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Setup ntp and keep the server time steady

* root,

cpanel and nobody does not receove the mails

They should be forwarded t o any accounts using the Edit system mail preferences

If not,

the mail will fre ez in the queue

>> Why do you need to set up the forwarders in Edit System Mail Preferences

? (Se lect all that apply) to avoid root emails getting frozen in the mail queue to avoid missing important notifications sent to root

Select all that apply

Controlling if and how often the trash is automatically emptied

Controlling the number of Authentication Daemons

Select a ll that apply

it can be resolved by running ntp the server's clock is not keeping time properly

? When the scanner is unavailable (usually because the specified number of concurr ent messages are already being scanned) When the message is over a certain size

Access Control List Used during SMTP transactions to determine accept or deny Verify Sender Callouts Contacting the sender's mail server to see if the sender exists

Access List A list of exceptions to otherwise defined rules Verify Sender Checking DNS to see if the sender's domain exists

- false

? Options that affect whether and how Exim passes the message to Spam Assassin

>>If you need to have Exim listen on another port,

you will make that change in the

- false

-- false

- delayed

? (Select all that apply) Servers that send spam end up on Realtime Blackhole Lists

There is a high rate of failed recipients

The message is small

? (Select all that apply) if the account exists if the account forwards mail off the server

It can tell you if a local message can be delivered

It does not send an actual test message,

It can tell you what mail servers Exim will attempt to hand off a message to

-- true

? (Select all that apply) The message goes to a valid address on the server,

but Exim is unable to deliver it

Load on the server is above the delivery threshold

There are DNS issues preventing Exim from finding the remote mail server

The remote mail server has greylisted or blacklisted your server

Delete the message so it is never delivered

View and Download the entire message

Re-attempt delivery

View the Control Data and Extended Headers

Select all that apply

All open relay servers are servers that relay mail,

but not all servers that rel ay mail are open relays

Most servers that relay mail require you to have an account on the server and pr ove it by entering your password

An open relay server will forward mail for any one

? A mailserver that will forward mail for anyone

-- False

? A mailserver that will forward mail for anyone

you will get a notification from the mailer daemon

? A program that checks to ensure that a user has the correct password

the default is the setting used if no other option is selected [ or ] the setting that has been specifically selected for a particular domain ** It will have only one PHP version available and that will be PHP 5

>> An EasyApache 4 profile is--- a collection of options and settings that can b e customized and provisioned

you can install multiple versions of php

>> You can use EasyApache 4 to (Select all that apply) create customized php

= install new apache modules and php extensions

= remove apache modules and php extensions

= >> Which of the following is NOT a Multi-Processing Module for apache

? the records are concatenated [wrong]

so that a backup is always ready

? a nameserver that can resolve non-local domains

DNS redundancy lower load on the cPanel server

> Which of the following statements are true about MyISAM

? It is the default storage engine on older versions of MySQL

It implements indexes and locking

> Match each storage engine related term with its definition

InnoDB The advanced storage engine for MySQL

index A special data structure that makes lookups on large tables faster

MyISAM The basic storage engine for MySQL

storage engine Software used by a database to manage the underlying data

The language used to add,

|| How us ers manage data into and out of database > Match each database with its description

leechprotect a database that stores hit counters for a feature that limits excessive activity on password protected directories information schema a database that contains information about all the other databases,

whmxfer a database that stores information on transfers done with the Transfer T ool in WHM modsec a database that stores the hits list for the WHM Mod Security Tools inte rface cphulkd a database that contains information for brute force attack detection eximstats a database that contains data for the Mail Statistics Summary page in WH M roundcube a database that stores contacts for round cube email accounts > Remote MySQL Servers should be set up [before] accounts are created on the ser ver

> You can export all your MySQL databases in one go with phpMyAdmin

true > export one database in WHM phpmyadmin

but still keep the existing users and their grants/permissions

there’s no reason to do a per account b ackup

cnf file aborting the upgrade part way through > automatic repair

> Which of the following do you need to know to set up a Remote MySQL Server

) remote SSH port remote server address authentication details necessary to obtain root SSH on the server

> How many characters were MySQL 4

? 16 characters > customer should always be aware of their MySQL root password,

and will make u se of it frequently

? a part of the InnoDB storage engine that maps data to it the file it’s located in >A table is made of FIELD that each represent a trait of the object defined by t he table and ENTRIES that each represent an instance of the object defined by th e table

you can connect to db using user name and password from any host a nd see all database

A table is made of ENTRIES (rows) and

>> Match each database basics term with its definition

query When you ask a Database Management System to find some information for y ou

field Represents a trait of the object defined by the table

A "column"

entry Represents a single instance of an object in a database

A "row"

table Represents a group of similar objects in a database

The relation in "re lational databases"

grants How permissions are handled inside a database

locking Marking a table or row so that only one process can access it at a time

the database management too ls in WHM will enforce it

? Manage MySQL Profiles > The Additional Access Hosts feature in WHM creates grants (select all that app ly) when you create new cPanel accounts (after setting up an additional access host) when you click on the link at the bottom of the page > The Additional Access Hosts feature in WHM creates grants that are similar to the grants in which cPanel Interface

?  remote MySQL >> Add Access Hosts

>> What can you try if you have been locked out

? (Select all that apply) Log in via SSH using a public key Wait for 15 minutes before trying again with the correct password Log in from a different location and whitelist your primary IP >> Which of the following can be found in the Configuration Settings tab within the cPHulk interface in WHM

? Notifications >> What option does IP Address based protection have that Username based protect ion does not

? Command to Run (when brute force protection is triggered) >> cPHulk allows you to set blocks for (Select all that apply) One day An arbitrary number of minutes >> Which of the following can be found in the Configuration Settings tab within the cPHulk interface in WHM

? Notifications >> What can you try if you have been locked out

? (Select all that apply) Log in from a different location and whitelist your primary IP Log in via SSH using a public key Wait for 15 minutes before trying again with the correct password >> What does cPHulk access to determine whether a login attempt is a brute force attack or not

? PAM >> You can enable/disable cPHulk during the Initial Setup Wizard after a fresh c'Panel & WHM installation

TRue >>When a WHM login fails because cPHulk has blocked access,

? "The login is invalid" in a red banner above the login box >>Changing the Brute Force Protection Period value sets the amount of hours per day that cPHulk stays active

False By default,

cPanel creates SPF records in a testing mode

Wh en you check Mail Delivery Reports in WHM,

you see a funnel shaped icon next to the message

You suspect that the message was: rejected at SMTP time due to s'pam like qualities

Synchronize one zone to this server only — The system will copy one updated zo ne file to this server

Enter the name of the domain that you wish to synchroniz e in the associated text box

Synchronize all zones to this server only — The system will copy all updated v ersions of local zone files from the other servers in the DNS cluster to this se rver

Synchronize one zone to all servers — The system will copy one updated zone fi le from one server to all of the other zone files in the DNS cluster

ente r the domain name for which you wish to update the zone file in the associated t ext box

Synchronize all zones to all servers— The system will copy updated versions of all of the local zone files to all of the servers in the DNS cluster

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