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How to pass the ECL exam

supplementary materials Szabó Szilvia PhD managing director- SZABÓ Nyelviskola/Language School és Fordítóiroda/Translation Agency Kft

Nyíregyháza ECL-elearning project leader

Lack of adequate language knowledge • University/College degree – lack of language knowledge/lack a degree/lack a state exam • PTE – annually 1000-1500 students cannot take over their university certificates • At BA level training,

old university-college training 20-24%

How to prepare for the ECL exam

Teaching methods

Example of an average family’s child • Gift for languages • What do I learn from the first language teacher

? • What foundations do I get

Brainstorming task Can you learn a foreign language on your own

? • you have to deal with language learning every day • revise and practise • listen to foreign language TV and radio channels continually www

Four skills – Listening (Éva Páli) ”It is certainly one of the most difficult tasks because it is not easy to understand a native English speaker

It is easier for those who have continually been listening to language CDs,

which are not so much liked by parents,

English language TV programs since they were beginners

Understanding original,

requires a lot of practising while preparing for the exam

Brainstorming task • Why is listening skill the most difficult

Please turn back to your brainstorming partners and discuss this question as well for just 3 minutes

Key to the successful ECL language exam • •


C1) specifications,

bilingual (EN-HU) explanations it highlights the most frequent mistakes made by learners when solving the tasks related to the individual skills the ‘wrong,

unacceptable’ answers are all actual mistakes made by real test takers we provide detailed explanations why no points were given at the written and oral exam at the end of our book we give a summary of exam tips and useful advice (see Exam Tips) the Testing Glossary offers a collection of expressions and explanations related to language exams CD it also gives advice on how to improve learners’ current language competence at the given level

Frequent task types of reading and listening comprehension at the ECL exam • • • •

Short answers to questions Multiple choice task with 3-4 options Completing unfinished sentences Matching titles and text segments

inserting words or phrases back into a text from given options (sentence,

paragraph) • Matching any type of information with the text • No: grammar test and translation task at the written exam

Frequent task types/text types of written communication at the ECL language exam At the writing tasks you can get any of the following genres: informal letter,


For each text type four or five bullet points of instructions are given on what aspects the composition should follow in its content

ECL practice and topic books Ordering via our website or from AMOBA

The ECL language exam preparation books have been published since 2007

books are continually updated authentic to the language exam an excellent choice for individual learning as well English vocabulary answer keys for each test audio CD and colour pictures for the oral parts can be found in the appendix

ECL- elearning website on level B2 PROFESSIONAL ONLINE EDUCATION It is recommended to:





process • The programme is bilingual • Hundreds of tests are available,

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