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Uday Kumar : 1410991653 Vikas : 1410991670 Vikesh Mittal : 1410991671 Vivek Chopra : 1410991681

Project Mentor :Ms

Reetu Malhotra

INDEX The Project File contains the following contents1>Acknowledgement 2>Project Overview/Summary 3>Need for Creating an application for solving mathematical problems and future scope


the project team members hereby acknowledge various sources and individuals who have been a major part in the completion of the project

First of all,

we are thankful to our Mathematics professor Ms

Reetu Malhotra for helping us in providing support of computer science professionals of our University

We also acknowledge the following web resource/Website  Oracle’s JAVA Swing API Tutorial

PROJECT OVERVIEW / SUMMARY The project is a JAVA application which combines the knowledge of programming and mathematical science into one

It makes use of a famous Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – Netbeans IDE 8

Netbeans includes drag and drop GUI creation,

thus making it much easier to develop the program

The project came into its existence by the following steps Designing the algorithm of the application

It required application of scientific as well as mathematical concepts

 Designing the layout/view/GUI(Graphical User Interface) of the application

This part provides the “LOOK” of the application that is visible to the user end

 Coding the applications event-handlers (The code that should run in case the user presses a button the application’s screen

)  Debugging the application by testing it through various mathematical examples

 Documentation which includes the project report and presentation

NEED OF JAVA IN THE PROJECT The team members decided to use JAVA for developing the application due to the following reasons –  Swing API of JAVA which makes it easier to develop complex applications just by simple drag and drop feature

 Platform Independent Nature of JAVA which makes it easier to run the application on different platforms just by making minute changes to the source code

 Excellent debugging feature of Netbeans IDE (Tool used for making the application)

It takes care of a number of minute bugs that can otherwise cause serious failures in programs written in other programming languages

LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT The four developers of the application were unable to resolve the following limitations/bugs Does not calculate complex roots of nth degree polynomial Few libraries used are outdated and does not support new GUIs

Presently it can only be used by Engineering students only

Future Scope App will be modified with Commerce Formulae,

so that it can reach out more people

It will be available on Google Play Store and app store,

for the students after complete development

People will be able to make graphs using this programme

BIBLIOGRAPHY The developers of the application include the name of various resources/organizations which have played a major role in shaping the application Oracle’s JAVA Swing API Tutorial  Stack Overflow (For Providing help in debugging the application)  Informatics Practices (For Class – XI and XII) by Sumita Arora (Dhanpat Rai Publications)  Google  Yahoo