’ll explain in another article very soon


33 years,

he came up with a total of 5333

which not so coincidentally coincided with the death of the Arizal

These final 666

This left Rav Ashalg,

with the year for Moshiach at 5777

So of our 6000 year allotment,

only 222 are of a higher spiritual nature,

giving us a proportion of 222/6000,

which is why to a great extent the total numerical value of the Torah’s first verse is 2701

The same goes for the total value of the 42-Letter Name of G-d,

Ana B'koach

which is the Kabbalistic inverse of 2701 and is directly derived from that first Torah verse


the complete gematria sofit of the 42-Letter Name equals 5778,

while the final letters of each of the 7 lines of the 42-Letter Name matrix add up to 2448,

the exodus from Egypt and that the 10 Commandments were received at Sinai,

2000 666

67: 444

22 = 6000

While it’s true that the 5 words with their ordinal values add up to 1998 when 1 is added for the kolel and 1998 = 3 x 666,

adding the kolel for the 27 letters and subtracting that 5 words gives us 2019,

the year (2019 ce) that the new era is slated to begin

We can’t say whether Rav Ashlag was pointing to that when he uttered his very last words,

but we know he was very well aware of the date prognosticated and that using the 2/3 (

And we know he could have chose any final words to leave us with

So just perhaps,

he wanted to make sure that those of us with whom he shared this secret would pass it on in time

And have faith,

since the sum of the first and last letters in each of the 5 words sum to 102,

the numerical value of emunah,

meaning “faith,”and with the kolel for the 5 words,

as in the sum of integers through 107 = 5778,

And with the events that transpired this week,

but we’ll get into that in our next article as it appears the battle is upon us

According to the Zohar and Ari Date of the Final Redemption

This is the first of the promised Chanukah revelations,

which traces the clues to the final redemption from the Torah to the Zohar to the Arizal,

The Torah portion Miketz falls on Chanukah every year,

and chapter 2 of the corresponding Zohar portion discusses the first few words of Miketz and its connection to the End of Days

Bereshit 41:1 “Two full years passed

Then Pharaoh had a dream

He was standing near the Nile,…”

Zohar Miketz 2:25 “And it came to pass in the end

” Rabbi Chizkiyah began with the verse: “To everything there is a season,

and a time to evey purpose under the heaven” (Kohelet 3:1)

Come and behold what the Holy On,

did below: He set a time for everything,

He fixed a term for light and darkness

He set a time for light for all nations except Israel,

which now have mastery over the world,

when Israel are in exile and under the dominion of other nations

The Holy On,

appointed a season for all and,

therefore: “To everything there is a season,

“ He asks: What us the meaning of,

“and a time to every purpose

?” He replies: It means a time and season for everything that is below,

for all the goodness found below has a set time and season

We’ll now discuss that the meaning the Arizal found in this Zohar portions and what it means for this generation

Each [solar] year is 365,

and when multiplied by two = 730

Now by adding to this the six letters1 the sum total comes to 736,

which equals the sum of the name Ado-nai spelled simply = 65,

together with the same name spelled with the milui = 671

[Thus] 736 is called above the ‘End of Days’

in Hebrew a “ketz” literally “an end

Torah references to Yamim,

substituting “days” for “years” usually refers to the days of the final redemption and advent of Moshiach and the Tree-of-life consciousness,

clues that caused the Arizal to look deeper

In reading the same Zohar chapter above,

the Arizal found this: Zohar 2:18 Come and behold: “Blessed be Adonai who day by day bears our burden” (Tehilim 68:20)

The name Adonai is spelled Aleph-Dalet-Nun-Yud

This verse contains the mystery of wisdom

“day by day” is the secret of “two years (lit

‘two years’ days’)”… Which is why he knew there was a connection between the 730 days of two years time and the 2 spellings of Adonai ,and when adjusted for the kolel,

he came up with 736 and alluded that the end of our exile process would begin in the year (5)736,

What he didn’t mention or what was lost to us was that 5736 (1976) was 42 years prior to the date Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag gave for the advent of Moshiach,

As this verse in Miketz is found at 41:1 and 41 +1 = 42,

but more so in that all Torah journeys begin with 42 and go through 42 steps,

as explained by the Baal Shem Tov,

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai,


Jacob begins the 210 Egyptian Exile process (journey) by sending his sons down to Egypt

Back to us,

and the generation of knowledge

Utilizing gematria,

which Rav Abulafia calls one of the deepest of Torah studies,

we see that the words “Two years

(ShNTYM YMYM) – 2 (kolel) = 2018 ce = 5778

We now see what the Ari saw and Rabbi Shimon saw: And it shall come to pass in the end

“To everything there is a season,


And incidentally,

it was in paragraph 42 of the Torah when Abraham began his journey as G-d told him,

“Go away from your land,…”

What Can We Expect in 5778

Rav Brandwein taught me that the final letters in a phrase speak to the future

We know from Rav Ashlag,

so what is the future spelled out by its final letters

The Hebrew calendar date 5778 (2018 CE) is written out in Hebrew: He ShinTav Ayin Chet,

whose initials add up to 5-7-7-8

The final letters on the other hand,

HY ShYN TV AYN ChYT add up to 1+50+6+50+400 = 516

This is very significant and encouraging to all those wondering about what will occur in these supposed end times

Before we explain way 516 is such a good message for us,

let us note that in small gematria,

the date itself has spelled out 1565 + 4 and while 4 is usually indicative of the 4 letters of the YHVH,

So we know that G-d is the outcome,

if we didn’t know that already

Before we get to 516,

I’d like to note that the central letters,

the ones not used to spell out either 5778 0r the YHVH and 516,


which is the 22nd of the 72 Names of G-d,

which falls at the 6th column and 3rd row of the 72 Name Matrix

And if you don’t think that’s really relevant,

please note that there are only two place within the 72 Name Matrix that there are consecutive triple crown tagin above the letters: at column 5,


? Because Moses knew that if he prayed 516 times to enter the promise land,

G-d would have relented and time would have ended right then in the glory of Moshiach consciousnesses

G-d stopped him at 515

What the final letters are telling us about the future is that 5778 is the time,

the time that Moses will be allowed to make the final 516th prayer on our behalf

But wait,

The YYY stands for many things,

including the powerful and complete inter-collusion of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) within the 10 sefirot within the 10 sefirot or 10 x 10 x 10 which is 1000,

as in the 1000 years of Moshiach that will come before we ascend to an even higher level

The 10 sefirot comprise the Tree-of-life,

a consciousness of oneness and unity,

and while the initial letters of the spelled out date 5778 (HY ShYN TV AYN ChYT) are considered Kabbalistically masculine and spell out 5778,

the filling letters HY ShYN TV AYN ChYT are considered feminine and equal 516 (final letters) + 30 (central YYY) or 546,

which is the sum of the initials of the names of the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-life,

and also of the numerical value of the word Israel,

This is why the spelling out is very important,

for it reveals to us the unified masculine and feminine aspects,

and as the Zohar tells us: In the time of Moshiach these aspects will be equal,

represented by the Sun and the Moon respectively


the surface temperature of the Sun,

like the masculine aspect of the spelled out date,

This goes hand in hand with what Rav Brandwein,

explained was the significance of the 78 in 5778,

that the 70 and 8 represented the Tree-of-life,

AZ ChYYM (Ayn = 70 and Ch = 8 in gematria) that we will connect to in 5778

So the answer to Moses question,

“Is there a tree in Israel” is Yes,

or at least there will be in 5778: the Tree-of-life

It’s Getting Warmer

What does that mean,

Whether is man-made or natural global warming makes no difference

The temperatures are rising

We’ll start off by looking at where they are going,

but rather than an apocalyptic discussion of what that will mean for the coastal nations and cities,

we’re going to tackle the nature of temperature itself and surprisingly how the temperature scales and modern are built into the design of the Future Holy Temple,

as laid out by the Ramchal and the visions of Ezekiel

Even before Japan declared Fukushima another Chernobyl,

both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reportedthat the global average surface temperature for 2010 had tied the record set in 2005

The analyses differ slightly

the average 2010 temperature was 1

At our current pace of global warming,

maybe just 6-7 years before the average 100-year surface temperature inches up to 57

If 5778 (2018 CE) weren’t just around the corner(6-7 years from now) and if 5778 wasn’t the date the tzaddikim advised us the final redemption and tree-of-life reality would happen,

then it could be just another cool (hot) coincident

But they are,

so the special temperature confluence can’t be overlooked,

which makes it even odder that the two places this global temperature increase is centered on is the Arctic Circle and Israel

So what is temperature and what on Heaven or Earth does it have to do with the Future Holy Temple

Temperature measures heat,

a thermodynamic derivative of energy and light,

set the freezing point for water—the molecule necessary for sustaining all life on our planet—at 32 degrees and the boiling point at 212 degrees

The Celsius scale,

translated that 32 degrees F to 0 degrees Celsius and that 212 degrees F to 100 degrees Celsius

And then the Kevin scale,

further adjusted those scales so that 0 Kelvin,

So Man took water and measured energy’s (light’s) effect on it and developed a scale,

But what did G-d do

? Besides making the water and the light and man

? According to the kabbalists,

He designed the universe around the structure of the Tree-of-life,

which consists of 32 paths of wisdom,

further broken down to 10 dimensions and their interlinking 22 connections

Since those 10 dimensions are further broken down to another 10 sub-dimensions each,

there are a total of 100 sefirot (dimensions),

thus we have right away the obvious comparisons between 32 and 100 attributes of the Tree-of-life and the 32 and 100 degree critical temperature points of water,

This just happens to be a natural correlation between man’s science and G-d’s

the point of this article is to illustrate how G-d designed the Future Holy Temple—a pure extension of the greater universe itself—around those same proportions inherent in the temperature readings of water and light

These revealed proportions are based on the dimensions given to us by R’ Chaim Luzzatto in his Mishkney Elyon written between 1722 and 1729,

which he derived from the description of the Future Holy Temple in Ezekiel 40-43

It’s funny how the two major temperature scales (Fahrenheit and Celsius) would come into being within the same 20-year window that the thin esoteric book by R’ Chaim Luzzatto,

! According to the dimensions given by R’ Chaim Luzzatto,

the Future Temple is constructed along the lines of the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-life through the 32 Paths of

To that end,

at the exact center of the concentrically arranged Temple,

and also exactly 32% of the inner courtyard’s dimensions

The inner courtyard,

which is 100 cubits square is at the very center of the outer courtyard,

Simply put,

So lets look at this simple structure closer

Water freezes at 0 and 32 degrees,

and it boils at 100 and 212 degrees,

so how much of a coincidence do we think it is that the Future holy Temple is designed into concentric squares with 32 at the center,

leaving 212 as the distance from that square to the outermost one,

Pretty cool,

? And this is only the beginning

Signs or Symptoms


escalating radiation levels emanating from the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan are signs of the end of days

Many more see it as just part of life in the 21st century as our technology and spreading populations struggle to coexist with our planet and universe– growing pains if you will

But there is another way of looking at them,

and that’s the way real kabbalists view them as well

G-d doesn’t need to put a Post-It Note next to the light switch before flicking the switch,

but if we are to help ourselves,

and be willing to make the necessary changes

The same can be said of the catastrophic fish and fowl

Though these “signs” are less relevant to all but a small minority,

as people in general get more emotional about a beached whale than 10 million fish dying one dawn,

and the birds falling out of the sky are only meaningful to those whose heads they land on

it is the fish and fowl symptom that give us the clue to what ails the patient

According to the Arizal,

fish and fowl both belong to the sefira (dimension) of Yesod of Zeir Anpin,

through which all the life-force and sustenance flows on its way into our world,


He explains that the word for fowl in Hebrew is Oaf (AVP) of numerical value 156,

which he points out is the same as Joseph “the righteous,” who is associated and whose energy is aligned with the sefira of Yesod,

Yesod of Zeir Anpin

And it’s not coincidental that 156 = 26 x 6 or 6 times the gematria value of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH),

since each of the 6 levels of Zeir Anpin are associated with the YHVH,

and collectively gather in Yesod

Like the proverbial canary in the coal mine that’s utilized to determine whether the air is safe to breath,

we have the fish and fowl to help us determine whether Yesod of Anpin is functioning properly or not,

whether it’s being choked off by negativity or not

This is very significant because Yesod of Anpin is like a funnel through which flows all our life-force (shefa) or ch’i,

and any problems there greatly affects our world,

as we explained in a previous article about how to count the sefirot according to the Arizal,

Yesod is the 9th dimension and malchut the “0” dimension,

or Malchut of Yesod of Zeir Anpin

That’s a little esoteric,

but what’s not is what’s happening at the unfortunately named damaged 6 reactor plant Fuk u shima Daii chi that is spewing out radioactive cesium137 and iodine-131 at levels much higher than is being told to the public

And like a large volcanic eruption,

its destructive forces are encircling the earth and spewing forth unabated

There is nothing about these symptoms that should be

ignored: It’s highly uncommon for there to be 6 reactors together with 6 being the number of bundled dimensions in Zeir Anpin,

The number 137,

is the numerical value of the Hebrew word meaning “to receive” and the number 131,

is the numerical value of the dark angel samael,

thus together: “to receiving samael

but no one could mistake these burning cancer inducing radio-isotopes as as positive anyway

If the tree-of-life were a human body,

Yesod would be the reproductive organs and the lower spine

So what can we expect to occur if we don’t get to the root of the patient’s illness

Worldwide financial troubles,

as the sustenance get squeezed further and the type of agony associated with lower back pain and sciatica

Reproductive issues

And we won’t even mention what these might be

But let’s look at this another way

If you went to a kabbalist complaining of lower back pain and problems conceiving,

he might tell you to look into your financial and sexual excesses,

as there would be an obvious imbalance going on there

It’s 2011 and,

as we learned about the verses of the 10 Commandments,

The verse that governs this years events is Exodus 20:11 In which we are told that in the six(6) days,

God made the heaven,

but he rested on Saturday (Shabbat)

God blessed the Sabbath and made it holy

The darkness,

samael (SMEL) strikes at our weakest point,

the tiny junction point between Yesod (YSVD)and Malchut (MLCVT),

the numerical value of the letters that are left over equal 446,

Are we keeping the Sabbath

? Are we working on the Sabbath,

which means (on one level) does financial greed govern our world and is it the backbone of our economic models

? Are we creating fire on Shabbat,

or seeking out our warmth from spiritual oneness

So this year,

what we’ll see is events from space,

It’s no wonder the birds fell from the sky and the fish died on 1/1/2011


As with any patient,

we must first recognize the symptoms,

then correctly diagnose the illness,

then while treating the symptoms to make the patient comfortable,

we must get to the root cause of his disease and correct it

We are the patient,

And if we ignore the symptoms we will pay the price

not metaphysics or spiritual mumbo-jumbo


we don’t have to ignore them

In this case health care is universally free,

but we may have to make some lifestyle changes

The Hebrew initials of Fukushima Daiichi,

and if we treat this most unfortunate turn of events as a wake-up call,

it can very well lead us to the final redemption,

One candle is all it takes to pierce the darkness


The Battle Has Begun The 70 Nations Are Going Down

We’d like to add a couple insights short 67 verse Torah portion,


and the corresponding teachings of the Arizal enlightenment

the sefira (dimension) of understanding,

which is the first clue that this portion contains some important hidden “understanding” for us

Let’s first note that the portion begins with and is all about the uncleanliness (spiritual impurity) that resulted from the snake’s intimate relations with Eve,

which created the separation of Jew and Gentile souls and the admixture of good and evil in Eve’s womb

That said,

we once again are faced with the battle of good vs evil in the power of the Cohen (HCHN) vs the plague (h’negah,

As we said in our ultimate article about the events playing out this year around the world,

the symptoms all point to problems in the critical sefira of Yesod of Zeir Anpin

On the side of good we have the Cohen(HCHN),

of standard numerical value 80,

the same as Yesod (YSVD) gematria,

and of complete gematria sofit value of 777,

On the side of evil we have the plague (NGY) of numerical value 123 and ordinal value 33 for a complete value of 156,

the same as Joseph whose energy is associated with Yesod

according to the Arizal this battle is played out by the dark angel Samael,

who we showed to be connected to the current events,

and who is in charge of the supernal princes of the 70 nations,

who is guardian of Israel and who presides over the 70 sages of the Great Assembly,

corresponding to the 70 souls of Jacob

The good news is that the word for the Cohen(HCHN) is found 57 times in this portion,

up to and including the 107th times this word is used in the Torah,

and as we’ve written about extensively,

the sum of all the positive integers through 107 is 5778

And note that HaCohen is the only word in the Torah tied to the word Moshiach,

The word for plague (negah,

NGA) is found 13 times in this portion,

and 13 is the numerical value of love,

Together the occurrences in this portion of the Cohen(HCHN) and plague (negah,

NGA) are found 70 times,

connecting this battle to the epic one that has already begun

If we look at the word for plague in this portion with all its prefixes,

such “the plague (HNGA)” and “and the plague (VHNGA),

the first of the 10 Plagues in Egypt


as in the numerical value of the archangel Michael,

the angelic personification of chesed,

What is this plague

? The Torah was referring to a condition

that existed only while the Tabernacle and Holy Temple existed

Today it might refer to any number of afflictions

The only thing we know is that Fukushima Daiichi continually spewing toxic radiation into the atmosphere cant be good,

and that the fish and bird kills are both symptoms of what ails us and signs that our environment is not healthy

The Arizal explains that 70 years is the maximum number of years of suffering that an individual can be decreed

If we extrapolate that to a Nation we see that the Babylonian exile of the Jewish nation lasted exactly 70 years and that the year 5778 (2017-18 ce) will be the 70th year of the Israeli nation,

The upheaval throughout the Mid-East and the dethroning of their rulers is because the 70 supernal princes are falling one by one

As above,

The spiritual concept of time is a more spatial one and therefore 7 days,

so when this portion also speaks about the baby boy transcending the 7 days and being circumcised on the 8th,

the tzaddikim understood this to mean the 7 years of the birth pangs of the Moshiach and the fulfillment of his brit (Covenant) in the8th year

when the nations started falling,

it was in 2018 HC that G-d made His Covenant with Abraham,

The Alpha and the Omega

There is always a beginning and an end

but it can be segmented into discreet bundles


there is one time segment in particular that the Torah,

and Biblical history all converge to make extra special

We turn to the Hebrew alphabet and the Torah’s first verse for our first clues

The Greek alpha comes from the Hebrew Alef (E) and the Greek omega comes from the Hebrew letter Tav (T) so it’s fitting that the complete gematria of the letter Tav is 400 plus its ordinal value amongst the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet,

And 422 is the gematria (numerical value) of the Hebrew word ShBAYM “seventy (70)

” The beginning and the end come together in the number 70

As explained,

the discreet bundle of 70 years is repeated over and over again in terms of Biblical history and divine consciousness,

whether it’s the 70 years that Adam gave up for King David’s life (70 years),

or the age G-d made his Covenant with Abraham (70),

or the period of the Babylonian exile (70 years) between the Temples,

or the year the 2nd Temple was destroyed (70 CE),

Thus it should not be such a shock that the First Temple too,

which was destroyed in 3338 HC,

or as we just learned 70 (seventy) in gematria

Also as just mentioned,

the Second Temple was built 70 years later and then destroyed in 70 CE

David lived 70 years and enabled his son,

to build the First Temple shortly afterward

The First Temple was destroyed in the year equivalent to 70

The Second Temple was built 70 years later at the end of the 70 years of exile

the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE


it is mathematics that bundles the 70 years together in indelible ways

First of all,

the sum of the logarithms from 1 to 70 is exactly 100

representing the fullest spread (103) of the 10 sefirot from the beginning all the way to the end

This mimics the spread of Judaism from Abraham (1) to the 70 Israelites who entered Egypt in 3 generations

The 3 always represents the 3-column system of the Tree-of-life,

energetically aligned with the 3Patriarchs: Abraham,


the same 4248 as the sum of all the spelled out names of all 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet,

That’s all of them,


this has to do with why the Zohar talks so extensively about the 70 Nations and G-d told Moses to create a Sanhedrin of 70 Elders,

and the sages tell us their are 70 faces of the Torah

To understand this deeper,

let’s go back to the two letters Alef and Tav,

that comprise the 4th word in the Torah’s first verse adn who represent the coming together of the alpha and the omega

If Tav represents the end of the 70 year period through its complete gematria of 422,

Alef represents the beginning,

with its numerical value of 1 and its ordinal value also of 1,

as in the first letter of the Torah,

the Bet(B) of Bereshit (“In the beginning”)–once again from Beginning to End

Thus the word (article) ET,

the 4th word in the Torah has a complete gematria of 424,

which just happens to be that of Moshiach Ben David (the Messiah)

“ET go home” This is the concealed essence to which the 70 year periods of time are attached: the energy and consciousness of Moshiach

When that energy was wasted (squandered),

when it was nurtured we received G-d’s Revelations


has the letter Vav (V) added of numerical value 6,

representing the ladder from the upper worlds (heaven) to ours

All together V’ET has a numerical value of 407,

Moshiach Ben David

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that 5778 is the year prophesied by Rav Ashlag,

etc for the arrival of Moshiach and the final redemption (geula)

? We’ll see… We’ve seen how the first two Temples were connected to the 70 year time frame,

The Final Temple,

B’H will be available to us 70 years after Israel became a nation in 1948,

(5778 HC,

2018 CE),

which is also 1948 after the Second Temple was destroyed,

which corresponds to Abraham’s birth in 1948 HC,

and G-d’s Covenant with Abraham in 2018 CE

Now if you recall,

during the 3 x 70 years of the Egyptian exile we went from 70 Israelites who entered Egypt to 600,000 who exited

And as it just so happens the logarithm for 600,000 as in the 600,000 Israelites at Mt Sinai and the 600,000 component letters in the Torah,

The 10 sefirot raised to the power of 5

It would appear that 5778 is some special limit

Just as 5778 K is the surface temperature of the sun,

just the right temperature for life to flourish on Earth

Given this new beginning from 70 to 105

G-d’s Covenant with Abraham should be fulfilled on the same date it was given in the reflective calendar (2018 CE,

and that this falls at the end of the final 70 year period

In other words in 5778 the 70 sub-dimensions of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) should be sufficiently rectified to bring us Moshiach

B’H There is a Beginning and there is an End

When this 70 year period closes in 5 years,

will we be able to say the energy of Moshiach was squandered or nurtured

? It seems we still have a choice

Just remember,

the gematria of the number 70 (ShBAYM) is 422,

“the vast countenance of G-d

Every Year has Meaning

Do you feel time speeding up,

your 7 day weekly cycles getting shorter with more pressure to get things done and less time to do it in

? Do you feel the spiritual presence,

in our world as never before in our lifetime,

as if the distance between heaven and earth were collapsing

In the beginning G-d created Heaven and Earth and the 70 dimensions (levels) or sefirot that separated them

He also created a time-frame for them to be reunited,

giving us a limited time to do our work here,

and a clock (calendar) for us to use so we’d know how much time we have left

That clock began with Adam and year 1

It’s now reached 5774 and the Earth has spun around the Sun 5774 times since

In 4 more years,

Earth will have circled the Sun 4 more times,

making the number of revolutions 5778,

equal to the surface temperature of the Sun,

This year,

as is its significance 4 years before 5778

TafShin is the 700 in 5774,

so we’ll concentrate on the final two digits,

which in Hebrew is Ayin-Dalet,

which spells the Hebrew word for “until,” or “ever (as in forever)” and alternatively,

” The two letters Ayin-Dalet are integrally related and paired energetically to open gateways,

and wherever the word AD appears in the Torah it’s connected to the final redemption,

First off,

AYN DLT spelled out literally means “to see the door” or “70th door” or even 70 doors”,

will open 70 years after Israel became a Nation,

Thus in 4 (D) years from now (5774 HC) the 70th (A) year will be in 5778

Seventy (70) is no random number

it represents the expansion of the 10 sub-sefirot through the heavenly ladder from Malchut (our physical world) up to the upper reaches of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin,

Congruent with these sefirot are what the Zohar and the sages call the 70 faces (levels of understanding) of the Torah,

the 70 languages of the world,

the 70 Nations of the world under the 70 ministering angels of the upper worlds

There are two time periods in the Torah Together that utilized

40 years,

To understand this the 40 year span represents a climb upward through the 4 bottommost sefirot,

until the more mature triad of Chesed-Gevurah-Tiferet is reached and our evil inclination or selfish desires can be overcome

above the bridge of Heaven and earth

So it’s by no coincidence that the Bible repeatedly utilizes specific periods (time-frames) of 70 years,

or that the letters/numbers Ayn and Dalet are integrally connected to one another and these time periods

Their simple gematria,

Rav Abulafia of blessed memory,

one of the greatest kabbalists of all time,

known for his deep understanding of the secrets revealed by the gematria of the Hebrew letters,

explained that the 1214 we see here represents the numerical value of “70 languages” in Hebrew,

it’s the numerical value of”permutation of the letters

” While this is a great hint of what’s behind the energy of the AYN DLT that’s being injected into our world this year,

a more subtler clue is found in the ordinal (place-value within the Hebrew alphabet) values of the letters in AYN DLT spelled out,

of blessed memory pointed out,

the initials of Atz Chaim (ACh,78),

which we have the opportunity to return to in 5778


we have the clue of “70 languages” and “permutation of

the letters,” leading us to the belief that through the reunification of the 70 languages ,

which were scattered following the Tower of Babel incident,

we’ll be able to permute the letters to hasten the linkages between Heaven and Earth

It’s also telling us that in this 1st of the 4 final years,

words spoken in English and innumerable other languages suddenly have immediate repercussions and can palpably shift reality,

when before it was only through Hebrew and certain individuals

the period of 70 years is extremely significant in Biblical and historic terms with the Hebrew and Western Calendars reflecting back on one another to set a unique time frame from Adam to the prophesied final redemption (geula) and Moshiach (Messiah) in the year 5778 (2018 CE)

Considering that Ayin is 70 and Dalet is 4 it’s notable that there are 4 such 70 years periods

The first being the 70 years of Abraham’s life from 1948-2018 HC until he received the Covenant of Halves from G-d and was shown a future time when his descendants would be as numerous as the stars

To understand the depth of the second period,

we must first look to the Torah’s first 4 letters,

When we subtract their value from that of the Torah’s first verse,

whose value is 2701 (the sum of all the integers from 1-73),

Oddly enough,

there are 2198 letters Zayin in the Torah,

Joseph was born in the year 2198

He was 40 when his family joined him in Egypt and they lived together 70 years beginning in 2238–the periods of maturation and completion

During this period the Israelites thrived and multiplied,

coddled and incubated in Goshen,

It was only after Joseph’s passing that things

grew difficult for the Israelites in Egypt


Abraham was born exactly halfway between the date of the Flood in 1658 and when Joseph’s 70 year period began in 2238

The third period is the 70 years of exile in Babylon,

the time between the fall of the

First Holy Temple in 3338 and the building of the Second Holy Temple in 3408

The year 3338 is also

-422 BCE,

with 422 being the numerical value of the Hebrew word for seventy (70)

That takes us to the final 70 year period,

the one that began with the formation of Israel in 1948 CE and will end with the fulfillment of the Covenant of Halves in 2018 CE,

just like it was given to Abraham in 2018 HC,

such as the 70 years of King David’s lifespan given to him by Adam,

the midpoint of which (2889 HC) is also the midpoint from Adam (0) to Moshiach in 5778 HC,

hence the name Adam (EDM): EdamDavid-Moshiach

The Hebrew word for “in 70 years,” has a gematria value of 424,

so when we say 70 represents a completion,

we’re speaking about a completion of out Tikkun

So how do we know that these 4 specific periods are connected or are the right 4 to connect,

besides that they all end in 8,

like most of the significant Biblical dates


considering that the 4 years that initial the 4 periods of 70 years sum to 1948 + 2238 + 3338 + 5708 = 13232,

it may be just a series of coincidences that 13 is ahava (love and that the sum of the values of the 4 aspects (levels) of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) is 232 while uranium 232 has a half-life or 70

0 years

You wouldn’t realize it right away unless you read ,

but 1948 HC is 3830 years before 5778 and 3830 HC was the year the Second Holy Temple was destroyed,

which in the Western calendar was 70 CE,

or as it was referred to for many years 70 AD

besides the Zohar and revelations of the tzaddikim,

is it foretold that the final period will be 70 years from the formation of Israel

? In Kabbalah and Biblical studies a year,

week and even day are often the same thing,

a complete cycle of time and space,

so when Daniel and the prophets refer to weeks they usually mean years

Daniel 24: “Seventy weeks are decreed upon thy people and upon thy holy city,

and to bring in everlasting righteousness,

and to seal vision and prophet,

and to anoint the most holy place

” Daniel 25: “Know therefore and discern,

that from the going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem unto one anointed,

shall be seven weeks…” There is so much more that is critical to be revealed about this year,

In the end it will be clear why the final 4 years are separate amongst the final 70 and why we must all take heed

The Secrets Yet-The Prophecy The Torah portion Vaethchanan is always read right after Tisha B’Av,

the day of utter darkness that always portends to hold the greatest light as the promised birth date of Moshiach Ben David

Long before the Final Solution,

the destruction of the Holy Temples and the incident of the spies all occurred on Tisha B’Av,

the 9th day of the month of Av,


explained that the month of Av was controlled by the Hebrew letters Caf(C) and Tet(Tt),

which divided the month spiritually into the first 9 days as indicated by the numerical value of the letter Tet(Tt) and the subsequent 20 days as indicated by the value of the letter Caf(C) and to the expression of the crowning sefira (dimension) of Keter

And in this portion,

we always read the 42 words of the Shema’s first paragraph,

and the prophecies of the end of days as laid out by Moses

Referring to the portion of Chukath that we discussed in our article “The Book of the Wars of the Lord,” the act of Moses striking the ground twice instead of following G-d commandment to him “to speak to the cliff (rock)” and that the value of that phrase was 848,

or twice that of Mashiach Ben David (424)

And also that the reason he did that was to shorten the time span of the arrival of the Moshiach by half,

from the 5778 years as denoted by the tzaddikim to 2889 years,

which is the midpoint in King David’s life,

because Moses knew how strong the negative side would be today and how difficult it would be for us to overcome it


the Torah hinted of this in the words “water from the rock,” which was what came directly from his action,

in that this phrase’s numerical value is 345,

whose completed spirit it is said will be our redeemer,

Moses knew that the evil inclination,

like red wine grows stronger with age,

but as previously discussed the evil inclination has its age limit as well,

which one reason why wine (YYN) has the numerical value of 70 and is also one of the reasons we fill the Kiddush cup to the brim and look into it: to see an end to our judgments and an end (a limit) to the evil forces at the end of the 70 years

Moses knew G-d’s timing was at the end of the 70 years period from when Israel became a nation in 5708 (1948 CE),

but he wanted to move that timing up to the end of the 70 years of King David’s life when we’d all have a better chance given the strength and Wisdom of King David and his son King Solomon

Moses knew it wasn’t really going to happen,

but worth a try given what he knew of our odds today

But what he did bring us at the end of David’s 70 years was the First Holy Temple

We’ve discussed other reasons in other articles,

but one of the reasons Moses knew this was that when Jacob was given the name Israel,

the numerical value of 359 was added to that of the name Jacob (182),

and Israel of numerical value 541 became the father of all the Israelites,

and the value of the word Satan (359),

code for the evil inclination,

became embedded as our stumbling block

So if at the end of the 70 years,

the value of Satan could be extracted from Israel,

and the natural order would be restored

As the word for “In Seventy (B’ShBAYM),” it has the numerical value 424,

so we see what awaits us at the end of the 70 years if we truly desire it enough to work for it

As you will see,

all this ties into pasha Vaethchanan,

which starts off with Moses praying 515 times to enter the promised land in order to bring Moshiach once and for all

We’ve discussed this in prior articles about his obeying G-d’s request of him to stop at 515,

when the 516th time would have achieved his desired result,

so we’ll only point out that 848 – 515 = 333,

as in the 3330 years that would transpire from the Exodus from Egypt and the reception of the Torah at Sinai when we were first offered the Tree-of-Life reality to the year 5778,

when Rav Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag (HaSulam) of blessed memory and tells us we will next be offered that opportunity

The reason it was so telling that the essence of Jacob (Zeir Anpin) will return at the end of days is that the geula (final redemption) is all about the mating (reuniting) of the 6 sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin with Malchut (our 10th sefirot/dimension),

as it completes the 7 lower sefirot and restores the Tree-of-life structure/ reality back to its original state,

before Adam chose the wrong tree or course for mankind

We see this explained in the Zohar Vaethchanan 187- 190: 187: The Holy One,

will return Israel to the holy land and gather them from exile

The end of days is that which is the last of the days,” and as Rav Ashlog explains,

which is the last of the sefirot,

Section 187 continues to reiterate this and also explains part of the prophecy: “During the end of days Israel will suffer exile

This is what is meant by,

and these things are come upon you,

in the latter days’ (Devarim 4:30),

and evil will befall you in the end of days’ (Devarim 31:29),” as we will discuss shortly

“Together with this end of days they receive punishment in exile

With it the Holy One,

will wreak vengeances for Israel constantly…” 189: “Happy is the portion of he who sees him,


and happy is the portion of he who sees him not

Woe to him who shall be present when the great lion will demand to mate with his female,

and more so when they will mate together,” which as Rav Aslog explains means,

“Zeir Anpin with Malchut at the time of redemption

“Of that hour it is written,

who will not fear…’ (Amos 3:8)” 190: “Come and see,

‘He shall mightily roar because of His habitation’ (Yirmeyah 25:30)

When Zeir Anpin will come out to receive his mate,


who will not fear’: “Adonai Elohim has spoken,

who can but prophesy’ (Amos 3:8)

At that time it is written,

‘then Hashem your Elohim will turn captivity’ (Devarim 30:3)

What is meant by ‘turn’

? [And he answers,] The Holy One,

returns the congregation of Israel from exile,

and the righteous returns to join its place…

And before we explain how Rav Ashlog derived the date of the final redemption as the year 5778,

we need to see what the Zohar has to say in Vaetchanan 188: “Once a shadow started to form at the beginning of the other day,

as during the time when the Temple was destroyed when the shadow was about to be gathered

[When there will be] day and shadow,

it will be the end of exile,” which Rav Ashlog explains means,

“redemption will come when the shadow begins to emerge

“The measure of that shadow is 6 thumbs long for the height of a man among men

This secret is remembered among the friends though the verse,

‘for we are but of yesterday,

because our days upon earth are a shadow’ (Iyov 8:9),

‘for we are but yesterday,’ namely in exile

because our days upon earth are a shadow,’ which means the Holy One,

wants the shadow and the day to rest upon the earth

one must grasp that the Sun is Zeir Anpin,

which coincides with the 6 thumbs and 6 feet of height of a man,

the giver of Light and life in our world,

and the temperature of the surface of the sun from which the light emanates is exactly 5778 K

Neither Rav Ashlog 70 years ago,

knew about the temperature of the sun,

the length of the shadow cast by the tree-of-Knowledge of good and evil over our world

It’s important to understand that the 6 sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin,

depending on subtle interpretations of the sub-sefirot at each level

As the Zohar implies here and more explicated elsewhere,

the commonly thought date for the Moshiach and redemption is at the end of the 5th millennium,

These 6 thousands correspond the 6 letter Alefs (E) of Creation,

in other words in the Torah’s first verse

The letter Alef (E),

the first in the Hebrew Alphabet,

which has a numerical value of 111,

it also spells out the word Elef (ELP),

thus the 6 Alefs of Creation equal 6,

all representative of Zeir Anpin

Just so we know,

every 1000 years is 1/1730702 of 5778,

which makes perfect sense since the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse come right out of the 42-Letter Name of G-d,

whose small gematria value is 173 and 702 remainder is the numerical value of the word Shabbat,

which is the malchut or final level,

so that each 1000 years stretches from keter to machut

the 3rd word of the Torah is the Name of G-d Elohim,

which is representative of the Malchut aspect of G-d,

that of nature following its course

The last concept to understand is that Zeir Anpin is divided into an upper 1/3 and a lower 2/3,

which while simple is really so complex that the Arizal has spent volumes on it,

but today we confine ourselves to the simple understanding that 1/3 =

we can examine the Length of the Shadow as Rav Ashlag witnessed it: Applying the 3 column tree-of-life structure to the 6000 year period (or 6 Alefs) we see that it breaks down to 3 iterations of 2/3

the final 2/3 period began with the death of the Arizal himself in (4000+1333) or 5333

But we should also note that the digits in 4000,

and 444 = 4+0+0+0+1+3+3+3+4+4+4 = 26,

the numerical value of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH)

Couldn’t be coincidental,

? Before examine further this divine equation (time-frame) in the 3-column structure let’s go back to the Torah portion Vaetchanan and the chapter where many of the prophecies are given,

Devarim 4

As a clue to the connection to Moses’ pleas and actions of striking the rock twice on our behalf in order to bring Moshiach earlier than the proscribed divine time frame,

this is chapter is the 515th chapter in the Torah,

and there are four phrases within

this chapter of numerical value 848,

including one at Devarim 4:40 “A long time in the land that God your Lord [is giving you for all time],” but we’ll get into Moses prophecies a little later

In that same verse,

Devarim 4:40,

Moses uses the words “All time,” referring to the land that God our Lord is giving us for all time

“All time “kol h’yamim” is spelled in Hebrew CL HYMYM,

which breaks down to kol (all) of numerical value 50,

representing the 50 gates of Binah the Biblical jubilee year (50-years long),

and the word value 50 is coupled with “the time” or “the days” h’yamim (HYMYM),

which with the kolel of 1 has the numerical value of 666

Thus together they give us 50 x 66

is the exact period of time from the first exodus and the reception of the Torah at Sinai when the tree-of-life was last offered to us in 2448 to the year 5778,

which the tzaddikim have long known will be the next cosmic window for the Tree-of-life reality

And not coincidentally,

coinciding with the 516 times that Moses needed to pray/plea to enter the promised land and bring in the Tree-oflife,

we have the retelling of the 10 Commandments (Utterances)

But back to the divine 3-column equation: 6000 x

years for a total of 6 + 2 + 2/3 or 8 2/3 x 666 years

And going back to the seed of Creation,

we see that the numerical value of the first 8 and 2/3 letters of the Torah (BREShYT BRE) is 1115

which magnificently coincides with the 115


this divine 3-column structure also gives us: 4000 = 60 x 66



666 x 66

666 x 66

6 years,

and since 86 is the numerical value of Elohim,

the 3rd and very next word after (BREShYT BRE),

and since Elohim is the Name of G-d associated with the sefira (dimension) of Malchut,

we find that the 3-column structure of the divine equation not only brings the first 2/3 (Bereshit bre) of the first 3 words of the Torah together with the last 1/3 of those first 3 words (Elohim),

but it couples (mates) Zeir Anpin with Malchut in the year 5778,

as indicated in the Zohar would happen at the time of the final redemption

As an aside,

and keep in mind that the revealing phrase “all time” was in Devarim 4:40,

the gematria sofit value of those first 3 words is 1776,

as in the year of the formation of the United States and as in 1 more that the total value of the 27 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet,

We’ve covered the US role in the grand scheme of things in previous articles and also President Obama’s role as our 44th President and how that relates to the 10 plagues,

whose first plague has the numerical value of 44 and whose second plague interestingly enough has the numerical value of 444,

which we can now relate to the final 444 year period from the birth of the Arizal to the year 5778

We only mention this because two of the 3 columns of the divine equation 444 and 1333 equate to 444 + 1332 = 1776 when the 666

And for anyone unaware,

the year 5778 is the year 2018,

exactly 10 years after the financial crises began in the US

And as discussed,

the year 2018 CE corresponds numerically to the year 2018 HC,

the year G-d made his


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