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Code: int a=10,b


what will be the output when following code is executed Choice 1 12,10,11,13 Choice 2 22,10,11,13 Choice 3 22,11,11,11 Choice 4 12,11,11,11 Choice 5 22,13,13,13[Ans]

C is which kind of language

? Choice 1 Machine Choice 2 Procedural[Ans] Choice 3 Assembly Choice 4 Object-oriented Choice 5 Strictly-typed int x = 0

Referring to the sample code above,

what value will the variable counter have when completed

? Choice 1 0 Choice 2 1 Choice 3 2[Ans] Choice 4 3 Choice 5 4 How do printf()'s format specifiers %e and %f differ in their treatment of floating-point numbers

? Choice 1 %e always displays an argument of type double in engineering notation

%f always displays an argument of type double in decimal notation

[Ans] Choice 2 %e expects a corresponding argument of type double

%f expects a corresponding argument of type float

Choice 3 %e displays a double in engineering notation if the number is very small or very large


it behaves like %f and displays the number in decimal notation

Choice 4 %e displays an argument of type double with trailing zeros

%f never displays trailing zeros

Choice 5 %e and %f both expect a corresponding argument of type double and format it identically

Standard C prefers %f for new code

Which one of the following will read a character from the keyboard and will store it in the variable c

Choice 2 getc( &c )

Choice 3 c'= getchar( stdin )

Choice 4 getchar( &c ) Choice 5 c'= getchar()

increment( i ) ) { } printf("i=%d\n",

} What will happen when the program above is compiled and executed

? Choice 1 It will not compile

Choice 2 It will print out: i=9

Choice 3 It will print out: i=10

Choice 4 It will print out: i=11

Choice 5 It will loop indefinitely

[Ans] int i = 4

What will the output of the sample code above be

? Choice 1 i = 5[Ans] Choice 2 i=8 Choice 3 i=9 Choice 4

i = 10 Choice 5 i = 18 Which one of the following C operators is right associative

Choice 3 [] Choice 4 ^ Choice 5

what are the respective minimum sizes (in bytes) of the following three data types: short

How many bytes are allocated by the definition above

? Choice 1 11 bytes Choice 2 12 bytes Choice 3 13 bytes Choice 4 20 bytes[Ans] Choice 5 21 bytes *question number 56*/ Code:

What will print when the sample code above is executed

? Choice 1 go_cart Choice 2 go4it Choice 3 4season[Ans] Choice 4 run4 Choice 5 _what /*question number 73*/ Which one of the following is NOT a valid C identifier

? Choice 1 ___S Choice 2 1___ [Ans] Choice 3 ___1 Choice 4 ___ Choice 5 S___

According to Standard C,

what is the type of an unsuffixed floating-point literal,

? Choice 1 long double Choice 2 Unspecified Choice 3

float[Ans] Choice 4 double Choice 5 signed float /*question number 75*/ Which one of the following is true for identifiers that begin with an underscore

? Choice 1 They are generally treated differently by preprocessors and compilers from other identifiers

Choice 2 They are case-insensitive

Choice 3 They are reserved for usage by standards committees,

Choice 4 Applications programmers are encouraged to employ them in their own code in order to mark certain symbols for internal usage

Choice 5 They are deprecated by Standard C and are permitted only for backward compatibility with older C libraries

/*question number 79*/ short int x

/* assume x is 16 bits in size */ What is the maximum number that can be printed using printf("%d\n",

assuming that x is initialized as shown above

? Choice 1 127 Choice 2 128 Choice 3 255 Choice 4 32,767 [Ans] Choice 5 65,536 /*question number 91*/ Code:

#include void func() { int x = 0

-- %d\n",

} What will the code above print when it is executed

-- 2 [Ans]

What do you think about the following

the system will try to store the value at location with address "i"

"i" might be invalid leading the program to crash and core dump

What will be the output of the following

Stack overflow

What are the advantages os using linked list for tree construction

Which data structure is used to perform recursion

Explain the use of keyword 'register' with respect to variables

- The no

of CPU registers is dependent on its architectural design

Mostly this number is 32

what does the unary "&" operator yield

? Choice 1 The variable's address [Ans] Choice 2 The variable's right value Choice 3 The variable's binary form Choice 4 The variable's value Choice 5 The variable's format /*question number 94*/ short int x

/* assume x is 16 bits in size */ What is the maximum number that can be printed using printf("%d\n",

assuming that x is initialized as shown above

? Choice 1 127 Choice 2 128 Choice 3 255 Choice 4 32,767[Ans] Choice 5 65,536 /*question number 95*/ int x = 011 | 0x10

What value will x contain in the sample code above

? Choice 1 3 Choice 2 13 Choice 3 19 Choice 4 25

Choice 5 27

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