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SAP Certified Development Associate- ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7

: : SAP NetWeaver : NetWeaver: Web AS ABAP : :Certification :Associate :80 questions :PDF Link :51% :180 mins : German,







Topic Areas Please see below the list of topics that will be covered within this certification and the courses that cover them: ABAP Programming > 12% Explain how to create different types of ABAP program using basic ABAP language elements,

the different modularization techniques,

and appropriate event blocks TAW10 (NW 7

----- OR

including the creation and use of database objects and also data types TAW10 (NW 7

----- OR

and describe when to use the different data types available TAW10 (NW 7

----- OR

either displaying data in a classic list or a classic ALV grid,

whilst using appropriate event blocks for the necessary logic in the ABAP program

TAW10 (NW 7

4) TAW11e

----- OR

SQL Statements including Update Strategies 8%

and perform database updates using the update technique,

with appropriate logical locks

TAW10 (NW 7

4) TAW11e

----- OR

and understand how to find and implement the different types of enhancement

TAW12 (NW 7

----- OR

using all useful objectoriented programming techniques TAW12 (NW 7

----- OR

including the use of the Context and Controllers TAW12 (NW 7

----- OR

and explain how ABAP requests are processed TAW10 (NW 7

----- OR

sorted and hashed internal tables,

and describe the advantages and limitations of each table kind TAW10 (NW 7

----- OR

and use the most important ABAP analysis tools,

including the ABAP Debugger and the Code Inspector TAW10 (NW 7

----- OR

40 SPS5)

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C Teks Panduan Pembahas Kerajaan dan Pembangkang


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C TSCM62 64 Sample Questions

Certification exam Status Valid Certification Exams

cdn training sap uploads C TSCM62 64 sample SAP EDUCATION SAMPLE QUESTIONS C TSCM62 64 SAP Certified Application Associate – Order Fulfillment with SAP ERP 6 0 EHP4 – print view Disclaimer These sample questions are for self evaluation purposes only and do not appear on the

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